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Boost Mobile Unveils Monthly Unlimited Select Plans, Start at $40 for Talk, Text, And Data

T-Mobile’s no-contract plans have proven extraordinarily popular, so much so that even incumbent carriers like Verizon and AT&T have responded aggressively with new programs of their own. Sprint-owned Boost Mobile is the latest to enter the fray with the introduction of Monthly Unlimited Select – three new plans, starting at $40 a month.

Each Monthly Unlimited Select plan includes unlimited talk, text and data. However, high speed data is limited to certain plan-dependent thresholds – 500MB for the $40 a month tier, 2.5GB for $50, and 5GB for $60. Going over the limit will significantly throttle speeds.

The new plans also do away with the monthly premium for smartphones. Even the Galaxy S 5, which is coming to Boost Mobile May 19, can be activated with any of the new offerings.

All things considered, the Monthly Unlimited Select plans are a pretty good value. A comparable plan from Aio Wireless also starts at $40 a month with unlimited talk, text, but with data that is always throttled at 8Mbps and throttled further after certain limits are reached. T-Mobile’s Simple Starter Plan, also beginning at $40 for unlimited talk and text, does not include unlimited data.

Boost Mobile’s Monthly Unlimited Select plans are available starting today.

Via: Boost Mobile
  • dan0matic

    If you are going to go with a Sprint dependent network, just go with Republic Wireless. I picked up my Moto X for $299 and got my $100 Jellybean rebate. Service is $40 a month for 5 gb of 4G or $25 for 3G. The $10 unlimited text and calls with no data won’t work for me, but is always an option too. The referral credit program is fantastic as well. There have been several months when I didn’t have to pay anything for my 5 lines of service. Let me know if you have any questions or want a referral credit.

  • saimin

    The younger generation wants more data and less talk. $40/month for only 500MB of data is a joke compared to T-Mobile’s $30/month 5GB plan.

    • Humberto

      Drug dealers don’t need data, all their business is done via Voice that’s why Boost is giving them more text and voice vs data lmao

  • Marc

    TMo’s Simple Starter plan also includes 500MB of data.

    Just saying… http://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone-plans/individual.html

    • Eric Ramos

      Net10 also has an unlimited plan with 500 MB of high speed date for $40. Straight talk’s is $45 with unlimited which is actually 3GB then throttled. They both run on AT&T and seem to be the best choices right now IMO. Other than the $30 for 5GB of high speed from T-Mobile if you can stay under the 100 minutes though.

  • KingofPing

    Got one for my son years ago.

    Was setting it up and went into the supplied app for backgrounds and such to find a “cool” one; after a dozen or so pages of pornography (not at all hidden), the device was returned. No content filtering at all. Sorry – maybe if I was 20 and buying it for myself…

    (Yeah, I realize my son probably wasn’t the target market at that point, but sheesh….they could have been a bit more subtle about it.)

    • moelsen8

      like, full-on penetration? are or you just talking like wallpapers of chicks in bikinis or something..? i find it hard to believe boost would deliver porn on their phones. then again, who knows.

      • KingofPing

        Keep in mind, this was years ago, and full-nudes, couples/etc…can’t recall specifics on what acts may have been taking place – they were stills, after all…

        I am sure that app probably doesn’t even exist anymore and whatever is in it’s place is far more moderated, but I’ll still probably never consider boost as an option, even if they weren’t on Sprint’s network.

        • moelsen8

          heh that’s interesting.

  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    “Unlimited” – Sure, we’ll give you unlimited data. All you have to do is decide how many GB you want until we slow you down. Still unlimited though!

    • Jared Denman

      Slow internet is better than none/overpriced data.

  • nonono

    ST plans are still a better value

  • DanielMena9

    They are also doing a $100 statement credit when you port a number and pay your phone in full by June. Great deals. Still a battle between Republic Wireless and $30 T-Mobile plan though.

  • BK

    T-Mobile $30 plan = still the best in the game*

    *if you don’t talk much (unlimited text and web including 5 GB 4G and 100 voice minutes)

    • besweeet

      Might be a big asterisk for some people*

      *I’m not one of those 😛

      • DanielMena9

        I place all my calls on the desktop Hangouts. No issues with the 100 minutes, for me.

      • BK

        Yep. And this is why we need Google Voice calling through Hangouts already!

        • DanielMena9

          Did you see yesterday’s post that iOS has had Google Voice since SEPTEMBER 2013 -__-

          • BK

            Oh I am well aware my friend. Well. aware.

    • Jared Denman

      T-Mobile’s internet isn’t stable enough for me to do VOIP (at least here in Indy). If I go just a little past the city limits it drops to edge and I then wouldn’t have anything since edge is virtually useless.

    • Justin W

      Alternatively, if you have T-Mobile coverage and actually want to use your unlimited data at a somewhat relevant speed.