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Monday Deals: Nexus 7 (2013) $169, Chromecast $30, R2D2 DROID 2 $69 and More

We noticed a couple of deals floating around today that were worth sharing, one of which includes a special edition Star Wars version of the DROID 2. Everyone remember the R2D2 slideout DROID 2 that Verizon wanted $250 on-contract for? Since the phone was priced insanely high, it never did sell out even though limited numbers were produced. The proof is today’s deal through eBay that has the device readily available for $69.99. At that price point, we are talking impulse buy/novelty/collectible territory.

Outside of that random throwback, we thought we should point out that Amazon has had the Chromecast listed for $29.99 for a couple of weeks – that’s $5 off retail. Amazon is also hosting a flash memory sale for PNY cards, including a 64GB microSD card for $35. 

Over on eBay, you will find the Nexus 7 (2013) with 32GB of storage for $169.99, plus the brand new Samsung Gear Fit for $179.99.


  • Chromecast $29.99 (regularly $34.99) [Amazon]
  • 80% off PNY SD cards, including 64GB microSD for $34.99 [Amazon]
  • Nexus 7 (2013) refurbished 32GB $169.99 + free expedited shipping [eBay]
  • Samsung Gear Fit $179.99 (regularly $199) + free shipping [eBay]
  • Motorola DROID 2 R2D2 Edition (yes, that DROID) $69.99 [eBay]
  • Galaxy Camera (unlocked) (refurbished) $199 [A4Cell]


  • chomputer

    I have a brand new Verizon R2D2 in the box in my basement office. Anyone wants it drop me a note. All accessories & the peel off plastic still attached. Interesting trades more welcome than cash monies.

  • JeffColorado

    Nexus 7 is showing as $209 now.

  • dirty dan

    D2 was my first Android phone

  • Mark2134
  • Rose Sisto

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  • Brian Cohen

    Still got my R2Droid2, I’ll never get rid of it.

  • Still a better camera than the M8 lol

    • chomputer

      M8 camera is surprisingly great for how it can rapidly launch, snap the pic, & share or edit. Been using since launch day & fail to understand the expectations of a phone cam. This is coming from long-term experience with OG Droid, D2, R2D2, Bionic, GNex, & finally M8. Having tested other iterations of the Galaxy series, the M8 is my first HTC and enough to convince my wife [OG iPhone, 3GS, 4, brief 14-day trial with DNA, then 5] to say “I will never go back to an iPhone again!” She has tested the S3 & S4 cameras enough to look for the total package in a pocket computer, & that device is the M8.

      On another note, my father spells his name the same as you, Geoff, & can be a sarcastic old man at times. But he’s an iOS user & can’t blame him in his seventh generation since birth. Cheers M8!

  • herschelsalas

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  • Stephen

    Staples has the chromecast for 30 bucks as well.

    Source: I’m a staples employee

  • I paid $80 for my R2D2 on contract…was my first android phone. Awesome it was.

  • wow..couldnt me more tempted to buy that r2d2

  • Patrick Crumpler

    I miss the old a motorola droid.

  • Dalton Don Davis Wilson

    I finally caved and bought a ChromeCast. I don’t have cable here, and I’m surrounded by Android devices, so I decided I could put it to good use.

  • Bryan

    I got in on the 32GB Nexus 7 (2013) sold by the same ebay seller (drivengps) a few weeks ago for $169. I got 3 of them for my kids. They look brand new and you wouldn’t know they were refurbs except for the plain brown box they came in. They are great tablets and easily blow away their old 2012 Nexus 7s.
    These fire sale prices on the refurbs make me think the retailers know that a new Nexus tablet is going to be released and they need to sell these while they still have some value.

    • JohnPA2006

      The 2013 Nexus 7 is great, it stays speedy because of the TRIM features on the storage.
      Its as snappy now as it was when I got it June 2013. I’ll hold onto it until it dies.
      Its a great little tablet, just the right size.

      • Danmheadache

        Bought it last winter and everything was good though the display was a bit smaller than I thought.
        So I bought Gpad 8.3 and was a perfect size. Though I replaced my laptop to touchscreen
        and since then no use of tablets so I just sold the two. I’m actually excited on nexus 8 that might come this year.

      • Cowboydroid

        I’ve noticed that’s its not quite as snappy as when I first got it…Nexus 5 is definitely more responsive, although the difference is only just noticeable.

  • Brian

    My wife had the R2D2. It’s now in my 9yo son’s room serving as an alarm clock and Pandora streaming device.

  • Dan Lopez

    As far as the micro sd card goes, which is better? The one in the article or this one?

    Just bought a G pad and I need an sd card.

  • Ray

    R2D2 brings back really old memories I’ve been cruising this site since before that phone was released

    • John Davids

      Ditto. I got the D2 the day it was released and it was my first smartphone. Was so pissed to find out there was an R2-D2 version later on.

  • Ruben Martinez Jr.

    Note: “Comes with White batttery door NOT R2D2 door”

  • s23

    Man, Kellin goin throwback with that r2d2 droid 2. Even starwars couldn’t overshadow the disappointment. Chromecast looks to be the best deal. Great finds though.

  • Jacob Lewis

    “Comes with White batttery door NOT R2D2 door” I’ll pass.

    • morpheus282

      I actually would have bought it if not for that.

    • oh burn…i woulda been far to tempted to buy it if otherwise

    • Suman Gandham

      Massive deal breaker… I was about to instabuy… always wanted an old school Droid phone 🙁

      • Jprime

        i had the non R2D2 version and hated it. Almost made me go iphone. My wife did.

        • morpheus282

          My wife had the Droid 2 (non-R2) as well, it was a decent phone for her until one of the Android updates caused problems with it. Thankfully we were near the upgrade date when that happened.

        • Raven

          My wife and I both had the Droid 1, 2, and 4. The Droid 2 was a great phone. The only thing wrong with it was they shorted the RAM on it so you had to watch your memory usage and have a properly configured task killer app (and not an overzealous ATK that killed everything too often and caused even more problems). Oh how I still long for a physical keyboard with my Moto X.

          • George

            I had a Droid 2 and I used the keyboard so much on it that it literally fell to pieces. The stupid keyboard was made out of plastic and glue. I have no idea what Moto was thinking when they made that decision. Otherwise I really liked the phone, I used it for almost two years until the keyboard fell apart. Had to get a Droid X2 because of that. Lol.

          • A1cntrler

            I have 2 D1’s, a D2, 2 D3’s and a D4 in my desk drawer here right now. All are rooted and running various versions of Android. I use them once in a while to stream audio over wifi to the deck by my pool. Wife and I rolled through them as they came out. Each one still boots and works pretty well. The Moto Droids were great phones. We have since moved on. I’ve been loving my S3, and she just got a MotoX. Both have been great so far, but I really, really miss the physical keyboard.

            I wanted a R2 when it came out, but wasn’t near my upgrade date. Was about go get one just to have, but with it missing the actual R2D2 artwork on the battery door, no thanks.

          • moew

            Task killers were a thing of the past, even when this phone was available. Don’t believe it, then you don’t understand how the OS works.

  • It looks like the images for the D2 R2D2 show it with a regular D2 white battery cover. Hopefully it actually comes with the correct cover (and the bottom half of the keyboard).

  • Albert

    If I had money to throw around I would totally buy the R2D2 Droid 2, just for nostalgia.