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LG G Flex Receiving Kit Kat Update on T-Mobile

Owners of the G Flex on T-Mobile should begin to see an OTA hitting their devices this week, one which is quite substantial. The update will bring your flexed device up to Android 4.4.2, the newest version available for the Android OS.

Before the update, the G Flex came out of the box running Android 4.2.2, a move which forced us to be rather harsh on the G Flex when we wrote up our review, only in regards to the software it ran. Once updated to Kit Kat, it is more than likely a much smoother experience.

There are quite a few major changes from Android 4.2+ Jelly Bean on up to Kit Kat, so once you see a notification on your device for the update, we recommend installing it as soon as possible. The changes which came with the update on the AT&T variant of the G Flex are probably the same as T-Mobile’s, so take a peek at this post to get an idea of what you are in store for.

Do note that T-Mobile posted information about the update early this morning, then removed it a few hours later. They might have needed to make a few tweaks, but it should be back up soon for you to inspect by following the via link below.

You can see if your device is ready for the update by heading into Settings > About Phone > System Updates.


Via: T-Mobile
  • Stephen

    using the lg pc suite it detected an update for my tmobile g flex. installing it now.

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  • Stephen

    Also, the tmobile help twitter had no idea what Iwas talking about when I asked about the update

  • Stephen

    I’ve been checking all day and nothing 🙁 I know I have to be patien, but I’m hoping Kit kat will make the twitch TV app work.

  • Christian Vaughn

    What icons are those?

    • landon

      Stock LG

  • Does anyone actually own the LG G Flex? I have nothing against it, just curious.

    • Ronnie Rabell

      i do, i love it but only complain is the display pixel per ppi

      • ATM Machine – PIN Number

        “the display pixel per pixel per inch”

    • shooter50

      Yes, it replaced my Note 3 and I don’t miss the Note a bit.

    • Stephen

      I got it! This phone is a beast

    • Verizonthunder

      Yes it’s more reliable, better battery life and better performance, better reception than Samsung hands down. Former Samsung galaxy note 2 user and LG is the true innovator. I get so many compliments or what is that with curiosity.

  • Adam

    Obligatory wallpaper query

  • Foramex

    G2 wants Knock Code…
    We were promised late april.

  • jbdan

    Cool wall. That clock is HUGE…. like it

    • Mike Aurin

      It’s Timely

  • jboogie1289

    Damnn!!!!!!!!! Still nothing for the damn Note 3!! Ugh!!!!