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Amazon Cart Brings Shopping to Your Twitter Timeline

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When cruising through your Twitter timeline, you undoubtedly run across a few Amazon links here and there. Before today, you would need to follow the links to Amazon to add these items to your cart for purchase, which could end up being a tricky process for a few users. Amazon announced a new feature today, Amazon Cart, putting these days well behind us. 

Starting now, when users come across a product link on Twitter to Amazon for an item they need to have, simply reply to the tweet with the hashtag, “#AmazonCart” – when tweeted, the product is then added to your Amazon cart for the next time you are ready to check out and buy your goods through the app or website.

From what Amazon previews in the video above, it seems like a really neat way of combining the two platforms. Although, please keep in mind that your tweets (unless your account is private) are publicly viewable by anyone. This means you should be mindful of certain items you choose to add to your cart. Just a friendly heads up.

You can manage all of your social sharing settings right from Amazon, so if you are ready to start shopping through Twitter, have at it.

Via: Amazon
  • Shawn John

    I wonder if this new feature cuts out the Associate’s cookie.

  • Rose Sisto

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  • Nick Beyersdorf

    Yay, everyone will be able to know what kind of pornogr- I mean schoolbooks I’m buying.

  • cizzlen

    Wow this is truly amazing. Great innovation by Amazon

  • You say, “unless your account is private,” but surely that would prevent Amazon from being able to notice your hash tag. Amazon also has something like “unless your account is private.” How are they nabbing the hash tags on private accounts? Do you have to make sure Amazon follows you? (if so, which account) Or has Amazon cozied up with Twitter and automatically gets exclusive access to appropriate hashtagged tweets?

  • LionStone

    Geez, what’s with all the sharing!? Can’t even buy something without everyone knowing about it? It should be non sharing by default.

    • sirmeili

      That was my thinking. If you just put #AmazonCart it should just add to your cart and discard the tweet.

      I’ve rarely if ever “share” something I am buying. I think the last time was my last car and I didn’t actually share where I bought it from (though they were nice).

  • antwonw

    Let’s see…1)Click reply 2)type “#Amazoncart” 3) click send or 1) click amazon link 2) click Add to Cart 3) click back button twice. Yeah, Amazon is just trying to get itself trending on Twitter all the time, 24×7.