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The Droid Life Show: Episode 57

Due to traveling, we were unable to bring you Episode 57 of The Droid Life Show at its usual time on Wednesday night, but we are here this glorious Friday afternoon to make up for it.

Today, Kellen and I will discuss all of the latest Android news to hit the web, which includes LG’s announcement of an unveiling date for the G3, OnePlus’ press event for the One which we attended, and Motorola’s slip of signs for the Moto X+1.

It was a busy week, but we promise not to take up too much of your sunny afternoon. 

If you can’t catch us live, be sure to subscribe to us by following one of the links below.

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  • Brandon Giesel

    Can you guys make a Droid Life Show calendar so we know when you guys are hosting the show? Please.

  • Brandon Giesel

    Hey Kellen, what microphone are using?

  • Les A Lancaster

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  • taz89

    You lot are the only ones that are saying the s5 performance is terrible and worse than the s4. Every other reviews have said it is much more improved over the s4 in terms of performance and with my play with it it’s been very fast. Just maybe you guys got a s5 with issues or not the latest firmware because if your s5 is worse than the s4 when that came out then you certainly have issues. As I said all other reviews have said even though they not a fan of tw the actual performance is way better than the s4.

  • pyro74boy .

    I want to know where these guys on DL are getting this idea that Samsung handsets have slowed down in terms of sales? The Q1 results for 2014 have already been posted within the last few days and it proves that Samsung is still gaining ground when compared to this same time last year. Also keep in mind that this was only for Q1 so this was before the S5 even had anything to do with sales. I really wish these guys would have done their homework before making such stupid claims. I know that the world is full of Samsung haters but please people if you are going to make a claim then at least back it up with facts.

  • Cameron Laudick

    Any news on the S5 Google Play Edition

  • Jprime

    Why do you guys put the shows on iTunes when the site is droid life? How about an android friendly way to put the shows out there? Would love to listen to them on my commute

    • Try Pocket Casts or Stitcher?

    • Or the most obvious, Google Play Newsstand.

      Just make sure you’re subscribed to Droid Life. Open up their page, swipe two pages to the right and all of their podcasts are there.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    If the time it started was mentioned I would try to join the chat.

    • DanielMena9

      I was like O___O did I miss the post earlier in Friday of when it was going live lol

      • Pearl Carry

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  • XvierX

    Bonus Friday afternoon show? Good on you sirs. Perfect prelude to some guaranteed thrilling playoff action.

  • This is why you need more of a Droid-Life staff. Hint Hint. Keep asking. Im more in the industry then you guys are so I can get more info some times and I have endless funds for tech toys. I could also fund your business expenses for 12 months if need be for an incentive.

    • K

      You keep asking? No wonder you’re not getting a position

      • It doesn’t really matter to me because I know I wont get in which is a shame because I have so much to bring to Droid-Life. The money alone is worth it in my eyes. Maybe Ill open my own site and see if I can compete with Droid-Life. LOL. I look at it like this. Im a millionaire and have endless amounts of money and tech toys. Why wouldn’t anyone want that with there website?

        • ROR1997

          If you do open a site, I would be interested In writing lol.

        • Chris King

          Millionaire….. Endless amounts of money. Whataya from the 70s. But if it’s truly endless help a brotha out I’m sick of driving truck. You show me a check for $500,000 I will sell my business right now and come work for you

          • Your an idiot. Money is everything these days. I’m just one of the lucky ones he has money. All I’m saying is money is something any business needs. I don’t need anyone to work for me. I have plenty of people now.

          • Chris King

            You seriously call someone an idiot and then follow with a paragraph like that. Nice but you might want to brush up on your writing skills before writing for a blog. Money is everything, what a sad little life you must live. Peace out good luck on your journey.

          • Nikuliai

            what’s the point?

          • K

            Guy likes to show off that he has money. Funny since I know a couple of millionaires and they don’t flaunt their wealth. Oh well I guess not all millionaires are the same.

          • Nikuliai

            yeah but it’s kinda dumb, I’m by no means a millionaire (not even close) but I have my expenses covered since a while now, and for the same reason I save money (so I can buy things without debts), and I honestly like it better when people don’t know I have it (since nobody likes suckers), the fact he talks like that means he got money recently or he doesn’t actually have money and likes to say he does to get power with it (that’s lacking character imo), either way it’s not relevant at all on the internet

          • Too Funny. Im an ass hole straight up. I have had money since 2002. I own a successful business and don’t need to work. I didn’t get money from family or grow up with it. I worked hard for some of it and the rest was a BIG lottery winnings. I also know some people who are well off and they stay in a tight group of other rich folks. I don’t care if suckers know im well off. No matter what having money makes me Free and have some power. Dont like it then skip my comments.

          • Nikuliai

            ” I don’t care if suckers know im well off” yeah you do, you actually try to show off, that imply that you care and want them to know, otherwise you would just keep it to yourself, but OK boss, whatever you say

    • Brady

      i smell a DL giveaway sponsored by IDLE0095. “Hint Hint.”

    • Cool story bro.