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Previous LG G3 Picture Re-released With No Vignette and Cropping, Specs Listed

Last week, a purported picture of the LG G3 was making the rounds, but the quality was rather poor. While the photo was in focus, it looked as if a 13 year old decided to try out Instagram filters for the time, then went completely overboard with the vignette. Regardless of what was previously leaked, the same photo has been re-released, this time with no filter and no cropping. 

The photo is of the phone’s backside, showing off the glossy plastic finish, as well as the rear-facing keys which the G2 was known for. There is not much else to say about the photo, but it does lend credence to all of the other photos we have been seeing of this device.

According to Android Central, they have a hefty list of specs for the device, and they read as follows – 5.5″ QHD display, 3,000 mAh removable battery, 13MP rear-facing camera with OIS+, “2 tera memory” (which could hint at online storage), a 1-watt speaker, options for 2GB of RAM with 16GB of storage or 3GB of RAM with 32GB of storage, and plenty of proprietary LG software.

As we near LG’s announcement day (May 27) for the device, you can be sure that only more leaks shall cometh.


Via: Android Central
  • JeffColorado

    LG is making a lot of good decisions lately. All they need to do really is move to Vanilla Android ftw.

  • Mudokon83

    Someone just release if its SD CARD SLOT or not so I can start/stop caring 🙂

  • Ana

    I’m not sure of how this photo shows the phone resembling much the LG isai, based on that, I did imagine it different. I’m starting to worry now too about how seriously LG will take the upcoming android updates for this phone.

  • mike

    This back doesn’t look (easily) removable. Here’s to hoping it’s a pre-production back or just some generic back to keep the actual phone a surprise come release…. Automakers completely cover and disguise their cars when they road test new models before they’re announced and unveiled.

  • WallBreaker

    The Htc One m8 only had a 2700 mAh battery and people said they were getting over a day easy.

    • M3D1T8R

      2600 in the M8. But it is 1080p not 1440 like this. That’s a lot more pixels to push.

  • chris125

    Not sure why the need for 16gb with only 2gb of ram and then the 3gb with 32gb of storage. Just make 32gb the base model like they did with the G2, or at least here in the US. Then again I am sure that will be something carriers will use to charge more.

  • NeilGeorge

    So does it have 1440×2560 resolution?

    • Guest

      get this.

  • Blood Eagle

    Get this or wait for Note 4 with 805?

    • Billc

      Wait for note 4, it will only be another 1-2 months after the lg.

  • Jason Dark

    Micro SD card slot?

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    What’s a Palm Selfie? Also, this pic doesn’t look nearly as glossy as the ones from earlier today.

    • Woo Dat

      “What’s a Palm Selfie?”

      It’s when you take a picture of your date.

  • zurginator

    That speaker grill ruins an otherwise phenomenal design for the back. Why isn’t it on the bottom like the G2? Or better yet, the front.

  • vermiciouskanid

    Who cares about the finish? I’m just gonna slap a case on it anyway.

  • I hope the battery is larger, that’s what the G2 has. With a larger and higher res screen, I wouldn’t want less battery life.

  • JimmyWangYangGang

    5 mp front facing camera, and phone of the year.

  • Clint O

    Any mentions of microsd slot in the leaks? I can’t recall.. Does the g2 have one?

    • Xavier_NYC

      The Korean G2 has Micro SD and Removable battery but the battery is only 2610 mAh.. The US version doesn’t have SD and is 3000 mAh non removable battery.

  • 213ninja

    big phone bitchfest…

  • thecokedragon

    Hah, feels like just yesterday we were talking G2 rumors and the August 7 announcement. 9 months and 20 days later, here comes the big successor that may just live up to hype, rumors, and hopes for a dream phone.

    • bogy25

      …and so is the life of all Android phones…..

  • j

    Oh sooooo close to perfection.

    5-5.2″, very small bezel
    removable battery
    3000mah+ battery
    Snappy 801

    • MH

      If they could fit the buttons on the side, it would be perfect.

      • John Davids

        No it wouldn’t, because no buttons on the side is how they achieve those impossibly-thin bezels.

        • MH

          How about along bevel on the side…like the Nexus 7? That’s the only thing I hate about the phone is the buttons on back.

          • John Davids

            Do you hate the buttons on the back because you tried it for a reasonable amount of time and hated them? Or do you hate the buttons on the back simply because they are different? Practically every time someone asks to hold my phone, they immediately start complaining “omfg buttons on the back are stupid”. If they aren’t just blindly averse to change and I let them play with it for more than 10 minutes, the general consensus is “huh, not that bad. actually kind of makes sense”

          • MH

            Tried and hated. Otherwise the HW is awesome.

          • John Davids

            To each his own, I suppose. 🙂

      • Jprime


      • WallBreaker

        buttons on the back sound and seem cumbersome at first but trust me overtime you will prefer it especially since ti allows an almost bezel free phone.

  • Mickmayi

    I was expecting at least a 3100 man battery or more 🙁 now I’m worried the battery life won’t be as good with the new screen and res

    • Xavier_NYC

      What is there to worry about? It’s removable..

      • ceruleanblue

        We hope it’s removable. As mentioned earlier in the comments, the leaked specs of the G2 included a removable battery. This feature was eschewed on the US version of the phone.

        • Xavier_NYC

          good point..

  • bogy25

    BONER – please cum out soon

  • litobirdy

    Make it the same size as G2 and put the speaker BACK ON THE DAM BOTTOM where its much better.

  • LosttsoL

    “2 Tera Memory”? Yeah right.

    • Larry

      That’s the online storage that is included, dumb*ss

  • dannyWHITE

    That looks like it says 5.3 QHD display not 5.5

    • dannyWHITE

      No I’m mistaken. Looking at his other 3’s there’s no doubt it does say 5.5

    • Chris Stuart

      No, this guy’s 5 cross back like that. His 3’s look distinct from the 5’s in 5.5. The 3’s are very clearly 3’s and also slant down to the left. I wish it was only 5.3 though

      • dannyWHITE

        So did I. That’s why I had my hopes up for a minute

  • Ray

    i just did some comparisons this phone is 17 lines of text tall compared to my galaxy S4 which is 16 lines tall so this phone is about 8.7mm taller then the galaxy s4

    • Chris Stuart

      Using the other pictures posted, you can see the micro USB slot, which is on average about 8mm across. I used this figure out the length and height of the phone. I came up with 143mm tall and 71mm wide. Although having the phone at an angle and not square with the camera does make it a tedious comparison, having the USB in the center of the phone should help reduce that error.

      • Ray

        not much shorter then the M8 unfortunately 🙁

      • Kenton Douglas

        “143mm tall and 71mm wide” … that would be fantastic engineering

    • LosttsoL

      Looks more like 18 and change to me.

      • Ray

        updated yeah your right

  • duke69111

    I was hoping of a bigger battery. I’ve already got 3000mah in the G2, give me 3700-4000mah.

    • calculatorwatch

      Yeah that’s pretty disappointing considering the difference in screen size and resolution. The G3 is not gonna have nearly as good of battery life as the G2.

      • hkklife

        Remember, guys, the G2 for the Korean market had a removable battery AND a microSD slot but it was gimped/improved (depending on your stance) for the rest of the world release to have a bigger fixed battery. I feel that all of these picture leaks and specs point to the Korean/Asian version of the phone.
        Now, the G Pro for the USA last year kept the removable battery and microSD slot but it also came out prior to the G2 and the G Pro 2 never came stateside so we can’t use that for comparison. I have a feeling we will only see the 3GB/32GB version for the US with a larger fixed battery and no microSD slot (at least initially—they may do a Moto and release a cheap 2GB/16GB version later).

        • calculatorwatch

          Oh yeah that’s a good point, I didn’t think about the fact that a removable battery is probably gonna be smaller than a fixed one. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the US version looks like.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    It looks like shiny brushed metal or plastic with horizontal lines. I hope its metal!


    looks just as long as the m8 in that pic!

    • Ray

      nope by my calc its 3cm shorter


        I’m excited if it’s smaller !

        • Tyrone Biggums

          – No women ever

    • Detonation

      Except the screen is almost an inch bigger

  • Shadowstare

    LG, you have my attention.

  • jimt

    Ready for my Nexus 6.

    • bogy25

      if the LG G3 is the new Nexus 6 then I agree with you

      • Christopher Moore

        I will ditch Verizon if this ends up being the mold for the Nexus device. Or maybe the Nexus 6 will be Verizon compatible at $350.

  • Ralph Bretz

    Well this may make me give up my Moto X.
    3000 removable battery. If there’s a Verizon Developer Edition. I’m all over it. I’ll get over not having Active Display.

    • MichaelFranz

      AcDisplay works fairly well as a replacement. Still in begining phases but it’s well worth it as a substitute

      • Ralph Bretz

        I’ve seen that app but was wondering about battery life since Motorola built their OS with Active Display it doesn’t hurt the battery.
        How’s AcDisplay with battery life on a LG G2 or Nexus 5?

        • MichaelFranz

          I’m using it on an S5, nothing about it is really draining my battery. It works fairly well. Its by no means a direct replacement but its the only suitable one. I’m sure it will get better over time as it is a somewhat fairly new app and isnt much more then a few months old.

        • PhantomGamers

          I’m 2 days late here but I just wanted to say it works on the MotoX not because it’s “built into the OS” but because the MotoX uses an AMOLED display. The same will work on any other device using the same display, but the G2 and Nexus 5 both use an LCD which makes active display apps very battery inefficient.

          • Ralph Bretz

            thank you for the info.

    • Cesar

      I can’t give up my Moto X until the Play Store has a suitable replacement for Moto Assist’s Driving Mode.

      • Josh Flowers

        check out ‘Agent’, from the makers of TagStand (Trigger–NFC). No NFC required.
        love the app. Seriously would buy it if they charged.

        • Allen Yates

          Thanks. Just installed this and it looks useful.

  • MichaelFranz

    I just dont like the look of the phone and size. I can get with the button setup and really dig the on screen keys but to me the G2 just didnt fit well in my hand. Just my opinion and feeling on it. Don’t get me wrong, all the specs are in line. I wouldnt be surprised to see that 3Gb/32GB version go for $300 though. If this phoen turns out to be as beastly as it seems i’ll wait for a price drop on a 2Year and get one….maybe Pretty srue this thing will be unlockable from a bootloader/root prospective. We’ll see

  • Guy Pierce

    I believe this will have a nexus 5/matte type finish on the back. I have the G2 and love it. Can’t wait for the G3. Keep the leaks coming DL!

  • Mark Aaron Collado
    • Pearl Carry

      My Uncle Harrison recently got Infiniti Q50
      Sedan from only workin part time on a home computer… go to this website

      • Mark Aaron Collado

        Forreals ??????

  • OreoMan

    Wow, removable battery?!

    • turdbogls

      IIRC the korean version of the G2 had a removable battery as well….US, not so much.
      I could be wrong though,

      • Manbearpig

        Even expandable memory. They screwed us over

      • ceruleanblue

        Exactly. I’m still hopeful for this feature. Maybe LG’s drive to compete with Samsung will inspire them to retain it on this phone.


    3KmAH… So 3AH?

    God I’m pedantic.

    • Cesar

      Glad I’m not the only one who thought of that. I actually tend to read most battery capacities in my head in AH instead of mAH.

  • bmos18

    I wonder if this will have a SD card

    • Mudokon83

      hopefully with the removable battery line, that means you can slip an sd card in there too. fingers crossed!

    • Ray

      hoping the same especially since their latest phone the LG G Pro 2 had one.

  • xzombiex66

    that pic doesn’t look like glossy plastic, to the right on the bottom it looks almost like a brushed texture.

    • Random_Thoughts_on_DL

      wouldn’t it be better this way?:)
      “LG” under their one-eyed logo? center alignment
      or even that shiny “metal” button as the LG’s logo?

      What do you guys think?;)

      • Random_Thoughts_on_DL

        IR and FLASH could be vertically aligned with CAMERA too…
        and the bottom speaker too…

        And that “HOME Appliances” white plastic….
        Some designs are easier to kill and create new ones…)))))

        • Replies_To_That_Guy

          If you want minimalism, then you should just etch the LG logo into the silver circle button. Clean design without standing out too much.

          • Replies_To_That_Guy

            Here is my mockup. (Why are we doing this though?)

    • The Narrator

      Same as the G Pro 2. It’s sexy.

    • Ana

      Exactly. Here there doesn’t seem to be a glossy plastic. The finished seems to be horizontally brushed. It even looks kind of metally. The back looks nice in this picture! Whereas in the other two images that leaked before, the back looks a bit too glossy. They don’t even seem like the same phone. We’ll have to wait and see!

    • Charlie

      i’m REALLY hoping it’s the matte finish like on the N5, and not some glossy plastic or even metal. i really like the look and feel of the N5 back. but, this is pretty nitpicky stuff. hopefully an sdcard and removable battery. i’m pretty much sold…

    • michael arazan

      It looks amazing there like polished stainless steel.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    gesture selfie? I wonder what they came up with

    • PoisonApple31

      Not to be confused with a selfie gesture aka…

  • Silky Johnson

    I still love my g2… The first phone I’ve ever had that I haven’t felt the need to rom because even the stock rom is extremely smooth, and the extra features lg has added are awesome as well as the camera app. I’ll be using my JUMP! upgrade to get the g3

    • BTLS

      I love how just a yr ago every one was like LG, pleeease… LG design sucks, LG updates are slow, LG UIs are terrible, etc…
      Good for LG though, they came a long way… I love my G2 and like to be excited for a new beast phone release, even if I’m not necessarily going to get it right away.

      • ERIFNOMI

        A year or two ago LG’s UI was awful.

      • Christopher Moore

        I’m very happy that I have another choice to choose from. I don’t get why we have so much hate in our Android family. It’s nice to have options.

    • Tyrone Biggums

      Wassup Silky I’m Tyrone Biggums!

    • WallBreaker

      I flashed a rom, but I have to agree its actually not as bad as people made it sound its better than samsungs skins for sure.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    That sorta looks metallic right?

    • Ana

      Yeah. It doesn’t seem glossy in this picture too.

  • Tom Luley

    Step up your game, Samsung.

    • The Narrator

      They’ve already lost.

      • Yea right..

        • Kazahani

          Sales figures will continue to be in Sammy’s favor, but they lost me when they made the GS5 so big and clunky. The best quality smartphones are now LG and HTC models.

      • guest

        You wish lol

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Awww yiss muthafukin LG G3!