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T-Mobile Rolls in 2.4 Million Net Customers in Q1, More Than Verizon and AT&T Combined

T-Mobile released its Q1 2014 earnings report this morning, showing that the wireless company added 2.4 million net new subscribers. It’s the first time in the company’s history that it managed to break the 2 million mark, but you could argue that another stat surrounding the number may be more impressive. Verizon (549,000) and AT&T (“more than 1 million”) combined only brought in around 1.6 million, so the country’s fourth largest wireless carrier managed to beat out the big dogs by a mile. We would add Sprint to the party, but they lost almost 600,000 customers. 

T-Mobile also noted that they have brought in over 1 million net additions for the fourth consecutive quarter, making them the “fastest growing wireless company” around.

All of that success has come at a price, though. T-Mobile didn’t exactly make money this quarter, showing instead a $151 million loss, which could be attributed to the massive amount of marketing that they have chosen to help spread the word about their UnCarrier business.

Still, you have to be impressed.

Via:  T-Mobile
  • logank

    Sprint speed test on 4glte

  • kelly1519

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  • William Flores

    Tmobile will never come close if it does Verizon will always be a couple of steps ahead

  • William Flores

    Verizon 4G LTE

  • Data Speed Junkie

    I love T mobile… the data speed comparing to Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint/Crawl… It’s day and night. I am a Data Speed Junkie and I do my research before switching over to T Mobile, I had all the major carriers and there is no compromising when it comes to T Mobile Date speed. It’s day and night. There is no more loading. I love T Mobile!!!

  • John Curry

    I made the switch from Verizon to T-mo late last year and am not looking back. Yeah, the coverage may not be quite as good/extensive (although I get much better signals at my home and office now) but I’m saving $$$ AND I get no addiitonal cost coverage when I travel internationally…something that was VERY expensive with Verizon!

  • Disqus_n00b

    Well if you look at the results, most of the losses have come from device sales (ETF buyouts from other carriers??) which went up $1.4 billion since last year, and sales/marketing which went up $0.5 billion. They aren’t losing money on the service.

    T-Mo is playing this well. They know a heavy up-front investment will keep people long after the ads and ETF payoffs go away. Just look how long it’s taken to slow Verizon since their reputation as #1 customer service in the late 00s went away.

    They know once you are on a carrier, you’re unlikely to leave unless you really get bent over. It will work for them in the long run.

  • MKader17

    I’m really curious how this is going to pan out for TMobile. If they continue to get people but lose money they are going to have to start charging more to make a profit. However, it costs them $63 per customer to bring them in (this is obviously a generalization because I have no idea if they are actually losing by signing a customer or by high tower maintenance cost or etc…). $63 of profit per customer doesn’t seem too hard to make up in a just a quarter so maybe once they stop offering lucrative switch deals the money will start rolling in.

    • MKader17

      Case in point: TMobile Price to Earning ratio is over 500 while Verizon and TMobile are ~12 and ~10. People are pumping A LOT of cash into TMobile to fund this. TMobile would need to earn 41x on their investment to equalize with the big companies.

      *Of course Disqus won’t let me sign in this time*

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  • 213ninja

    why the pic of Tebow farting??

  • Nick

    That’s in commerce Michigan with 1 bar of LTE T-Mobile. I’ve gotten 60+ download with 3 bars

    • ki11ak3nn

      Speed tests don’t lie!! I’m feeling it.

    • KingofPing

      People tend to focus *way* to much on bars…regardless of carrier.

      Are you getting good data speeds?

      Are your calls coming through and are they clear?

      Yes? Ah, but you’re only getting one bar? The network obviously sucks… /s

  • geedee82

    Tebow looks like he’s takin a sh!t in that photo.

  • Derf Defard

    And when they get too big, they’ll stop caring about the customers who made them who they are and turn into another AT&T or Big Red. I remember back in 2001 how nice Verizon was to me for being a loyal customer. Coupons and random bill credits (once received one for $80!) for being loyal have turned into “even more” (oooooo, really?!) and “$10 upgrade-eligible credits” so that I won’t jump ship.

    • jimt

      With no contracts it won’t be as hard to leave Big Magenta if that happens and I will have saved $1000 a year to spend on a new carrier. I don’t think I’ll be leaving Tmo, ever though. I could never see a time that I would switch back to Verizon, ever!

  • Alec

    No Kellen they lost $151 million dollars because of all the ETF’s they paid!!!

    • Green

      Out of all those people, how many are going to stay?

      • ki11ak3nn

        I’m staying. Love that I have unlimited data again. And faster LTE speeds. And I’m saving a load of cash. I don’t really know what would get me to go back to Verizon. Maybe only this Sprint/T-Mobile merger. That might get me to go back. Or I’ll go to AIO or something.

  • Rashad

    Gaining customers but losing money… How do they make money?

  • Asimoalex

    That tebow pic looks like he’s either taking something or can’t pass something lol

  • Christopher Moore

    I’m happy with this stat and I’m on Verizon.

  • Jonathan Williams

    Go Gators!!!!

  • Verizon lost voice customers last quarter.

  • Droid Ronin

    LOL @ the awkward Tebow pic.

  • Jamen Lang

    T-mobile should buy sprint not the other way around.

    • Robert Boluyt

      TMO still last $151M. Sprint has Softbank behind them, with deep pockets of cash. :/

  • jer85008

    Once they roll through the wave of poached contracts and stop paying off all those ETFs they will surely be in the black. I only hope that if the merger does go through the T-Mo leadership runs the show and not Sprint’s. Sprint does have a LOT of upside potential with the spectrum they own, if done right a merger could put the new company from worst to first.

  • yummy

    So the company bleeding customers has the cake to swallow up the growing company. This is why I stick to cookies.

  • mikewilson1021

    I switched last fall in Minneapolis. While it has been great in the city, anytime I go outside of the city it tends to drop the LTE signal or go back and forth between 4G and 3G, sometimes EDGE. I financed my phone with them, so once this is paid off, I may look elsewhere for a pure pre-pay or pay-as-you-go option on a AT&T subsidiary.

    • Marcus

      Who were you with before?

      • mikewilson1021

        I was with VZW. I was tired of Big Red and I will not got back. Don’t get me wrong, price wise t-mo is great, but Big Red can’t be beat when it comes to coverage. Just can’t stand their prices, no Nexus devices, and limitations.

        • Turb0wned

          You do know that this time next year all 2G will be upgraded to LTE…

          • Tojen1981

            Just where t-mo owns a-block. It isn’t nationwide by any means, though Minneapolis is in one of the zones.

          • mikewilson1021

            I do know and I can not wait for that day!

  • TopXKiller
    • Asimoalex

      Lol I’m gonna have to steal this for my personal stash of gifs

  • flosserelli

    T-Mobile knocked everyone else’s dіcks in the dirt.

    • Hershel

      calm down

  • pyro74boy .

    I will be so mad if Sprint buys out T-mobile because Sprint is the worst company out there and they will take t-mobile right down with them. PLEASE FCC don’t let this happen. Sprint was a bunch of crybaby’s a few years back when At&t was trying to buy out T-mobile. LOL

    • Hershel

      they wont listen to uneducated children thats for sure.

      • pyro74boy .

        Who is uneducated? You can’t be talking about me.

        • Frettfreak

          the little arrow next to his name pointing at yours in grey would indicate otherwise

          • pyro74boy .

            I’m not uneducated.

  • DanielMena9

    Anybody else see the published sprint figure of 600,000 and thought that that one should be (600,000) while AT&T and Verizon shouldn’t have the parenthesis [I am not an accountant btw]

  • Guy Pierce

    Perhaps because they are not screwing their customers. Or that fact that they treat their current customers the same as new ones when it comes to customer service and promotions. This is a company that every other company should follow.

  • lgreg64

    And this is why Sprint is trying to by T-Mobile

    • Jack Keating

      no, they are trying to buy T-Mobile because Deutsche Telekom is leaving the market, and either T-Mobile will be merged or its assets sold and it’ll become nothingness

      • Frettfreak

        DT aint gonna just give up on them now. This is the best they have had in a while and its gonna keep going. IF sprint buys them, the party is over (cause its obvious that management at sprint has NO clue)

  • middlehead

    I wonder if those AT&T numbers include AIO. I finally let go of my VZW unlimited a few weeks ago and I’ll be saving $600 a year with AIO.

    • d-rock

      I doubt AIO added many subscribers. They don’t really advertise and don’t have many stores nationwide. I’d guess they’d account for somewhere around 250,000 tops….I’d be shocked if it were more.

      • bkosh84

        Aio is advertising like crazy here in Cleveland Ohio. Albeit not with TV advertising or anything but with radio/billboards they are going all out.

        • Bigsike

          And coverage here in Cleveland is outstanding on Tmo and Aio so a switch is an easy choice.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        AIO is advertising a lot in Ohio, as far as I can tell. I see their billboards and hear them on the radio as I travel from Columbus to Cleveland and pretty much everywhere in between.

        • Joe Butler

          Just saw one driving down 480 today.

    • Blue Sun

      Did you sell your account or forfeit it?

  • Colton

    My heart is telling me to switch…but my bars are telling me to stay… First world/Verizon problems at their finest.

    • Aristeides

      I have good service in my area, but what clinched it for me was the fact that all my calls and texts are sent over WiFi, no more having to worry about getting Verizon service in the basement of a 4 story concrete building.

      • Colton

        I actually completely forgot about WiFi calls/SMS on T-Mobile! I’m glad you said that. my main worry was going home (I am at college in Dallas area) so I would presumably get service here. but everyone at home (east Texas) has WiFi so that is a good point to consider! thanks stranger!

        • Alex S

          Not all phones support WiFi calling. In fact iirc it’s usually only T – Mobile branded phones.

          The Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 do not support wifi calling (on T-Mobile) as far as I know.

          Not to discourage you! I made the switch and haven’t looked back!

          • Colton

            don’t do too much calling on my office anyway (the irony), but thanks for that as well!

          • Aristeides

            Interesting. I have a Galaxy S5, and it does WiFi calling, and my mother has a cheap little LG F6 which also does WiFi calling, maybe you’re just thinking of older phones? Any phone you purchase from them should do it.

          • Alex S

            >Any phone you purchase from them should do it.
            That is a T-Mobile branded phone.

          • Aristeides

            Ah right, I meant to say most phones. But I didn’t mean all branded phones. I’ve heard that there is some work being done on an app to enable this on phones which are unlocked on their network, like the Nexus 5 or iPhone.

          • jimt

            Skype works on the nexus 5

          • Jared Denman

            Nope. IPhone doesn’t do it either.

          • Frettfreak

            REALLY??!?! I guess i am not too surprised but WOW

          • jimt

            You can use Skype over the wifi from any android smart phone on Tmo.

    • Zoloft_User

      I feel you, I am in the same issue…

      If only T-Mobile would put as much effort into improving their network in places where it is lacking as much as they did advertising, I would gladly switch. IMPROVE & EXPAND THE NETWORK AND I WILL LEAVE BIG RED!

      • Colton

        right?? haha but I think their trying to build their custody base (and succeeding) which means profit, then they will tackle the coverage aspect. Only a matter of time though! Excited to see their future.

      • Frettfreak

        they are. Give it time. I have LTE at my house and ALL AROUND my city now (and its not even listed in the coverage map)!

        How long has it been since you tried them? They pay your ETFs so really what do you have to lose? You have a 14 day return policy so really you could test drive the network for 2 weeks and see. you never know.

        • dscott1027

          Unlimited data. I have verizons unlimited data to lose

          • ki11ak3nn

            Get a cheap PAYG phone and try the $30 100 min/5GB of data plan to see how coverage is in your area. If it sucks you only spent about $50. If it’s great you’ll have T-Mobile pay your ETF and you can finally ditch Verizon.

          • Sarpedon1069

            Unfortunately, TMo only pays ETFs for post paid accounts. The $30 100min/5GB is prepaid.

          • Frettfreak

            but theres no contract. whats to stop him from doing that for a month and then switching to pre paid? unless there is some clause for the etf pay-off, i dunno.

          • Tyler Bowden

            I believe they only pay your ETF if you sign up for EIP (Equipment Installment). So by switching to Pre paid, you would still owe the total cost of the device.

          • Ariel Enriquez

            Has to switch to eip but they don’t care what phone (I got a $70 flip phone) and trade a phone from former carrier (I traded an older phone) for etf reimbursement. I kept my unlocked Verizon note3 and am now using it on tmo

          • Jose

            You have to buy a device from T-mobile, you don’t have to have an EIP. You can get a cheap refurb Lumia 521 and buy the phone you want elsewhere for cheap.

          • ki11ak3nn

            I know I was telling dscott1027 to try out T-Mobile service before he gets rid of his unlimited data on Verizon. T-Mobile has an unlimited data plan for $70. And me personally I’m getting faster and more consistent data speeds on T-Mobile.

          • jimt

            Actually it’s $80.00 now. But I love my Tmo and I am saving $1000 a year by switching to Tmo from evil Red.

          • ki11ak3nn

            Oh nice. So it’s gone up since I’ve signed up. Yeah I’m saving $1200 a year with T-Mobile. Freaking love it.

          • Sarpedon1069

            Yeah I have the TMo unlimited with a Moto G. I came from 4G LTE on Verizon, and my Tmo 3G is faster than Verizon 4G LTE! Plus I’m saving a lot of money with more data. TMo is a no brainer!

          • jimt

            What speed to you get on Tmo with the Moto G, My wife has the Moto G on Tmo but I never ran a speed test since it is “3G” only.

          • Sarpedon1069

            This speedtest is from today. I’m in OKC.

          • Uchusky

            You’re on wifi for that speedtest… Can you do one on 3g?

          • jimt

            I’ll put it here in an hour or so when my wife gets home with her Moto G, I’m curious now. But yeah I think it will be pretty slow. But I’m willing to be surprised.

          • jimt

            I’m surprised a little.

          • chris profera

            Here’s a Verizon 4G LTE speed. Sorry it’s faster than your home Internet sarpedon!

          • jimt

            Here is T-Mobile 4G LTE speed. Thought you might want to see Tmo speed Chris with my Nexus 5.

          • eccles99

            I love it! Check out my speed test!

          • logank

            For everyone that disses sprint, this is what I get on their network and im not on wifi.

          • jimt

            Dude it says 4G on your test, we were talking about a phone that only has 3G like the Motorola Moto G and by the way 17.13 is not something to write home about. Or are you saying that 17.13 on 4G is good?

          • slainte

            LOL, turn off the WiFi dude! You are not getting 23 down and 4.6 up on 3g. With 2 bars of TMo 3g you’ll likely get 1Mb, maybe.

          • Droidzilla

            I’ve gotten speeds like this on HSPA+ with my Nexus 4, but they’re usually around the 5-10 Mbps mark (which is still better than I got on Verizon LTE once the stupid i(am just like the other sheep)Phone hit the market with LTE.

          • chris profera

            Verizon 4G is faster than your home Internet! !

          • sargentmajord

            T-Mobile LTE

          • jimt

            You need to turn your wifi off on the Moto G and retest. The speed test you sent was with your wifi on.

          • Sarpedon1069

            Oops my bad! Let’s try this again.

          • Eric R.

            He’s just talking about using prepaid to check out the service/coverage, so if it doesn’t work out you don’t lose your much money and you still have Verizon.

          • Droidzilla

            If you have unlimited data with Verizon, sell your account and net $200 a line or so. Having T-Mobile pay the ETF is just money wasted. Don’t believe me? Fine; send me a message and I’ll gladly take over your contract no charge. You’ll have no ETF that way and then I’ll go sell your plan and pocket $200.

          • ki11ak3nn

            Best thing to do is buy a Note 3, S4, S5, M8, whatever high-end phone you desire. Sell it for $400-500 on Swappa. Then have T-Mobile pay your ETF. Now you have $400-500 to spend on a new phone at T-Mobile. Or just put $100 down like I did and pocket the rest.

          • Michael Ganch

            Only problem is in order for T mobile to pay your EFT you have to GIVE them current phone.

          • ki11ak3nn

            No. You just have to give them a phone. Any phone. I gave them my wife’s old iPhone 4. My father-in-law traded in an old flip phone. You just have to give them a phone for them to pay your ETF. It’s a sweet deal.

          • Frettfreak

            AH, Well, makes sense. Maybe the suggestion below cause IF coverage is good, TMO has unlimited data that you dont have to be grandfathered to get. 😉 good luck

          • Cowboydroid

            T-Mobile’s LTE is actually fast, where I live, so their unlimited data is better than Verizon’s.

          • C-Law

            My biggest problem too. And I’m not loaded so I have to buy my phones used on swappa since I can’t use upgrades. That makes no sense to me bc Verizon would get an extra $100-$200 every two years from me

          • Jason Schwerberg

            All of T-Mobile’s plans are unlimited data…

          • Mark Mann

            Two smartphones, unlimited everything 160/month

        • Zoloft_User

          I am in with two UDP, but I am just tried of Verizon and their policy changes as many others are; no more updating at subsidy prices, their overpriced plans, etc., but it is really hard to leave Verizon and their network.

          • ki11ak3nn

            It wasn’t that hard for me. I literally bought a $20 Samsung Flip-phone. And the $30 100 min/5 GB sim plan. Tested it out for a month. I had voice service everywhere I went. Then I did the math of how much I’d be saving and made the switch. It’s as easy as that. Test out the service. No one is saying leave Verizon without a backup plan. The backup plan is if T-Mobile doesn’t work out for you, you’ll still have your Verizon service.

          • Tojen1981

            Voice service can roam on AT&T, if you have a postpaid account. Pre-paid doesn’t. Also curious as to how you tested out data speeds on a flip-phone.

          • ki11ak3nn

            Oh after like 2 weeks on the flip phone my sister-in-law upgraded to an S4. So I used her old LG G2x to test data speeds.

          • Tojen1981

            I see. I picked up the nexus 7 LTE from t-mo last week to try out the network as well. Still spotty here and there, but usable for the most part. I was due for a new tablet anyway.

          • ki11ak3nn

            Yeah that’s what alot of my friends say. Service is spotty at times, but not bad. I’m waiting for that 700 mHz spectrum T-Mobile is getting from Verizon. That’s gonna reduce some of the spotty service. I hope.

          • ki11ak3nn

            I switched to my sister-in-laws’ LG G2x after like 2 weeks to test out speed.

          • Frettfreak

            agreed. this is a great idea. and remember “friends dont let friends, stay on verizon!” lol

        • michael arazan

          Give it time? In the past 10 years all the same dead zones are still the same here In MO and IL

      • Jason B

        Verizon sucks in my area. And I deal with constant connection time outs on both LTE and 3G.

    • Bigsike

      Not me not no more here in Cleveland Verizon service has gone nowhere but down. I’m lucky to pull down 8 I’ve checked Tmo on someones phone where I was and it was pulling 20 so the old standby that Verizon kills everyone else holds no more water for me.

      • Colton

        I hear ya on that! wish I could say the same for me at home. I haven’t seen a T-mobile phone there recently though so it could have improved though!

        • Frettfreak

          Dont go by just the coverage map. You would thinkthey would update it with EVERYTHING, but my house and the area that i live has LTE (spotty depending on where you are but definitely not bad) but its no where on the coverage map yet. I get LTE at my house now (previously only 3g) and i pull down 10x’s (literally) what my home DSL does

          • Colton

            I’ve heard that about coverage maps, I really need to look into it.

            And not too shabby on the tmo vs dsl speed!!

        • Aristeides

          I pulled a 55ms ping with 27.7 down and 1.6 up on TMo at my house in a small Oregon city. They’ve definitely gotten better.

      • pyro74boy .

        It really depends on where you live and what time of day it is and how many people are using the network at the same time. I have pulled a very good speedtest score on Verizon at 3 and 4am pulling well over 30 up and down and I got the speedtest scores proving it. T-mobile has way less people using their network so it stands to reason that the more people using the network the slower the speeds are going to be, So NO ONE truly has the fastest network and it really depends on the time of day and how many people are using each network at any given time of day.

        • Bigsike

          My response was more to the fact that people always say they’d like to switch but Verizon is so much better. I’ve been seeing it more and more in recent times that’s just not true. And I think people should give others a shot at least go to a store and check out other providers coverage.

          • pyro74boy .

            It’s different for everyone and that’s why I laugh when I hear that one network is slower vs the other but it depends on so many different things and the reason why Verizon seems like it’s getting slower is because they have the most people using their network so it slows the speed down. It’s still very fast for me. It depends most on where you live and how many people are using each network at any given time and that’s what some people just don’t seem to understand. If there where as many people using t-mobiles LTE network vs Verizon and AT&T it would also lag as well and that’s a fact. Also regardless of how fast T-mobile’s data network is this does not change the fact that Verizon and AT&T work in many more places vs T-mobile. That’s not to say that T-mobile has a bad network because they don’t but data speed is only part of it.

      • Joe Butler

        Do you live in downtown Cleveland or a suberb?

        • Bigsike

          I live in the suburbs but work in Downtown, I can say they are just as good in both.

          • Joe Butler

            Are you talking about Verizon or T-Mobile?

          • Bigsike

            Tmobile, you can check their coverage map of Cleveland and see most areas are rated excellent now you will have pockets of no service but they don’t even try to hide that fact.

          • Joe Butler

            Whereas Verizon’s speeds are slower, but more reliable?

          • Bigsike

            Boy it’s close but I’d have to say Tmobile has a slight edge in this regards, I do know that they are going in opposite directions Tmo is going up and Vzw is going down imho.

          • Joe Butler

            Alright, thanks for the info.

          • Bigsike

            Sure no problem 🙂

          • Bigsike

            Here is a perfect example of Verizons speed, notice the bars. In the past 2 years it’s gone from 35 to what you see here even with a full connection.

        • Rich Nahra

          Service is great and generally really strong everywhere i’ve been except for chagrin falls area.

    • verZion

      I switched to AT&T on the 19th of last month. I sold my unlimited data lines for $300 a pop x3, received a $100 credit for each (3) line from AT&T, and received $150 through American Express Serve. Granted, I could have stayed with Verizon and still would have received the unlimited data and serve credit, but I now have more variety in phones and a lot of other choices. In total, my credits for “losing” my unlimited data came out to $900+$300+$150=$1350. I get a 28% FAN discount so it brings my total bill to $130/mo. My Verizon bill was $205 with my employer discount. Dividing the $1350 for 36 months gives me a $37.50/mo credit, plus the $75/mo savings from VZW unlimited brings my total savings to $112.50/mo for 36 months. $112.50 * 36 = $4050. I was also subsidizing my moms phone by $18.33/mo so it added an additional $18.33/mo * 36 = $660 savings for three years so my total savings are $4710 in 36 months.

      I live in Southern California, so AT&T automatically logs you into their thousands of AT&T WiFI hotspots for free. It was a no brainer for me. Unlimited data was hard to let go, but the savings were too much to pass up. I 100% support T-Mobile and their huge accomplishment not only in gaining so many customers, but doing something so bold as to make AT&T and Verizon Wireless respond with such awesome deals. Yes, I could have stuck with VZW and their more everything with my own devices, but I change phones like I change my underwear. Once every 30-60 days… lol. Thank You T-MOBILE YOU F*CKING ROCK FOR WHAT YOU DID WITH YOUR UNCARRIER PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I tried T-Mobile while living in Austin, TX, but it didn’t work out so well for me there. My brother in law loves his T-Mobile service here in SoCal, so I might try them again in the future. T-Mobile refunded my activation fees and did not charge me a restocking fee when I returned my phones, so bravo for them for keeping me happy to return in the future.

    • TC Infantino

      I am in the same situation. I would love to jump ship from VZW, but there are two very important things keeping me with Big Red. First I am grandfathered in on the Unlimited data plan, and I use about 20-30gb per month average. Second I live in a rural area that, even though it is within 5 minutes on either side of two large towns and 15 minutes away from the state capital, I still can just barely pull in signal from VZW, and would in no way be able to get any T-Mobile service.
      If T-Mobile keeps expanding their coverage, and eventually includes my area (including the surrounding areas that I frequent), then I would be very tempted to jump to the freedom of the Un-Carrier.

    • 213ninja

      my bars are telling me noooooooo, but my moneeeyyyy….my moneeeeeyyyyyy’s telling me yeeeeeeeeesssssss!!!!!

    • Jose

      if you have a verizon LTE phone your phone is most likely unlocked and you can just pop in a T-mobile prepaid sim card pay $30 for 5 GB for one month and see if they are any good where you live, work, travel etc. I would wait till Q4 till they release phones that can take advantage of Band 12 for better coverage than any current phones currently available allow on T-mobile.

      • hamneck

        is that true? i thought T Mobile is GSM?

        • Jose

          Yes, all LTE phones use SIM cards even Verizon and Sprint, and for whatever reason regulations require Verizon to have most of their phones factory unlocked.

          • joepro

            not all sprint 4glte phones use sim cards until i left them 2 months ago all 3 of my sprint lte phones did not use them nor did they have a slot to put on in

        • Jason B

          Most of Verizon’s LTE phones are global phones with LTE/GSM/UMTS/CDMA support. LTE is baseband locked to Verizon’s frequencies, so you get band 13 and band 4 AWS (T-Mobile also uses band 4).

          LTE – 750/1700
          UMTS – 850/900/1700/1900/2100 (1700 isn’t officially supported in VZW phones, but the same amplifier is used for LTE, so a baseband loophole could enable it)
          GSM – 850/900/1800/1900

      • Colton

        wait really? not that I don’t believe you, but could you provide a source for this (the SIM switching), I’d like to look into it!

        • Jose


          “One thing to note here in terms of software phone locks is that all Verizon 4G LTE smartphones come unlocked out of the box. The reason why is that the spectrum Verizon is using to build its 4G LTE network had restrictions put on it by the Federal Communications Commission, which required the company to allow “open access” to the network. So as part of this provision, Verizon has decided not to lock those devices. That said, its 3G devices are locked.”

  • Speed up that 2G to LTE rollout and you’ll gain many more subscribers

  • coolsilver

    ETFs are expensive but with the gains they can make that up quickly.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Impressive. Still, I’ll be hanging on to GoPhone. I just trust that anything I buy unlocked would default support At&t bands…while you tend to have to ask if it supports the right Tmobile bands

    • Jason Schwerberg

      Not any more…T-Mobile refarmed their spectrum, and at least standard GSM, HSPA, and HSPA+ service is available on the same bands as AT&T (850 and 1900MHz) LTE is a different story entirely, but there is a good selection of phones that support T-Mobile’s LTE as well.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        It’s all about LTE. And “a good selection” isn’t good enough. I want the option of all. And I have that with At&t.

        • Jason Schwerberg

          You don’t get the ‘option of all’ with any carrier. Use an HTC Evo, a DROID (not Android, but the DROID line), or an enV with AT&T; you can’t.

          I will say, though, that ANY (unlocked) phone that works on AT&T will work on T-Mobile, LTE is the only toss-up; and as LaFave07 commented above, most AT&T phones DO support Band 4 LTE, which is the Band that T-Mobile uses.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            EVO? and Droid? You seem to be confusing “all” phones with US Variants. If there’s a phone, there’s a GSM unlocked international version of it. So yes, “option of all” on At&t

          • Jason Schwerberg

            Not to be picky, but you seem to think that AT&T is compatible with all international unlocked phones. There are multiple countries — and phones — that use different GSM frequencies and bands than us entirely (900/1800 vs 850/1900), and their phones don’t work on AT&T or T-Mobile (our GSM networks), or Verizon or Sprint (our CDMA network).

            I used to sell AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint prepaid plans. Trust me on this one. No carrier — in the world — works with /all/ phones. Also, any unlocked phone that works on AT&T (meaning it supports the 850/1900 MHz spectrum), wiill work on T-Mobile. Any unlocked phone that picks up AT&T’s HSPA+ network, broadcasting on the 1900MHz spectrum, will pick up T-Mobile’s HSPA+, which has been refarmed to broadcast on the 1900MHz spectrum alongside AT&T. And any unlocked phone that supports Band IV LTE will pick up T-Mobile’s LTE, as well as AT&T’s LTE in areas that they broadcast Band IV. LTE is truly the last area of separation, as the networks have all bought up different blocks of LTE spectrum.

      • LaFave07

        T-Mobile only uses band 4 LTE right now but AT&T and Verizon use band 4 as well.

        In the future they will refarm their PCS UMTS/HSPA to LTE (band 2 which AT&T also uses) and will buildout their 700MHz A block they bought from Verizon (band12) in a few years.

        Band 12 is a supersede of band 17 (AT&T is band 17 which is the lower B and C block and band 12 is the A, B and C blocks). AT&T has said they will make band 12 devices compatible with their band 17 network.

        In other words, AT&T and T-Mobile devices will be fully compatible with each other’s networks for the forseeable future.

  • Magenta Life! 😀