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HD Widgets 4 is Rolling Out With New Widgets and Updated UI

HD Widgets, one of the most popular weather and clock widget apps on Android, receive a major update today to version 4. The update includes a facelift on the UI, more weather information, and a handful of new oft-requested widgets.

On a UI front, the app now features a slideout menu to make it “ready for Kit Kat and later.” The new slideout menu has sections for active widgets, theme packs, tools/settings, weather locations, guides, and links to other resources. You will also see a new weather screen with a bunch of info above the fold like current conditions, hourly forecast graphs, and daily forecasts. 

As for the widgets, there are a bunch of new widget features including single-column widgets, location based widgets, custom weather icons, and smart stats.

HD Widgets will also rollout their next major theme, called Kairo, next week, once everyone has updated.

They are utilizing Google’s staged rollout method of updating apps since they have more than 800,000 active users. You may not see the update right away, as they are doing it in batches to stop any major problems before the app hits everyone.

To read more about this latest update, hit the source link below.

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hd widgets4-4 hd widgets4-3 hd widgets4-2

Via:  Cloud.tv
  • NeilGeorge

    So when do we get version 4?

  • Zooper Widget is better.

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  • jboogie1289

    Was using HD Widgets before on my Note 3 but after setting up, it would always stop tracking time after screen was off. Had all the setting correct (at least I thought I did) but still kept getting the freeze. Hopefully this update fixes/addresses that and I’ll give it another chance. Loved the app tho.

  • AmyCTrent

    On a UI front, the app now features a slideout menu to make it “ready for Kit Kat and later.” The new slideout menu has sections for active widgets, theme packs, tools/settings, weather locations, guides, and links to other resources. http://sn.im/28v8jxb

  • The Dude

    I’ve purchased Beautiful Widgets, HD WIdgets etc, in the end got tired of all the customizing and just use the basic Chronus (which is CM’s clock app). It has a clean minimal look and weather skins as well.

    Don’t really understand why weather is so popular. Do I really need to know wind direction on my home screen 🙂

    • Raven

      Depends on where you live and if you ever leave your basement 😉

      I personally love to see as many weather details as possible at a glance, especially on my bigger tablet screens.

  • WitnessG

    Just as I was searching for new widgets that I wanted to use. Definitely going to check this out. I haven’t touched this app in a year.

  • NeilGeorge

    hmm no update yet for mine.. Will wait and see

  • Arnold

    Still prefer Zooper but good to have choices.

  • TheDave1022

    Hasnt updated yet for me

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Oh….The days of all these widget applications popping up because none had “Beautiful” widgets like early Sense UI

  • Korey Page

    *Searches Google Play to find out that I purchased the app before. Re-installs*

    • JSo

      I know there are apps I purchased a LONG time ago and forgot about them. Is there a place to see a list of all the apps you have purchased?

      • droidify

        play store /my apps/ all

        • JSo

          Which will give me a list of all the apps I have ever installed. Even the free ones. I’m not about to scroll through all of that.

          • OF

            Search for an app call MyPaidApps. Lists only the apps you actually payed for. 🙂

          • JSo

            Nice. Thanks. Google should really have a section for this in the play store.

          • JSo

            I just found an app that I paid for and totally forgot about. Amber RSS reader. Why did I ever delete that awesome app? lol. Thanks again.

          • droidify

            Nice. Thanks. I can’t believe I have bought this many apps.

  • droidify

    Wow. This is bringing back memories from the OG Droid days. Does anyone still use HD Widgets?
    Edit: 800,000 people apparently

    • It’s probably still the nicest weather/clock widget.

      • rfranken

        HD, Beautiful and Fancy. all are fine and dandy….but Zooper is where the real action happens.

        • Serotheo

          Eh, depends if the interface for weather is more important to you or the theming.

          • rfranken

            Yeah, but my zooper widget has hot links to two different weather apps which out do what this shows.

          • Serotheo

            If that does what you need it to then that’s perfectly fine, different needs for different people.

        • Uh, no. Fancy Widgets is total crap. Limited functionality and the design is still stuck on Gingerbread. Beautiful Widgets is a bit better but still pretty ugly. As far as complete packages go, nothing beats HD Widgets.

          Zopper and UCCW are great for visuals only. There’s no substance behind them.

          • George Davis

            Beautiful Widgets was revamped recently and actually has some nice looking, flat style themes now. I mainly use Zooper nowadays but got inspired to give BW another shot after seeing it in action in a recent MKBHD video. Here’s my current home screen.

          • George Davis

            Screenshot didn’t upload, trying again…

        • Raven

          Zooper is great for making custom widgets. I have a very intricate set I have made for my theme heavily using its curved text abilities, but oddly, I do not use it for time or weather. For that I am currently using the little known Weatherlove which has a nicely customizable look and a great full screen weather app when you tap on it.

          • I’ve used Weatherlove ever since DL featured it once, like a year ago now, and I just can’t go back. It’s so sleek and minimal, and the icons they use are fantastic.

    • NeilGeorge

      I have been using it all this time.. Its nice and worth it..

    • I love HD Widgets, haven’t found one like it to get the look I like and minimal battery impact.

    • Serotheo

      Usually go back and forth for periods between HD and Beautiful depending on how my set-up is.

    • Raven

      I still use and love it on my tablets, but I have never installed it on my phones. I may need to be rethinking that with this latest update.

      I have currently been stuck on using Weatherlove on my phone as my clock/weather widget. I just love what I have been able to set up with its built in theme editor instead of having to download someone else’s theme like with good old Beautiful Widgets.