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Activision Set to Bring Tony Hawk Shred Session to Android

A new game is set to hit mobile devices soon, one from Activison called Tony Hawk Shred Session. Sadly for Android users, this is not Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, a game which we all wish would be released, but maybe this new game can help heal those wounds.

In Shred Session, you play as a pro skater you choose (there are 6 different pros to select from), and you go rolling down a road filled with ramps and rails. It plays much like Temple Run; you skate along a lane, swiping left and right, while also hitting jumps, performing tricks, and collecting coins. 

The game is cool because there are different game types – one which forces you to copy tricks that a pro performs, another which is a “survival” mode, and then one which is purely for vert skating. It isn’t locked to just lane running, which is a major plus.

It’s definitely not the open-world type of skating game we would have preferred, but it’s better than nothing.

You stoked, skater boy? Want to see Tony Hawk play the game himself? Check it below then.

  • Another App. Blah. I spend to much on apps now. Last year was about $650. Doesn’t sound like a lot (and to me $650 is nothing) but it really is.

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  • paul

    Skate party 2 is practically a tony hawk pro skater 2 clone, and plays great on my Note 3’s touch screen! Too bad Activision would rather put an endless runner type game up…lazy IMO.

  • chris kilps

    endless, run again? why not full tony hawk 2

    • Chris N

      because its a touch screen…

      • 213ninja

        i couldn’t imagine landing a 300,000 point trick on a touch screen………..shit i couldn’t imagine sustaining a manual on a touchscreen, period.