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Video: HTC One (M8) Sense 6.0 vs. Galaxy S5 TouchWiz (Basics)

Now that we are done with reviews for the Samsung Galaxy S5 (review) and HTC One (M8) (review), we want to continue looking at each in greater detail. We know that just because a phone was released recently, that many of you will have to wait to buy them until your contracts are up or until you have seen and learned enough to make a purchase. With today’s video, we are trying to help you on that path by showing the differences between these two new flagships on a software front. This is a quick comparison between the basics of HTC’s Sense 6.0 and Samsung’s newest version of Touchwiz

While Samsung and HTC skin Android completely differently in terms of appearance, a portion of their approaches are the same on a functionality front. They both have news aggregators built into their launchers that can be accessed with a swipe to the left (BlinkFeed vs. My Magazine), their cameras are trying to be minimal for the most part, and they even follow some of the same ideas for manipulating home screens.

The rest, though, is on complete opposite spectrums of the design atmosphere. The Samsung settings menu is an overwhelming disaster of almost 40 options, while HTC has stuck with a minimal menu that looks like a tastefully done take on the standard Android settings. Their dialers are also completely different – Samsung’s still fails to adopt swipeable pages, while HTC has fully embraced them. Samsung has actually toned down its lock screen, whereas HTC is packing in more features than ever.

For now, in this video, you will find just the differences in the basics for each phone, since it’s almost impossible to try and compare the enormous amount of extra features in the Galaxy S5 to the minimal amount on the One (M8). If you want to see greater details on their best features, be sure to check out 25+ tips and tricks for the Galaxy S5, plus our 25+ tips and tricks for the One (M8).

Any other comparisons you would like to see?

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  • Michael Rich

    This comparison helped me a lot, I was stuck between the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, I will definably be going with the HTC. Thanks for the video!

  • K F

    Havent had an HTC device in awhile since my rezound took a turn for the worst, upgrade time came and had a choice between the One (M8) or the S5. it was the same as my S3, juat a little bigger, wasnt that attractive, great camera though and the UI was cool, and and a few minor upgrades. in my opinion the One M8 was the #1 choice, I do miss my S3, but the One M8 was the better choice in so many ways.

  • vitaminc

    Any chance you guys also compare M8 or S5 v.s. OnePlus One?

  • JY

    I guess im just greedy I like both phones been the same since the one x and s3, htc always had the better looking phone, but touchwiz was better than sense before 5, the htc one was nice but s4 had good stuff too, now the m8, htc screwed the naming here, m8?? I think one2 is better but that’s just me, s5 has the better specs but m8 is more beautiful and sense is faster just shame about the camera, touchwiz has improved but still not good enough, if they combine then you’ve got one hell of a phone which is actually a iPhone6 has no real weakness like the camera on htc and is premium unlike the s5 and will most likely have a bigger screen to match and ios is the best all rounder, fast with style has the control center like Samsung, or maybe i’ll wait for 2015 phones

  • greyhulk

    I had both long enough to figure out that the M8 was the keeper. GS5 had the best screen I have ever seen on a smartphone and I liked the feel in the hand, but the micro lags added up to a very frustrating experience. Everything is lightning fast on my M8 and the software experience is just leagues better.

    To those of you who are perfectly happy with your GS5: Congratulations on having much more patience than I do. I don’t feel like waiting 2-3 seconds to read a new email every time I open it and .3 second focusing time is useless when it takes 5 seconds to launch the camera.

    To me, the M8 just has a much better user experience overall. I can also root my AT&T M8 and unlock the bootloader. Good luck with that on the GS5.

  • Carly

    I’ve been on the fence whether to get the Galaxy S5 or the One M8 when I upgrade in a few weeks. I’m definitely starting to lean toward HTC.

  • Mark Mann

    And… I just figured out you could swipe pages in the dialer… Lol silly me

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    I like my
    two week old Galaxy S5 over HTC M8. According to me the golden days of HTC in
    the world of Smartphones are over now. I could say that Galaxy S5 is the best
    phone I have ever had till date. Well its little bit annoying to remove the
    flap for charging it so to get rid of this issue I have qi charger exclusively
    for it.

  • Mike

    I just got my m8 yesterday and was prepared to remove all the bloat. I’ve been very happy with the apps, and especially with sense. Great job htc.

  • Kevin Donovan

    It seems that there are leaked photos of S5 NEO http://blog.tikr.me/2014/04/30/fingerprint-access-mobile/

  • taz89

    Forgot to mention the OK Google now feature on the tw launcher.

  • Adam Truelove

    It’s like comparing a horse turd to a cow turd. Which turd is the least terrible.

    EDIT: OMG, is that really what the phone app in Touchwiz looks like in 2014? Holy Gingerbread!!

  • tylerc23

    Sense 6.0 for me

  • KG

    There is a menu option in TW to add 5 custom shortcuts to the bottom of the lock screen the way Sense has it instead of the camera shortcut. So it can be customized to your liking, which is great IMO.

  • mcdonsco

    From quite a bit of experience with both phones:

    If you prefer not to mess with ROMs and:

    Want something that at least semi-resembles aosp and can deal with a little bit of lag: S5 and touchwiz.

    Looks / feels NOTHING like aosp but no lag at all: M8 and Sense 6

    I couldn’t stand sense and after trying a few ROMs on the M8 that were either very close to aosp but really unstable or stable but included sense, I had to return the M8.

    Additionally I found significant radio issues with the m8, regularly couldn’t connect/transfer data, anything but smooth transitions from wifi-4g and back etc.This was also stock; before I started playing with ROMs on it.

    I absolutely LOVE the hardware of the M8; it just destroys the S5 and i really, REALLY wanted to love and keep the phone, but ultimately I found everything else was lacking (except of course again, no lag at all).

    So M8 went back and just picked up my 2nd S5.

    • Marikel

      I don’t know what you’ve been seeing but Sense 6 resembles AOSP way more than Touchwiz does. Even some of the pop-up menus are stock!

      • mcdonsco

        I have not seen a single element on the M8 that resembles AOSP at all.

        But keep in mind, in not talking about pop ups or a menu selection here or there that may very well be like aosp…I’m talking about the apps you use on a smartphone: phone, contacts, calendar, messaging, email…not a SINGLE ONE remotely resembles aosp…and niether does the app drawer or ANY of the settings menus or even the battery (or in sense’s case “power” menu…nothing.

        • Marikel

          Here you go. And then there’s the notification shade, similar setup in the settings app, and being able to swipe between menus in apps.
          EDIT: I can edit my comments too 😀 most of the stuff in your comment was not there at first.

          • mcdonsco

            here you go, what?

          • Marikel

            Can you not see the images I attatched? I can see them clearly.
            EDIT: you love to edit your comments, don’t you?

          • mcdonsco

            No, they just weren’t there for me at first when I saw the comment after I refreshed they showed up hence I edited my comment.

            Sorry, I just don’t see AOSP at all in sense, except in some select menu popups such as those you pointed out…nothing else about it, the overall feel etc. Is remotely close to aosp.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming that TouchWiz is very close to aosp either, it is indeed quite different, what I’m saying is the overall FEEL and user expeirnece to the system is more like aosp than sense.

            To me sense is like a matrix’y rom.

          • Marikel

            The things you say about Sense make me wonder if you’ve even owned the M8. The experience is so similar to my DROID RAZR (which ran nearly stock Android). And of all the apps you mentioned there, the Sense versions are closer to stock Android than Touchwiz. Phone and Messages are so similar to stock on Sense. You must be a Samsung fanboy.

          • mcdonsco

            I’m actually on the m8 now…(my price match person at best buy isn’t in for another hour, posted past tense returned as I was literally in the parking lot going in to return it..but now I’m having to wait till she’s in later, so still have it for another hour or two).

            I was a die hard moto fan for a long time (og, x, x2, RAZR, RAZR maxx, RAZR maxx hd, maxx and moto x)…that’s likely where a lot of my aosp comes from (maxx and x specifically), but I also have an n7 (rebought after mine was stolen out of car) so I see aosp every day.

            Sure, there are some MENUS that are similar, maybe even the same…but nothing else and I dont know about you, but I don’t use the MENUS on my phone, i use the apps.

          • mcdonsco

            Tell me ANY OF THIS looks like aosp:

          • Grayson

            I wouldn’t say any of that looks like AOSP mcdonsco, but TouchWiz looks even less like AOSP in my opinion. The Settings app on the M8 is white instead of black, sure, but all of the settings are organized the same as they are in AOSP, whereas the Samsung Settings app is absolutely nothing like AOSP.

          • mcdonsco

            I’ll post up the same screen shots with the s5 as soon as I get it again in about an hour.

          • Marikel

            Funny that you say that about the screen. The HTC One actually gets much brighter at full brightness than the S5 does, but the S5 can get dimmer in lowlight conditions.

          • mcdonsco

            I know…for that one its due to the polarized lenses on my glasses, but again, not an issue on the s5…not sure if Samsung accounted for polarized lenses when selecting the screen setup or just got lucky, I suspect its the latter.

            As is usually the case with polarization, at one angle I can see the screen, at another angle I cant (portrait vs landscape pretty much).

          • mcdonsco

            And just for the record; all reasons the m8 is going bye bye:

            Fairly regular data connectivity issues

            Wifi->4g and back handoff is terrible

            Phone ALWAYS gives me the “you’ll blow your ear drums out!” Mom warning every time I turn bluetooth volume (for my car audio) all the way up. No way I can see to disable

            Every time I make a call in the car, it wants to confirm to use the car head unit Bluetooth…why yes, please do…but it asks EVERY TIME and same as previous, I see no way to disable.

            Did I mention sense?

            Lack of motion gesture customization forces me to disable it all together to avoid pocket calls.

            As a result of the last one, power button up top now is more awkward (not terrible, but not great).

            Cannot find a way to add a current callers number to my contacts until the call is finished. I can do during a call only if I remember the number, go to people and manually add it. Not real convienent.

            Oh yea…its 1:45pm, I still have a lot of my work day left and my battery is at 32%…from here on out if I weren’t exchanging it I would need to be sipping from a charger as often as possible.

            Cant see screen in portrait with polarized glasses on

            I’ve literally lost more emails and calendar appointments on this thing than I can count and I do make sure my exchange account Is default everywhere first…not sure how its happening, but I’m not going to bother troubleshooting…the phones going back for all the other reasons alone.

            Camera…yea, its okay…it can’t compete with the s5 though (DL’s love of its modes / editing stuff aside.

            No wireless charging option available.

            I’m sure there are other things that I’m just not recalling right now, but I think the list is long enough.

        • malcmilli

          i actually dont see much in touchwhiz that resembles aosp outside of the homescreen/widgets settings page… as for sense, its not a whole lot either but I would say, the on screen buttons, the icon lay out, and pull down notification/settings menu looks like it does on my nexus 4.

    • cruzfl0w

      The lag on the s5 can’t be that bad. I did see in reviews that the gallery lag was kind of bad. I am a huge Sammy fan but they need to get on top of that. With KitKat and the specs they throw in lag should be unacceptable. That said, I am still leaning toward the s5 unless moto or lg impress me.

  • guest

    The haterade on this site is getting annoying. HTC praised for minimal settings menu while S5 bashed for minimal lock screen. Going to seek my android news and opinions else where.

    InB4 you won’t be missed.

    • Jake

      I’ll miss you.

    • Bob G

      I will miss you!
      Just ignore the idiots.

    • evilfatcow

      You’re comparing apples and oranges. HTC has always done lockscreen shortcuts, and added the new gestures, which is supposed to help you be efficient. Nothing wrong with S5 homescreen as it’s like every other phone. HTC just being praised for their lock screen. Now comparing both menu settings, HTC’s settings menu…is like every other menu, it’s standard. What Samsung decided to do was make it clustered and threw in 40 or so icons which makes it confusing.

    • Ray

      Guest aren’t welcomed here and shal forever remain nameless lol

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      What is wrong with people like you? It’s people like you that start these silly chains because you don’t know how to voice your opinion and take the reply of people who disagree with you. Or specifically reply to someone you don’t agree with. The usual commenters here go back and forth in a more respectful way that most other tech sites. Don’t complain because you don’t know how to handle opposing opinions.

      • Ray

        yeah this site has very few trolls which i love and were pretty respectful for the most part

    • greyhulk

      You’ll definitely be missed!

    • hahaha

      Thank you! Couldn’t of said it better!

  • Never was much of an HTC fan until this Phone. Good comparison video, thanks Kellen!

  • moelsen8

    are you guys ignoring the new moto phone announcement everyone else reported 3 DL articles ago?

    • Bob G

      Droid-Life probably just didn’t get the invite yet, and they do not have anyone to send to London to attend it.

    • Jon D

      what else is left to report? do you want them to report on rumors or just make up info for you?

      • moelsen8

        well, considering they didn’t report anything, then everything is left to report. this is a news site, after all. so i’m just curious. you think we’d have banners and fireworks going on here.

  • Ray

    waiting on the LG G3 hopefully it doesn’t disappoint…are you guys going to mention that the event notification for May 27th went out today?