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Facebook Messenger Updated to Version 5.0, Brings New Multimedia Features

If you are big into chatting with your friends over an instant messaging service, but prefer the non-textual aspect of things, this new Facebook Messenger update will please you. The update to version 5.0 of the app includes a new selfie mode built right in, video upload support, and much more.

First and foremost, sharing “photos, voice messages, and more” has been made simpler by the Facebook team in the new update. You can also now send videos straight from the gallery on Android 4.3 and above, and play it them without moving to another app. 

When you are taking pictures, you won’t be moved into a separate full-screen interface, but rather one only taking up about half of the screen. If you’re so inclined, you can also switch to the rear camera here, but by Facebook’s stance on it all, this is mainly about “selfies”.

What’s New

  • More ways to message: Now it’s easier to send photos, voice messages and more
  • Video: Send videos from your gallery and play them right in the app. (Works on Android 4.3 and up. We’ll continue to improve video and bring it to more phones.)
  • Instant photo sharing: Take a photo and send it in just one tap.
  • Stickers shortcuts: When someone sends you a sticker, press and hold down on it to get the pack.
  • Faster search: Just enter the names of people and groups

The update is now live on Google Play, so go grab it.

Play Link

  • Doubledown

    They removed the ability to search for an image and send it. FAIL.

    • Tripod4

      It’s still there… click the menu dots in the upper right, select image search. not sure why they needed to move it though.

  • I think the messenger app is actually really great… Only reason why Facebook is so big is because of how well they implemented messaging

  • OFD

    I like this app. I wish hangouts would take some design notes from facebook messenger. In fact, if they’d put SMS back in i’d make it my default.

  • cwillen


    • Hershel

      theres more then just stockers with thus update. free wifi calling and group messenging.

      besides stickers are no different from emoticons or emoji

      • redbar0n11

        Except that they are F$^&ING HUGE!