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Official: LG G3 Launching in Q2

The LG G3 will launch in Q2 of this year. It’s official. The news arrives courtesy of LG’s latest earnings report, with a statement noting that “Higher revenues are expected in the second quarter with the release of the flagship LG G3 smartphone and wider roll-out of the mass-tier L Series III.” In case you had not looked at a calendar recently, we are already a full month deep into Q2, so this phone should be here within the next two months. 

Details surrounding the new flagship from LG have been somewhat scarce, but a handful of leaks point towards a 5.5-inch QHD display (2560×1440), 3GB RAM, and a brand new flat design over top of LG’s skin. We may have seen the first picture of its backside, too.

I think it’s safe to say that the LG G3 will be one of the most hotly anticipated phones around these parts. The LG G2 (our review) was by all means one of the most underrated phones of all time. We are huge fans of it here at DL, and know that a number of readers are dedicated G2 owners. I am personally hoping that the 5.5-inch display rumor is just that, a rumor. Can we please stop blurring the line between phablet and phone?

Excited for the G3? Should be here any day.

Via:  LG
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  • Mark Mann

    now the question…do i upgrade to the G2, or believe this and wait until the G3?

    • joejoe5709

      I’d wait.

  • John

    5.5inch would be nice only if it is only very very very slightly. Just measured my G2 and a 5.5inch screen will fit. Hope the rear buttons are more defined than the current VZ version. No idea how many times I’m pressing on the camera lens when I tried to press volume up or shut my phone down accidentally with the power button.

  • eleazar

    Couldn’t agree more on the screen size. I absolutely love the form factor of my G2. I didn’t consider the S5 or the M8 due to their sizes alone.

  • Tones9

    Is Q2 the best time to launch a phone? Seems like it kinda gets forgotten about after big Samsung & HTC reveals and then it’s too early to be talked about with Samsung Note, iPhone, Nexus launches during fall/holiday seasons. It’s a hard wait for people after Samsung/HTC new phones and with the fall phones right around the corner. I’d be interested in hearing other people’s thoughts. For me specifically, my contract ends in Dec, so – I know and am glad that specs matter less and less – but still during holiday season, it’s a 6 month old phone. I know LG doesn’t have same national media pull as Samsung, Apple, and Google but still IMO, it’d help them get there if they inserted their flagship phone launch around same time as everyone else.

  • stormy_al

    In case someone like me is reviewing all of the comments to decide if they want the phone or not, I’ll chime in about how much I love my G2. I don’t do the root/ROM thing, and the LG UI is just fine by me. Battery life is stellar, camera is amazing, and call quality (yes, I use it as a phone!) is pretty good. Won’t be getting the G3 because I’m not due for an upgrade, but even if I was, 5.5″ is a bit of a negative to me.

  • Dave Bowen

    Disagree, I want the 5.5″ screen. I’m ready to upgrade. It’s going to be the Note 4, GS5 (SE) or the G3. Can’t wait

  • joejoe5709

    Whoa. That was a lot quicker than I thought. I totally makes sense though with all the “leaks” (which are usually intentional) so early in the game. As sad as this makes me as a current G2 owner, I’m happy to see LG being very aggressive and playing Samsung’s game right back to them. If this phone is close to the beast we think it is, it’s going to be very very popular. I too hope it doesn’t come with a 5.5″ screen. 5.2″ is really plenty of screen for its segment and it already tests my limit. But… for some tinfoil hat speculation – IF the G3 is being released so soon and IF it comes with such a large screen, there’s still plenty of time for them to release a small(er) version before the holiday season. Just sayin’…

  • Stuart Chan

    Great news, I was expecting the G3 to launch around the 3rd quarter but it seems earlier than expected. I am watching you (G3} really closely from now on, this has to be my 1st priority follow by G PRO 2 and One M8.
    My current driver is G2 and having Z Ultra as my “backup”. I am only looking for a 2K display, bigger battery and 3GB Ram and the 1 Watt speaker would be a bonus for me.

  • Mudokon83

    My Verizon S3 has a 4.8 inch screen, I think thats totally fine for me, size wise, getting my thumb across the screen.

    Anyone recommend a similar sized Verizon phone but something I can unlock/root thats faster/better?

    • joejoe5709

      Well since no one else has said it – the G2 is a pretty awesome phone and you can find it for cheap these days. Even with a large screen, it’s a compact phone. A lot of people consider it to be near perfect blend of giant screen that just barely stretches the limits of one-handed use. But I assume you already know that and want a screen size less than 5″. I’d say the Moto X or perhaps the Droid Maxx are your best options if that’s the case.

      • Mudokon83

        I got a 64gb sd card with music on it and ROMS etc, so I’m focused on a phone that’ll allow that.

  • John

    I hope it’s smaller than the rest of the current flagships. Not liking that 5.5″ screen rumor.

    • hkklife

      Irrelevant, as LG will hopefully manage to cram 5.5″ into the formfactor not much bigger than, say, a Sony Z2 5.2″ screen. I find the G2 at 5.2″ to be more comfortable to hold and use than the M8 or 5″ 2013 Droids. I was fond of the Optimus G Pro 1 last year at 5.5″ so if they can drop the capacitive buttons, reduce the bezel, and make it thinner with rear-mounted buttons they may have a real winner on their hands (again)! Just keep improving that skin and improve the update schedule!

      • joejoe5709

        We all hope so.

  • I love my G2 but I really don’t think I would want to go any bigger than that. I’m sure the G3 will be fantastic but if it goes to 5.5 I probably wont be upgrading. Either way, the G2 definitely turned me into an LG fan. Knock on was such a fantastic idea, the battery lasts forever, and the camera is pretty outstanding. No other phone that I can think of has such much upside.

  • jimbob


  • maxx1987

    i agree with kellen on the screen size. regardless i have high hopes for this phone in general, and if they can keep this thing lean i will definitely consider it. i need some one-handed capability unless i’m using it like a note, so it will likely be this, note 4 or the new moto x for me.

  • TSY87

    I’m still coping with the fact that I won’t be able to get the sony xperia z2… but I suppose the g3 offers some consolation.

  • ASV505

    Hopefully Verizon has another keep your unlimited upgrade problem soon.

    • Artune


  • ASV505

    Love the G2. Can’t wait

  • Clint O

    This is the phone I am waiting for.. Hopefully it’s not a disappointment like the M8 turned out to be when it went final

  • terry12s

    YES!, YES!, YES!

    • Orion

      Love the avatar. Warrior forever!

  • Orion

    This phone is going to be a monster. That UI is the only drawback. It’s not that bad but it could be better(based on the leaks). At least its much better looking than TW. I’m still waiting to see what moto does this summer.

  • #smallhands

    All I hear are #smallhands

  • AndroidUser00110001

    I hope there is a way around the boot loader. When the G2 first came out it was easy to bypass the security but when KitKat dropped they changed the setup. Still nothing for KitKat based software but we found a workaround for that. G Flex has even tighter security and boot loader has not been bypassed yet.

    I love my G2 and looking so forward for the G3 but a highly encrypted boot loader may make me look elsewhere unless a GPE or Silver model drops.

  • Mike

    I’m really looking forward to this phone. Hopefully it will live up to the rumors unlike the S5 which did not live up to the rumors.

  • Tumanator

    4.9 inches or smaller! That’s what I look for first in a phone… Phablets are not for everyone! So I wish companies would stop making there Flagship Phones so large! I feel your pain Kellex….

    • schlanz

      not for everyone but most people prefer the larger screen.. so it makes sense oems would go after the larger part of the market.

      you’ll always get your gimped mini phones 🙂

      • Tumanator

        My Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD is no gimp. Thank you very much… It’s just Patiently waiting for it’s Kit Kat update.

        From back in the day when Moto was still a free man!

        • schlanz

          well considering there are roughly same size devices with 5+ inch screens out there, I don’t know why 4.9 inches is the highest you’ll go…

  • Xavier_NYC

    Sweet baby Jesus..

  • Ray

    Hopefully the off contact price won’t be over $599

    • hkklife

      LG has historically been one of the more aggressive hardware manufacturers as far as pricing their handsets at a reasonable level.
      The Verizon G2 was lowered to $499ish shortly before Christmas IIRC

  • EnterTheNexus

    And I JUST bought the G2 in January!!!!

    • grumpyfuzz

      won’t change the fact that the g2 is a great phone

  • NickA

    LG really feels like the second place phone maker as opposed to HTC. They are making some really nice phones, although heavily skinned. But I like some of the features they throw in. It’s nice to have choices.

    • Marikel

      Imo, they’re tied for second place. They’ve both been making amazing phones that are way underrated and instead people buy the Galaxy S5 that lags out constantly.

      • NickA

        Agree. And anyone who says the S5 doesn’t lag is in denial.

        I think LG, like Samsung, makes other products (appliances, TV’s, etc.) and that makes it easier for them to compete because they have the $$. HTC only makes phones as far as I know.

        • Marikel

          That is correct. It would be sad to see HTC go, as the One M8 is an amazing device. Don’t let people fool you, the camera can actually take some very nice shots.

          • ki11ak3nn

            I’ve played with the M8. I like the camera. It’s super fast. My only gripe is its kinda tall. Taller than my G2. And with all that metal I’m afraid of dropping it. If they were able to put a 5 inch screen in the M7’s body I would be all over it.

          • Marikel

            It is very tall, but I don’t notice it anymore. I’ve been so scared carrying it naked, I’ve decided to get a case for it. I have the silver, which isn’t as slippery as the gunmetal gray, but better to be safe than sorry. One drop and I could have a bad dent in the back.

          • Marikel

            Calm down buddy you’ll shoot your eye out.

          • Chris

            Dont let people fool you. The HTC ONE camera SUCKS!!

            I tested the camera myself and its horrible!
            I cant even crop my pictures! We are in 2014 not 2005.

          • Marikel

            Calm down buddy, you’ll shoot your eye out.

      • Chris

        And you care because?
        How does it affect you?

  • LTEasy

    Once this comes out i dont know how im going to be able to wake up in the morning knowing my G2 is no longer the best out there…..

    • Paul

      That said thing is that some people with G2’s will feel cheated, anger, sad, dissappointment, etc. because their phone isn’t a current flagship anymore.

      • Paul

        *The sad thing

    • You could have it worse. Try waking up every morning with a GNEX that has a broken USB port. And having a budget so tight that there is no chance of a replacement phone any time in the near to distant future.

      • michael arazan

        GNex on swappa from $50-80. Just buy used, especially if on unlimited data on verizon. Found a lot of slightly older phones for good prices on the net, just make sure the ESN is clean

  • bogy25

    My new phone – as I have said repeatedly here – LG is doing what ALL the other companies are NOT doing – innovating and raising the bar…can’t wait to get this phone

    • ZINGER

      Compared to HTC who just left the bar.

  • Big EZ

    If they added a microSD slot in this phone, its going to difficult to hold out for the 5.2″ Moto X2.

    • hkklife

      Moto will win on updates, nearly stock OS, build quality, and of course reception/RF performance.
      LG will win out on camera and screen quality (naturally), using a new, top of the line SoC, and MAYBE on battery life.
      4K screen is a novelty (at best) for me, a resource sucker at worst. But UI/updates, good battery life, camera, reception and expandable storage are going to be what wins me over. I am done with Samsung’s phones that don’t like to work as phones!

      • Usaamah

        2K. LG has some very good features built in that improve over stock android, so I guess depending on your preference stock is actually a detriment. (LG’s UI could use some refinement for sure, though there were a ton of mods for the G2 that really perfected it).

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    2 months left in Q2. So I guess we should be looking out for an announcement date soon

  • wheineman

    YES! If only I had an upgrade available. THe G2 has been the best phone I have ever owned. I will really consider another LG when I am due!

  • joe23521

    I’m really excited about it. Only possible thing to keep it from being my next phone is size. But if they can keep the footprint reasonable, 5.5 may not be a deal breaker.

    • epps720

      I’m with you. My only hesitance is the possible size especially after what we saw from the 1+1. Not looking for a phablet

  • Jim890

    Keeping a good lookout on this phone, Samsung galaxy S5 prime and the Note 4. Who else?

  • Brad Miller

    Hells YeS!!! I have been holding out for this I hope the hype is true, we should know pretty soon. I currently have a GS3 on Verizon with the grandfathered Unlimited plan and don’t want to lose that so I’ll be forking out full retail price on the device I upgrade to I was considering the GS5 but it wasn’t really all I hoped for. I really might go with the LG G2 depending on the price of the LG G3 cause i’m sure the price will drop for the G2 and its still pretty decent competitor in my opinion.

    • Scott Martin

      i’ve gone to several vzw stores around me to look at phones for my upgrade and every place i’ve been has assured me that i can keep my unlimited data plan. just a thought, before you fork out a bunch of money for a new phone, it’s worth checking your stores.

      • Guy Pierce

        If you upgrade at full retail price. I think it’s time for you to jump ship my friend!

        • Scott Martin

          not from the information they gave me. i’m not saying your wrong because i never went through and did the upgrade so they may just be trying to sneak me into a contract. all i’m saying is that it’s worth checking out before forking out the money for a new phone.

          • Guy Pierce

            Hey more power to you if you can keep it!

      • Brad Miller

        I have been using my parents upgrades the past few times because every time I go to a Verzion store they tell me I will be moved to the Tiered plans and there is no going back. I even talked to the General Managers at the store and its part of the system so VZW can get old users off the unlimited plan so they can make more money… 🙁

      • tu3218

        If you have unlimited data right now, and upgrade, you will lose that unlimited data plan and have to move to the their shared data plans. Are you saying they have told you otherwise?

        • Scott Martin

          yup, that’s what i’m saying. i could easily see it as a ploy to get me to initiate the renewal process then be all “oh no, we lose the data, you can pick from this. what do you mean you want to cancel? you can’t cancel, you already started”

          • droidify

            I recently received an Asurion replacement for my G2. I have unlimited data and when I activated the new phone it changed me to a 2gb plan. Two days later and 3 hours of phone calls I finally got my unlimited back. Verizon said their system could no longer do automated activations without changing the plan and there is no way to retrieve or activate with unlimited data anymore. The only reason I was able to get it back was because of intense arguing and perseverance. They finally figured out they could roll the system date back on my account and retrieve it. This took 3 different supervisors to accomplish. So I think you should get something in writing first. I was told anytime I need to even activate a phone to call verizon and explain the unlimited data situation first.

    • Royal2000H

      We just upgraded two phones on our account without losing unlimited. There’s a DL article about it. Search for it.

      • calculatorwatch

        Which method did you use? Upgrading on an extra line?

  • epps720

    Can’t wait. Ready to sell my G2 and upgrade!

    • Kevin

      i wonder what a g2 will fetch when this is released

      • epps720

        Haven’t looked but my guess would be around $350 or so. Phone is still amazing and runs flawlessly. I bought it during the Amazon mishap last year for $199 (off-contract) so I’ll still make a profit even after using it for about a year.

        • Kevin

          i’ve had mine in a case since i got it so it’s in great shape… if i can get that much, i may ponder the switch too.

        • Detonation

          Been following prices and just bought one last week actually. Average going rate for a good condition phone is closer to $300 now and is continuing to drop (lots of sales in the $270 range). Will probably level out around $250 when the G3 comes out.

        • Big EZ

          They currently sell for an average of $330 on swappa. They are as low as $270 with a little wear, and $330+ for mint. By the time this comes out they will have dropped at least $50.

      • Xavier_NYC

        if you have a family member you could just add a line, give them your G2 and get the G3 at the subsidized price.. That’s what I’m doing with my lil bro plus my G2 would be his first smart phone

        • Kevin

          not a bad idea either.

        • Detonation

          That’s a very specific situation…

          • Xavier_NYC

            I’m on AT&T and I don’t have another line I’ve been with them for 8 years. I can add a new/separate line with no issue. It wouldn’t be a family plan just another phone on my account but doesn’t affect my personal plan. I would get a new, cheaper plan for my lil bro

      • BTLS

        I just got 1 on ebay after thoroughly watching auctions 3 weeks straight &I can confirm that they are already dropping in price… They were all around $350 when I started, but now I’d say the average is $300 for near mint. However, I’ve seen some go as low as $200 in the same condition. I’ve also seen brand new ones go for around $360… I’ll never consider paying anything near full retail again after seeing how many phones are out there that are like new.

      • Big EZ

        I’d say $225-250 for one in good shape and $250-300 for mint. Currently you can get a few for $270 on swappa, and mint for $330. That will drop a little with an official announcement, and significantly with the release of the G3.

  • bobbyp

    I am ready to check out this phone. I love the G2 and the physical size of the phone. It has basically the same foot print of my OG Droid Razr and Razr HD. Not too sure how they can go to 5.5″ and keep the foot print basically the same but I really want to find out.

    • Big EZ

      It won’t be the same footprint, but it will be close. From the pictures it looks like there is a slight bit more bezel than the G2, I hope that’s just my eyes.

      • Marikel

        Considering we haven’t actually SEEN the front, I don’t know what you’re talking about. The LG Isai FL is similar, but not exact. And the bezels are VERY small on the Isai. Have you seen the top bezel?

        • Big EZ

          Considering the only major difference last year was the volume controls, I assume the front will remain the same for both devices. This is only an assumption. The leak of the new Isai shows a smaller top bezel, larger bottom bezel (they kinda even out) and it appears to have larger side bezels. The side bezels are what really affects one handed manipulation of the device, so that’s what my comment was about.

  • Laymans Terms

    moar hypebeasting please.

    • Mike

      Only if available with moar battery!

  • Alan Paone

    Any news on if they’ve figured the buttons out? (both the hard ones and the soft ones)