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Report: Premium Galaxy S5 “Prime” Available in June

Reports of a premium version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 launching in the near future just won’t go away, even if Samsung execs would rather you try and ignore them. Known at this time through rumors as the “Galaxy S5 Prime” or “KQ,” a new report out of Asia Today claims that the phone will be ready for a June launch. Citing industry sources, this report expects the phone to carry a QHD display (2560×1440) and will be targeted at high-end European and American markets. 

As you may recall from last week, another report claims to have confirmed that this premium Galaxy S5 is indeed in the works. Beyond the 5.2-inch QHD display, the phone may also sport a brand new Exynos 5430 processor coupled with an Intel LTE modem in Korea, whereas the US model would more than likely use a Snapdragon 805.

The move to introduce a 3rd major smartphone in a calendar year is certainly an interesting one for Samsung. While they release dozens of products each year, there are two that make headlines – the new Galaxy S and the new Galaxy Note. If Samsung can add a “Prime” or premium smartphone to their yearly release schedule, you are looking at yet another reason for Samsung to be in your face, on billboards, and as a headlining sponsor for major events.

My only question is – how can you differentiate a premium device from the Galaxy S line? Aren’t Galaxy S phones supposed to be premium, already?

Via:  Asia Today | SamMobile
  • Ruz

    Premium means not plastic body.. S line of premium phones lacks in many
    departments. Eg: body, better speaker, better mic, better internal DAC
    and much more.. think think

  • Louis Johnson

    does anyone know if the cover will be able to come off with the new prime metal casing or is it going to be like the iphones where you cant remove the case and replace the battery and etc

  • carl rainey

    I remember hearing the same types of complaints when the Razr was released and then the Razr MAXX was released just outside of the return window for the Razr. I learned my lesson when buying the Galaxy Nexus to never buy a phone when first released.

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  • blahblahblah

    Brace yourselves. Posts from Moto fanboys are coming.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Why is everyone complaining? Samsung did the same before. The S4 came out and then the Samsung J with updated specs. It does not matter if they deny any rumors or they just released a new phone. They can do what they please and the only thing a consumer can do is vote with their wallets.

    Return your S5 or sell it and get the new model if it ever comes out. No one owes you anything but for support for a device you purchased.

  • rdoib

    Samsung is pulling a Motorola.

  • Samsung can die already. They are the Apple of Android. Same tired product over and over.

  • Gamblor77

    Been waiting patiently for this. I had almost lost hope that the S5 was their actual flagship this year but it seems like they might come through after all. Can’t wait for that sexy UHD display and Snapdragon 805 and metal, water resistant body. This thing is gonna be beast! Also the potentially upgraded 20mp camera being powered by the 805 and maybe OIS should be much better in low light too. Fingers crossed.

  • smartguy

    My only question is – how can you differentiate a premium device from the Galaxy S line? Aren’t Galaxy S phones supposed to be premium, already?

    You answered your own question, THERE NOT, this would make no sense nor would it make Samsung look good doing that to its S5 users. Stop believing rumors already

  • LondonLeedsFan

    Just got my S5 and I’m not really bothered about a prime model to be fair but that’s sure one way to p*ss your customers off. I only went with S5 as I had not one problem with my S3 but Samsung are slowly starting to get under my skin to be honest. Fed up seeing all the mid-line and rubbish tabs they bring out. Just trying to get a stranglehold on the market with sub-par products rather than priding themselves on their fully superior quality.

    I wouldn’t get an iPhone personally as I’m used to Android, but when I buy a macbook or iMac, I know it’s going to be a completely rock-solid bit of gear. Not like laggy Samsung tabs and the like.

    This is similar to selling a tab and then releasing the ‘pro’ versions. What a load of cr*p.

  • Hector Abreu

    The idea that someone will market and sell a phone as premium only to have a better one come out within months is ridiculous. Talk about cheating the consumers.

  • 213ninja


  • BeerManMike

    This is the whole Droid Bionic Droid Razr all over again.

  • Jason Melling

    It’s still a Samsung though. Same tired old design, tired old interface and tired old apps. Nothing to see here people, move on.

  • chris125

    Sadly it will still lag. Touchwiz is the achilles heel and samsung needs to figure it out. No reason the s5 or even s4 should lag with the hardware that it has.

  • Milton

    Ripoff,of a ripoff, of a ripoff, like all the cheapsungs

  • flosserelli

    Since the S5 is $600, the S5 Prime will likely be $650-700. I wonder if the Note 4 will still be $700.

  • NickA

    Doesn’t matter what processor is in it, if it has TouchWiz it will lag.

    • Zing!

    • Stephen Hawkeye Grubb

      Iv never had lag on my s4 just saying…

  • Gary Graf

    S5 PRO?

  • blahblahblah

    RAZR and RAZR Maxx all over again.

  • Maxim∑

    It makes to much sense to just make the original premium

    • PoisonApple31

      Three flagships makes sense, this way you are always turning around something new while all the other companies release their flagships (nothing happens Q1). New stuff is what keeps this industry interesting, after all. Even their lowest selling flagship will still probably put up similar numbers to their struggling competition’s flagships.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Will the Software be the same? Yes? Well I don’t really care much. There isn’t really much wrong with samsung devices other than their lack of giving a damn about optimizing TouchWiz

    • Mike H.

      Yeah one of the things stopping me from an s5 is the fact that with no apps running it is using almost 2gb of ram!!! But maybe a prime device will run a bunch of new prime crap and use 2.5 out of the 3gb of ram.

      • adamtx214

        That is true but I still get a whole day and a half with heavy use actually surprised

  • paul_cus

    Samsung is about to pull a Motorola from 2011.

  • Gato Mafioso

    This is why I wait to buy new phones till the second half of the year. You get a better idea of what is coming and if you prefer a device from the first half then they’re cheaper to buy. Obviously if you have an upgrade to burn then waiting may not seem appealing.

  • Jase

    With a 5.5″ screen. The Note 4 will have 6″ screen.

    • BillySuede

      considering the note 3 is 5.7, it was always a given that the note 4 would be at least 6

  • M3D1T8R

    Sounds like the dissapointing S5 has been a disappointment to Samsung as well.

    • Justin W

      Sounds like they made the S5 a disappointment on purpose, not on accident. They had to save something for their new flagship.

  • MelissaFTaulbee

    The live music business has proven that people will pay premium prices for things. $200+ concert tickets in arenas is normal for big acts. Just give rich people something to spend more money on. http://b54.in/9b1r

  • MichaelFranz

    This angers me, as a S5 owner. I could see if this launched maybe around the holidays or somethign at the end of the year, but only 2 months after their 2014 flagship. It would be a kick in the nuts to S5 owners.

    • Arthur Dent

      Really? So you are going to get all worked up over a phone that will be MORE expensive, probably have worse battery life, and may not perform as well with games due to the QHD?

      • MichaelFranz

        you made the same comment below and i’ll make the same one. FIrst i’m not worked up, just annoyed. If i really want a S5 prime i’ll get one. I am just annoyed that the denial by samsung of another more premium device in the first place. I’d be fine with it if they annouced it for the winter/holiday season. But merely 2 months after the 2014 flagship, cmon you have to admit that is a bit ridiculous for all those who purchased an S5

        • Arthur Dent

          Yes, it is ridiculous. But I don’t see it as a kick in the nuts to S5 owners, I see it as milking a spec-obsessed market over a spec that doesn’t really matter. I think the S5 owners are the smart ones this year. Even if this thing has 3GB RAM, that’s not going to matter in terms of performance at all. I just see a ‘Prime’ device as useless overkill for people with more money than sense. If I’m proven wrong by benchmarks, fine, but I don’t think I will be.

    • M3D1T8R

      You bought a phone presumably because you thought it was worth buying. So either be happy with it or don’t buy it in the first place. If you’re not happy with it sell it and buy something else. That said, you bought a Samsung, who are notorious for bringing out new phones constantly.

      • MichaelFranz

        Yea your right, but not 2 months after and not also as good as the flagship of that year. Yeah the Note series is similar but that in a different class of device. Im not mad they are releasing a device, i app[laud them for wanting to make money. But i am more angry that they said a Prime device isnt coming when it seems like it is, and that its looking like June for it when it wont be much more then 2 months after the S5 which is supposed to be there best phone until the next note.

      • Steven02

        Some of that worth buying is knowing that there won’t be another Galaxy S for a year. The other flagship has is a phablet. People get used to the development cycles of phones and expect them to stay the same. I would be pretty upset if I bought something from a manufacture which was supposed to be their top of the line product for a year, then to find out it was top of the line for 2 months.

        • chris125

          If you want one phone a year stick with an iPhone. Android has been this way for years, these companies pump out new phones it seems like every other month.

  • LSH99

    Kinda makes me wonder how successful they can expect to be in marketing the “regular” Galaxy S line in the future. As the article says, that is supposed to be THE premium phone to challenge the iPhone et al. If there’s now going to be a premium version of the premium, then they risk the regular S line being seen as their version of the iPhone 5C.

    • Blue Sun

      To top it off, the Samsung brass had been swearing up & down that there was no Prime model in the works during the weeks leading up to the S5 release.

      • LSH99

        Good point. Then again, we’ve been hearing reports of a more premium Galaxy S since the S4 came out, so you never know how accurate this report is anyway.

      • flosserelli

        Of course they have been mum about it. Why would they hype the S5, then say “Oh but we have a better version coming 3 months later.”

  • Tony Byatt

    The middle finger to all S5 owners…

    Remember this move (if true) when the S6 comes out…

    • n900mixalot

      How so? The mobile market works this way. Remember the [insert color] HTC One? People were up in arms. No difference.

      • Tony Byatt

        Big difference actually…

        A phone that has only changed colors is nothing like a new phone with upgraded specs…

        Nice try though…

        • n900mixalot

          What do you mean upgraded specs? How much more of an upgrade can you go from the S5? For people who flipped out about the Black One coming later, or waiting around and saying eff it, Black was a significant spec.

          And only a moron would expect the phone they buy today to remain the flagship for more than a few months–ESPECIALLY when it comes to Samsung.


  • Krzysztof Bryk
    • PoisonApple31

      Asian variants of the GALAXT S5? How about you proofread your own article noob!

      • Arthur Dent

        GALAXT is da BOMB, yo!!

    • Justin W

      I see exactly one reason I won’t be reading your article.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      ………… Nice attempt to get people to click that link… I’m all set. No thanks.

  • Krunksky

    still getting G3, I’ve had enough Samsung CrapWiz.

    • Mudokon83

      yeah agreed, after hearing about sd card slot for G3, screen size, and release sometime soon, I’m staring at my S3 and thinking its upgrade time.

      • Mike H.

        Yeah just hope they iron out all the quirks from the g2. Kk seemed to have fixed the sensor issue for knock on.

        • Pratik Holla

          How is the bloat on the LG G2? I know Samsung is on another level but is LG that much better?

          • chansterrrr

            Pretty similar tbh, carriers load it up like none other.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Word of warning – LG’s Optimus UI is uglier than TouchWiz.

  • I dig this strategy. The live music business has proven that people will pay premium prices for things. $200+ concert tickets in arenas is normal for big acts. Just give rich people something to spend more money on.

  • Andrew Merewitz

    As someone who just bought a S5…this would really, really bother me.

    • Guest

      I have said that on other posts then people jump all over me. Im confused with this market. I have tried to figure them out for marketing purposes and im baffled.

      • bugmania

        I’m waiting to buy my S5- premium already…

    • Arthur Dent

      Your phone still works, right? You arguably paid less than this will cost if it is ‘higher end’. This has been rumored for months. The QHD screen is going to murder the battery, i.e. your battery life will probably be better, especially during gaming.

      What’s the problem exactly?

      • MichaelFranz

        The problem is that they denied it and those who wanted it rather then the S5 settled on the S5 since it wouldnt be for another year. Some people do still buy phones yearly, every 6 months or maybe they burned an upgrade to get an S5.

        • Arthur Dent

          I didn’t see that. I just saw several rumors over the course of months. Regardless, QHD strikes me as retarded on phones. It absolutely can help with tablets, but at 5″ the pixels are indistinguishable on a full HD screen.

          People who buy these QHD devices are paying MORE for the spec list, that’s it, and most likely getting less batter life and lower performance in return.

          • MichaelFranz

            The QHD is going to be nice, its going to suck battery, but it might be all the other facts of making it a premium device. maybe tis 3GB ram, maybe its a better design and build, that would be what angers most. Not the QHD

        • Matt

          I still don’t see a problem. It’s standard practice to not disclose products in development. Promising something that doesn’t even exist or not even finished (if it actually will be finished) is just not a good idea.

          • MichaelFranz

            well yes thats true, but dont flat out deny it. Sometimes when people are questions they will just chuckle and say well i cant answer that. Which neither confirms nor deny and lets you assume. Thats just my opinion on it, and im sure im not the only one

      • matt

        The problem is that these people are mainly concerned with the fact that their phone isn’t the “best” from the company anymore. They’re not cool anymore. At least in their head since no one really cares what phone they have in real life.

        • paul_cus


        • OF

          LMAO! You just described me! I know nobody cares what phone I have, but that won’t stop me from wanting the best of the best! 🙂

          • skinja

            You should buy an apple product. Then you can talk at other people about it. And you can get all worked up about how unique and special you are because you own an apple phone.

        • BillySuede


        • Hector Abreu

          I am picky when it comes to my next phone.. I’m going to use it regularly for the foreseeable future so in no way am I going to jump on a phone just because of the name. With that said I think it’s a cheap move on Samsung’s part. They are basically saying they raced to get a phone out even though it’s not what they deemed as the new high end. A point proven by the bugs on the S5 especially the camera one for the Verizon version. There are thousands if not millions of spec fans out there that want the best only to find they were cheated and that’s not cool.

        • michael arazan

          Releasing 2 different High End phones with in a month of each other for the same prices, People Just want their Money Worth’s as well

          • Joe

            And you did get your money’s worth. I see no problem other than people feeling their phone sucks now even though it doesn’t.

      • mustbepbs

        QHD + TouchWiz = Bad news.

      • joe23521

        Maybe he only settled on the S5 because the existence of a better S5 was officially denied by Samsung. If that denied product is actually released shortly after, I know I would feel cheated.

        People really should stop chastising S5 owners for feeling slighted. They have the right to express their feelings, especially justified ones.

        • Arthur Dent

          “People really should stop chastising S5 owners for feeling slighted. They have the right to express their feelings, especially justified ones.”

          WTF? Nice overreaction, guy. I didn’t tell him to shut up or that he shouldn’t express his opinion. I merely expressed my own opinion that the S5 may in fact be the better value and that the QHD screen may be bad for battery while not being that noticable over 1080p. Asking “what’s the problem” is having a discussion, not saying “shut up”. Geez.

          • joe23521

            Okay, let’s not fight. My reaction is also not solely directed at you, but it was a last straw thing for me that made me finally write a comment.

            It just seems like every time an S5 owner voices his frustration in a “Prime” post, there’s immediately a guy on his tail saying how he should be satisfied or that he only has himself to blame. IMO, that kind of reasoning is really missing the point.

          • Alexander Z Great

            You seem set that the qhd screen is a bust. Thanks for your opinion but you don’t know what it’ll look like or the performance of these up coming phones.

    • AceLeaks

      Don’t worry, it probably won’t be available in the U.S. anyway, per Sarge…

      • n900mixalot

        According to this article and all of the recent reports it is for US and Euro markets. So …

        • Gary Graf

          This is the only article I’ve seen that said it’d be available in the US. Most articles say Asia and Europe

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Just sell it..it’s really not that serious.

    • Hershel

      welcome to the tech world. once something comes out, its already outdated. hell its outdated before they annouce it or even make it!

    • flosserelli

      And Samsung would say…

      • New_Guy

        Man, that’s hilarious 😀

    • AndroidUser00110001

      You need some thicker skin and understand the market. You heard the rumors before the S5 was announced so why did you not wait to see if they panned out to be true?

      Return your S5 if you just bought it and wait for the prime model.