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International Contest: Win 1 of 5 Phones From Poweramp and Negri Electronics, Including a Galaxy S5 and One (M8)


To kick off this new week, we have teamed up with Poweramp and Negri Electronics for a massive international, multi-site giveaway of five different flagship phones. To celebrate their release of build 555 of Poweramp, next week, all of you will have a chance to win either a Galaxy S5 (our review), LG G2, HTC One (M8) (our review), Nexus 5, or Galaxy Note 3. Not bad, right? 

Since there are five phones to giveaway, there are five contests running from today through the end of the week on Droid Life and sites like XDA, Android Police, and Talk Android. As usual, we will ask that you enter through the Rafflecopter widget below to make things easier on all of us. At the end of the week, we will draw one winner who will then be forwarded on to Poweramp. The other sites are running their own contests as well, and will do the same. Poweramp will then take winners and randomly pair them up with one of the five phones. The winners of the five phones will be announced on Monday when Poweramp releases build 555.

If you do the math there, you can see how your odds of winning are starting to add up, especially with each site running its own contest.

Also, the contest is open internationally. To see the list of countries eligible to win, check out the terms in the contest widget.

Ready to win a brand new phone from Poweramp and Negri Electronics?


Prize:  1 of 5 phones – Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8), LG G2, Nexus 5, or Galaxy Note 3.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


On Friday, we will randomly choose and email one winner through Rafflecopter.

  • Dániel Ádám

    I would love a new phone. Currently I’m using a HTC One M7, but I’d love a Nexus 5 or the new One too. 🙂 Poweramp is the best listening app on Android.

  • disqus_nHktqBfeIo

    Nice shiny HTC One (M8) be nice been looking at it for upgrade but got months to wait yet and stuck with my S3 till then! 🙁

  • krunal patel

    My first phone was HTC HD2 (originally a windows phone) but I used it as
    an Android for 2 years. And then got a Samsung Galaxy S3. Would
    love to upgrade to a HTC ONE M8. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Laurie Lamy

    Hope I’ll win Nexus 5 :3

  • Justin Monteza

    Thank you Droid-life,Poweramp and Negri Electronics for this contest.I’ve been grateful for this contest because you’ve given us opportunity to win a smartphone.Thank you Droid-life because you’re the best Android website in the world.You’ve given me an informative and resourceful.Thank you Poweramp because you’re the best music player in Android.I’ve found Poweramp simple yet powerful.Thank you Negri Electronics for handling the shipping and making this contest possible.I’ve been happy for this wonderful contest.I hope that I could win one smartphone but I also want the Samsung Galaxy S5 because for me,it’s the best.Have a nice day.Wishing you all the best.Thank you again.

  • Eric

    Galaxy S5, waterproofness.

  • Matt Graves

    Any one of these is better than my S3

  • Sierra Star

    Galaxy Note 3 Pleeeease! Because it’s awesome and my friend has it. I’m so tired of iPhone ug. I miss androids.

  • Nan W.

    I want the HTC One (M8) or Nexus 5 to replace my old Samsung Galaxy!

  • Mike Baustian


  • Pintom

    I would choose a Nexus 5. Reason: fastboot oem unlock

  • ZBlade

    Would love to have the Note 3, that screen size is just awesome for gaming.

  • Deimuel Valite

    i would love a Note 3 cause i like the size of it and the design

  • Deimuel Valite

    I would love the Note 3. I’d love to experience the S-Pen i like the design and the screen size just fits as a phone for me

  • Chocolate Cookie

    HTC One M8 for the win.