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International Contest: Win 1 of 5 Phones From Poweramp and Negri Electronics, Including a Galaxy S5 and One (M8)

To kick off this new week, we have teamed up with Poweramp and Negri Electronics for a massive international, multi-site giveaway of five different flagship phones. To celebrate their release of build 555 of Poweramp, next week, all of you will have a chance to win either a Galaxy S5 (our review), LG G2, HTC One (M8) (our review), Nexus 5, or Galaxy Note 3. Not bad, right? 

Since there are five phones to giveaway, there are five contests running from today through the end of the week on Droid Life and sites like XDA, Android Police, and Talk Android. As usual, we will ask that you enter through the Rafflecopter widget below to make things easier on all of us. At the end of the week, we will draw one winner who will then be forwarded on to Poweramp. The other sites are running their own contests as well, and will do the same. Poweramp will then take winners and randomly pair them up with one of the five phones. The winners of the five phones will be announced on Monday when Poweramp releases build 555.

If you do the math there, you can see how your odds of winning are starting to add up, especially with each site running its own contest.

Also, the contest is open internationally. To see the list of countries eligible to win, check out the terms in the contest widget.

Ready to win a brand new phone from Poweramp and Negri Electronics?


Prize:  1 of 5 phones – Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8), LG G2, Nexus 5, or Galaxy Note 3.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


On Friday, we will randomly choose and email one winner through Rafflecopter.

  • Dániel Ádám

    I would love a new phone. Currently I’m using a HTC One M7, but I’d love a Nexus 5 or the new One too. 🙂 Poweramp is the best listening app on Android.

  • disqus_nHktqBfeIo

    Nice shiny HTC One (M8) be nice been looking at it for upgrade but got months to wait yet and stuck with my S3 till then! 🙁

  • krunal patel

    My first phone was HTC HD2 (originally a windows phone) but I used it as
    an Android for 2 years. And then got a Samsung Galaxy S3. Would
    love to upgrade to a HTC ONE M8. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Laurie Lamy

    Hope I’ll win Nexus 5 :3

  • Justin Monteza

    Thank you Droid-life,Poweramp and Negri Electronics for this contest.I’ve been grateful for this contest because you’ve given us opportunity to win a smartphone.Thank you Droid-life because you’re the best Android website in the world.You’ve given me an informative and resourceful.Thank you Poweramp because you’re the best music player in Android.I’ve found Poweramp simple yet powerful.Thank you Negri Electronics for handling the shipping and making this contest possible.I’ve been happy for this wonderful contest.I hope that I could win one smartphone but I also want the Samsung Galaxy S5 because for me,it’s the best.Have a nice day.Wishing you all the best.Thank you again.

  • Eric

    Galaxy S5, waterproofness.

  • Matt Graves

    Any one of these is better than my S3

  • Sierra Star

    Galaxy Note 3 Pleeeease! Because it’s awesome and my friend has it. I’m so tired of iPhone ug. I miss androids.

  • Nan W.

    I want the HTC One (M8) or Nexus 5 to replace my old Samsung Galaxy!

  • Mike Baustian


  • Pintom

    I would choose a Nexus 5. Reason: fastboot oem unlock

  • ZBlade

    Would love to have the Note 3, that screen size is just awesome for gaming.

  • Deimuel Valite

    i would love a Note 3 cause i like the size of it and the design

  • Deimuel Valite

    I would love the Note 3. I’d love to experience the S-Pen i like the design and the screen size just fits as a phone for me

  • Chocolate Cookie

    HTC One M8 for the win.

  • Scipio Younger

    I’d go with the Note 3, since I’ve been comfortable using one for close to a year already, and it’s never given me anything to complain about.

  • Valerij

    Nexus 5, because #HOLOYOLO

  • slkie

    It has to be the Note 3 for me…. That massive screen with the beastly 3gb of Ram is irrisitible… and oh, the stylus… lovely!

  • Pratik Agarwal

    Wll love 2 win a note 3

  • AvjinderSekhon

    Well, I’m partial towards the Nexus 5, considering that it contains vanilla Android, and is much better for tinkering and modding. It’s thin, fast and powerful and I like Nexus devices. I’m an Android developer sans an Android device, which sucks because testing apps using the emulator sucks. So, the Nexus 5 would be a godsend for me.

  • Cl3tus

    Hope i win. nice contest

  • FlorianB

    really nice

  • Tanveer Lone

    I would like to wn htc one

  • Nicole Lim

    I like to have the Nexus 5. Like the pure android experience.

  • Sobhana Kozhikode

    I wants to win htc one m8

  • Michael De Giovanni

    so far that’s a 1:2800 chance of winning, so pretty slim chances…but still worth a try 🙂

  • Jason Miller

    So many toys to choose from! I think I’d still grab the s5 tho.

  • PudgyPanda

    nexus 5 b/c its nothing but pure android

  • Ricardo Abreu

    Any of those would be grea, but I guess I would go for the HTC One (M8) for its speakers and its design

  • Giuseppe Pio Giovanni Marciell

    I’d choose htc one m8 because seems to be an awesome device, and I really like the new sense and would love to try it!

  • Brandon Luong

    To be honest, I’d pick the Note 3 just for the screen size. I really love to get stuff done while away from a computer / laptop, and tablets are a bit too big. All the other phones are great, but I already have a S3 that’s serving me well. Might as well go for something unique!

  • Jorge Galls

    I really like all this phones but I think that the Nexus 5 is the one I would enjoy the most since I am a big fan of the Nexus line

  • Ron De Luna

    Let me win! I’m dying to get one!

  • John Prasad

    I’ve always been a user of nexus devices. I have a nexus 4 now, and would really love an upgrade to nexus 5. 🙂

  • Lars Callahan

    If I win, this will become my wife’s first smart phone! Come on, Momma needs a new pair of shoes!… er, wait…
    I would choose the M8 if I had the choice. It’s the only one of the 5 nearly as beautiful as she is. ;-]

  • Tobias Dunkel

    I’d like to win the HTC One M8, because it looks just gorgeous. And those specs are very nice, much better than my current Galaxy S2. I really need a new phone!

  • g0pher

    Samsung S5 because: removable battery & SD card.

  • Jim Yee

    HTC One M8, great phone wanna it

  • rawdeadfish

    thanks for the great contest, droid life! i would love to get my hands on the any one of them, but i think i’d have to go with the note3, that thing is beast!

  • Adit Kamath

    The M8 – It’s just too good. 😀

  • Leon Chong

    I’ll go with the Nexus 5. Its not available here in Malaysia so having one would be sweet. It also has the fastest and latest updates compare to all the phones but generally, winning one of those phones would be the best thing ever!

  • PS Srinidhi

    I would choose to have nexus 5. I am die hard fan of nexus devices though I don’t own one. So I would like to have one.

  • Ryoko

    I would choose the galaxy note 3 because i want to be able to multitask

  • Ivan Gordic

    I would choose Samsung Galaxy S5 because it’s a great phone, and i like that it’s water and dust resistant, and has a fingerprint sensor 🙂

  • Jason

    Would love to try out the HTC One

  • christina dutra

    i would like to win the HTC one because it’s such a nice phone!!

  • RocklinSports

    winner, winner chicken dinner.

  • Themistoklis Pyrgiotis

    win win win!!

  • Allexandra G

    I’m using a Galaxy S4 Mini right now… and regret its acquisition. I really should have gotten the One Mini 🙁

  • Humberto Hernandez

    The One (M8), just because that premium aluminum back, solid construction, and those epic front speakers! + a GPE Rom too make it a nexus exp = awesomeness

  • Polydoros Skanpower

    all are good

  • CA Nikhil D’Souza

    I would go with the Nexus 5 to replace my Motorola Defy. After the pain I suffered with no updates from Moto on my Defy, it would be a nice experience to receive stock Android OTA updates on a Google device. I am used to stock android and love it anyway with cm11 on my defy ….although it lags like hell.

  • Naresh

    Select ME!

  • Naresh

    A Galaxy S5 would be awesome

  • Pradeep R

    Time to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 🙂

  • movemint

    I want to go to there

  • projectprivasy

    I would love to have a Galaxy S5. Not that the other phones are bad, but it seems to be a better alrounder of the given choices

  • TXKSSnapper

    Nexus 5. I’ve wanted a nexus ever since I started putting custom roms on my phone, and I unfortunately don’t have the money right now.

  • jjdp

    I would choose the htc one because of the metal

  • bballjake123

    I’d get an M8 because I wanted to get an M7 last year but didn’t end up getting one and now there’s an even better option 🙂

  • giakomino

    I would like Nexus 5 because….Nexus is THE Android phone!

  • Vincent H

    I’g go for the Galaxy S5 for the better camera.

  • OWJ

    HTC One M8!

  • OWJ


  • mihir

    i am security researcher and dont have any mobile,i cant afford and my fees so high,my parents even cant let me buy it,
    so i hope that i win one of these and my dream will came true.!!
    i have tried many giveaways but i have won nothing, so sad, but i will never give up.
    “try and try you will succeed”
    i hope i win ..!!
    i will choose google nexus 5 as it was my dream when i won the facebook $1500 bug bounty reward but cant buy due to fees problem

  • Frans Breddels

    I would chose the HTC One M8, have a stock experience at the moment and i want to find out how Sense is working these days, i had a HTC back in the days (Desire)

  • durkaganesh

    I am in dire need of a smart phone as I lost my good old samsung galaxy s2 two months back in an accident. Still looking for my electronic soulmate. Would be happy if I get anything except note 3.

  • abhinay indurkar

    I would choose Galaxy s5 because it is very rugged and tough phone.it has gorgeous display and the awesome fingerprint scanner and heartbeat sensor..this phone has everything great to offer i just loooovvveee this phone..i would like to win this phone to experience the speedy snapdragon 801 and actually i want to feel how owning a flagship device feels like..!!

  • Elijah

    is this how we enter? I would chose the M8! because its a great feeling phone and need a replacement for my HTC m7!

  • Lovlesh Garg

    I would choose HTC One M8. From all the awesome features that this phone support, my two favourite ones that drive me to own this phone are:
    Front facing boom sound speakers, and
    Compatibility with 4G network bands here in India.. Will be awesome to have a device which already supports future technology (at least in India).

  • Avimatic

    I would go for the Samsung Galaxy S5, I love Android and have a S4

  • Zeus

    I would choose the Nexus 5, because I raw Android is where it’s at! No more bloated devices!

  • Yorick Veyron

    I would choose the Nexus 5 because I love its design and it’s a good all-around phone.

  • Charles

    Nearly 3K comments. . . wow.

    Still gotta go with the Note 3.

  • Twizded

    The S5 definitely rocks the charts! 🙂

  • Jaithren Sivapatham

    I would like to get the Galaxy Note 3 as having a device with bigger screen would save myself from squinting reading items on the phone screen.

  • maartenvc

    Samsung S5 would be cool to replace my current phone as it is time to replace it and it fails to install current updates

  • androidaw

    I choose the Note 3. Because of the stylus and larger screen size.

  • jay6

    Well.. I’ve got both the Nexus 5 and Poweramp player.. so if I were to, I’d go for the S5! 😉

  • zhiqin

    I choose a HTC m8 because it’s beats audio rocks it all xD

  • Rhan Candia

    I would choose Google Nexus 5 above all. Because I’ve always wanted one. And it would help me a lot in my studies. It would help me connect with my parents abroad and it would play great music along with Poweramp.

    Thank you Droid-Life.
    Thank you Negri Electronics.
    Thank you Poweramp.

    I hope I could win one. From Philippines with love.

  • Sachin Shukla

    I would prefer Samsung Galaxy S5 because of the monstrous phone it is..:) yeah heard right:) going by it’s awesome specifications,it is definitely a monster..:D it has also a inbuilt finger print scanner and a heart-rate monitor…which again force me to choose it..:) other reasons are the 16 MP camera and super amoled screen..:) it’s my dream to own a high-end smartphone from the above list but I will definitely prefer the Samsung Galaxy S5..in the end I wanna say that I have always been a follower of droid-life.com and is a huge fan of their phone reviews…I appreciate their work for the betterment of android users…:) as far as Poweramp app is concerned, it has been the best music player in the android market and I am using it ever since I bought my first Android phone. .thanks..:)

  • Brian Simmons

    Unfortunately you can’t choose if you win the contest, but I would pick the S5 if given the chance.

  • Ben Stein

    Nexus 5 was enough to get me over to Android but would certainly appreciate a free upgrade

  • Khairul Ikhwan

    All of the phones above are all great! A lot of great specifications. I’d be happy with any of those devices, though I would always consider having one with a Micro SD Card slot

  • Nilanjan Dubey

    I would like to win HTC One (M8) because according to me its the best looking phone among all the 5 phones and also it has the best specs. In short the beauty is a beast!! 🙂

  • Víctor A López

    I would choose the HTC one m8 because y the best phone. I love the design and the OS

  • Aalok

    I want the nexus 5

  • I’d choose the Nexus 5. I’ve heard great reviews and it’s widely customizable. I could always make it look like the other ones.

  • Armando Bengochea

    I would take pretty much any of them. Three s5 would be great since they’ve improved it so much from the s2 which was my first android phone. The nexus has incredible developer support. The g2 is basically like a nexus but with a better camera. The note has incredible battery life and the m8 is a phone I’ve never played with. So any of them would be great. Thanks

  • Jokui

    I would choose the Galaxy S5 because it’s… great! 🙂

  • Chance Morris

    Tell us which phone you would choose and why? the galaxy samsung because i trust this brand better than others…

  • Mark Conroy

    Really fancy one of these.

  • Pianoisyum

    Mmm they all look amazing, but I’d go with the Nexus 5 because the vanilla Android experience is nice.

  • Patricia Farkas

    I would go for the HTC One M8, but any of the others would do, as well. Thank everyone.

  • merman1983

    Please and thank you.

  • efstajas

    I think I would choose the Nexus 5 or One M8. Both are totally great phones, and I really love Google’s stock android and HTC’s sense. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • berna

    the nexus is by far the most interesting of the devices. stock android with quick updates, the best look and the best form factor.

  • Elio Riso

    I would choose Samsung Galaxy S5 because it’s technically superior comparing to the others, and this is very important for me because I have a professional need of such a phone, I tend to use the maximum of the android’s capabilities (unfortunately, there are still few important things which can’t be tweaked…). The truth is that in real life I can’t afford myself to spend so much money for a phone like the S5 one, I currently own a Sony Xperia J and therefore it would be such an… enlightenment if I actually win the S5… ^_^

  • alinmedelian

    The G2, Nexus 5 or the HTC One M8 would be the best ones, because they have great build quality and keep the interface clean, minimalistic, the G2 si just a Cyanogen jump away from being perfect. The Samsung phones are getting annoying with touchwiz and knox.

  • Tang Rui Quan

    I would go for the One (M8) due to its build quality.

  • Shabba

    The S5 for the specs, maybe the One M8 which would be the clear leader if not for the camera.

  • Artur Sousa

    I would go with the galaxy note 3 to replace my current galaxy note. I love the pen and its capabilities.

  • Michael Lin

    I would like a htc one m8, still can’t forget those speakers! =)

  • Tobi

    I’d choose the nexus 5. The phone is amazingly fast and having the latest version of Android is a major plus in my book.

  • CB

    I’d pick the m8. It’s been a while since I’ve owned an HTC device.

  • Dex

    Nexus 5, because I love Google phones.

  • Alok phavade

    I would go with galaxy s5

  • vodanium

    Nexus 5 – pure Android experience is my preference 😉

  • Alex

    I want the M8 really really bad!!

  • rijopgeorge റിജോ പി ജോര്‍ജ്

    Wow.. I am in 🙂

  • I want a Galaxy S5 it would be a new experience and worthy upgrade.

  • akash santhosh

    can only dream of those kind of phones here from india ‘ Thoughts create things ‘

  • Benjamen Meiers

    I would chose the Galaxy Note 3 due to the awesome battery life and the huge screen.

  • Meeko Videña

    I know it’s a long shot, but who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky this time. All of the phones are great so what the heck!

  • VioricaF

    Perhaps this time I get to replace my Nexus One? 😀

  • Marin_P

    I wanna win!

  • NikhilPatil

    Mine was Htc Desire S or HTC Saga

  • Ismail

    the htc one m8, cuz i just bricked my desire hd recently!

  • Smit Sanghavi

    Phone of my choice: Nexus 5 (Wins hands down)

  • Annduhroo

    Puhlease let it be me

  • James Gibbons

    I have an HTC DNA now, would have to pick the M8

  • I would go for HTC One (M8) because of its quality and awesome design. And because my Motorola Droid 2 is just too old:)

  • Max C

    If I had to choose one, I would probably pick the Nexus 5 since I’ve never owned a Nexus device. The thought of pure Android is kind of exciting!

  • Damian

    One M8 allllll dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’ll take any of them. But I’ve been really wanting to try the nexus 5

  • Rishabh Singh

    It’s been more than 2 years of me becoming a loyal android fan and HTC lover, will love to have the m8!!

  • Prince Breeze

    All are awesome devices.Hard time choosing one. But when I look at the galaxy note 3 and S5, here only that octacore version available, I feel galaxy note 3 is a better choice than S5. So I would go for Note 3

  • tintin.92

    I’d probably choose a Note 3, clearly the best battery of the 5.

  • flappyandroid

    I would love the HTC One (M8)!

  • Buddy Friedel

    I would go with the Nexus 5, like what I am hearing from the people that use it!

  • PTuT

    I would go with HTC One for its premium design.

  • tony spano

    I would go for the Htc One M8 or Note 3.

  • Mohammed Mirash

    I would like to get the htc 1(m8) …because it is awesome phone….I used it from my friend …it is quitely brillliant camera sound design…I wish to win my dream phone…. 🙂

  • My current Nexus 4 is really behind, so I would be happy with any of these phones! The HTC One (M8) is probably my top pick, though.

  • androidkin

    HTC One (m8), it’s pretty nice phone and software isn’t as bad. I currently own a Samsung GS4, touchwiz is lagy and looks horrible.

  • Andre Bradshaw

    PowerAmp was great back in the day. I am sure this is nice too, but I confine myself to Google All-Access.

    My G2 is busted, but I would probably go with a Nexus5. I regret not going that way last year.

  • Weijie Tan

    Samsung S5! I love its interface! 🙂

  • André Berry

    Note 3 so the wife and I are rock in the same hardware.

  • Chungzilla

    I would choose the HTC One M8. I am currently using the M7 and I honestly feel it is the best phone I’ve owned thus far. With the M8, I would get an even better pair of Boom Sound dual speakers and an updated version of the Sense skin I love so much! Thank you guys for such an awesome giveaway and good luck everyone!

  • Minh Nguyen

    The Nexus 5 of course.

  • Austin Smith

    I would want the HTC One M8 because I have an iPhone 5s and I want to switch to Android without compromising on build quality!

  • Ultimategamerx870

    I would choose the Galaxy S5 because it has the best specs.

  • I wouldn’t mind getting an HTC One.

  • Otto Bonaventure

    I’ve never owned a Android phone. I’ve only had Blackberry phones. I am hoping to make the move soon to a HTC One M8 or a Nexus 5. I’d love to win one.

  • Chris

    An S5 to replace my girlfriend’s iPhone 4

  • LaTanya Coleman

    I’d like the Galaxy Note 3. I have the Note 2 and would like to upgrade. It’s a great phone.

  • Rajneesh Verma

    I want Nexus 5 because I never had any Nexus device.. 🙂

  • Jonny Boy

    Samsung Note 3 would be awesome! I’ve been more interested in phablets since I got hands on experience from my friend’s Note 2.

  • Finn Evans

    HTC ONE M8!! It is one of the phones that is responsive to your touch and its design is top notch. However, improvements can only kill innovation after all…

  • jenleland

    Note 3!!! Love the size and s pen! And it’s a Samsung!

  • Silvia Caviglioli

    i want the samsung galaxy s5 ’cause it takes wonderful shots

  • imacellist

    I would choose the Nexus 5. It is a beautiful phone with stock android, great hardware, and updates straight from Google. I have always wanted a nexus phone but they have been just out of reach.

  • melan26

    The HTC since I have never used that brand.

  • sara rai

    After reading many reviews, I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S5.
    Thanks for the chance:)

  • Austin Baroudi

    I’d pick the Galaxy S5 because I’ve always wanted a Galaxy and the phone I have right now is junk! Thanks for the chance!

  • Mepheesto

    All the phones are great. But I would choose the Nexus to try how the pure Android works.

  • Adam

    S5 – fits in my pocket and will have lots of roms after bootloader break

  • rap

    I would probably choose a Note 3. I’ve always wanted one with the integrated stylus. But I’d take any of them!

  • jan

    I would choose the Nexus 5, as I prefer Android the way Google intended it to be.

  • MJBigDeal

    nexus 5 for stock experience

  • kw

    I’d have the M8 – great specs and it looks good – but I’d be happy with any of them 🙂

  • Michael Marlow

    Any one will do

  • Secow

    M8. It feels whole.

  • Lazyalex92

    I would like to win HTC One (M8) because I think it is the best of the 5 here and HTC above all is better of samsung products!! gotta replace my sucking galaxy S4!!

  • Mike Tooley

    I’d have to check out the HTC M8. Always liked HTC and they continue to impress with powerful build and great quality. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • Okan Akinci

    I would choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, because I love that really big beautiful 5,7 inch screen together with 3GB of ram. I would love to watch some movies and play games on this big screen. Great contest and may the luckiest win!


    I’d like the Galaxy S5, because I love the Liberty of Galaxy S line, now that S5 is dust and water resistant i really need it, I love that phone.

  • arlulez

    G2 because i only hear a good things about it. I’m curious. Planning to switch my S4 to other brands–soon

  • PaulMaddux

    I hope this is the blog post I am supposed to write in to get my new smartphone. I also hope that I win!

  • Nathan Wadley

    I would take the HTC One M8 – I’m a musician, and premium audio is very important to me. I hope I win – thanks for the contest!

  • Nikhil

    Poweramp m/

  • Vasantha Kumar

    Poweramp best appever

  • togo33

    Note 3 or HTC M8 would be fantastic!

  • Mifo

    I want win HTC One M8. I love it so much!

  • Jorge Muniz

    Give me the S5!

  • Khaled Gomgoma

    Awesome, hope I would win one of those great phone to replace it with my 4X HD

  • Thapan

    I would love the Samsung Galaxy S5 , with its dust and water resistant build it offers none other phones in the list can offer

  • robin14

    I would choose nexus 5 because the vanilla android is the best and smoothest original from google 🙂 a plus is that you get updates very fast too! 🙂

  • Kiss Erzsi

    Thanks for this offer, I join it gladly. 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Tough choice. I’d have to go with the Samsung Galaxy 5 though. It has an expandable memory slot for the crazy amount of data I take with me everywhere and the specs are top notch. It may seem an odd thing to point out but it is the only phone listed that has a USB 3 port (I know the phablet has one too).

  • Carlos B

    I would take the S5 because of the screen…

  • neha kapoor

    hope to win a nexus 5 because it’s best pure android by Google and with sleek smart design

  • kumar

    love to have a Nexus 5 it’s a product bu google it would be amazing and faster

  • ashok

    I would choose the HTC One (M8) because I like the hardware software smooth interface

  • Dinesh Singh

    i’ll go for HTC One M8,

    it’s best of android device in market yet great combo of hardware and software

  • Personde Regretde Nashiu

    i wud choose the htc one n the most interesting feature of it is the motion launch feature
    actually i dont care which one i win since i have never had a good android phone , but the one i like most is htc one
    wud luv to win it 😉

  • Shiv Kumar

    HTC One m8 because it’s the best of software and hardware in one device

  • Antoine Brichot

    I would definitely choose the Samsung Galaxy S5 as I am a huge fan of their products, quality, speed and exclusive features !

  • Sanjay

    Hope to win any phone cause they are all amazing.

  • Justin Costa

    I would choose the HTC One (M8) because I loved the build quality of the M7 and and I’d love the upgrade to it! I love HTC and their attention to detail with the hardware – Samsung is a no go for me – plastic and cheap…

  • OpiumC

    tough choice…probably M8 or Note 3…

  • SatSin

    S5, because it’s the latest in the market so obviously it’s equipped with superlative hardware and software technologies that are beyond any competition.

  • I’d like to have a nexus 5, because of the Stock Android Experience and a faster updates.

  • Jack Ortner

    I would probably go with the Nexus 5, because the appeal of stock Android is still more than it should be.

  • Stanley Konował

    HTC One. For the looks.

  • Ricardo Ribeiro

    My Galaxy Nexus was aging fast but still going and rocking Kit Kat (courtesy of CM), but a week ago it had a first degree encounter with the floor and so i had to go back to my Gigabyte GSmart Boston (my first android). So a Nexus 5 would be so welcomed

  • Patrick Low

    I would go for the Nexus 5, I love my nexus’. The M8 is very intriguing though as well.

  • Adam Toth

    Enyém a fekete! 🙂

  • undercoverduck

    I’m not saying it’s the best phone, but I think I’d go for the Galaxy Note 3. Basically all I do on my phone is media consuming, so a large screen would be nice, especially for reading books. If it weren’t for the large screen, however, I would’ve picked the Nexus 5, simply because I enjoy fiddling with my phone’s software, and what better phone is there than the Nexus 5 to do so?

  • Raviteja

    HTC One M8 because it got amazing screen and new UI and cool hardware and better battery + Metal body = Phone of the year

  • Fredy

    I just know my comment wins

  • Sharath

    I would go with Samung Galaxy Note 3. It got latest specs and big screen. I would have chosen Nexus 5 but lack of external sd card is a disappointment.

  • Mohammed Mirash

    If I were given
    the option to
    choose from the
    list of available
    phones, my
    decision would
    be to pick the
    Samsung Galaxy
    S5. With all of
    the positive
    reviews and
    comments that
    are being
    circulated on the
    regarding the
    Galaxy S5, I’m
    feeling that I
    must purchase
    this phone! It
    honestly looks
    amazing and I’m wish to have it

  • Daniel

    I would go with the Nexus 5

  • jagwant

    All devices are great. I hope i win nexus 5 because of pure android.

  • Jake

    i love to have one

  • Rob

    I would want the HTC One (M8), i love the speakers on the front.

  • Chrysanthos Prodromou

    I think that SGS 5 is the best high-end smartphone now.. I want it and i’ll win it! 🙂

  • Joel Hurst

    I would choose the Galaxy S5. My Galaxy S3 has been a workhorse, but it’s time for something new.

  • relu0

    HTC One M8

  • Justin

    I would love the Galaxy S5 to replace my aging but still pretty awesome GS3. I bought it off of Craigslist from a guy at a Burger King when my Razr Maxx HD died. Desperate times calls for desperate measures!

  • The premium version of the Galaxy S5 because of the 2K display.

  • bobygk

    My preference would be Galaxy Note 3, as I can shed my 7-inch tablet and just carry one device. I also like calligraphy and enjoy a well hand written note.

  • George Balasca

    Nexus 5 to replace my S3, because I’m a developer and I want a cleaner OS

  • Spencer Kelley

    I would choose the LG G2, the only other option I would choose if i had the choice would be the nexus 5. The reason i choose the LG G2 over the others, is the sheer beauty of its android skin. Unlike most skins that I absolutely CANNOT tolerate i adore LG UI, and the sheer beauty of the display’s nearly bezeless display. It would also become my FIRST android smartphone, that i have personally owned. I currently use my friends old Nokia Lumia 822. Good luck everyone

  • Nachiketa

    I want note 3. I really like a mobile with stylus 😀

  • kkent26

    I’m thinking I would go with the M8. That build quality just can’t be beat!

  • Wei Seng

    Nexus 5. I want to experience the pure Android.

  • meijin3

    The Nexus 5 is a great device. It would be my choice.

  • Guason

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Elisabetta De Marco

    Nexus 5

  • 3ndymion

    I’d love a new Nexus. 😀 😀 😀

  • Furball71

    I would really love to win Samsung Galaxy S5 <3

  • Jussi Mahkonen

    Would be sweeeet to win, my Nexus One wants to retire.

  • Devavrat Bhotica

    I really like the HTC one m8 and really need a new phone too! Hope to win it


    HTC One M8 is the best android phone

  • Andrea Barovero

    nexus 5, pure android

  • Pravas

    I would love the Nexus 5 as I’m stepping into the developer community.

  • Scott M

    Nexus 5 – speed alone 🙂

  • Mark M

    Anyone of these phones would make my day!

  • Ladanyi Balazs

    I’d choose the Nexus because it’s a first updated

  • Sacha Obado

    I would love to wint the Nexus 5 because it is the epitome on the nexus devices and it is just so cool and amazing

  • Guest

    I would love to win the Nexus 5 . Its a cool device..

  • Sourabh Kulkarni

    Yummy! which one you want to give me?

  • Randy Palmer Jr

    i would go with the htc one (m8) because i never own a htc device and would like to make that one my first device 😀

  • Avijit Ghosh

    Please please please HTC M8 ! Cannot live with the ancient HTC Explorer anymore! It’s just 600mhz and slow, and I’m an app developer so I need a good phone to further improve my app, HOLO CAMERA PLUS HDR. 🙂

  • Prajwal Bhaskar

    I would go with the Nexus 5, for its Pure Google experience

  • monkeytacos

    woo hoo! any phone would be great!

  • MajorAndroide

    I would go with the HTC One (M8) as that is by far the best phone and I like to stay loyal to HTC. I need to replace my current HTC One Mini due to running it over with my car by accident 🙁

  • Shashi

    HTC One (M8) coz i am a photography enthusiast and a music buff and i think its great for casual photography and poweramp will sound exceptional on it

  • Eduardo Ortiz

    The HTC One M8 is the best option, i want to replace my LG Nexus 4

  • kunal shingla

    Hope I win this time. Fingers crossed. Yayy

  • Nishanth

    I want Nexus 5, Give me one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrei Muresan

    Need, to, have, this ! 🙂

  • tejas

    good luck m8!

  • akash santhosh

    HTC One M8 or Nexus 5 or any , because i only dream of those kind of high phone

  • Mathias Kenting

    I’ll take the One M8 (Or at least I’ll try).

  • Alter

    That’s some fine selection of phones.

  • Mohammed Fazil

    Android Rocks

  • colin

    LG G2 cuz its awesome!

  • MukunthaRajaa

    I would go with Nexus 5 as i like it the most.

  • Vinayak Pande

    I hope to win one of these. Would be awesome after the heart crushing tragedy of my Galaxy Nexus being dropped from a hieght of 4.5 feet (by myself) and the screen broken into pieces. 😀 😀

  • Edgar Espinoza

    The M8 would be an awesome upgrade from my N4. Good luck people!

  • Tobias. A

    Super awesome phones would love one!

  • Joa


  • artsr2002

    I sure would love to win that S5!!!

  • Lizi Fox

    Thanks for this great contest, I really enjoy it.

  • Aditya

    Well here’s hoping I win and get to have a nice new Android device to get me through the next couple of years!

  • d1985

    Great Contest, I hope I win. I would pick a Nexus 5 because of stock android/updates.

  • Manu K.M

    I would like an HTC One (M8).

  • flavius cosma

    I’ll like to try HTC One (M8) ! (now I own an LG G2)

  • coolsid8

    I would go for Htc One as I already have the Nexus 5 🙂

  • Amit Kun

    I will like htc one m8 because of its new camera

  • Zap_12100

    As of posting, 1/2557*100 = 0.04% chance of winning.

  • Subhojoy Kukali

    I would definitely choose the Samsung S5 because I like the features and also I am a Huge Samsung fan.

  • ewilliams1009

    HTC one (m8) because it is so “fresh”

  • Ian

    I’d definitely go for the HTC One M8, the slickest smartphone of the bunch. I can totally utilize its duo camera any day of the week.

  • gagagaluk

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  • Wesley Chan

    I would choose the HTC One M8 for the great speakers

  • The Daily Informant

    These are all amazing phones, but I’d really love to win the Nexus 5.

  • kikimos

    Droid life rocks.

  • Carlos Eduardo Ramponi

    I would like the Nexus 5, cause any phone can beat a Nexus in usage and updates

  • sanket gomekar

    the nexus 5!
    ’cause stock android rocks!!

  • S Laha

    The phone I would choose is Google Nexus 5. The reason is – I simply love the vanilla Android experience – the way Google visualized it. The vanilla interface has a minimum learning curve, and it provided you the first-right-to-receive-updates!! Yahoooo!

  • RyanFree

    I would love the Samsun Galaxy S5. Because, honestly, it looks like nothing I’ve ever had and I want to experience something new in a phone.

  • sh4un

    The m8. I like the specs and sense is one of the best skins.

  • dannyboiii

    I would choose the Galaxy S5 because I have never had a samsung phone, and even though I have always preferred HTC, I need to see what the samsung hype is all about. Okay, thank you forever and ever. Goodbye. <3 I love you. The end. Ok. Bye.

  • Erran Dulaney

    I would pick the Samsung Galaxy S5. I have an S4 and would love the newest version of a great phone.

  • Nick Robins

    HTC M8 I love the high quality of the material contruction

  • Ricky Zhao

    With all these new phones, any phone is a great phone

  • Destiny Larson

    I would like the Samsung Galaxy S5, as I’ve never had a Galaxy S phone, nor a Samsing phone, and would like to give one a chance to sway me from Motorola :]

  • Aprille Barzaga

    HTC One M8 please.

  • dguy25

    HTC One M8 or S5 would be nice

  • balamu96m

    I would like to get the nexus 5 because I’ve never used pure android and also for the fact that I’m still stuck with a Galaxy 3 released in 2010!!

  • Bruce

    HTC One (M8)

  • Jaime Vázquez

    I would
    rather choose the nexus 5 pure android and the design

  • Mikhael Ramirez

    I would choose the S5 because it has a slot for a MicroSD and the new heartbeat monitor seems like a nice new feature i could use.
    i have the S3 and i need an upgrade.

  • Susie

    I’d gladly take any of them, but the Nexus 5 would be faaaantastic.

  • Princesation

    I’ll take S5 or M8. Thank you in advance 🙂

  • Michael Fletcher

    M8 for sure.

  • brandon

    the S5 because I want it.

  • Mike Covitz

    HTC One M8

  • Ken


    • Ken

      Because it has a better screen!

  • Michael Baluja

    The Samsung Galaxy fascinate

  • Darwin Park

    I would love to have galaxy s5. It’s a great device for me. 😀 but any phone will do.

  • Stan Anway

    Note 3, because my phone died the day the s4 came out so I was forced to get it instead of waiting for the note 3

  • KH Tan

    HTC One M8. Love the design.

  • Sean Rowe

    Honestly I’d love the Nexus 5, as I am a sucker for stock android. However I will be happy with whichever one works on Verizon and is able to get AOKP/CM/PA or any other stock android ROM. They all have great specs, I just gotta get rid of the bloat!

  • Dome Carl Magat

    I like Samsung Galaxy S5 very much! The specs are impressiveand great. I wish to have one ^_^

  • Kenny

    I love my Nexus 4, but I think I’ll love a brand new HTC One M8 just as much! 🙂

  • TonyD

    I wouldn’t mind upgrading my Galaxy S3 to the S5

  • Matt Rose

    If I could choose, I’d definitely go for the note

  • demino

    i hope i win

  • James P

    I’d choose the Note 3 to match my gf’s white one

  • jhanna

    My Note 3 continues to amaze me. But I’d like to try the experience of the One.

  • Ruvim

    htc one m8, i want to give htc one more try.

  • George Popa

    I would choose the Galaxy S5 because of its top notch specs and features.

  • Keyan X

    The HTC One (M8), it just seems like the better total package for current phone choices, especially for one not really into Samsung’s devices.

  • PG King

    I would probably go for the HTC one m8 as it looks like an excellent phone which I would really like to get my hands on, but simply couldn’t afford at the moment! Cheers droid-life, Poweramp & negri electronics… 😉

  • maRiohd_64

    Hopefully I can win the Z2 seeing how I had the xperia Z, which now broke due to water damage. 🙁

  • Darko Sigur

    Good luck everyone. 😀

  • matt

    The one m8 I love the design!

  • Matt

    It would be nice to have a flagship phone like the HTC One for a change.

  • Tanveer Huq

    Any of them would be great

  • Andrew

    Probably the new HTC since the Desire was my first Android.

  • Daniel

    Would definitely choose the Galaxy S5 since i’m an avid photographer.

  • Scott

    Note 3 because the stylus function will be really helpful for me in the classroom when teaching my students

  • The G2 looks really nice. And the battery, oh, the battery.

  • sgumer

    i would love to have the note 3 because of the screen size.

  • tom

    any. need to get rid of gnex.

  • Jeff

    I’d hope for the m8! Would love to give that a go.

  • Tobi De la Cuz

    I would say Galaxy S5, my fiancee wants one but dont think we can afford it since our wedding is coming near and her contract isnt up yet.

  • Jakob

    I would choose the One M8 because of the excellent design

  • Alexandru Mitrea

    awesome giveaway, maybe I’ll come out with something 🙂

  • kevincburns2

    I think I’d go with the Galaxy S5, though coming from a Nexus, I’m not sure I’d like TouchWiz…

  • Felipe Andrade

    Let’s go for that N5!

  • Chona

    I’d pick Nexus 5 since I already have it and I know how to use it already. ;-p

  • Jasu

    I got old droid and need an upgrade!

  • trujiyo1

    I would get the HTC One, the design is awesome

  • Yackson

    I’d choose the Galaxy S5 since I currently own the Galaxy S4 and I’m very happy with it 🙂 I’d also like to see what has been improved.

  • I would choose the HTC One (M8) to give HTC once again a try, it’s been a while since I had an HTC device (T-Mobile HTC Google G1).

  • Urko

    Best devices at the giveaway, I hope I win M8, for example.

  • Alain Lafond

    Cool, send one here… M8 is my choice… But anyone will fit.

  • I would choose Nexus 5 because it pure Android.

  • sam813

    I would go with the Galaxy S5. In my opinion you just can’t beat the super AMOLED screens, and I really like the removable sd card. Just flash cyanogenmod and you’ve prety much get the stock experience with it.

  • Kundan Kumar

    I would go for HTC one m8 to replace my m7

  • Pushi

    Hope this is my lucky comment. I was planning on buying my SO a new phone for some time, never had the money for it

  • Aziz Mofiz

    I would want to win a Galaxy S5 because i want to try another Samsung phone again, my last Samsung phone was the Galaxy S2.

  • Sándor Szűcs

    Awesome giveaway! Would like to win 🙂

  • redips77

    The LG G2 or the HTC ONE (M8) are the preferred by me!

  • Sergio Sabido

    i would choose galaxy s5, M8 or note 3 because i like them

  • catiremedina

    I’d love the HTC One (M8) i’d love to see what all the fuss is about

  • Ben

    Totally stoked at the chance to win one! I’d go with a G2, just because I’d root for the underdog.

  • Manolito Sanchez

    I would definitely go with the HTC one (M8), because of the great build quality and awesome boom sound speakers! 😀

  • Gabor

    Okay entry 3/5 check!

  • frideen

    Awesome! Would love a new phone!

  • samkar

    thanks. I would love to win Galaxy S5- as it’s the best Smartphone to have.

  • David

    Fingers crossed!!

  • Định Trần

    Another Nexus 5 because that is the best Android phone

  • vte

    I’m used to Samsung devices but I think HTC is not bad choice either.

  • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

    I would be happy with any of them 😛

  • Mihail Mitsov

    I hope I win one of the devices!

  • Abduhomid Sharif-zoda

    I would choose HTC One M8. Because now I have Nexus 5 and it is the best and fastest Android phone I have ever seen. I would like to experience and compare Nexus 5 and HTC One M8 myself.

  • Jaroslav Beran

    Wow, it’s a hell of giveaway. And Poweramp is good music player too – I’ve purchased it when I bought my Desire Z few years ago… I’d like to win the Nexus 5

  • sn893

    Yes, please! Would love the Note III

  • Randy R

    I’d choose the Nexus 5 to upgrade my gf’s aging galaxy S3. I have the Nexus 5 so its a no-brainer for me.

  • Ivaylo Stoyanov

    I’d choose the Galaxy S5 because if its superior camera and water-resistance.

  • Kohl Riekhof

    Nexus 5 for sure gotta have clean Android goodness!

  • martianative

    I would love the nexus 5 because then I wouldn’t have to deal with storage wasting bloatware

  • duke69111

    LG G2, because its a great phone. I would also settle for an HTC M8.

  • Chris T

    Thanks my HTC One M7 screen cracked 3 months after I got it over a year ago.

  • tomulinek

    Yeah, still trying to guess, which one fits me best. 😉

  • Erik B

    LG G2 because of battery life.

  • I’d pick the M8 for the build quality and because it’s a new device, and now with S-OFF released by the FireWater devs, it’s wide open to development.

  • aj34

    The Nexus 5 is my choice. Its pure android exp.

  • Robin Steinberg

    I would like to win the new HTC One as I am already loving my One M7 and the M8 got even better. So I’d be a great one up to me. 🙂

  • Michael L. Schotborg

    LG G2 all day!

  • Harsha Hegde

    I will choose Galaxy S5 since I’m a Samsung fan and my last phone was Galaxy S3. So the logical upgrage for me is S5.

  • Koolen

    The HTC One M8, because I care for nature, and don’t use plastic.

  • Gaurav Bhakuni

    I would love to get any one of these…..

  • LunaQ3

    I would pick the Nexus 5 to give as a gift to my boyfriend.

  • Nik Ashri

    Galaxy Note 3. Love to draw.

  • Łukasz Jobda

    Any of them would be a good companion to my G2, but I would go vanilla Android and would choose Nexus 5.

  • Mantas Černauskas

    I would love a new phone!

  • Andrew Fares Maro

    I loooovvvee the M8 no doubt 🙂 I hope I can get to replace my dying S2 lol

  • Dominik Leko

    I’d choose Note 3, well cuz it has a huge screen/battery.

  • YanYang

    I would get the Note 3 to use as a wacom tablet as well as a phone.

  • Robert

    The Nexus 5 would be great!

  • Catalin Iolea

    I would choose the htc cause it’s a fashion statement

  • Osiride

    Nexus 5, because Nexus.

  • md616

    HTC One would be my choice. I’ve had a couple of different EVO’s and have loved them. Nexus is a close second though.

  • Shiv Kumar

    ‘ll select from above- > Galaxy S5 because it’s a advance feature phone with a trusted brand like samsung

  • Guest

    i’ll select from above- > Galaxy S5 because it’s a advance feature phone with a trusted brand like samsung

  • HTC one M8 because it has full metal body, better signal strength and boy!!! looks are sexy

  • I’d probably go with the HTC One M8, great device.

  • Danny Newman

    I think htc one m8 would be my phone of choice but they are all steeper so would be over the moon to win any

  • nickb64

    My Incredible 2 could definitely use replacing, and I’ve been planning to move to TMobile. The Nexus would be pretty cool (any of these would be great, actually)

  • lalita

    love to have a nexus 5 cuz it’s pure android and run faster and better .

  • David Remer

    I would go S5. I spilled drinks on my s3 and dropped it more times than I can count but it still works flawlessly. Toughest phone I’ve ever owned and all I have on it is a tpu case

  • Justin Gable

    Probably the N5, so she’d have the same phone as me.

  • Daniel

    Note 3..3gb ram

  • kumar

    i’lll select LG G2 because it’s a attractive phone with amazing graphics also smooth os

  • Mike

    I’d choose the M8 for the style!

  • LarryL

    I would go with the HTC One (M8) because I have had 3 Samsung phones and would love to try HTC again. Way back I had the Desire.

  • Deadkenny64

    Definitely the M8.

  • SirSidy

    wanna switch my GS2 for that sexy sexy G2

  • Alessandro Serra

    I would love the note 3 because it is simply the total device

  • Amit Jain

    HTC M8 for the specs and the looks

  • Gavrus Ciprian

    I want one! 🙂

  • Mohit Kapoor

    i’ll choose HTC One (M8) because it’s best of android in best hardware .

  • Josh Clausen

    HTC One M8 to replace my M7

  • CaptainOblivious94

    I’d go for the HTC One M8, it’s incredible build quality, and top notch specs (camera aside) are all desirable.

  • Jud_dith

    I would choose the Galaxy S5, to continue with my galaxy series

  • Kyle Todoulakis

    HTC One (M8). Any of those phones would be a great replacement for my OG Droid, but the M8 has all the features I’m looking for. That double camera is pretty cool, and I’m sure developers will find some cool things to do with it!

  • Ryan W

    Either an HTC One or LG G2 for the battery life

  • Eddy Chan

    I would choose the Nexus 5 of course! I’m an Android geek!

  • JrAlbo

    I would choose the nexus 5 because I had the nexus 4 but just recently broke and I love the overall android experience that Google provides for that phone.

  • Mahesh Kumar

    It has to be HTC One (M8)
    Love the aluminium body and dual front speakers.
    Poweramp 555 and HTC One (M8) make a good sounding combination.
    Both benefit from each other others superior music quality.

  • Bosk

    I’ll never win 🙁

  • Frank Drewniak

    I would take the S5.

  • Travis Faulkner

    I need the HTC One. I love the speakers and the all aluminum construction. BTW I’m still rocking a G-nex with a battery life of an hour. Ive still got an unlimited plan though so I’ve got to buy the next phone outright and 600 is steep for a broke guy with a two year old.

  • Josh

    The One M8, love the front facing speakers

  • Eduardo

    I’ve been trying to get my hands on a nexus 5 for a while now. I hope I win!

  • Brian

    Have a m7, would love an m8

  • dlh92

    HTC One (M8) would be wonderful!

  • jeff linduska

    I would take the Note 3. Bigger is better.

  • R. Gonzalez

    A chance to win a new phone. Why not.

  • Tsang

    I would choose the HTC one (M8) because I want to try something else than Samsung.

  • Alessio Radaelli

    It would.be great to win

  • Shurturgal

    The large screen on the Note line has always drawn me to them, but I have never actually bought one yet. Would love to win a free Note 3.

  • GeoSnipes

    Wishing myself luck

  • Bishop

    Very nice contest. I would probably go with the Note 3. Although the S5 improve upon it, I think the Note 3 is still better.

  • Conor

    I would go with the Nexus 5. I am running a Nexus 4 and I love the vanilla Android experience (or custom rom OMNI in my case) and the excellent build quality of the LG phone.

  • Miguel Vega

    I will love the HTC One M8 I think is the best and most beautiful phone out there, the build quality is just perfect. Poweramp it’s great, my favorite player. I’ve been a happy user since June 6 2012. Never used another music player since. I definitely need to use poweramp on that M8.

  • Greg Butler

    Nexus 5 always. Pinnacle of Google excellence.

  • cptsmidge

    I’d go with the HTC One (M8), I think. Although the S5 is super tempting.

  • Nissi Edward

    The Note 3… Quite simply THE BEST Android Phone YET…

  • Dominik Phan

    I would like to have HTC One m8 because those boom speakers are amazing! and I like the design and being comfortable that my phone wouldn’t break easily.

  • Xander

    Hook it up! I want an M8 so bad!

  • yitz98

    htc one m8

  • Ulysses Aguilar

    Galaxy s5! Cause it looks good and the screen is really good looking!

  • fiendishfork

    I think I would want the HTC One, normally I am all about google experience, but HTC is doing good now with the improvements in Sense, and I would like to test those out personally.

  • Jason D Nickolay

    I would go with the Note 3. I have the Note 2 and I love it

  • Eli G

    I would love a HTC One – That design!

  • Ivan L

    note 3, please. thank you

  • Vinnie

    I would love to get a new device, perhaps a Nexus 5 or HTC One. I am currently running a gnexus and it’s still a great device.!

  • Darvelum

    The HTC One M8 to replace my HTC One X. I rather like HTC.

  • kisvaszar

    Hope to win. An upgrade would be great to the Galaxy S2.

  • I would love to try the HTC One and this contest rocks

  • Abilash Sudharsanan

    All are great devices…the best in ascending order Note3, Tie-(S5 & M8), G2, Nexus5

  • Bazar6

    HTC One (M8) would be a fantastic replacement for my Galaxy Nexus

  • AndroidNinja4

    SO MANY AMAZING OPTIONS!!!! This is a hard decision. Iv been HTC my past 4 phones and the M8 is amazing. But also the others are amazing. Just give me one hahaha.

  • Ranjith

    I had a hard time deciding between the S5 and the M8; finally settled on the S5 because I like it’s design more.

  • Dan Gilchrist

    Nexus 5 – Straight Google

  • jadeboy7

    I really like the M8.

  • fingers crossed for the htc one m8!

  • tdasw

    A nexus 5 – stock android

  • OriginalMP3

    I would take the HTC One M8 only because I’m still on Verizon unlimited and need something to replace my slowly drowning Galaxy Nexus. If I switched carriers I would probably go for the Nexus 5

  • Humza Khan

    I want the M8!

  • Louie Francis Bautista

    Happy to be one of the winners..I hope to get this one..thanks droid-life!!

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    Whoohoo, another contest! Wish you all luck!

  • PdtS

    Give HTC a chance!

  • Umar Ghouse

    My Old GNexus need to evolve into the Nexus 5 (or any of the others really :P)

  • Murtaza Chang

    I like to win htc one m8. Simply because i love its design

  • Peter Hekkelman

    I already use the note 3, so i guess ill go for the htc one m8, because that was my second choice

  • Zachary Arreola

    Great contest, hope I win desperately need a new phone! Good luck everyone!

  • Sapping

    I’d choose the Nexus 5 if I could, nice upgrade from my Nexus 4, which has been a great phone.

  • Deino

    I’d love to have the HTC M8, it’s a really cool device 🙂

  • Robert S

    I would choose the m8, because it is the best looking of those phones, and I think specs don’t differ that much between them…

  • Alexander

    I would like to win because I don’t like my defy anymore 🙂
    Htc one or LG G2 would be cool.

  • Youngfella

    I would choose the S5, since my S3 needs a role model to look up to!

  • Gustavo

    Nexus 5 for sure, that sweet vanilla android


  • Jaeden Braselton

    I would go with the HTC M8, seeing as my first phone was an HTC Droid Eris.
    But since my current phone is outdated, I suppose I’d go with anything.

  • Guy H

    I hope to win one of these 🙂

  • Heyo

    I would choose HTC One – the design is amazing 🙂

  • Insania

    HTC panache

  • Javed Nahim Islam

    The phone I would choose is the HTC M8 because of its dual camera at the back so you can take them perfect moments as well as the front 5MP camera so you can take the perfect selfie. However the S4 is not bad since it’s 4K compatible but the downside is that, not many things has been released for 4K and I shall Imagine that it will be pricey

  • shortchaz

    I’d love to get an M8. HTC hardware is really nice stuff!

  • Ovidiu Goruian

    All devices are great, i hope i win one.

  • Jayant Tyagi

    I would like M8 because among other phones it looks better and also sense is great and it’s HTC

  • Philip Penner

    Waiting for new phone!

  • Kadri15

    I would choose the GNote. It has pretty amazing battery life and a fantastic camera. Would love to try it

  • tyguy829

    I would go for the s5. I need that screen!

  • Mikey Monteiro

    my first android phone was the HTC Inspire for ATT ,i was late in the game lol had an iphone before that but couldnt matchup to what android has to offer, now Galaxy s4 baby hopefully i can win that galaxy s5

  • Pascal

    I would love to win nexus 5.

  • fritish

    Oh! Hope I win! M8!

  • Fazli

    Can’t beat the looks and function of M8

  • Ricky Mayenburg

    Right now I am running a galaxy s4 I would choose the s5 based on the fact is has an ir blaster like the s4 and I wouod still be able to use my phone as a universal remote arpund the house amung the usual smart phone tasks.

  • tollisth

    Good luck, everyone!

  • HyperKabuto

    HTC One M8 because it is a beautiful device and HTC seems to be trying their best to satisfy consumers’ needs.

  • Oscar Covarrubias

    I want the HTC because its sexy design 🙂

  • Samsung S5.

  • vvtim

    I’d go with the GS5 because I haven’t played with one yet, hah.

  • saurav16

    i would choose galaxy s5. bcz its really a nice phone.ALL THE BEST TO MYSELF… REALLY NEED ONE 🙂

  • David

    I like the new HTC M8 it’s looking pretty nice

  • Anthony Esposito

    very excited for this give away, love the concept of 5 phones on 5 sites

  • Aleksandr Ivanov


  • Armin Bergen

    Hope I can win one of these, I need a new phone

  • Rick McClenthen

    Tought choice, but I think I would go with the Galaxy Note 2

  • Akil Udayakumar

    i would choose a HTC one M8 because it has awesome looks and i’m jelouse of my friend who flunts his.

  • Jo Po

    I would Choose the One (M8), Because I have never owned an HTC phone and would like to find out if if I like HTC or Samsung better.

  • Harvind Ganase

    I would choose the Galaxy Note 3. My fat thumbs have dangerously low self-esteem right now, bordering on depression. It’s caused by all the typos they commit on my current tiny phone. Getting a Galaxy Note 3 would help my thumbs gain back their confidence!

  • Timothy Catibog

    I would choose the Note 3, only because it’s the phone I have not yet tried and would like to see what all the fuss is about.

  • I would choose the HTC One (M8) because my wife has a GS5 and I want something with a little better build quality…

  • Arun A

    HTC one M8 plus my favorite music player…

  • Dan Jayson Ronquillo

    As of now, I’m using Galaxy Note 2 since I’m a fan of humongous phone. So yeah, I hope I win. ~ Filipino self-proclaimed Android geek.

  • pharmdy

    Any of these phones would be awesome but I’d have to go with the M8 due to design and software. Nexus 5 is a close second!

  • Kevin Bushman

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ryan Callihan

    The Nexus 5! Gotta have my stock Android over any of the other offerings!

  • I would choose the Nexus 5 because I prefer stock Android over the custom UI experiences.

  • Cristi Silaghi

    Well, I had the chance of playing with a Samsung Galaxy S5, and I was amazed! I haven’t had the chance of testing the other phones, so I would go with S5. By the way, great giveaway!

  • bhaveshkakadiya

    Nexus 5 the best Google Experience

  • aprilius20

    Fingers crossed for the HTC:3
    Anything goes, really!

  • Leonard Wong

    HTC One (M8)

  • Atul Khemka

    Hope for the best phone and get one for free

  • n1m0s

    These are all very good phones, though I have to admit being partial to the M8. Maybe because HTC lead me into the world of smartphones. Still have my HD2 that’s in great condition!

  • chucklehead322

    I’d choose the Nexus 5 to give myself a reason to choose another network besides Verizon!

  • Bob Downs

    I would choose the One M8 because of its reported build quality.

  • Lorenzo

    nexus 5 because is nexus

  • Rishabh Garg

    I’d like to win a Nexus 5.
    Nexus FTW!

  • youlitatxx

    I’d love to win HTC cause ther’s NO BETTER phone in the whole world!!!! preety, smart and classy, that’s all I wanted and HTC has it, hell yeah!

  • Somsubhro Banerjee

    I would love to have the HTC One M8.It has some solid specs coupled with a beautiful Super LCD3 display,a metaalic feel,Snapdragon 801,a good camera and the best positioned speakers on a phone.Sense( 6) is probably the most decent “bloatware”…

  • Shawn

    I am torn between a Nexus 5 and HTC One M8. I love the stock android of the Nexus but the M8 just looks amazing!

  • Sander Vanhees

    I would love one of these.

  • nvitone23

    Note 3 for that big screen!!

  • Eric Gagnon

    I WANT! 😀

  • John

    Fingers Crossed!

  • leffer

    hook it up!

  • i just like oficial Google Phone Nexus 5 is fine to bad is not 6 🙂 and about Media Player i think Google Music is my favorite good services and App UI is awesome

  • Ian Gylan

    I would love to have a NExus 5 or Htc one M8. Thanks.

  • makivelli

    I am currently “rocking” the droid bionic. Needs more upgrade!

  • Ian Gylan

    I would love to win one of your phones. Any phone will do cause I need an upgrade. Thank you for this.

  • James Jarillas

    Note 3. S pen!

  • Miguel Vega

    I would choose the HTC One M8, due to it’s build quality and amazing specs. Seeing as I drop my current phone a lot, I’m hoping the M8 would hold up!

  • Jacob Marsh

    Common S5

  • matt olsen

    My first phone was the galaxy ace one.

  • Yuval Rozin

    I’d really like the N5 or the HTC1

  • Jignesh Kothari

    I am using the Samsung Galaxy S2 and would love to upgrade to the Note 3. Its a awesomely powerful piece of hardware.

  • German Lopez

    Ill go with the HTC One (M8) because ive been wanting to swtich over to the Android OS and because HTC One (M8) just looks and sounds awesome!!

  • travis odegard

    I would definitely go with the Samsung s5! I know it’s not up for grabs but gun to my head I think I would actually take the padphone from Asus.

  • John

    need a new phone

  • Dhanuka Perera

    My first phone is Samsung galaxy s2 Love it

  • Saksham Sharma

    I would choose the one m8. Its soo beautiful and the specs are amazing! 🙂

  • Dan Nichols

    I’d pick the note 3 because I’ve wanted to experiment with the size again, but I’d be most happy with the nexus 5 because it is smaller and easier everyday use

  • oxproskillzxo

    Want the G2 cause with a custom rom it’s a great phone

  • bondx99

    If i were to choose, id pickup HTC one..coz well..its the one!..:P..Looking forward to upgrade my moto defy.. 🙂

  • kmf

    Awesome! HTC One M8 Gunmetal grey …. best all round package …
    metal body … onscreen buttons

  • mkmcllln

    Would love the One (M8)

  • Dan S

    I’d say M8 and see if I can adjust to the size (I currently have a Moto X)

  • Chris Tina

    My first android phone was an HTC HD 2. It’d be great to win!

  • Big O

    Tough choice, but I think I would have to go with the Samsung Galaxy S5. I love the M8 too, but I just have to go with the S5.

  • blakeharrold

    Gimme Gimme

  • ExPeacer

    I always want to try a Windows Phone, so HTC One M8 would be best!

  • Elviss Kustans

    I would choose Nexus 5 as it’s pure Android experience. Not sure about LG G2 but all other phones are too customized to feel comfortable with.

  • Pat B

    Nexus 5 FTW!

  • Dinesh Nalluri

    I would love to get either the HTC One M8 or the Nexus 5!!

  • hfoster52

    M8 Just to give it a go.

  • Andi

    I’m using the Galaxy S3 right now and it’s starting to feel old. I would love a Nexus 5!

  • Tlink91

    Currently rocking the One (M7) and the One (M8) sounds like it would be a great upgrade!

  • michael arazan

    Winner Winner chicken Dinner.

    Using a GS3 that I can not stand, it was a replacement by Asurion for a broken GNex

  • Nick Chaplin

    Great idea!

  • Quint

    Ooh. I want to see what’s the hubbub about regarding the M8

  • Eric Ross

    I want to win because I need a phone with a better camera to take pictures of my new daughter

  • thePUSH

    HTC one for the build quality.

  • I’d choose Nexus 5 because I’ve never had any Nexus device and I’m disappointed with my Samsung Galaxy SIII which’s like soap dish

  • Chad Lyons

    I’d be stoked to win any of these phones.

  • dsgfd

    Gimme note 3

  • Joshua

    I would love to upgrade to an M8 or Nexus 5. I would love even more for that upgrade to be free!

  • GreyGhostRos

    Would love the HTC One M8!! I think it has one of best designs out there!!

  • Sadananda Nayak

    Nexus 5 would be my choice. Where else will I get pure Android experience.

  • bg15407

    Nexus 5 my lifes dream is to have nexus

  • DogPyro

    My first android is the Galaxy Nexus. I would choose the S5 b/c it is water/dust resistant.

  • Ken

    I guess I’d love a Samsung Galaxy S 5. It’s a tough battle between the S5 and the Note 3, I like how you can easily edit and scribble on stuff on the note, but I absolutely love the cam features in the S5. And since I take a lot of pictues with my mobile phone I think the S5 is the perfect choice for me. Thanks for a great and fun contest, DroidLife team!

  • ivaneznam

    I would go with lg g2 because it’s still the best

  • Earl LeBlanc

    would like to upgrade to a note 3

  • Lenn Art

    Thanks for all your great work 🙂

  • Jacko1977

    I’d go for the One M8 or the G2. I’ve had Galaxy phones and would like to try something different

  • Himanshu Prakash

    Really need an uprade. S5 or One M8 is all I need :P.

  • pixon

    The M8 would be great for me because I’ve always appreciated the build of HTC flagships but have never been able to afford its greatness!

  • Petrus Bucur

    Nice phones.

  • Dilong

    Nexus 5 cause i’m a damn nexus fanboy!

  • Mike Vaughn

    I would love to win a note 3 to give to my step-daughter.

  • Ryan Mallon

    I really need a new phone right now (sadly,) so it would be a HUGE help to win any one of these great phones!

  • sidschumi

    Amazing contest. LG G2 please!! 😀

  • Anthea Balomenos-Barak

    Galaxy S5 please

  • Joshua Nazareth

    I’d love to win the Nexus 5, because let’s face it, pure Google, ftw!

  • Gerd

    A new device would be very welcome. I’d love to exchange my old Galaxy Nexus. I’d go for the Nexus 5 as I love the Vanilla-treat but heck the Note 3 is impressive as well.

  • Florian Schulte

    Nexus 5
    Best phone and a big wish 😀

  • Satpreet Singh

    Here’s the post. Hoping for the best. Thanks !!!

  • Guest

    Nexus 5 bittest wich

  • Hanjie Chung

    Hmm tough call, but I’d probably go for a Nexus 5 or Galaxy S5

  • Ruben Moschi

    I would like to win the HTC One M8 because I’d like to try the new ultrapixel camera and the boomsound speaker!

  • Nikos

    I’d prefer the Nexus 5

  • Michael Nedoma

    I’d like a new phone. Why, you ask? Why not, i answer. But if someone else gets it, also fine.

  • ssj4Gogeta

    I’d like a Note 3 for its active stylus. I’d give it to my brother who loves to sketch and paint.

  • Jean-Baptiste Passant

    I would choose the HTC One M8, I always loved HTC and never owned one. I decided my next one will be an HTC after you posted your test. I think the M8 could be “the one”

  • Alberto Ponces

    I need to win this 🙂

  • Matthias Davis

    HTC One definitely because of its sexy design!

  • Would love an HTC M8

  • Anastasios Bourazanis

    I always wanted a Nexus phone.

  • Karthikeyan R

    Too many choices to select. That’s fantastic I should say. Heart goes for G2 🙂

  • Kamal

    HTC One M8; excellent solid well built phone.

  • ChangWizzle

    I’d prolly try the Note 3 or M8. Decisions, decisions

  • Sarah

    Thank you all for the Opportunity!

  • Fredrik Lans

    I’ll go for Nexus 5 first and One (M8) as second. I don’t like to much bloatware on my phone. Now i have a SGS3…

  • KS

    Winning any one of these phones would be awesome

  • Amar Ahlers

    LG G2. Really need a battery upgrade from my N4. Also curious about the software features that were added by LG.

  • Explouad

    I would love the Nexus 5, pure Android and Google 🙂
    ~ Anthony D’Alessandro

  • fingerlakesguy

    The G5 as its specs are essentially the best available although were the G3 launched it would be my choice.

  • Georgi Dinev

    It will be great if I get one of those especially HTC M8

  • Louis Ditzel

    Fingers crossed!

  • Eduardo Bertin

    I will go for a Note 3, my wife needs a bigger screen and an Android Device, she still has an iPhone…

  • ra

    Thanks PowerAmp for the contest and for the app. I’d choose HTC One or the Nexus 5, the first because HTC it was my first android phone (the first Desire) and the second for the sake of pure Android. Regards

  • Bartosz

    Although I love Nexus phones for how easily they can be customized, I’d choose Galaxy S5 because of IP67 rating which in my eyes makes it almost perfect (it would be perfect if it was a Nexus) 😉

  • Tabak

    Broke my phone while out partying on Kingsday(dutch holliday) so i could use a new one.

  • Manoj

    i live the Galaxy Note 3 because of its specs and cool features

  • Huzefa Shakir

    I can’t wait to win! 😛

  • Damian

    Great phones on offer, good luck everyone.

  • Harsha

    I would choose the nexus 5. A true android phone which has good dev support.

  • Est

    LG G2. Galaxy S5 may have better specs, but we all know how well TouchWiz performs. LG’s UI is quite nice and customizable, so I’d go for it.

  • Lee Sale

    I would pick the LG g2.

  • Oumin Shan

    nexus 5, because i want replace my old galaxy nexus!

  • ponpat

    All this phones are great. Still I would prefer the G2 or One M8, both did an, in my opinion, amazing job with their phone.

  • Helder Meireles

    Hey man these are all top of the line androids for me , i love the nexus 5 cleaner Android kit kat and in red its so beautifull, the Htc m8 its the greatest phone available in the world right now , its design just beats iphone all the way , the galaxy s5 its an awesome phone too its a powerhouse for sure, and the lg g2 has the nicest screen ever and nothing beats that battery ,and the note3 its just the best phablet around! I would be the happiest guy on earth with one of these phones , i have a sony xperia mini pro and i really need a new android now ! Thanks for the contest

  • Nexus 5, beacuse it’s a Nexus, of course!

  • Sushil Khekare

    Will go for nexus 5 simply to get pure Android and updated to latest one. Always.

  • Druzeljubljiv lik

    Which phone I would choose? Oh mate, tough question… It really doesn’t matter. Everything will be better than my old Samsung Galaxy S1 🙂

  • Derryn

    Nexus 5. Like the clean look.

  • Sparrowhawk

    I’d go with the Nexus 5, mainly cos I’d like to get into app development. Also it’s just a nice phone… though maybe it would be better to win one of the others, sell it, buy a N5 and pocket the difference 😉

  • Karl Maul

    HTC One… but only just. The G2/Nexus 5 are very close contenders.

  • Kurt Codina

    I would choose the M8 for its speakers and build quality

  • Zakariyyaa R

    I would choose the HTC One (M8) …I’ve always wanted it since it came out. I love all the specs and features!! I believe its one of the best phones ever made! Thank You Poweramp and Negri Electronics.

  • Patrick B

    Good luck, everyone!

  • Evan Kelley

    I would love a new phone!

  • SJ Prettyman

    If I were to win, I’d choose the Galaxy S5 (for Verizon). Thanks DL, Poweramp, and Negri!

  • Rob Johnson

    I’d love to win one! Preferably the Nexus, I’ve always wanted a Nexus.

  • Sparktweek

    If I were to win, I’d choose the Note 3. I’m on VZW, so hopefully the contest offers any model, and not just GSM versions. Thanks DL, Poweramp, and Negri!

  • Nexus… pure Google

  • ipefix

    Well, I’d choose the HTC One M8. It’s the most beautiful smartphone out there, and I’m a huge fan of HTC 🙂 Thank you for the contest Droid Life, PowerAmp and Negri!

  • Tamás Tóth

    cool, my moto g wants a new mate!

  • Xman845

    I would choose the galaxy s5 because its waterproof (and I’m bored with stock android)

  • LG G2 please, I want to know how LG phones work

  • Ken Xia

    HTC One (M8) due to the build quality & sound

  • Sheng

    Note 3/G2. Frankly anyone one of them would be great to replace my ageing gnex 🙁

  • BkChandan

    I would choose the Nexus 5, because Stock Android is awesome.

  • Alin

    I’d choose the G2 because all I had were LG’s regarding the smartphone area up until now.

  • Kevin

    I would like N5 to replace my galaxy s3!

  • J. Dustin Williams

    I would love to win the HTC One M8, because I have used the M7, it was great, and I hear the M8 improves on every part of it.

  • I need a good camera so only the G2 and the S5 are interesting for me. The fact that the S5 is a bit waterproof and dust proof makes it the right choice for me for outdoor activitys. So in this case i choose the Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Tarun Sidharth

    If I get the choice I would choose the note 3.being from a middle income family in India I can’t really afford any of these flagships. And my mom has wanted a note for so long now. I don’t have the money to gift it to her so If I won this contest I would gift it to her. 🙂

  • Bhushan Doiphode

    Nice bit of a contest. Hope the lucky one wins.

  • Jessy

    i would choose tha M8 caiuse it looks so great!! but all of them are great devices.

  • Ben

    I would love to win one of these!

  • Awais

    Really looking forward to win this one as I just broke my S4s screen :D. Good luck all

  • Great 🙂 my favorite is nexus

  • Jayraj Roshan

    All the devices in this giveaway are amazing but I love the HTC One and the Nexus 5.

  • jagadish varma dandu

    Ofcourse the HTC One M8…

  • Emanuel Bardanis

    What great choices. I would probably pick the M8, because I want an aluminum phone and I’m not going to buy one from that other company that makes them!

  • Adam Fursdon

    These are all awesome phones. I would love to be hooked up with the HTC one M8 !!

  • Pavlin

    I prefer the galaxy S5, cause of its display…

  • OpenMitko

    I would choose Galaxy Note 3, because of the big screen and good specs, and the removable battery.

  • Juiss

    Any of those phones would be great!

  • anish67

    HTC one m8 would be good as have never used HTC so far

  • Bakabanana

    Nexus 5, I choose you! Because I’m a Nexusholic!

  • Vaisak Priyadersy


  • winn

    HTC One (M8) for me !
    Dual-camera is a new ONE !
    Boom Speaker always blow out INCREDIBLY ONE !
    Thanks to Droid-Life for the chance, Last Long Long..

  • @jzrl

    m8. Its the sexiest

  • Vaisak Priyadersy

    HTC one m8

  • Sven Hendrich

    Very cool. I’m in

  • Martin Lorinc

    I love the android system and this web site and I would like to finally won some of the top smartphone. My galaxy S2 no longer has any one year behind, but in spite of all the handles. Of course it must be the root of the flash new roms.

    New HTC, Samsung and LG is the best phones.

    If I win, my samsung will give my son. But to whom?

  • SB

    Nexus 5, for the assurance of LTS from Google.

  • DGK

    cant wait to win a nexus 5

  • Sam Chung

    Coming from my HTC One S, I desperately need a device which isn’t dumped after a year of support.

  • This might seem a little ridiculous but I already have a Nexus 5 and I’d chose that AGAIN. The reason being, the 5 is a great phone with atrocious battery life. I’d use mine like Dave Morin 😉

  • kahthan

    Given the choice I would go for the S5 🙂

  • Salvo

    It would be nice to get one LG G2. LG is doing great in warranty policies and it’s fantastic!

  • Foll Trace

    this is another comment

  • kyriakos96


  • rndll


  • janukss

    I would like the HTC One M8, because of that design and speakers.

  • Matthew Apostolou

    Wow! Amazing phones! Would love to win one of these!

  • Dag Gebauer

    One (M8), used to own S3 and I would like to try something different

  • rohit ahuja

    I currently am using Karbonn A15. and want t o Upgrade.. sooo… i think any of the above will do the trick for me..

    best of luck to all for this pretty awesome giveaway….. Keep it up guys..

  • manish pandey

    Right now i am rocking nexus 4 and if i will go by review lg g2 or note 3 is two best phones among available one

    • Rohit R

      you forgot to mention s5

  • Saarth Jauhari


  • Tozs

    I would choose the LG G2 because then me and my girlfriend would have the same phone 🙂

  • Escobarretje

    HTC One (M8) would be my choice! Awesome contest guys!

  • zst123

    LG G2

  • Alessio Corbucci

    HTC One (M8)… because I’d like to try it 🙂

  • sandeep

    Me want the Device !!

  • André Guedes

    Guess I would go for the HTC, or Nexus 5! In my opinion, those are the best devices running Android at the moment.. And I would like to start using Android with a great device. My iPhone 4 is getting really boring xD

  • Seafox

    I’d chose the HTC one m8, the best designed phone around for sure…

  • Jalpit Trivedi

    Hi droid life I am your biggest fan …I like all your blogs.. And power amp you are awesome guys. It is my default music player since I am using smartphones. Which ever phone you will give me I accept that because all phones are simply awesome..

  • IlirB

    All are good, I’ve had Samsung in the past and it would be least favorable among the others. Favs are Nexus (because it’s Pure android), HTC One (very good looking, boom sound), LG (only heard good stuff about it).

  • Zoltán Moravčík

    Hope I’ll win!

  • Waterman

    Amazing prices, I’d surely want to win guys 🙂

  • Ghost

    All of them are great

  • Nathan Burles

    Would love to upgrade my SGS to any of these – but if choosing, I would pick the Nexus 5!

  • Vishal Dhudum

    Nexus 5 plz

  • gtom

    I would choose N5 to switch it for my current Nexus S. Love stock Android experience.

  • Waterdroid

    Cool! It would be amazing to win one of those flagship devices 🙂 Great job Poweramp!

  • Shaneel Chanderpaul

    Galaxy S1

    Still going strong to this day 🙂

    Thanks to Poweramp for being an awesome music player, love the skins, and thanks to Negri Electronics and DroidLife for this giveaway

  • Roxanne

    Note 3!! 🙂 I’ve been a fan of the Samsung Galaxy series. 🙂

  • paul

    I wish I can win this time… But what to pick… Hmmm…

  • Gregory Manzano

    Woot! NEW PHONE!

  • Cedric

    Nexus 5 all the way!

  • ★ChriS★

    I’d take the galaxy note 3!

  • I’ve read and watched most of the reviews of these devices and my choice would really come down to two relatively new devices, the Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8. I’ve been a newbie Samsung user for the past several months and I have to admit that they produced an excellent device with the S5. The additional water resistant feature is definitely a huge plus for someone like me who takes his phone to the shower. On the other hand, the build quality on the HTC One M8 has a sturdy build quality. In the end, I’d choose the S5 simply because I’m already accustomed to Samsung and the water resistant feature is more important than build quality for me.

  • Maneck

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity, Poweramp, Negri and Driod-Life! I’d choose the M8 or the Note 3. The design and build of the M8 is jaw-dropping, but the note 3 has that huge screen and is a monster!

  • Vjekoslav

    Nexus 5, because it can’t be bought in my country.

  • Luka

    I would love HTC One M8, its a beauty

  • Peter Michalčo

    Nice giveaway!

  • Vinil Vasani

    I would choose the M8, being an android phone i think its the best android and i would only prefer sense over stock android because it is very much light and responsive. Will how can I not mention the superior form factor of the m8 the unibody design looks so beautiful. And the depth senson on the back just adds that special background blur like any other professional camera. Overall a complete powerpack. #beast
    Never used something above 250ppi.
    Its time for full HD now

  • meliug

    I choose the HTC One M8 cause I thing it’s the best

  • yukikaze

    Will this be my lucky day? I’m excited to tryout the gunmetal grey HTC ONE for it’s premium build, as well as the choice to root it to run GPE. Thanks for the contest.

  • atzegoes

    LG G2 or M8

  • Michael Menke


  • John Boomer Mooney

    Just got A LG G2, wouldn’t mind getting a free upgrade for my wife.

  • InfrnalSky

    Would love this.

  • Androidguy316

    I would love to win any of these phones but must admit I am partial to the Note 3

  • Tommy Kovin

    I’d be fine with anything but the s5!

  • an HTC One (M8) because would like to test it…

  • mhealy

    The HTC M8 is my choice…

  • MarkWmDwyer

    It would be awesome to own either of these top-of-the-line phones. I’d probably choose in this order: #1 HTC One M8 (because it’s the highest rated), #2 Samsung Galaxy Note 3, #3 Samsung Galaxy S5 (because I already own a Samsung Tab 10″ Tablet and I use it every day. They’d go great together . I like the number 3 better than S5, no other reason than that.), then it’s a toss-up for #4 and #5, (they’re both way better than the phone I have now and would be my new daily phone.).

  • Crow

    Hope to win something! 😉

  • Gabriel Señires

    I would want the HTC One M8 because It’s one of THE best smartphones out. 😀

  • Let’s play and win!

  • Roman Sevcik

    i would chode Samsung Galaxy S5, becouse i like design of that smartphone, waterproof is something for me too, then i will exploit S-health, i am going to gym and biking, so that’s it for me. 🙂

  • Tyler Gray

    Any of these would be nice. Nexus 5 though, I’ve heard great things. Thanks for the contest!

  • dedejong

    I would love the M8 because of it’s premium design

  • Viktor

    To me M8 has the best feel out of these, so M8!

  • Brian Tehan

    nexus 5, cause it’s unlocked and can go to different networks easily.

  • ngryBarry

    I’d choose Galaxy Note 3, because I like its big screen.

  • vrusdeshmukh

    Thanks poweramp for this giveaway. Giving 5 phones at the same time,
    you can not see this kind of thing from other companies. Love poweramp
    from day 1!!

  • Hisham

    Excellent give away! I’d choose the Nexus 5 as I’d prefer a pure Google software experience.

  • Mohamed rafi

    I would choose Nexus 5 because i love to use Android OS the way Google designed it without the all unnecessary apps pre-installed by manufacturer. Nexus are way faster than others and always first to receive updates ao users get the best experience and well protected. This is of almost importance for me. And im a Google fan boy. So Nexus 5 for me

  • Michele


  • 5URV1V0R

    Oh it is the M8 for me. Waiting for it.

  • vrushali deshmukh

    All of these phones are so so sexy! HTC One M8 or Nexus 5 are my
    choices, but since it’s random, I’m excited at what could happen! 🙂
    Thank you!

  • 5URV1V0R

    Thank you for a fantastic opportunity.

  • Guest

    Ad maiora!

  • Jason Safrany

    I would choose the Nexus 5 !!! <3 :)))

  • Tenzin

    Good luck to everyone. I hope I win.

  • Federico Simionato

    Note 3, but I’m quite uncertain 🙂

  • Gennaro Amura

    mm i choose All smartphones u.u.. Beacause Any device have a its features :

    – Nexus 5, pure android experience, no lag, no bloatware, instantaneous upgrade

    -Htc M8, premium feeling, double cam, boom sound, Sense 6

    -Lg G2, double tap to wake, no lag, awesome optimization between display and body

    -Note 3, wacoom digitalizer, big screen, awesome feature (S note suite)

    -S5, ip67 certification, awesome camera, smart and cool feature (s health, download booster ecc ecc)

    for me one of this device make me happy, because i love android, i love develop for android but i have a stupid Mediatek (but paid only 150$) based phone, no upgrade, no future.

  • dinkdeshmukh

    Poweramp, Negri, and droid life are the best. I’d love to have a Nexus 5. Thanks for the opportunity guys!

  • Marko Mäkelä

    All are awesome phones, can’t decide. But, I like my old SGS, so I would say the new SGS6 for me !

  • Marco

    Wow… Alla this phone are amazing! Good luck

  • Tito Massimiliano Gattola

    Hope to win a snapdragon 801 powered phone

  • michal císařovský

    At least i’ll try

    • Brian

      Me too!

  • Apostolos

    HTC for the aluminium body.

  • dindeshmukh

    Pick me, I need a new phone and new Poweramp too!

  • Miloš Mirović

    I would choose HTC One (M8) 🙂 never had and always wanted to have non-plastic mobile device

  • Madeesh Kannan

    My resident mathematician tells me that I’m more likely to get hit by lightning than win something. I told him to sod off.

    I’d go for the HTC One M8. Because I’m a hedonist.


    I want the Samsung Note 3 🙂

  • Hidayet Talha Kuş

    I hope I win, long time poweramp user, best player im play store.

  • klimeka


    I did not never won anything. Maybe now I’ll get lucky.
    Thanks for possibility 🙂

  • AStrukelj

    Nexus 5 or M8, nexus for its stock android and one for it’s looks…

  • Patrick Holloway

    Ack! Soooo many great choices to win. Personally, I like the Nexus 5 for the purity experience but the HTC One M8 looks great too. But then again, would I complain about any any of these phones?

  • edzuslv

    HTC One M8 because it have best design of those other.

  • vandana deshmukh

    I want it! Thanks PowerAmp!!

  • rutland

    Really want the M8. Love that body

  • tufale ashai

    I would choose Note 3. It fits m hand and it is surely the king of all androids!

  • prajdesh

    Power Amp is the best android player. Using it from beginning. I would love a new phone,,

  • Sergio Donato

    Note 3, because I’m a writer.

  • Piotr Walczuk

    One mega phone please :]

  • Nir Cohen

    I would choose the Nexus 5 due to the fact that Google are releasing updates for Nexus phones faster (if at all) than any other company and since most applications are tested on, at least, the Nexus line so you’re pretty much guaranteed to get support for it

  • Shwetha Manoranjani

    I would love any one of those.. 🙂

  • vernonsbusisokhuzwayo

    Wow it’s nice to see SOUTH AFRICA mentioned in any giveaway. I would love to win this .I already gave power amp installed and paid for winning would make my year.i would love the nexus 5 I have not ever owned a Google experience device with fast software updates. Second would be the HTC m8 for its reportedly smooth interface

  • Winning a phone ? Yes, please 🙂

  • Marius Oprisan

    HTC One M8, cause i love this brand!

  • prajwal deshmukh

    Maybe my favorite player can also win me a phone.. Hoping for the best 😀

  • kekkojoker90

    Here my comment. I wish to win m8 but i dont dislike other phones. My desire is to give this phone To my brother nothing else. He want badly The m8 but i cant afford the price

  • Andrew Keller

    I would chose the HTC One M8, because it is a fast and gorgeously designed phone.

  • Danilo Cuevas

    I’d choose the Note 3 because my S3 is the best phone i’ve ever had and I love microSD slots.

  • dvdeshmukh

    Poweramp is the best music player! Been using it since i got my very
    first android phone and since then i never tried any other music
    application. Crisp sound and better display of contents than other.
    Kudos poweramp!

  • SP00

    nokia 3310 FOREVER!!!!!!

  • Kevin Padgett

    Hopefully me.

  • danielohrlund

    Nexus 5. It’s the perfect device in terms of size and design, and as a developer the stock experience is the icing on the cake.

  • Farkas Ferenc

    I hope to win the M8 HTC (but any of the enlisted phones will do, of course).
    Thank you.

  • jbkly

    I’d probably check out the One M8 for the battery life.

  • Vivek

    I would want to win Htc One m8 because thats the only premium built phone among the choices

  • dvaibhavd

    i desperately want to use a kitkat phone…

  • Πρόδρομος Αβανίδης

    I would choose HTC for the looks and premium build materials.

  • Kharisma Aditya

    never had a chance to get a flagship phone… would be superb to have one

  • Dennis Strömberg

    I’d choose the Note 3. I mean, great battery, S pen and huge screen? It’s an awesome work companion.

  • matl

    I would choose the S5 because I own a Nexus5 and would like to test the Samsung phone!

  • Bill Wen

    HTC One(M8), a beautiful phone!

  • Dennis Daniel

    My first android phone was the HTC Dream. I was a bit hesitant at the time of buying it as the operating system was new to the universe. However I tried to go with my luck and I was not at all disappointed. A beautiful touchscreen phone with a beautiful Android interface. Even though there was no 3G service in India at that time the 2G service was working great on this phone. I think it was Android v1.6 Donut at that time. I miss those days…

  • Cloyd D’Mello

    I would like the HTC One (M8) cuz its the best smartfone out there…

  • phini

    I’d probably choose M8, because of its looks and capabilities. Or a Nexus, because, you know.. updates 😉

  • VaibhaV Deshmukh

    pweramp is the only app i have ever purchased on my two phones.. would love to try new build of poweramp!

  • Harisha Kumar K

    I own nexus 4 and nexus 7. Want to fill the gap!!!

  • Niklas Ritzenhoff

    This is so awesome
    I love giveaways !!

  • Lucian Veliman

    Any of these phones will be welcomed! I’ll pick the HTC One.

  • Michal

    would be great to win one of these ! :))

  • utkarshb

    HTC one m8. That design though!

  • Kevin Flores

    Exciting! Thanks for the contest. Goodluck

  • The Rolling Stones – Get Off of My Cloud 😉

  • Mathieu Poirier

    HTC One M8, as it is the opposite extreme of the Nexus 5 I have. Metal build, significant overlay, etc.

  • Asif Bakht

    I wish if i have note 3,, i stare those people who uses note 3 …

  • I want to win one!!! :D:

  • Kevin


  • Munchy


  • John Hopper

    I’d like to have the S5. Still rocking my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Mohd Fadil Hanif

    Of course I would like to have One M8 plz

  • stefannx

    Al 5 devices are top notch and it wouldn’t matter which of the 5 i would receive.

  • Jonathankwk

    Definitely HTC One M8. I can tell smartphone noobs, my phone has 2 cameras .

  • ziraf

    I would like to try SGS 5 or Note 3 – I already have SGS 2 and I’ll be happy to try new one

  • Kiran Parmar

    A mystery giveaway! Great! I’m in!
    I’m not a big fan of the S5 or Note3. If given a choice, I’d choose either the Nexus 5 or the HTC One

  • Dheer Barua

    Htc one m8 for the design and less clunky ui. Also for boomsound!

  • James Gougousidis

    An HTC One because poweramp + boomsound would be an epic combo

  • Nice! I want one of those

  • Victor Yankov

    Galaxy S5, i choose you. Dat camera is amazing, me thinks.

  • Arnab

    I Would Love To Have Galaxy Note 3…Thanx

  • Ron

    The Note 3. The S Pen is what I really like about it, with great apps to complement it. Has a great community for the phone also.

  • Sumish

    I would Love To Have Galaxy Note 3…

  • Roberto Leal

    good luck

  • Matt

    I’ll take anything other than my rezound. Any of these would be better…

  • Aldrin Jota

    I would like to have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because I am a student and I need to take notes and with the Note 3 I could do that easier, faster and better.

  • Elvin

    Nexus 5 ftw!

  • Oscar Garcia

    I’d take the One because of Sense or the G2 because it has small bezels. Both are really good looking phones, I’m superficial like that

  • FurtiveDeimos

    Given the choice I’d love the new M8 but any of them would be excicting! The N5 would probably end up being gifted though since I already have one.

  • ajm531

    i would go with the s5 becuase i love the multi window feature and i like thats it partly waterproof and dustproof which gives me a sense of security around moisture considering i live in the more humid part of texas

  • smisa27

    This is a tough one, because my heart says HTC One since it’s a beautiful phone with great specs, but my brain says with the S5 since it has the SD Card slot, and removable battery. Sadly, because I have an S3 and do love the removable battery and SD card slot, I have to stick with my brain and go with the S5. That, and I do like the Gear Fit, so I would need a Samsung device for that.

  • Anil Kumar

    Obviously NEXUS 5 since its the google phone

  • Dehaha1

    I would personally choose the HTC One M8, as I’ve had chances to hold the original, and it was a joy to use.

  • John Scarpa

    Need me a Nexus 5 to replace my broken Nexus 4

  • Chintan

    Wooh! Fingers crossed for this giveaway

  • pingeee

    LG G2 or S5

  • sp

    I would choose the galaxy note 3, because I’m an artist and I love the fact that it’s a phone built for creativity

  • Sam Yeh

    I need a new device. Mine is old and slow. I would want the S5, i love the galaxy lineup and want to continue to use one.

  • Anshuman Mitra

    I would love to have HTC One M8, best designed phone!!!

  • Andy

    nexus 5 for the win because it’s so easy to unlock bootloader and install custom roms and kernels

  • Károly Török

    HTC One (M8) for sure.

  • HitoShura

    I want the M8! That build quality…

  • birajadeo

    HTC M8. Looks promising

  • Kiran Kowshik

    The best lot of android phones here to win..would love to get any of these phones!!!

  • Reuben W

    I would love to win any of the phones!

  • Marcos

    I like both galaxy note 3 or htc one m8

  • veeresh hosur

    htc one m8.. because of build quality and looks.. more importantly,i don’t have to pay anything..

  • need a successor for my nexus s

  • Stefan Egger

    I would choose the Galaxy S5 because with the waterproof body now, it’s really a all-in-one package you can’t ignore.

  • Fazil

    any of these five is also good to have =)

  • gautam behal

    HTC One M8 is mine!

  • veeresh hosur

    htc one m8.. easy..awesome.. great giveaway.. good luck all… power amp is mind blowing..

  • Juan Martinez

    my first phone I’m glad to say was the HTC EVO 4G

  • eduardo

    HTC one m8 would be great to have

  • Craig Mogi

    I would choose the S5. While it would be an incremental update to most, I’d be coming from a Nexus 4 so it would still be a step in the right direction.

  • Rev

    I would choose HTC M8 because its superb build quality, unique flip case and of course i want to try blinkfeed on top of Sense 6.

  • Paul

    Let’s go Monday! That’s the first time I’ve said that. Lg g2, still a great phone at a great price.

  • f3d3

    I would love to win a new phone to replace my Acer Liquid A1 from 2009 🙂

  • Laksamana

    I’ve never won one of these content. I hope i win 🙂

  • Tomato

    HTC One FTW!!! Perfect phone!!!

  • Ankit

    I would choose the Nexus 5 as Im a nexus lover

  • Kapil Bhardwaj

    All of these phones r very good and representing the technology maturity.

  • artiplier

    HTC One since I’d like to try a new version of Sense. My other HTC was an original HTC Desire with a custom gingerbread ROM.

  • utsav

    Cam on my phone sucks, hope i get to upgrade 🙂

  • Anshul Sood

    Nexus 5 due to the Stock interface and quick updates

  • Param Patni

    Hope to win the Nexus 5. But still good luck to all.

  • Stephen

    Nexus 5 so I can enjoy a true android experience!

  • yaatzek

    I would definitely choose htc m8, it’s the best looking phone in my opinion.

  • Sourabh Sekhar

    I am an android fanboy
    but i’m stuck with the iphone 3gs,hope i win the HTC M8 to replace my aging 3GS.
    All the best to everyone.

  • Dustin Combs

    would love it!

  • Justin

    I would love to win the HTC One M8. I never had a HTC phone so I would love to have the HTC One M8 as my first one.

  • Enterprise_One

    Hope I win!

  • Pro Pp’s

    i’d choose the Galaxy S5 because i love to have the best phone out there and because i`m an Samsung Fan.

  • Moz Oldman

    I would pick the HTC One M8 based on aesthetics alone, leagues above the rest, 2nd would be the nexus.

  • Jonathan Berry

    Nexus 5 because stock Android.

  • Ashley

    Probably the HTC One M8, because I’ve never had a phone from HTC before.

  • bored_guest

    I would get either Nexus 5 or HTC One simply because Nexus 5 is stock, or HTC One because of its build quality.

  • Danny Muniz

    I would go with the HTC One (M8) to replace my HTC Inspire because of the build quality and ui

  • Mister Mnemonic

    The Nexus 5 is my choice. 100% Google experience, no bloat or 3rd party unwanted crap, decent specs, getting the new updates fast and directly from Google. And no carrier or manufacturer locks!


    Great One 🙂

  • Mattecko17

    I would love a galaxy note 3 as they look absolutely stunning!

  • Luis Barrague

    Hope to get one of the five!

  • Ankit Doshi

    Good Luck to all and me..

  • bgag2783

    I would chose the Note 3 because I’d like a bigger phone

  • Jim McPartland

    I’m torn between the phones, all great choices. I would probably go for the Galaxy Note 3, getting older so the larger screen would be nice. Us old people have those kind of needs…and it probably would fit in my big baggy pockets…you know…us old people always have baggy pockets to keep our peppermint and butterscotch candies. It won’t be to heavy because my 2 inch wide white belt will be holding them up…besides, they are my favorite pair of shorts!! Paired with my black knee socks and brown shoes… I’m ready for that new phone!! YEP!! Galaxy Note 3 for sure!!

  • Zahed Shareef

    HTC One because I need a change from my aging Samsung galaxy s2

  • Nidhish

    I wish I win at least once in my lifetime lol.

  • KRS_Won

    I would want a S5, because it’s probably the best choice on Verizon.

  • Aki I.

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy

  • jarvis j

    i woul like to have s5

  • T4rd

    Tough call, but I’d take the M8. Since I’m on Verizon and there’s not even any root method on the GS5 yet, that’s a deal breaker for me. I can’t believe how locked down the S5 is on AT&T and Verizon.. I’ve never heard of a phone that couldn’t at least be rooted, so that’s a bit ridiculous to me. WIth the M8 achieving S-off and having a Google Play edition (ROM) available, it really pushes it over the edge for me.

  • MrWicket

    I wouldn’t mind trying something like the S5 or HTC M8 to see what they are about since under normal circumstances I would buy the Nexus 5.

  • abilash

    Htc Wildfire s..:-)

    Lost it recently and bought htc desire 500….

    but Love having a nexus 5 or HTC M8….

  • Kavya

    Nexus 5

  • SK

    HTC One M…. because I can convert it to a GPE device

  • Wei Chin

    All hail international giveaways

  • Juin

    I would choose the Samsung galaxy s5 as I am currently using a Samsung galaxy s3.

  • jazd

    HTC One M8, because I want to try out the new refocussing photos from its camera.

  • imsam

    galaxy s5, i’ve been using samsung phones for awhile now… gotta say love em…

  • Navin

    Wish I could win

  • FinalTriggerX

    I would choose the HTC One M8! I like the Galaxy and all and currently use an S3 but looking to try something new!

  • anto

    Wow. Im in need of a phone! Fingers crossed

  • avenue

    I would love the M8. For amazing build quality and best loud speakers in the mobile world

  • nitz09

    I love HTC M8 with boom sound and all, but I will go with Note3 that big screen and beast processor and also camera.
    Lets see for first time entering in some giveaway bcz of the devices. 🙂

  • Sandeep

    I would choose LG G2 because it looks amazing phone

  • raknarc

    HTC One M8 because it’s what I know…Droid Eris, Thunderbolt, Droid DNA….

  • Anthony Forbes

    i would choose the htc one m8 because i love htc’s build quality

  • Collan

    I will choose the HTC One M8 because my 1st phone is the HTC Legend and it still gives me the premium feeling every time I hold it

  • Dante

    Nexus 5, just love the stock

  • Johnna Rhodus

    I would choose the HTC One M8 or the Nexus 5 to give my dad a new phone,because he desperately needs it!

  • GadGet Techie Freak.

    I love HTC build quality… Boom sound with Poweramp… WooW…!!

    Any news about KK4.4.3….????

  • Jayne Nguyen

    I currently have the Nexus 4 so naturally I would choose the next generation phone, the Nexus 5 of course!

  • Rahul

    My preference order for devices would be N5, S5, Note 3, G2, M8.

  • fahima be

    i want the nexus 5 🙂 .. the screen is just the right size.. HDR pics from the N5 on Flickr look awesome.. it’s thin.. it’s light.. what’s not to like ! 🙂

  • Jonathan Petzold

    If choose the galaxy S5, it looks like a great phone and a step up from my S3.

  • John S

    I would be thrilled to win a new phone if not oh well, good luck everyone.

  • peacockscanfly

    I would like the s5 because i love samsung devices and i have no phone. so its a win win.

  • ChuckDz3

    galaxy s5 simply because of the camera

  • superman1o1

    I would pick the Galaxy S5, just because I have never had a Galaxy line phone before.

  • Yin Wee

    I would go for the HTC One M8 as it appeals greatly aesthetically to me and I have always wanted to enjoy an HTC.

  • lusky3

    I would choose the HTC One because of the build quality.

  • Guille

    Would love the G2

  • Ron

    I would want an S5 if I won since I already own the m8


    HTC M8, I miss the front facing speakers and it isn’t locked down like my Verizon note 3.

  • Alex

    The Note 3 because of the huge scre

  • Vinay Chandra

    Yup… Yup…. Yuppiee

  • vikeam

    i would choose htc one m8

  • Tirath Mulani

    I would choose HTC M8 because first thing its HTC and hence secondly prior to firstly soon there will be Play edition … Do I need anymore words? 😉

  • Edwin Daryl Dy

    I’d choose the HTC One M8 as it’s probably the best built and best spec’d phone among the group.

  • Hannibal David Smith

    HTC one m8 (design)

  • Carlos Bojorges

    Hope to win this one.

  • I would choose HTC one because it have best build quality and have beats audio.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    The HTC One (m8) for me!!

  • jsfbay

    I would choose the Nexus 5.

  • Isaac Mann

    Would love the Nexus 5. Have wanted to try a pure Google device with great development.

  • JSTARS03

    I would pick the HTC One because I have an HTC EVO I would like to replace and like the HTC phones

  • Keifer Hofacker

    I would probably want an M8, because it seems like it’s the most interesting out of the five.

  • k.houan

    I would choose the galaxy s5 because Ive been using lg phones for the past 2 years and need to switch things up!

  • Brandon Woo

    I would take any of these except the Nexus, just because I already have one of those. 🙂

  • JK

    I would choose the N5 for the pure android experience!

  • Zach Ball

    I’d choose the HTC One M8 for rock solid build quality and amazing stereo front facing speakers! 🙂

  • tiny

    Probably the g2, software is pretty sweet from what I’ve seen

  • Durrell Angco

    I got this!! Would love to get my hands on the M8 due to the premium quality and build.

  • Michał Kumor

    give me any of these phone. i’m not fussy. though i think Nexus 5 would be the best option, as i love pure androids 😛

  • Mzr7

    Random comment…

  • kinsie21

    HTC One (M8) because that phone fits my lifestyle the most.

  • Brian Cook

    My first Android phone was the Sony Xperia Play. When I upgraded to a Galaxy S4 I kept the phone for my son to play games on.

  • MPMaheshBabu

    Nexus 5 for its naked android madness.

  • Horst Draper

    I’d choose the HTC because I want that Dot View case.

  • Hoffman

    I would like a Nexus 5.

  • Bhaskar Ajmeera

    i want one so very badly !!! 😀 🙁 Wish I’d be the random ONE.

  • Jasper

    I would pick the HTC ONE M8 because i have been with Samsung my entire Android career and i feel like its time for an upgrade from plastic to ALUMINUM!

  • Orr.Penn.18

    Galaxy Note 3 FTW. Huge dazzling screen, 3 gig of RAM … Samsung has really hit the nail with this one! I hope I can win the giveaway! Thank you Poweramp and Droidlife for this.

  • ego

    The Galaxy S5 so my GF can stop telling me how much she hates her current phone.

  • Steven Moxley

    I would choose the lg g2 cuz its small but powerful with an awesome camera

  • Péter Farkas

    HTC ONE (M8) , because of the premium build

  • Nachiket

    I would personally go for HTC one m8 since its newer and has a better processor, but there is a huge competition between these phones as they are top of the line smartphone! So any one of them would make my day. In fact make my year!

  • Aaron Saellam

    I love my G2, so I wouldn’t mind having another one. At the same time, a Nexus 5 would be perfect. I love the development options that are available to the Nexus platform.

  • Kritin Kapoor

    I would probably choose the Nexus, cause I’m tired of running AOSP roms on non nexus devices.
    Need the real deal.

  • djupgrayedd

    Galaxy S5 hands down.

  • Ballisticn8

    I’d like to have the HTC One M8. I’m tired of Samsung’s Touchwiz and the M8 with boom sound and expandable memory just seem like a killer combination for movies and music.

  • Lee Long

    Htc M8 because it is beautiful!

  • bunnybash

    Nexus 5! I have wanted one since release!!!

  • Leslie Garcia

    I would love to have that sexy HTC One M8. Or maybe try the new Nexus 5. 🙂

  • Nawfil Afif Nibir

    Wish I could win ANY one of these!

  • Feđa

    HTC One 8/Build quality

  • Yaki Yak

    note 3….love it…always wished i had it

  • Mike Head

    Camera on the S5 is supposed to be awesome.

  • Stanley Wong

    Nexus 5 all the way. No need for all the fancy stuff… pure android experience is enough for me.

  • scubabumster

    HTC M8 due to the form factor

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    I would choose the m8. Its the only one of the phones without touchwiz and works on verizon.

  • zachjen

    the Nexus 5 because I love the nexus devices

  • Francois Forrest

    This is an awesome contest, with all the major Android sites taking part. Seems like one of the best contests ever done.

  • Kevin Vesga

    I would want the LG G2 because battery life is a very important factor to me. The less often I need to charge my phone, the happier I am. Also its very similar in size to the Nexus 5 and I think that is the limit for how big of a phone I want.

  • sirtao

    I’d prefer a Galaxy Note 3: I’ve tried the one of a friend and it was really awesome-

  • John Lord

    i’ll skip season 4 of GoT if i get this…thats a HUGE commitment

  • jolo millar

    Htc one m8 for me. It has the best build quality of all phones in the give away. It is also the hardest to get in out country

  • malinda

    I would choose the samsung galaxy s5. Why? Its a Samsung! Need I say more? Got all 3 notes, got my mom the s4, would love the s5..I’ll even take another galaxy note 3!

  • Matthew Jacobson

    I’d love me any one of those, but especially the HTC. Idk why but I like their ideas and design.

  • Derrick Tan

    I already got a HTC One on the way so I will say that I definitely prefer Galaxy S5 so that I can do a comparison between the two flagship phone.

  • DeLeonR

    S5 to update the S3

  • Very good app, also thats why have a good rating on Google Play 🙂 Congrats, I’m waiting their update on Monday 🙂

  • Kyle S

    Poweramp, woohoo!

  • luis camacho

    **if the moto x was on this giveaway I’d totally go for that too

  • luis camacho

    HTC one m8!! Its the only phone I grabbed and felt like a part of me <3 DROID LIFE!

  • Marc Rivera

    Still hoping to win a giveaway! More power droid life! 🙂

  • loboywright

    I would pick the Nexus 5 because it runs stock Android and very developer friendly, there is a lot of community support for it, and I just love the Nexus brand. I think with the Nexus brand you get the best bang for your bucks!!!

  • Aaron Huffman

    I’d go with the Nexus 5 all the way! This is quite the hot giveaway! I’m sure I’ll never win!

  • Ben Grooms

    So this is a pretty hard decision. The only definitive thing I can say is that I would count out the Note 3. Other than that I really like them all but I do love the hardware features packed into the S5 but I can’t stand non stock Android, although thats easy enough to fix I guess.

  • Ian Tong Yen Chiun

    Any flagship phone from this will be a blessing.

  • johnny bravo

    Me me me again

  • Zach F

    Would be glad to finally replace this aging gs3. Id like to give the new nexus a try.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    I want one of these! The G2 would be great 😀

  • Dylan

    I’d love a Nexus 5 because support for my One X was dropped by HTC after 4.2.2 and I can really feel the difference.

  • Rotibakar

    PowerAMP sets the bar really high for music apps on Android.

  • Guest

    I’d like to win a lot! 😀

  • Santi

    Note 3 bc it has a stylus and can do so much!!!! or S5 bc its the newest phone! of the list!

  • Sandheep Nair

    All of them are top-tier.

  • AJH

    I think I’d go with the G2, just because of it’s great battery life.

  • paola baez

    I want a new phone

  • ten2o3

    I would pick the M8, I already have a G2 and I think this is the next best phone of the bunch

  • Galaxy S5 would be my first choice. I’ve always been a big fan of Samsung’s phones. My HTC Droid DNA is no slouch though, so getting a cutting edge flagship would be quite amazing. =)

  • Toddamnit

    Freebies are always a blessing.

  • Jin

    HTC M8 or S5! I love the metal construction of M8 but the camera on S5 is great too…

  • gsteele023

    it’s time for an upgrade, and any will do!

  • nealho

    HTC One M8 because industrial design matters! Plus I already have a Nexus 5 🙂

  • Nexus 5 with ease! Vanilla Android can’t be beat!

  • John47

    I’ve got my eye on the HTC One M8 – An awesome phone!

  • Tyler A.

    HTC One M8.. That build quality!

  • P.Klissas

    I’d take the Nexus 5 never owned a pure Google device.

  • dannyyang524

    Nexus 5 Because I love vanilla android!

  • sportsfan07

    Would love a new phone

  • GreatNews

    And here is my comment for this contest!!!

  • Marc

    This would be pretty awesome to win. Thanks

  • jo_stv

    definitely the htc one m8, beautifiul design and better skin than touchwiz

  • Favour Napoleon

    I’ll choose the samsung galaxy s5 because of its water and dust resistance feature

  • pallu

    I would choose the HTC One

  • LG G2. LG has proven itself to be able to come out with some solid stuff. They just need to figure out a better global ecosystem like Sony has done with many of their products. The G2 is nonetheless a beast and should provide a sufficient vanilla experience as opposed other manufacturers (besides the Nexus products).


    1. Because Samsung has gone astray in it’s own ecosystem (both globally and android).
    2. HTC had the ball when Android first started, but since then has dropped it and never recovered.
    3. Nexus 5 is slightly dated and still falls behind in the hardware dept.
    4. Samsung is just plain boring and bloatwared.

  • Ivan92116

    Galaxy S5….my Note 2 seems so old now 😉

  • r11123

    I love this giveaway!

  • DrJeevan kumar

    Poweramp is the only app I ever Bought… gives life to music… worth every rupee…htc..!

  • Andrew Donica

    wow, i love the nexus 5! but the hone(m8) isn’t bad either!

  • Michael Chia-Hao Fu

    I’d choose the LG G2 because the HTC M8’s camera is a let down and I don’t care about the metal body, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is just boring, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is too big, the Google Nexus 5 seems somewhat lacking something. The LG G2 just brought the most innovation to the table last year and I can’t wait to see what they’ll bring us with the G3!

  • Shockey62

    HTC One (M8) because I love boomsound, the build quality is superb, and HTC Sense is definitely better than TouchWiz.

  • I’d choose the HTC One, because it is the best one in the list hands down.

  • Oliver Chen

    probably choice M8

  • Jason

    I would like to try out the HTC M8 if I am chosen. I have had Sammy for a few years.

  • Drew Singer

    all of em sound good to me!

  • Iddy

    trying… let’s see what happens… biiznillah

  • Donny Beveridge

    I would like the HTC One M8 or Galaxy S5 because I like to push my phones to the limit!

  • KimDominic

    I’d love to replace my S3 with the nexus 5..

  • Woe, Is [S]unjay

    Tough choice because they’re all great phones but I would choose the One because of boomsound, MicroSD Card support and the aluminum design.

  • SpartanGT

    I would go with the best phone, HTC one m8, to replace my aging Galaxy Tab.

  • Janelle Scinta

    i would choose the nexus 5 because dat stock doe

  • Intruder7s

    Probably the S5. I hate the Knox and region lock tacticts Samsung has been using but damn it’s a good phone! My next choise would be the HTC One since I am currently using a Note 2 and would like to try something different 😀

  • Vince Jorvina

    I want this. Well, I’m sure everyone does. Specifically, I want a Nexus.

  • Torin

    Note 3. I’ve never had a device with an S Pen, and I want to try it out.

  • Waldo Flores

    I’d pick the LG G2, gotta love that screen and battery.

  • Sukumar Patel

    I am in folks

  • Alexandre Leites

    I hope I win the Galaxy or M8.

  • Fabián Vélez Vicente

    I would for sure choose the nexus 5. I love google desing and the contant support for devices such as the nexus 5 form google. Also the stock android experience is my personal favorite. Aside from this the raw power on the phone is amazing and the desing is just simple yet expressive.

  • Lan Pham

    i want the m8 because it look so fancy with the glass

  • Laurence Michael David

    Hope I win! 🙂 Nexus 5 because of the pure Google experience! By the way, Poweramp is the best player on the planet! No doubts!

  • jkchong

    My pick would be the HTC One M8. My first phone ever was a HTC Nexus One, and it is a little sad to see how the brand has struggled since. They still make some amazing devices and deserve some brand exposure amidst the flood of Samsung devices. If only they would make another Nexus phone, it would be perfect!

  • nicholas132

    always great to be able to win a phone

  • vicw

    yayyy for poweramp and negri!

  • Paulo Nóbrega

    I would love to get my hands on the HTC one. Got in love with m7 and this one also gets my wallet in get very nervous.. lol

  • Julio Hijar

    I’m curious about the m8

  • Brian Allen

    I would pick the Nexus 5 because I love my Nexus 4!!

  • Alejandro Canul

    Great contest! Good luck to everyone.

  • Kabilesh Vijay

    i hope i will win

  • Elementality

    I would like a Nexus 5 to replace my current Nexus 4.

  • Samyak Ranjan

    HTC One M8 No Questions asked.

    I love Sense. I just love it! The preinstalled app’s in it, the pretty UX, DuoCamera and BoomSound. And not to mention how much I have loved HTC device build from the start and this unibody phone is just something I would love to hold.
    TouchWiz looks so boring and LG UI isn’t that good enough for me.

    P.S – It unofficially ran over 3hrs underwater too. Here’s the link 😉

  • steelew

    Wow two companies I can actually endorse. I bought my (i337) Galaxy s4 from Negris which shipped fast and was a great deal at the time and I recently switched from playerpro to poweramp (full version) I used to think that the differences between player pro and poweramp were negligible but poweramp simply works better and has better themes. Poweramp would actually show the metadata for my music on my pioneer stereo and I really like the look and feel better too. I would take any of the phones but I am really interested in the M8 and the Nexus 5.

  • Gökhan Gurbetoğlu

    Good luck everyone and thanks for the giveaway guys. I would probably choose the Note 3 since it would go great with my work-study routine.

  • edgar garcia

    HTC one m8 because of the build quality and Definetly the front facing speakers that is amazing.

  • Edward

    I would love to win any of these smartphones so i can replace my Motorola Atrix 4g. I would love the HTC M8.

  • M.M

    HTC M8 because it would be nice to hold an aluminum device after owning an S3 for so long

  • HTC one because I really wanna experience this godly build quality device htc made these came a long way from my touch days

  • Julian Ding

    I prefer the S5, just like it 😀

  • Srikanth Kasukurthi

    Nexus 5,Coz once a nexus always a nexus

  • Flash34

    I desperately need to upgrade my MyTouch 3G. Please pick me!

  • xeroONE

    I would like the Nexus 5, but all the phone choices seem nice.

  • Abhijit

    android ios is far superior than apple ios… its so independent…atleast no dependence in itunes 🙁
    android has one of the best applications… one of them is power amp… !!

  • zackvh

    I would pick the HTC M8. Everything about that phone looks gorgeous.

  • Tyler

    I’d take any of these. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Amalia Grillo

    I’d love any of those! *Drool*

  • maikal

    I would choose The One. I find it to be the handsomest device anyone can possibly want! Its an awesome phone and it would bring me to the modern phone era since my current phone is the old lg ms695. Okay so I am giving away my android age!… Lol

  • Charles Conard

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II and enjoy it, I would love to upgrade to the Note 3 though. The Nexus 5 and the HTC One look very interesting though.

  • Richard Shenbagaraj

    This is great. 🙂

  • Paul Grigoras

    I’d choose the HTC One M8, proceed to sell it, buy a Nexus 5 and keep the extra cash!

  • hvzfizr

    HTC One M8 for sure!

  • Ryan McChesney

    I would choose the HTC One M8. This phone is reviewed as one of the best smartphones. The sd card slot is an absolute must for smartphones. I would really enjoy any of these phones, but the HTC One M8 is the one I would choose.

  • llobak

    Would like to win the HTC One (M8) so that I can have a phone that matches with my wife 2013 HTC One

  • Felix Li

    Gonna try this app out, sounds really useful xD I would choose the HTC One, its such a beautiful phone and sense 6 intrigues me =)

  • Bob Sher

    I want the Note 3. I work with kids with behavior problems in an elementary school in a poor neighborhood in Philadelphia. They always want to play a game on my phone as a reward for good behavior, but I worry about it being dropped or damaged. I would love to have a second device that I could load up with games, and that I wouldn’t be using as my primary device.

  • Kikiute

    LG G2! its such a great phone!

  • T_Dizzle

    Would like to try the Note 3 because of its size but I will say LG G2 because TouchWiz frustrates me greatly.

  • EDNYLaw

    Been using PowerAmp since the OG Droid.

  • skrusrnmz

    Galaxy S5 because HTC put a crummy camera in the M8, the Nexus 5 is old, the Note 3 is too big and I’m not crazy about LG.

  • Gopal Bhaire

    Will love the M8 for it’s sheer awesomeness…

  • I’d take the HTC One. It’s a beautiful design.

  • Uwais Rashid

    I would definitely choose the M8. Had an M7 for a while and decided to jump ship to an s4… bad choice. Really want to be back in the htc camp

  • Shacha GC

    HTC one M8 am DIE HARD HTC FAN FOR EVER……second choice Note 3 because i love big

  • Paul Quirk

    I’d love to get my hands on a free HTC One

  • Josh Smith

    HTCとGoogleが大好きだからHTC One M8がNexus 5だ

  • Corey

    I’ll take the HTC M8…

  • Kcls

    Nexus 5 because #HOLOYOLO!

  • Andrew Kline

    Gib meh free fone plox!

  • Jorge

    Any of these phones would be cool!

  • I would pick the Nexus 5 cause I love the multitude of ROMS 🙂

  • The Note 3 because I really like the large screen.

  • Oguz K

    All of them are great and have their own positive/negative sides.

  • Milind Shah

    HTC one m8 cos dem looks

  • Laurent Morel

    I guess I would choose the HTC One M8 just because it looks very cool. Others would be fine too.

  • Ryan Miller

    I’d have to go with the note 3. People don’t ridicule me enough! I definitely need a giant brick next to my ear when I talk and to use to thwart attacks from flying ninja kitties!

  • Konstantinos Pap


  • Kevin

    C’mon… Big bucks, no whammies!

  • mmurano

    I’d be happy winning any of them 🙂

  • zsolti a zsolti

    I would love a HTC ONE M8

  • Josue M.

    HTC One M8!!

  • Yowan Rdotexe

    S5, count me in! 🙂

  • Jerish Brown

    I’d love a Nexus 5! My first Android phone was the Moto Atrix!

  • Zac

    I’d choose the HTC one (m8) cause of the metal body. Sexy as heck

  • avgeekintraining

    I hope i win a Nexus 5 to replace my moms old iphone 4

  • Valentin Orozco

    My 1st android phone would be the HTC G1

  • dheebak

    I would choose the HTC ONE M8 because of its premium feel and classy good looks

  • Ng Oon-Ee

    Man, any of these phones would be just fine =)

  • Zowie Tay

    i would get the M8 or Nexus 5 so i can show how powerful these phone are to my classmates in school and overload them with Android terms hahaha and compare phones with my other clasmates who are also android geeks hahaha

  • yoda16

    HTC One M8 would be great.

  • Utsav Shrestha

    Oolaalaa…never won a competition. May be this time????

  • ericnpc

    PowerAMP is awesome. Hope I win. If I did, I’d choose the HTC One M8. It’s so gorgeous and its size is perfect.

  • John Dorado

    I would take the HTC One M8. I really like them all, but that would be my fave.

  • OF

    I’ll take the M8! It’s so beautiful! i want the whole world to see how beautiful it is! If I won it, I’d take it on a world tour! This way people will fall in love with it, thus bumping up the sales by a quadrilllion, and saving HTC in the process!

  • Pomodoro

    LG G2. Because it is perfect!!

  • Sumanta Mandar

    Had m7…..would love to win htc one M8

  • maartenc

    I’d choose the M8! It’s the sexiest

  • Alyana Morales

    HTC M8 please

  • Alexander H

    Galaxy s5 because of how well Samsung does with software that works and updates that keep coming.

  • Frank Messner

    Would like to get the Galaxy S5. Was not impressed with the One’s camera.

  • kminer1

    The S5 because of the beautiful display and long battery life! Thank you

  • Nicholas Curtis

    This is quite the giveaway indeed. If I win, I hope that I received a Nexus 5. Pure Android is great! Thanks you PowerAMP!

  • RonD45

    Hope I win.

  • Sam Monty

    Would love to win any one of them. However, If I had to choose, I would go with HTC One M8. Best of HTC’s breed.

  • Tarek El-Eter

    Hope i win

  • Jonathan Brand

    I would love the s5, ive had the s3, s4, note 2 and id love to get my hands on the s5. Samsung in my eyes have been doing things right. Touch wiz is not the best in the world but…it works…thanks samsung!

  • Benny R.

    Love Poweramp! Couldn’t enjoy my music without it. I highly recommend! I’d like to try it on the m8, never tried an HTC device since the og Evo.

  • Pau1ey

    All seem like such great phones, but I would choose the Samsung GS5 because it has everything that I’d want in a phone with a great camera. Coming from the M7 I need a phone with a much better camera.

  • Okiki Famutimi

    I’d choose the Galaxy Note 3, because it’s a double upgrade from my first (and current) phone!

  • thomad thorp

    I’ve never won a contest before–hope I win this One, M8!

  • I like the randomness. I hope I get picked for something.

  • Andrew

    The Nexus 5 for the pure Android experience!

  • I love PowerAMP! They’re always part of great giveaways.

  • Tyler Bowden

    I’ve always wanted to play with the nexus 5, but I’d love the S5’s IR emmiter so I could hide away a few remotes.

  • osiris21a

    Not sure which I prefer really but if I had to choose right now it’dbe the….um…s5 I guess. I like them and the they all have their pros and cons but I guess waterproof, and memory card seal the deal for me atm.

  • RJMcDonald

    S5 because it’s waterproof!

  • Would definitely love to win one of those phones. But if I had to pick, I’d love to have the Nexus 5!

  • nickg85

    honestly can’t say which one I would prefer, but I’m leaning towards the n5

  • Daniel Frias

    The truth is this, poweramp is the only player that satisfies me like no other around the play if we are talking about the equalizer, the cover images, the bugs of the application(i see no one). Everything is great in this app, and it will be more great if im using it on any of these smartphones!

  • Dinesh Subramaniam

    I would choose LG G2 because of awesome battery life.

  • Kaero

    It’s a toss up between the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 for me.

  • Dave


  • Jose Marrujo

    Gimmie! I needs new phone.

  • bequ

    I’m probably more for a Nexus

  • Alex Rodriguez

    I just want to win. any of those phone is better that mine right now.

  • Evan Knofsky

    I would definitely choose the HTC M8, I love its design and Sense is so much ahead of Touchwiz

  • dsilva1217


  • corgimas

    really want to play with stock basic android….nexus!

  • tomgillotti

    Love you guys for these giveaways!

  • Droid4LifeAllDay


  • Waldi G

    The HTC One (M8) because I want to feel what a Metal phone feels like.

  • David R.

    Love the HTC One M8. Love the design, love the features, love that it isn’t TouchWiz!

  • Ruben Michael

    I’m in!!

  • I would love anything, just give me something…

  • Droid123

    WHy not lets do this! THanks so much!

  • For me, I would love to have either the HTC One M8 or the Nexus 5. Both of these babies are awesome devices to have. Would really love to win a new phone for my fiancee, who’s still using the Galaxy 5 (not S5). 🙁

    Good luck to all!

  • Jason

    Nexus 5 or M8. I’ve loved the earlier versions and cant wait for the new ones

  • Victor Epée

    I like the Note3 for it’s large screen and excellent battery life.

  • Even_Steven805

    Galaxy note 3 for the size and its a powerhouse!

  • Cayenne Chen

    All of these phones are great! Can’t lose with any of them! 🙂

  • Alvin Ybañez

    I have always loved Samsung phones, and has been a loyal owner of the SGS3. So if I win, I like to have my hands on the Galaxy S5 because I love TouchWiz and its add-on features, save for the phone’s plasticky build and perforated design on the back. I also had the chance to use the HTC One (M7) and I loved its build quality and stereo speakers on the front. Although I’m not really a fan of HTC Sense. Based on build quality and design, I think I would prefer the One M8 than the SGS5. So it’s either the Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8. Good luck to all participants! =)

  • I’m in love with the HTC One, but all of these phones are great! Thanks for doing this giveaway guys! 🙂

  • Magnus Kwan

    Would like to have HTC M8

  • Joben

    The phone I would choose would likely be the LG G2 or Nexus 5. Love the minimal bezel on the G2. But I also love stock android on the Nexus 5. Touch choice to pick one, I’d probably go G2 as I can put on a custom rom. The screen size is also quite nice on the G2!!

  • Austin

    I’d choose the htc one m8 or gs5
    M8 has BlinkFeed which I adore but the gs5 would be a refreshing change

  • Momchil Bozhkov

    M8 because quality.

  • mrjayviper

    i love poweramp! glad I bought it

  • Dennis Moore

    Nexus 5- Pure android. Period.

  • Joben

    Well my last phone was stolen, so now I have to use a dumbphone. Hopefully I win something here and save some money. The student’s life huh?

  • I would choose HTC One (M8) because it has the best looking body, all latest and greatest specifications and the best User Interface.

  • wollac11

    Would be so happy is I were to win any of those phones. All would be a significant upgrade from what I use now and an upgrade I couldn’t afford right now. Nexus 5 (#1) or HTC M8 (#2) would be my preferred choices but all of them are fantastic. Good luck everyone!

  • Masta Marc

    I would like a phone plz!

  • Michael

    It’s hard to pick between all of these phones but I’m leaning towards the G2 or Note 3.

  • gil

    HTC One M8 to replace my old HTC Droid Incredible!

  • Shashank Jha

    HTC One M8 for great build quality, amazing speakers and great battery life, and LG G2 for that amazing screen in relative compact form factor, and stellar battery life. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind winning any one of them

  • steven sullivan

    Can’t go wrong with any of these fine phones. I wonder which is the best to crank music with Poweramp?

  • imneveral0ne

    Note 3, I love me some big screens!

  • Phil

    Oh the M8 is gorgeous! But the N5 is pure Google with a solid design. Oh the choices #firstworldproblems

  • John Om

    HTC One M8 because its the best phone out of the choices given, sense 6 look really smooth along with the metal backplate — so smooth

  • Valdir Gomes

    moto x. because it fits me. and my hand.

  • BloodiedWraith

    HTC One M8 if it’s a Google Play Edition or a Nexus 5.

  • ZBlade

    I would definitely go with the Note 3, because size does matter!

  • Sergio

    I would choose the s5. Dat screen!

  • Patrick Jennings

    the nexus five because stock android is amazing

  • Lenson Thomas

    Would like Galaxy S5..Almost perfect. if only it had metal casing like the HTC..

  • TorVic

    Honestly, I really glad if I have any of the phone to be giving away. All I can say is that this is a real giveaway, no if and buts, and can win even in 3rd world country.


  • I hope I win something! I love PowerAmp and I’ve been using it since my first Android device a few years ago. (:

  • nwd1911

    As a long time fan of HTC, I’d like to try the M8 since the Nexus is my daily driver.

  • Borgman

    HTC One M8, the nicest phone around

  • Nur Hazim Mohamad Nor

    Oh wait, scratch that, I would choose the HTC One M8 because of that Metal unibody and those boomsound speakers. Ngghh

  • Lester Washington

    Would love to win Galaxy S5.Best phone today.

  • sandinabottle

    i’d pick M8!

  • breckinshire

    Definitely the M8. Love those speakers.

  • Justin

    If I had to choose one, I’d want to play around with the Note 3, but any of the 5 devices would be great to tinker with!

  • Nur Hazim Mohamad Nor

    Malaysia represent!

  • Megaman03

    These phones look great. I’m a big fan of the Note 3 and it’s capabilities as a note taking device. Hope I win xp

  • Scott Stutzman

    HTC and Poweramp? How could you go wrong?

  • Javier Reyes

    Yo escogería el Note 3, pero el Nexus 5 es mi preferido. Aun asi cualquiera esta excelente.

  • Kai R.

    Nexus 5 all the way. Easy flashing and support from pretty much every custom ROM.

  • Jordan DeBarth


  • Vezq


  • movalpolos

    i’d pick the s5 and hope that the dev community lets me install stock kitkat on it eventually 🙂

  • Kai R.

    Nexus 5 all the way

  • Totiny

    I won’t choose i want a real surprise 😀

  • Marcus Allen

    Power amp with HTC one would be a great combination

  • Steven Dolbey

    Honestly, I’m struggling to decide between the Nexus 5 and the LG G2. The LG has insane battery life, but the Nexus is… well, a Nexus. But, then again, the LG has that awful Optimus UI, so give me the Nexus 5 any day.

  • Mental_Moose

    M8, as it’s been a while since I played with a HTC phone.

  • Justin W

    I want the M8 because of the dual speakers. I don’t necessarily care about the S5, and the others aren’t very appealing to me, and I loved the M7, so why not try the refresh?

  • snoty

    Nexus5, I don’t think an explanation is needed…

  • Javed Laurent

    My choice would be the HTC One M8

  • greg

    I’d pick a nexus 5 because I finally switch carriers. Now I can actually get a nexus

  • Stefano

    I’m trying to win!

  • Nice contest! I’d choose the M8. Love my M7 and it’d be great to get this year’s model.

  • reverov

    M8 because I already have an N5 and the M8 looks to be the next sexiest phone.

  • jd623

    I would choose the LG G2 because I am fond of the theme options.

  • giovanny

    I would choose the galaxy note 3 because I would benefit from the S Pen for note taking in class and at work meetings

  • Pam6.0

    Anyone cause they’re all great!

  • Stavros Demarchos

    Htc One M8 cause can enjoy Htc Rom and at the same time can try GE experience.. STABLE..

  • Eamon Miller

    I would probably pick the M8 or the Nexus 5.

  • Scott Hill

    I would go with the M8. I’ve had HTC phones since the beginning. Plus it looks sweet.

  • Justin

    Note 3 if unlocked. Got mine and live it, but want cyanogen. Our the nexuus, because nexus. 🙂

  • Kilgore Trout

    Poweramp, Galaxy Note 3 and Negri Electronics work well with pizza!!!

  • prismperfect

    I’d choose the S5, it’s my dream phone!

  • Ben Dyer

    I would hope for the M8, my wife got the S5 and she hasn’t been terribly impressed with it.

  • Wes Thomson

    M8 to see if Boomsound is worth the hype

  • David Khoo

    Yes please!

  • ArchedRapier

    Good luck everyone

  • kashtrey

    All great prizes, may I have one?

  • zasha

    Has to be the HTC One M8 … its too embarassing to have to wave and point at a Samsung with fake leather…need heavy metal ! 😉

  • Kristian Sandoval

    I think my choice would be the HTC One M8. I am just enamored by the form-factor and the build quality along with the specs.

  • Alex Boro

    Note 3 since I need that replaceable battery.

  • Sanchit Mittal

    I would chose Samsung Galaxy S5. Although the One M8 won my heart but I heard that it’s camera has issues.

  • Rico_Booz

    Nexus 5 = slim, white, and at the cutting edge of tech… just like me 😉

  • Martin Francis Mpukani

    am android software developer but seeing tech is still a little over priced in South Africa i am forced to develop apps for low end devices usually when i create a high end app i have to use my friends and families high end devices to test my apps which always gets me in trouble as it sometimes disrupts the normal functioning of their devices so it would be really great to win one of the 5 high end devices. so i can develop, test and run all my apps.

  • Allan Blundell

    Note 3 as i love touchwiz and would be handy to use the s-pen and its features on the big screen

  • KaKa AG

    Nexus 5 for the real Android’s awesomeness! =)

  • SnZ

    As a HTC user i will be glad to probe LG line 🙂

  • medicalmonkey

    Brest of luck everyone! HTC M8. Through all the trouble HTC has been, they still produce the best phones.

  • harry levene

    Any one of these would be great

  • Benjamin Addo

    Comment left!

  • André Santos

    It’s so difficult to choose! But i would like the Nexus 5 just because i want to try the stock android experience and have the latest updates.

  • wbrianw

    The HTC M8 is the best all around phone released in awhile.

  • Jakub

    I will go for LG phone, they are great!

  • wilfred lan

    i would like to win

  • Milan Kojic

    I would choose LG G2 because of those sexy thin bezels and great battery life.

  • TimXer


  • Robert White

    I would pick the Galaxy S5

  • Robert White

    My first Android was Samsung Galaxy it was a slide I loved it So much Better that IPhone I been Samsung ever since Thank you Android and Samsung ur the Best !

  • Jason Maze


  • dizel123

    I’d like the M8 cuz its awesome and pretty

  • RJ Pagdanganan

    HTC One m8. Just sexy.

  • Anthony Dos Santos

    Well, I would choose a Nexus 5. I love AOSP Android and Nexus 5 is still a competitive smartphone, even if with lower specs than Note 3, S5 or M8. Plus, having the last build of Android would be lovely.

  • dannyhyu

    I’d probably choose either the S5 or the M8 since they are the newest of the 5 options. That and I’ve used the Nexus 5, it’s nothing too spectacular. Just an upgrade from the Nexus 4, sadly with an equally as “normal” camera. The S5 and M8 both are probably the best camera oriented phone amongst the five and to each has there own benefits. I’d be leaning more so for the M8 because of the build quality and the fact that Sense isn’t actually that bad anymore. I just can’t stand TouchWiz.

  • Conan

    I would probably like the S5, with its great display

  • Gonzalo

    All of the phones mentioned are awesome ket see if I’m one of the lucky ones to get it.

  • jason

    HTC M8. It’s the best phone with its lack of physical buttons and lack of plastic.

  • Galaxy note 3 because my mom wants it and i want to give it to her for mothers day.

  • lángos

    nexus 5 *_*

  • foobarz

    M8 because of the great build quality & design

  • Sokseena Chhun

    All are great but would have to go with the S5 because I have a S4. Absolutely love it and not ready to change completely

  • Tjbomb3r

    I’ve been using PowerAMP for years! Pick meeeeeee! ^_^

  • Fozzybare

    i would love an S5. i need me a better camera!

  • Desean

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Neil Anderson

    I would chose the HTC One because I have read great things about it. Good reviews. It just looks like a real sexy phone.

  • Tat C

    I’d pick the Note 3 because I’ve always wondered if I’d like to own a phone that big but I could not see myself spending that much money on a gamble.

  • Sciaid

    I would try the S5. Interested in trying it out, as long as it is unlocked. Otherwise the Nexus 5.

  • Jordan Jax

    Not even gonna front, I’ll take the Nexus 5 and be completely happy! But yeah the S5 would be dope too!

  • Sean Longoria

    All great phones, you can give me any one of them!

  • Edward Smith


  • Josh Prado

    Good luck everyone, I want the nexus 5 or m8

  • Connor

    Such a hard choice, I’ve been rocking the S4 for about 10 months and its still going strong. I’ll have to go with the S5 though if I win!

  • ben1066

    One M8 because it’s the prettiest or Nexus 5 because it’s a Nexus, that said, they are all great devices.

  • Ahmed

    Htc one m8 cause I have been with Samsung all my life and htc has high reviews or note 3 because of s pen which is really cool

  • Anders

    I’d choose the M8. Just not a fan of Samsung and the other devices are a bit dated by now (comparably – that is)

  • Josh Moore

    Nice selection of phones!

  • Schrade13

    I’ve heard good things about The new HTC

  • Alex O’Connor

    M8, M7 so good, gotta try out the M8.

  • Flint_PS

    I would probably go for the Nexus 5, because I’m still using 4. And I’m a #nexuswarrior #holoyolo type of guy anyways.

  • The S5 probably if only the M8 had a real camera…

  • Mateusz Greń

    Nice one. I’m hyped.

  • It would have to be the Nexus 5, because I’m done with HTC…..

  • muddyjch

    Great giveaway and I love poweramp

  • Diego Marin

    Would be the one M8, just because the exquisite design.

  • Jay

    Definitely the N5.

  • Chirag Jain

    even i would like to win anyone of these

  • Brandon Judy

    Think the HTC would be my choice, want some good speakers on my next phone.

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    The One (M8). That premium design is too good to pass up

  • Emeriz

    I would love one of these!

  • Avery Pelle

    M8. Design is top notch.

  • Brian Mosley

    These are all great phones. Here’s hoping I get the N5. I had a N4, loved it, but it was fragile. It made me feel like Lennie from “Of Mice and Men.”

  • James Bain

    Galaxy 5 but only because you made me choose I would be happy with any of them.

  • SpicyCurlyMustache

    I would love the Galaxy S5

  • Christos


  • Marat Goferman


  • Rodin

    Wonderful give away

  • JakedUp

    Galaxy S5 would be nice just because I’m sure fire an upgrade and this seems like the best phone on the market

  • Andrea

    I’d choose the HTC One M8 because it feels more innovative

  • Balal

    Hands down the HTC One M8. I love the build quality.

  • bmfrench

    Samsung Galaxy S5. I’ve had both HTC and Samsung phones (currently Note3) and as much as I don’t like Touchwiz, I ultimately feel that Samsung has a better optimized skin for android phones. So i’d stick with it.

  • Özkan Bölükbaş

    Nexus 5 i love nexus brand phone and stock UI

  • Gonzalo Curbelo

    Hi, Just hope to win a Galaxy S5 or a HTC ONE M8 both are excellent ! Thanks!

  • xenolyse

    I would choose the HTC One M8 because I’ve been rolling with Samsung for a while now, but I can feel my homeboy HTC calling me back to the good ol’ days when I rolled with a HTC Desire HD. Damn, that sweet aluminum *drool

  • Jian Chen

    I would love a Galaxy s5. I’ve always used HTC phones and would love to try a samsung.

  • Guest

    pick me! me! meeeeeee!

  • marios zoutis

    I would choose either htc m8 or an LG phone. I would definitely not choose Samsung

  • virtuacarl

    Nexus 5. I love Vanilla Android.

  • Hector

    I want the Nexus 5, i am so sick of the bundle software that comes with other phones, why not N5+AOSP+GAPPS?

  • liveTexas

    I’d Love One ! … pun Intended. I like the build quality that HTC offers along with the front firing speakers. Thanks for helping us!

  • Casey

    Nexus 5 would be my choice, nothing like pure android

  • Daniel W

    This so cool. I’m not picky. I’d love any the same. Have never won anything before

  • d3v14n7

    All great devices! And an excellent giveaway!

  • R. Iyer

    I would choose the S5 if I could – need that fast focusing speed to keep up with my little son!

  • TeeJayRex

    I would love to win a new phone. Hopefully the M8.

  • Patrick Chang

    I would love the HTC One M8. it’s awesome!

  • Paul Keto

    M8 would be amazing.

  • I would love to get my hands on Galaxy Note 3 – because I haven’t used a phablet before and wanna see what’s all the hoopla about.

  • Damas Alexandre

    The M8 would be my pick. I love the sense interface and that metal mody.

  • dastinger

    Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!

  • paul meredith

    HTC on after reading the reviews DL posted!

  • ed

    The Galaxy S5 , because it’s the right size for my hands.

  • Ivan Jovanovic

    Nexus 5.

  • I’m sure I’m in this contest!

  • Favour Napoleon

    if i am given the opportunity for which phone to choose i will go for the samsung galaxy s5 because of its dust and water resistance features ans as well as the design.

  • lilseal18

    I’d like to give the back buttons on the G2 a try to see if I’d like them.

  • Eugene Wong

    Htc m8 or nexus 5. Htc because of its front facing speakers and nexus for its fast updates.

  • Connor

    Samsung Galaxy S5, so I can have a nice camera, but I’d throw an AOSP ROM on it straight away.

  • Coleton Stam

    Love the HTC

  • justjmatt

    I would pick the Nexus 5 because it would work right alongside my nexus 7 in both looks and interface.

  • senor_heisenberg

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I would choose the One M8 because of the display, build, and speakers. Plus it has on-screen buttons. I’d take the S5 as consolation though.

  • legend618

    me please

  • Warren Spain

    If I had my choice, I would take the HTC One (M8). It’s been easily shown the fastest device in terms of usability of any listed here, and the design is just amazing.

  • Matjaž Jemec

    I would choose the HTC One M8. It looks so incredibly sexy.

  • JMR_11

    I can’t choose between Lamborghini, Ferrari or Bugatti, so same here. Well, actually I would choose to not to choose by having all of them.

  • I would love any one of these! And seeing how my phone constantly overheats and dies instantly, I really need one…

  • John Sand

    Any of these phones would be any upgrade from my slow Droid 4. =)

  • rtandy

    All of those phones are gorgeous! But if I have to choose one, it will be HTC One M8!

  • David McKeen

    Nexus 5, pure android all the way without any of the gimicks.

  • Matej Ilic

    Croatia FTW

  • excellula

    Galaxy Note 3 FTW!

  • Stefan Aldea

    This would be great! I just lost my phone!

  • Jorge

    Nexus 5, nexus ftw

  • Vincent Maston

    I’d choose most likely the Nexus 5.

  • Manuel Casanova

    I would choose S5 for I have had good experiences with Sammy since my first smartphone

  • A2theC

    Not winning FTW!

  • Trevon

    Don’t care which one. Just gimme.

  • Trysta

    Even though I have been bashing phablet sized phones I’m actually really curious to try the Note 3 (as a small tablet). This could be my chance 🙂

  • Erstam

    I would really like to try out the M8 for those speakers and the metal design.

  • Justin Steele

    All 5 are great, but I’d love to see if the Note 3 can replace my tablet.

  • Ricardo Rodríguez

    Galaxy S5 because it haves everything I need and more, plus its beautiful.

  • Jim

    Count me in!!

  • Bogdan Ghita

    I wold go with the Note 3 just want a bigger screen

  • MJ

    Thanks Poweramp for this contest and for also working with other Android sites. I would choose the HTC One (M8) because it’s gorgeous and NOT Samsung.

  • Luiz Mattos

    I’d go with the Galaxy S5 because dat camera.

  • SciFiFreak

    They’re all awesome but if I had to pick I’d go with the M8.

  • linkmk

    I choose M8 because is the best phone, well constructed, bigger perfomance until today,.. wait a minute, if i win another phone you send right??

  • Aaron LaGrappe

    I would pick the HTC One (M8) because I like the idea of a full metal phone along with boomsound. Also wouldn’t mind getting the N5 because I love Nexus devices and prefer a true Android experience.

  • Eduardo Cruz

    I love poweramp amp, I’ve have it for quite awhile

  • thisislethal

    G2 fo’ shizzle.

  • Daniel C.

    HTC One M8. I just love the design of that phone

  • JinRoh

    I would choose the S5, because all the Android phones I’ve had have been Samsung phones, and I can’t live without them now 🙂

  • Alin

    The HTC M8 most likely

  • AL

    Nexus 5 OR HTC ONE would be my top choices. Need an upgrade from my nexus.

  • Nicko Jamison

    HTC One M8!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shane Goodwin

    I would choose the Galaxy S5, because I have an S3 and have been more than satisfied with this phone. I am impressed with the features and functionality of my Galaxy S3 and know that the S5 would not disappoint.

  • Deeco

    HTC One or any other phone will make a great gift for my mum, she currently has a Lumia 800, thank you iA.

  • Marko Kostic

    Good idea, keep up the god work! (M8 of course) 😉

  • Oh, I’d like to get the HTC One, because it is the most beautiful phone i’ve ever seen. Thanks for the possibility.

  • Josh Perry

    I want one! if i could choose, i’d choose the note 3

  • Darin Seidel

    HTC One M8 because my M7 is now only the 2nd sexiest smartphone in the world!

  • Instant Classic

    I would like to win the M8. So I can upgrade without having to pay for the phone!

  • Andrew Kramer

    I love this multi-site giveaway pick me someone who still rocks a gnex

  • Nathan Fletcher

    I like all the phone but think the m8 is the best. Wonder what poweramp would sound like with a bass and eq boost on it

  • Josh

    I want the Samsung Galaxy S5, because I have the Samsung galaxy S3, I want to continue the series 🙂

  • himanshu

    i want one m8!!

  • Trenton Wilson

    I would want the s 5 …. Beast of a phone and the Dev community is already working its magic 🙂

  • Víctor Pérez Carrasco

    Really hope to win!

  • Pilar Díaz

    I want the Samsung Galaxy S5, because I have the Samsung galaxy S3, I want to continue the series 🙂

  • warren

    i remember my first android phone being a black htc hero running cupcake 🙂

  • Tony

    Boom. me

  • Fakitol

    I would like to win the Nexus 5 for pure android experience..!

  • Moses

    Yea! New Phone Time!

  • Lunagaze

    Would be nice to replace my droid incredible which is without doubt not so incredible anymore……

  • Pilar Díaz

    I want to win!

  • Pete Van Wattingen

    The Note 3 wouldn’t be a bad upgrade to my Note 2 but having to deal with Samsung and custom roms is kind of a pain. I would choose the Nexus 5 but I’m on Verizon for lack of a better option for coverage. So that leaves the LG G2 which looks amazing.

  • Love it, just played with the M8 today and it was fantastic! Put my name in the hat!

  • Nathan S.

    Very cool! I think if I had the ability to choose any one of these, I would choose the HTC One (M8). Why, because I have not touched an HTC device since the HD2.

  • Jed Kitson

    Finally an international competition! I’d choose the M8, by far the prettiest of them all.

  • Marc Reisner

    I would really like a Nexus 5 because I want stock Android!

  • Julio Galvan

    I would choose the nexus 5 because it has pure android. Also, it’s small, comfortable and elegant. I don’t want a smartphone with a lot of features that I will never use. And it is cheap and from Google!!!

  • Brian Rosman

    I’d get the LG, I think. I have their Google experience 8.3 tablet, and it’s great.

  • rafael

    lucky post

  • Marcos Favero

    I’d choose the Galaxy Note 3. In the moment I own a Galaxy Note 2, and I really enjoy having a huge screen as well as all the s-pen features.

    But of course, anyone that comes will be well accepted! ^^

  • Thejungle

    Nexus 5 would be my dreams came true, because vanilla Android rocks, and all this design… this feel…

  • CircleBeartato

    I’d probably go with thr HTC One M8 if I had a choice. It’s just too hard to pass up that build quality. I know a lot of people criticise the camera, but I feel like I would get more use out of it in low-light situations than needing more pixels.

  • matt

    LG G2. Want my unlocked bootloader and to keep unlimited data.

  • ruffryder91290

    HTC One M8, its beautiful

  • Mohammed N Rahman

    The M8 is the One for me! (see what I did there?) Its just the thing I need for my photography*coughs*Instagram

  • mhaines2

    I would like any of these phones, I understand smartphones are all the rage.

  • Mark Lottes


  • Russell

    HTC One (M8)… it’s just such a beautiful phone

  • Cooper

    All of those beautiful phones for us? 😀 Thank you PowerAMP! You really know how to treat your users right!

  • Fahad Beg

    Nexus 5 would be sick

  • Mark Bailey

    Me please!

  • 9squigz9

    Any one of those phones would be really awesome!!!

  • Missus Waggsnapps

    Would love to try the HTC One, I’d like to see how well it stood up to the riguers of childminding!

  • Abby

    i would chose the M8 because you just can’t beat the build quality of the HTC devices

  • messs17

    Good luck everyone!

  • Sanjay Ruparelia

    Id Pick a HTC one M8 for its design

  • Jon Drain

    Tough decision, I guess I’d go with the S5 since it’s water resistant and accidents happen when you are on the toilet.

  • Andrei

    HTC One M8 FTW

  • Vincent

    M8 or S5!

  • Alan

    I choose Samsung s5 beacuse it is a cool phone

  • Rigo Delgadillo

    Isn’t it obvious? I’d take any of them.

  • Peter Au

    of all the phones listed i would lean towards the M8 or the nexus 5

  • Christopher Mann

    I think I’d choose the M8. I already have a N5 and am still jealous of my wife’s M7 HTC One and those speakers.

  • jeffreyb92

    I would love to win the Nexus 5 and would probably use it for testing purposes in cases of trying out apps and builds and the like.

  • Connor Mc C

    op pls

  • Dominik

    I reaaaallyyy want S5 or Nexus 5 🙂

  • Pieraziel

    i want the G2, i love its huge battery!

  • Ed Burtin

    All of these phones are so so sexy! HTC One M8 or Nexus 5 are my choices, but since it’s random, I’m excited at what could happen! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Daniel Tifft

    Galaxy S5 – I’ll be travelling abroad to Australia soon, and the IP 67 rating would be perfect for surviving the year!

  • valapsp

    htc one m8 cause ive been away from htc for a lomg time.

  • SeanArmstrong

    choices, choices, if i had to choose it would be The HTC One (M8) as it’s probably the prettiest Smartphone out right now, and I would really enjoy using such a amazing device.

  • xxseiferxx

    S5 please !

  • Dimos Galatakis

    The timing is perfect. I’d probably go with the N5 as I think its the best compromise. Good luck to everyone!

  • Martin Holička

    I would choose HTC One M8 for the top-notch build.

  • David Pollette

    I’d go with another M8. I love mine, but it’s time to replace my son’s phone too.

  • howdujudu

    Gimi Note 3 please 😉

  • Davon Moody

    I would have to go with the HTC One (M8) the amazing slick premium design it would be really nice replacement for my iPhone.

  • See, I would have wholeheartedly picked the Nexus 5, but seeing as how it’s not available on Verizon I have to choose the Note 3. “Why not the Galaxy S5 though, Adam?” I had a war on Twitter with Samsung over how half-baked the Galaxy S5 is. They beat it into everyone’s heads that they have a superior product through clever marketing, not with an actual superior product.

  • Šimon Slávik

    I would choose HTC One (M8), because i like its nice aluminium design and counstruction and great BoomSound quality.

  • Szabolcs Varadi

    I’ve never had an HTC, the M8 is a great piece of hardware and would be good to have

  • Pavel Lukyanchykov

    I would choose HTC One (M8) because it’s pretty.

  • bartclantrash

    Wow, I need to just pick one. That’s not an easy choice as all are great devices. As I’m partial to HTC, I’ll probably choose the HTC One but the S5 would be a close second choice to replace my aging DINC2. Thanks to all for another great contest!

  • michael

    Seems to me that the One M8 is the way to go, DL didn’t care to much for the performance on the S5.

  • dantespeak

    Note 3 FTW!

  • fedecassi

    I would choose HTC One (M8) beacuse of the high building quality and revolutionary camera

  • bananafische

    s5 – build quality be damned, i like good internal specs and unlocked bootloaders

  • AngryBadger

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so I can see what the s-pen is all about. All those phones have had good reviews. Rocking my Nexus 5 proudly.

  • kmanvan

    I’d take any of these phones… Tried the M8 One and it rocks… this is an upgrade from my current SG3 which is still ok but its USB connector is starting to flake out.

  • dp03

    S5, I guess because of the positive reviews, but would take any of them.

  • bananafische

    sounds amaze

  • Eyal Shalev

    If I had to chose which one to purchase it would have been the nexus 5. Nevertheless the one m8 has some great build quality and speakers.

  • Marco Occhionero

    I would prefer the samsung galaxy S5 or htc M8 but honestly I love all the phones in this giveaway

  • gizak

    all great phones, GL all!

  • Anh Huy Nguyen

    Samsung GS5 to survive upcoming bachelor parties

  • ultraviolence

    Nexus 5!.. Nothing beats vanilla android.

  • terry12s

    I would love to win any of those phones! 🙂

  • bigyang4life

    If I win either of these phone I’d be replacing my GNEX

  • Martin Holla

    HTC One M8 would be nice 🙂

  • CodeNameRedNeck

    Winning would great! I could use a new device.

  • Vikram Mohan

    I would want the HTC One….the only Android with a build quality.

  • MaTiCeK

    I’d go with the M8 as well, that is if it was possible to choose.

  • Stevie_Wonder

    All good phones, but if I can choose I would go for the M8, because I really like HTC but I don’t have the money to update from the M7 or the Nexus because I never had an Nexus phone and like to try an Android without the software by the manifactures.

  • Amin Nadirali


  • J Jacob Marsh

    I would love to get the M8 or the Nexus 5. But what a sweet giveaway!

  • Jure Šuklje

    HTC One M8 is the phone off my choice, if I’d have one. But to be honest, any of the other phone is amazing, so there’s really no dilemma…

  • Gary Pasler

    but I would love one of these devices!

  • Victor Rubio

    All I Need Is A Chance – Chicken Little

  • Matt Hong

    M8 for the Boomsound and Poweramp!

  • Ricardo Kummel

    Since I can choose, it would be the M8. I don’t fancy the S5. The Note 3 is too big to my taste. LG or Nexus? “Too old”.

  • Horia Poterasoiu

    Here’s to winning! 🙂

  • I think I’d go with the Galaxy S5 if I were to choose. I own the Note 3, the Nexus 5 has horrible battery life, the One M8 is a lot taller than it should be, and I simply dislike the plastic on the G2’s back (not plastic in general, just that plastic). So by process of elimination, we’re left with the S5. 🙂

  • Topher F

    M8, htc design is great

  • Dustin Schneider

    I would choose the HTC One M8 – I always loved the build quality of HTC.

  • tdpietrini

    HTC One (M8)

  • Vašek Leflik

    I would definitely choose the htc one m8 mostly for its build quality. Aluminium lover here.

  • McLean Riley

    I would love to rock a new phone. Gotta go with Galaxy s5 for water resistance!

  • M8 cause it looks good.

  • kuroyume

    I’ll take the M8 to replace my One S please

  • Larry Anderson

    How can you lose with any of the phones. They are all great and I would be happy to have anyone. My rank from top to bottom is 1-S5, 2-M8, 3-Nexus 5, 4-G2, and 5 Note 3.

  • Noxif

    I like to win!

  • troubled child

    If I had to choose a device, I would probably pick the Nexus5, since I already own a nex7 and stock Android is an amazing experience.

  • LordZYRK

    I’d love an M8 to replace my aging phone with some beastly specs.

  • pedro

    I would go for the samsung galaxy s 5

  • Angel Lara

    Nexus 5 because his brother Nexus 7 is already home.

  • Alfonso Cajigal

    m8 please!!!!

  • Emil Omir

    Ok, power AMP, let’s do this!!!

  • Teodor Bankov

    I would love to get one of those :)))

  • David Lafrance

    Ceci n’est pas un commentaire.

  • jrstark

    They all sound great

  • indiecognition

    HTC One (M8) — It’s current, and has great build quality!

  • slapshot

    This is great, count me in.

  • Barlog

    The LG G2 cause my roommates have it and I’m blown away at how fast it is plus I have the LG G pad 8.3 GPE and I’m really starting to like LG

  • Zain Kalwani

    Lg g2 because my cousin has a nexus 5 and I will get a g2 and the 2 cousins will have cousin phones. Lol.

  • Martin Huber

    A new phone would be great.

  • ankit199

    Note3 coz I need a phablet in the bathroom

  • krunal k

    Definitely HTC One(M8) for its superb craftsmanship, top of the line hardware, HTC Sense and BoomSound…need i say more?

  • Karel Jack

    Hope my luck holds up. Would love the M8 for its unique look and feel.

  • Nocturnal

    Hope I win the HTC one M8!

  • jan stria

    I would go for Nexus 5, clean android at its best. Or M8 would be nice too 🙂

  • Joris Griffioen

    I’d definitely go for the M8 but the other ones rock as well!

  • avinash_g

    Nexus 5 !!!
    Stock Android FTW

  • evilbluechickens

    Note 3. Want to play around with the pen and larger screen and multiwindow stuff.

  • N2fw

    the touch, the feel… of cotton. I mean the HTC One(M8). I love my Nexus devices but there’s just something wicked awesome about that metal unibody chassis

  • avinash_g

    Lets see!!
    Second one after androidpolice..

  • Raul G JS

    I’d choose the HTC One (M8), because is the only one that feels like a real Premium Device

  • I would definitely go for HTC one (M8).
    I had always been fan of HTC one (M7) design. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to get it. May be this time I will have the chance to play with its brother ?

  • Gregory Costeas

    M8 seems nice. Not a huge upgrade from my n5, but that aluminum body is sleek.

  • stardance

    HTC One (M8) because I already have the LG G2

  • Guest

    Winning any of these phones would be awesome, thanks Poweramp

  • TedPhillips

    hrm. tough choice, i’d favor one of the snapdragon 801 units, so probably the M8

  • Costin Dabu

    If i had to, i would choose te LG G2. LG is really stepping up lately.

  • rdearth53

    I’ve been wanting an M8 for a while now! It seems like the most competitive phone on the market, to me at least. Thank you for putting on this contest!

  • jramirezw

    Yes, please! (attempt number two) 😀

  • For the win! LG G2, because it has big screen in small body 🙂

  • Kerwin Poon

    Really nice to see PowerAmp is giving out back to us! I’m glad that I picked PowerAmp as my default and only music player for all of my devices!

  • Russell Sprague

    What no MotoX? Oh well, I would take an M8 I guess cause it’s so pretty.

  • ReuseablePlastix

    I’d choose the HTC One (M8) because my first android was an Incredible. I’ve been on Nexus devices since then and I’d love to get a good feel of how Sense has changed. But I’m a cheapo, so I wouldn’t discriminate.

  • Rich Gee

    Has to be the M8 – Love the design and will be interesting to try the dot case 🙂

  • Gab

    I like the N5 for the AOSP android version

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    I would go with the HTC One (M8) to replace my HTC Thunderbolt! (Yep, still got it) Lol.

    • Bazar6

      Dude, still on the Thunderbolt? Mad respect for you to stick it out with that phone for so long!

      • Nicolas Pipitone

        Haha thanks. I can explain in two words. Unlimited data. Though Santod over at infected roms has done amazing work on the Roms for the thunderbolt. He’s breathed life into this poor old man more than once.

        • Bazar6

          Nice! I loved Infected when I rocked the Tbolt, they do awesome work! And that reason for sticking with it is completely justified lol, good luck!

  • Mayank Chauhan

    I would pick HTC One M8. I always wanted M7 but could not get it. Now it has improved even more. But the main reason would be the build quality and the looks the phone.

  • Alexandra Diana Dumitru

    I want it too…. ! :*(

  • scorpeeon

    I’d choose the HTC One (M8).

  • G Mohal


  • Calum

    Here’s my comment, good luck all!

  • Jonathan Snyder

    M8 All Day!

  • Gonzalo Domingo Calvo

    M8 without any doubts!

  • Justin Myers

    decent odds always enjoy a contest that ends the same week

  • Rex W

    G2 or Nexus 5!

  • Paweł B.

    HTC One’s metal elements look pretty nice.

  • Peetinexus

    Awesome giveaway!!! Keep it up 🙂

    I would choose Nexus 5!

  • Jason Brown

    nexus 5. gotta love stock android and timely updates

  • toneiv

    The HTC M8. Thanks for this cool contest Droid life

  • dscott1027

    Ive never had one of the Note phones and would love to try it but Id have to go with the GS5 because of all the positive reviews. I just with it had HTC’s build quality

  • Erik Parshall

    Or the Nexus 5 because it is sleek and it is just special in general. I mean, come on. Google, duh!

  • Guest

    Id have to go with the Galaxy s5 due to all the reviews. The m8 is a VERRRYYYY close second though.

  • Siegfried Westerhoff

    Galaxy s5.the best android Phone out there 😉

  • Erik Parshall

    M8 because it is an inspiration to all companies on how to create the phone of the future.

  • alexio92

    I’d choose the Nexus 5. Why? It’s a Nexus. That’s all.

  • Chris

    HTC One M8, because I’m feeling like giving HTC another shot.

  • Llorton

    Omggg this would be perfect for my lady she’s been suffering with that poorly built Nokia lumnia for months its gotten to the point where she doesn’t even keep it charged lol! But still pays her phone bill! That’s how bad that phone is. You guys could make her the happiest alive with any of the above phones. (: please take my entry seriously.

  • Patrik

    The HTC One M8 is my choice

  • Mark


  • Ping Quach

    Thanks for doing this! M8

  • Benjamin

    I don’t mind trying htc m8

  • sweaty chocolate

    On Friday, we will randomly choose sweatychocolate the winner through Rafflecopter.

  • Yaak

    S5. Already loving th S4

  • Droidzilla

    Galaxy Note 3, because size matters. I’m not going to make a “that’s what she said” joke, because that would be beneath me . . . that’s what she said!

    I’ll show myself out.

  • eric1743


  • WHoDAT

    M8 because of that body

  • Jesse Cordeiro

    If I were given the option to choose from the list of available phones, my decision would be to pick the Samsung Galaxy S5. With all of the positive reviews and comments that are being circulated on the internet regarding the Galaxy S5, I’m feeling that I must purchase this phone! It honestly looks amazing and I’m sure it functions just as well as it looks. Best of luck to everyone! Thanks Droid-Life, Poweramp, and Negri Electronics for giving us the chance to win these great phones!

  • wakefinance

    Comment for the win!

  • Sean Tay


  • ryandigweed

    It’s a tough choice, but maybe I would go for the S5, I know the Note 3 is good but the phone is a bit too big for the pocket, even though its got the handy stylus.
    The N5 is a great phone, with all the android updates, but i think that this phone is a few months old and I would like to have an S5 before others have it. 🙂 S5 would not get the latest updates, but there would be a long list of ROMs with good support. And the water splash resistance is another good feature, coupled up with it’s great camera as the S4 was. 🙂

  • Kamil Dąbrowski

    Im almost blind so I need Note 3 to see more 😉

  • Theis Bregnballe

    Nexus 5 or HTC One M8. I can not quite decide. The Nexus has stock Android, but the HTC One M8 is slightly superior hardware-wise.

  • RaviShah

    Thank you poweramp !

  • Randy

    I would just be happy to win any new phone

  • Lawrence C

    All these phones look so good!

  • Dan

    Sounds good

  • David M Gordon

    I would like the Note 3, because I like big phones!!!

  • SimMac

    Nexus 5 because of the pure Android-Experience or HTC One M8 because of the awesome design.

  • nivekkev

    Would take any but if I got to choose it would be the Note 3, love the note series it works for me…

  • Vito Lee

    M8. Metal ftw.

  • MaroonRaccoon

    Though I prefer stock Android, I’ve been very interested in trying the HTC One M8.

  • Blake Dunn


  • Omer Ben Shushan

    i want the HTC ONE M8 because of the awesome build quality

  • Alexandru Socol

    Probably the Note 3 because I like big screens.

  • Manudel96

    Want M8 because cool and stuff lol

  • Sayuuk

    I’d choose the N5, because I like the stock Android and speedy updates.

  • Huenchu

    Good luck guys!

  • acgr4me

    M8, love the design and materials used.

  • Edy Bolos

    Any of the phones will do for me 🙂

  • Robert

    I would choose the HTC one…

  • Van

    Negri Electronics FTW! Bought my Grandma’s S3 there and got it at a really low price to boot. Thanks for the contest.

  • Matthias Brandt

    Yeah, N5 or M8. Obvious 🙂

  • Dineth Hettiarachchi

    Awesome giveaway.. would love to get my hands on a Note 3

  • StopStaringAtMePlease

    As a Nexus user since the N1, I’d love the N5, purely because my Galaxy Nexus has effectively run its time.

  • bbch80

    I would love a Galaxy S5, I love me some TW goodness!

  • usaff22

    HTC One M8, definitely. I already have a Nexus 5 and the M8 looks awesome.

  • diotallevisheir

    Would love to own a HTC One M8, it’s just the sexiest phone to be found. Anywhere! 🙂

  • Wiggie

    I wouldn’t mind winning a Nexus 5 🙂

  • Saboteur777

    Want one of them.

  • Marcin Ochyra

    HTC One becouse it have a good camera, good dimensions (is not too big and not too small) and I don’t have any phone with metal case.

  • Gur

    I would love to win Galaxy S5.

  • keith heston

    I want a phone

  • Richie Vox

    In it for the win (I hope!). htc m8 because I’m a huge HTC fan!

  • HTC One M8 because dat boomsound.

  • Adam Collins

    I would chose the Nexus 5. After owning a Galaxy Nexus on release day and since having an S4 and MotoX, I miss being able to root and tinker so much. I’m Destined to be with a Nexus!

  • Public_Enemy52

    hope i win

  • W00T!

  • here i come again.

  • Raven

    I would love to win the Nexus 5 because it is a Nexus!

  • Shirtless_Peja

    HTC or Note 3 for me……I already have the G2 and love it but want to compare the others.

  • Nasty007

    im an Nexus fan so one Nexus 5 for me 🙂

  • Eker

    M8,because i LOVE HTC

  • nagateja

    I’d love a Note 3. Coz i need its long lasting battery

  • Christian T

    tnx for the contest,i hope can win for give a new smartphone to my gf 🙂

  • Pjoseph

    Nexus 5!!

  • Stephen Thomas


  • Cyanwin

    Thank you! I will take all of the phones because they are all very good!

  • uthark

    I want one nexus 5

  • azholio

    I’d love the M8. I think HTC is doing a great job lately and I almost forgive them for giving the world the ThunderBloat.

  • droidify

    I would like the M8 because it will bring the most money on swappa

  • Paulo Mascorro

    M8 because of its slick design and specs…

  • D. Imade

    I’d pick the M8 just for that beautiful industrial design

  • XCMeathead

    So happy to see the word international in the title! 😀 Hope it’s me! Would love to get my hands on the new HTC One

  • Brandon

    HTC One M8

  • Duan

    Nexus 5, because my nexus 4 is starting to get a bit old 😉

  • D Smith

    Nexus 5 because of fast upgrades!

  • Michael P

    HTC ONE M8 Cause it looks amazing!

  • a) youth.in.asia

    NEXUS 5

    Chose the G2 over the nexus 5 for the battery life. Jonesing for some N5

  • Kevin Morales

    HTC One M8 for its premium quality.

  • Yehoshua Stokar


  • Droid

    while(true){System.out.println(“I want one …”);}

  • hugdf

    yes please!

  • Warrenbert

    Note 3 because it’s the biggest that will still fit in my pocket.

  • Anthony

    Fingers crossed!

  • mithul

    htc one (m8)

  • Daniel Söderström

    HTC One because of the build quality and looks.

  • Richard Garvey

    Never win these things might as well try!

  • Martin G


  • Philip Jacobsen

    Lg g2. Rockin a cracked iPhone over here. Need to step my game up.

  • Kenne Phimmasonsouk

    The s5 ftw!

  • John R. Peters Jr.

    I would Love to win one of these phones.

  • lsmaverick

    I’d LOVE LOV LOVE the M8. Awesome phone. Thanks DroidLife!!!!!!!!

  • n225

    Count me in, I’d choose any model to be honest.

  • Ethan Senator

    Any of them would be awesome, but especially the M8

  • nandre

    Hopeful that I’ll win! I would love the M8! The metallic finish makes it one of the best looking devices out there!

  • Michael Highducheck

    My girlfriend’s birthday is May 6th. I would so love to give her an HTC M8 to replace her barely breathing 5 year old inkless Alias 2. It’s like I’m texting Helen Keller, please help.

  • clinis

    I would choose the Nexus 5, pure Android, and the fact that is from Google.
    Also, I like the design 😛

  • Travis Coleman

    HTC One (M8). The dot cover looks awesome, and I want to check out the dual cameras!

  • Agastya Mishra

    htc m8 for sure!

  • Sebastian Jena

    N5 N5!

  • The choise is hard because i like the Note 3 and M8 and the lucky winner is M8.

  • Jason Bittner

    Note 3 because I love my 2 and its time to upgrade

  • Brian Diaz

    i’m in | HTC One M8…

  • David D. Amaya

    Note 3, a phablet would be usefull for my studies

  • Nikos Kats.

    Thank you Droid Life! Nexus 5!

  • Ryan

    I would get the Galaxy S5 as my wife loves Samsung.

  • Michael Jones

    I’d love the GS5 for the good battery and camera features!

  • gipsyblade

    One for me, my phone is in its last legs 🙁

  • Elaine

    I’d choose the HTC One M8 because it’s a powerhouse of a phone and I love the sleek shape. Thanks!

  • Rob

    I’d love any of them, but I would choose the M8 or S5

  • Greg Kempf

    I’d love to win the M8 or any other phone.

  • d_pyron

    Nexus 5 for the stock Kit Kat goodness

  • Misterc

    A Nexus. It’s my light saber. And yes, I am a Jedi. Waves hand at giveaway…I am the winner you are looking for.

  • Bogdan Ionutiu

    M8 . Is the best of the bunch

  • Trailblazer101

    I would definitely pick the HTC One (M8). This is because I love the premium look/feel it has 🙂

  • Daniele Cattaneo

    I hope

  • Luca Taiariol

    N5, or G2, definitely!

  • hkm1xxa

    I’d love to get the HTC One M8.

  • Jigsaw hc

    Galaxy S5 – because I’m a Samsung fan.

  • KeePeeR

    I’m in

  • Daniel Bobke

    I would get the Nexus 5 as I have been a Nexus-only Androidian since my first Android device – the Nexus S!

  • bydh

    would like an m8, but any of these would be sweet.

  • Rob

    I want this win this, I need a new phone, still on a 3 year old Xperia Arc S

  • Daniele Siragusa

    Nexus 5 i hope because stock android rules

  • DarkStarr

    Probably the S5 because USB 3.0, SD card and water resistance.

  • Andrew Anderson

    Probably the Nexus 5, although the M8 looks really sweet too.

  • Stanley Chan

    I have 70GB in music files in my s4 and 25GB in my nexus 7 and of course Poweramp full on both.

    Well I just need a new fhone to full with my songs and listen with my loved Poweramp!

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    I would pick the HTC One M8 because I’ve wanted to try it out and the build quality is awesome, another big reason is boom sound because I’ve never had a phone with front speakers.

  • Tomasz Duda

    I use Poweramp daily. It’s easy to use and offers great sound quality. Love those smartphones!

  • fwwally

    I’d be happy with any one of these phones.

  • I think I’d choose HTC One M8 because I want a phone with good sound! But I wouldn’t mind any of the others 😛

  • RyanMclaggan

    My nexus 4 needs a replacement. I’d love the Note 3 because I have big hands, or the S5 because that camera!

  • Voicu Stanese

    I’d love to win M8/S5. Awesome idea!

  • Dave Rong

    Thank you Poweramp and Negri Electronics!!

  • Gavin

    Any one will do, thanks!

  • evan brown

    I would love a nexus 5, I always like to have a backup phone, never had a true nexus either (damn you gnex)

  • Dan Chong

    I choose LG G2 because it is an innovative product which includes KnockOn and Audio Zoom feature. I’m sick of pressing the power button to wake my phone up and would like to try something new. Besides, I like to record videos using smartphone and Audio Zoom is perfect to zoom in an audio and hear it more clearly during playback.

  • Octavio Garcia

    M8 PLX

  • Grisham Bryan

    Id love any of these phones!

  • Matt Dvonch

    HTC One M8!

  • Bryan Di Gregorio

    Would be nice

  • Tejash Bhoola

    No sammy no sammy no sammy STOP!!!

  • Andres Gutierrez


  • Jason Storey

    Count me in please

  • Giziguzio Papajuzi

    Ziemianinem Jestem Ja.

  • The S5 because it would be compatible with a galaxy gear watch (people may not approve of the galaxy gear series but I think they do exactly what a smartwatch should do).

  • Martin Karim

    Nexus 5 for the pure Android obviously 🙂

  • M8 or Nexus 5 !

  • Catalin Zamfir

    i would like to win , i would like s5 but i will be happy with either of them 🙂

  • limgim

    M8, Best phone in this market right now !

  • jcastill

    Nice, hope I get to win. Any of those phone would be a nice upgrade for me and I’m unable to save money right now to pay for an upgrade…

  • konba

    nexus 5 or m8!

  • qcz

    Nice! Poweramp FTW!

  • gimme

  • Gunnar Jones

    I would take the note 3. I just like the size and it does fit well in my hand and pockets.

  • BikerBob1789

    The HTC One. I already have a Nexus.

  • HTC One M8 because I want to try a HTC phone.

  • Nathan D

    GS5 for the camera and display.

  • Andy Garcia

    lets do this droid life!

  • Kofi A

    Any will do, I’m not picky. They are all fantastic

  • Brian Montijo

    Galaxy S5, I’ve come to like the little usability things Samsung has done (swiping left/right from a contact list to txt/call).

  • Brute

    M8 or S5

  • Ibrahim Yusuf

    PowerAMP: Check
    My phone is f*cking slow: Check
    Need a new phone: Not checked

  • Parthipan Ramesh

    Count me in!

  • Bo

    I’d choose the Galaxy S5 because I currently have the S4, and as much as I’d like trying something new the S4 has been an awesome phone. And I’m not smashing it for OnePlus. EVEN IF THERE WAS A FIRE. Thanks.

  • ins4n3h0rst

    I’d have the Nexus 5, because it’s a Nexus.

  • Michał Droździewicz

    I already own SGS4 and I love it, so – SGS5 it is 🙂

  • tywan james

    I would chose the HTC because I like the design.

  • Alex Frías

    Nexus 5 or M8 !! 😀

  • Branimir Matković

    Had S1 now have S3 so its time for S5

  • eilegz

    hopefully i win a new phone 😀

  • narjisse

    I’d love a Galaxy S5 for the excellent camera. 🙂

  • folkrav

    Any of these phones would be a considerable upgrade to my ZL!

  • Micah Morrison

    A phone would be nice. Especially a Nexus 5.

  • trise

    N5 please

  • pjyore

    I’d love an M8 because of its beautiful design!

  • n0ppw

    The M8 for the BoomSound speakers.

  • Casey Knox

    Count me in!

  • bmaz

    Count me in.

  • Balvinder Makkar

    Fingers crossed.
    Thanks for this great giveaway.
    I would choose note 3
    spen alone is the main feature that beats them all.

  • Cristi

    I would love to win the Galaxy Note 3 because of it’s screen, processing power and all the nice features it has.

  • Tomas Romero Marca

    Muy bueno y espero ganarme uno

  • Neel

    Samsung S5, because S3 was my first phone, and I loved it. Unfortunately I had to give it away, and now I am ‘phone-less’.