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LG G3 Reportedly Shows Up in Leaked Photo

On Saturday, an image was leaked which reportedly shows off the upcoming G3 flagship smartphone from LG. Up to this point, no pictures have been leaked of this device yet, so this could be our first real look at what LG has been working on since last year’s G2. 

The photo is of the device’s backside, which shows off a more flush back-button layout. The center power button appears to be made of a chrome/metallic material, with the volume up and down buttons resembling plastic possibly. Unfortunately, the angle and hardcore vignette filter on the photo makes details a bit hard to confirm on the design.

As for the notes on the piece of paper that the device is sitting on, they speak of OIS+ camera technology, 2GB / 3GB (of RAM?), and 16GB and 32GB (of storage?). This could refer to two different devices coming from LG or could be something entirely different. Until LG unveils the G3, we can’t know anything for certain.

Just from the backside of the device, do we like what we see? Are you a fan of the back-facing buttons?


Via: GSM Arena
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  • Justin Merithew

    The back facing buttons seem pretty fantastic. What’s making me wary on taking a chance with the G3 is LG’s UI and how it seems to take them a pretty long time to rollout Android updates. I’m a big fan of Sense and stock. I’ve used Touchwiz and it definitely wasn’t for me, and LG’s UI seems very similar to that.

  • jer85008

    Looks like the back buttons will be much better designed than the G2, and easier to feel. I had a G2 for a few months before moving from Verizon to T-Mobile a few weeks ago. Now have a Nexus 5. I don’t miss the back buttons at all, it was fine when holding the phone but a PITA when in my car cradle. I do miss the knock-on and was tapping the screen of my N5 for the first week or so pretty much every time I wanted to turn it on. I also don’t miss the heft or poor GPS. Camera was marginally better than the N5, but not much. Looks like the G3 will be solid, I would go for it over the S5 or M8 any day.

    • Justin Merithew

      The Verizon G2 has smaller/lamer buttons than the other G2’s. These buttons are definitely an improvement, but not drastically different from what’s on the non-Verizon G2’s.

  • chucklehead322

    As an LG G2 owner I can honestly say the back facing buttons aren’t terrible. Given the choice tho I think I’d definitely choose “normal” volume rocker and power button placements on the sides. It seems much more ergonomic and comfortable.

    • Justin Merithew

      You may want to keep an eye on the Nexus 6 then. If they don’t skimp on the battery this time around it might be a good choice for you.

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  • senor_heisenberg

    Back facing buttons are still the dumbest thing ever for a phone. Change for the sake of change. They offer no improvement.

  • Jay Ochs

    the back facing buttons are simply much better than side/top, and much better than a physical front button. I’ve had my G2 since launch and I love this thing..can’t wait for the G3!

  • joejoe5709

    Oh that’s not bad at all. It certainly looks more upscale and I like the symmetry between the camera and the circle. I’m sure Verizon will find some way to mess it up. These leaks are getting serious!!

    I don’t mind the back buttons but they do take some getting used to. It takes a good month or two for your finger not to hit the power button or smudging the camera lens. Once you do, it’s not a plus or a minus. It’s nice when you need it and annoying when you don’t. But if it means bezels this small, I’m all for it. And yeah Knock On is the greatest thing this side of Active Notifications. I actually picked up my sister’s old flip phone and tried tapping the tiny little front screen to wake it up. I felt like such a caveman. Lol. But it becomes so natural after a few months that you expect everything to wake up that way.

    I’m really not fond of the 5.5″ screen rumors. That’s just too big, LG, and it might be a deal breaker for me. I mean unless this thing is literally ALL screen, the phone will be too tall and/or too wide. Let’s stick with a 5.2-5.3″ screen. I mean it’s already larger than the GS5 and the M8 which is its main competition. And with the rumored high resolutions, no one will care that it’s a carryover 5.2″. I think throwing in 3GB of RAM is great and of course I want to see at least a Snapdragon 801 to keep up with the high resolutions. We’ll also need a pretty big battery so I’d say at least 3200mAh. The camera is fine if they tweak the software a bit like xdabebb did. But a tiny bump (14-16MP with OIS) to keep with the Joneses is a good idea for marketing alone. Of course an SD card slot would be nice and it’ll shut up the Samsung enthusiasts. A removable battery is great, but not necessary. Water resistance would be INCREDIBLE, but it’s not a deal breaker. But if they do… please throw in wireless charging for all variants. The waterproof charger cover as seen on the S5 would be annoying. I don’t care what they make the phone out of because I’m just going to put a case on it anyway. Some soft touch plastic like the N5 is just fine for me. I don’t need expensive metal or heavy rubber. Maybe just add a little texture to the plastic like the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Rob

    I like how I never accidentally hit the power or volume up/down buttons when passing the phone to someone to view something.

  • grayson360

    Oh god…it’s BEAUTIFUL.

  • WallBreaker

    funny how 5 inch screens are starting to look small, I like my nexus 5 but I constantly grab my wife’s note 3 and every time and say with envy “its so big!” I’m coming to the point where if my phone doesn’t have at least a 5.5 inch screen or bigger its too small.

  • Joshua Hoffman

    I think that looks gross. IMO.

  • Jon

    So am I the only one that thinks these aren’t leaks at all…but LG drip feeding the blogs? Why else would they flat out confirm 2k screen. And the vignetting? Seriously?

    I don’t mind, but lets not pretend this isn’t their own PR department. I’m ready to buy this phone…so it’s working LG!

  • zurginator

    Damn that’s a classy looking back. I’m impressed.

  • me

    LGs hardware is great. But they SUCK at user interface adaption of Android. The G2 is so slow compared to the Nexus 5. But the hardware is great.

    • Big EZ

      Sorry, replied to the wrong comment.

    • trwb

      Most devices are slow compared to N5. The extra layer of interface running over top of stock android lags it up. I wish the n5 had cool software features though, like mult-window.

  • npompei

    I didnt read through every comment, but did anyone notice the sketchpad behind the phone?! Looks like its ram and storage specs – 2gb/16gb 3gb/32gb. Correct me if I am wrong?! Maybe a sneak peek at the specs as well. Not that we wouldnt think it would come with these but at least its something to go off of!

    • npompei

      Annnnnnd I totally missed the paragraph in the article where Tim points that out.

      He crawls slowly back in his hole now…

    • Big EZ

      You didn’t have to read through every comment, you just had to read the article.

  • mark

    Is there a car dock for the G2. If so, how do you change the volume when playing music? Is there a volume slider in the notification drop down menu or do you have to manually go through the settings?

    • Paul D

      when playing music, there’s a volume slider in the notification drop down menu.

  • edwoordd

    I have 2 lg g2’s, Verizon messed up my order during Christmas & I guess it’ll be my backup…. Any suggestions?

    • Badi Morris

      I’m looking to buy a verizon G2. Trying to keep my unlimited data plan. How much you want for it?

    • Big EZ

      Sell one now, and the other when the G3 is released and you should have enough to purchase the G3 off contract.

  • KnappyRoot

    Any word on release date? I have an upgrade availabe and was going to buy the G2 today. Which I discovered over the weekend that Best Buy is unable to transfer upgrades to a different line (my VZW unlimited line is available for an upgrade). Verizon will not price match Best Buy either. Sucks cause it’s on sale for $1.

  • Tony Byatt

    It’s G3 and Moto X-2 time…

    • Nikuliai

      like 3 months more for Moto X2 ;P

      • Tony Byatt

        S5, M8, Z2, OnePlus are in the rear view or will soon be in the rear view…

        We will probably start seeing hardware leaks soon for the next Moto X…

    • Big EZ

      I really like the G2 (I don’t own it) and was going to wait for the G3 since I am eligible for an upgrade. However now that there is a Moto leak about a possible 5.2″ X, and playing with my wife’s new X for the past few days the X2/XL will be my next phone. That is, if it’s announced, or we have solid evidence it’s coming by the time the G3 is out.

      I can’t wait for for all the hype. This will be the first time in awhile I’m excited about an upcoming phone, let alone two. The Note 2 was the last phone I’m was excited for, and it was a let down.

  • epps720

    I actually really like the back buttons. My only complaint is, why did Verizon get the rights to wireless charging?! LG PLEASE put wireless charging on all carriers and this is the perfect phone (especially if it gets those super small bezels we saw earlier.).

  • NYC33

    Verizon: lets And That V logo on top of that power button.

  • i wish lg would release a device without these…or just a nexus with the same stats ill take that in a hearbeat…without these silly button setup

    • DanielMena9

      do you own the device? Those buttons work. No more having to shimmy up to touch a power button, and its not bias for right or left handed us. They are quite useful.

  • Ray

    The back facing buttons look a lot more refined and premium on the lg g3.

  • ki11ak3nn

    Love my G2. But I also like the rounded back button. The little hump on the power button let’s me know that’s the power button. Keeping things flush presents a problem for me.

    • Jacob Svonavec

      Agreed, the Verizon variant is crap, still hard to tell which button I am pressing. Thanks again VERIZON.

      • BobButtons

        It’s because of the addition of wireless charging. You can pop off the back plate and see why they had to change it. They could’ve handled it better but it makes sense.

  • shelderman

    instead of buttons, they should make it a slider for up and down using the metal button as an anchor to slide it up and down..

    • ki11ak3nn

      Thinking about that makes me think that I’ll possibly drop my phone. Too much moving and less grip to hold on to the phone.

  • litobirdy

    problem with the back button behing right under the camera, its just too much of an opening for cases. maybe put the camera towards a corner seperate from the buttons

  • austin

    Looks more refined

  • WSUJabz

    Love the back facing buttons. Wasn’t so sure when I first bought my G2 but after a few months it has become the norm and don’t know if I would like to go back to buttons on the side. The single feature that I love about back side buttons is the ability to increase decrease the sound on my headphones with my phone upside down on my desk easily.

    • ki11ak3nn

      I keep double tapping my wife’s Nexus 5 to turn the screen on. Then she looks at me like I’m dumb. Hahahaha. G2 has tons of great features.

      • Collin Chapin

        I wish that would work well on the N5… it’s such a battery hog 🙁

      • Deep C

        I wish I could do that but am missing the wife component lol

        • SA_NYC

          I’d assume chicks dig frequenting DL, no?

    • The Narrator

      Keeps the sides and bezels slim. Its nice.

    • I have to disagree. I had my Verizon G2 for a few weeks and found the backside buttons to be so worthless I had to take the device back (It also had the faulty GPS chip). The tap to turn on, was fantastic, but not having easy access to the power and volume buttons was a non-starter for me.

      • DanielMena9

        The Verizon G2, has smaller buttons than the AT&T version and I would agree the Verizon implementation suuuuuccckkkks.

        • But it has wireless charging, so it evens out 😉

        • calculatorwatch

          Pretty much why the G2 was never an option for me. If the Verizon version had the normal button setup I would have seriously considered it, but the way they changed it just looks ugly and impossible to use by feel.

          • michael arazan

            Makes me wonder what ever happen to when phones were showed off to have bottom touch controls without buttons or a touch screen, and you could zoom in and out and control volume and scroll with swype of a finger. Saw a prototype a couple years back and then nothing ever became of it.

          • calculatorwatch

            The PS Vita has that but I’ve never seen how it actually works. Maybe if the YotaPhone ever becomes popular we’ll get to see what it’s like.

      • The Verizon variant has to stick out somehow, whether it be via 14 logos, or a crappy button setup.

        • BobButtons

          If you pop the back plate of a Verizon G2 and look at the wireless charging setup you’ll see why they changed the buttons. I agree it could have been handled better but it’s clear why they couldn’t be as big. I can accept it since they added a feature. If they made it exactly like this without wireless charging just to be different I’d hate it.

      • george

        You’re simply retarded if you can’t get used to using the back buttons

        • George,

          How does that make me retarded? Are you familiar with the Verizon configuration? There is little to no distinction between the power and volume buttons making them very difficult to use without turning over the device to look. Would I have eventually figured it out over time? Probably. Was it worth risking being stuck with a phone that I might not get used to for two weeks because I felt the 2 week return period was not enough to be sure I would like it? No. I swapped that mofo for the S5 for an extra $70 and have been super happy. Not to mention I have a one generation more current phone.

    • Agreed! I can much more easily change the volume and tracks when the phone is in my pocket too

    • bogy25

      Yes….G3…..my new phone…..hurry up and arrive!

  • mike

    Well the back sorta matches up with the supposed G3 cases that have already gone on sale.


  • litobirdy

    5.2 inh 5.2 inch. or 5.5 in ch in the same G2 body.. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE

    • The Narrator

      5.5, it can definitely fit

      • The Narrator

        That’s what she said

        • Michael Harrison

          I reward you 15 internets

          • It’s less cool when the person saying “that’s what she said” also said the line.

        • OF

          Lol. You replied to your own comment…

        • TheDudeAbides

          Narrator! You crack me up. Having a bit of schizo conversation with yourself there? ;-p

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    Back mounted buttons aren’t bad at all but I don’t love them either. My biggest complaint with the G2 was that Verizon had to make the device look different and the smaller buttons were harder to get to and know which was which without looking.

    • BAM1789

      Those Verizon buttons looked like they ripped them straight off a Fischer-Price toy… I couldn’t believe it

      • turdbogls

        agreed….leave it to verizon to ruin an otherwise awesome device.

        • bobbyp

          I actually like the Verizon buttons. I have never used a case on my G2 so I don’t know if that would cause any issues though.

          • turdbogls

            I have played with both phones, and the unlocked/att/tmobile/sprint version has much better feeling to me. I kept on pressing the wrong buttons on the verizon version (probably because they are still raised a bit from the back cover)

    • burkett375

      Eh…wireless charging is worth so much more. I barely use the buttons anyway with tap to unlock/lock.

  • BAM1789

    I loved my G2.. this is the phone I am most excited for this year, I want LG just to knock it out of the park. I’m digging the more upscale look of the rear buttons, and fingers crossed this device turns out to be what we’re all hoping for!

    • PoisonApple31

      I am too, but I’m a bit concerned how Verizon will change them.

      • The Narrator

        Just add chrome accents probably, nothing too bad

        • BAM1789

          Wasn’t just chrome accents on the G2…. Dem Buttons.. /shutters

          • The Narrator

            Yeah. That’s what I meant, ha

      • Gato Mafioso

        Hoping Verizon doesn’t. It makes finding quality cases difficult. Seeing as how the G2 was a success, hopefully LG has more leverage this time around…but of course Verizon is still Verizon.

      • sonicyoof

        Hoping for VZW logo on the power button, just in case I forget my carrier.

  • ASV505

    Hmm… Love my G2 but I’m skeptical..