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5 Fresh Icon Packs to Check Out: Flazing, Struktur, Velur, OffCorner, and YAFI

If your Android home screen is due for an overhaul, today is the day to do it. We are presenting to you today, five great new icon packs, ranging from the traditional long-shadow all the way to new and exciting textures. Flazing is a pack with bright colors and a paper-esque texture, Struktur is a rounded pack with a striped background, Velur is your traditional long-shadow pack, but with extra flair, OffCorner takes a new spin on things by placing all the actual glyphs down at the bottom right corner, and YAFI (Yet Another Flat Icons) is a flat pack with a great color palette.


The most unique thing about Flazing is the background — all of the icons are backed by a texture made to look like paper, and the colors in front are bright standouts. The icons themselves are squares with rounded corners, with the pack totaling to more than 1,050. A lot of the glyphs share in the look of the background, which makes the overall package seem even better. The best part about Flazing is, it is currently on sale. You can grab this hotness for just $0.99 over on Google Play – you likely won’t be regretting this one.

Play Link ($0.99)

flazing 1 flazing 2 flazing 3


Struktur looks to be your traditional icon pack at first sight, with clean glyphs and backgrounds that are not too aggressive on rounded icons, but it features a striped background that’s pretty new to us. With 627 icons and 20 HD wallpapers, you may be seeing a notable bunch of your apps unthemed, but the look may be enough to outweigh the cons. Struktur will run you $1 on Google Play, as, coincidentally, it is also on sale for 40% off.

Play Link ($1)

struktur 1 struktur 2 struktur 3


Though Velur packs a traditional long-shadow styling (which many of you have had enough of), it packs some additional noteworthy styling. The circular icons all feature rings around them to match the general color of the glyph, and for the most part these add to the appeal of the pack. Although, sometimes these can be disconcerting if you have certain icons together on your home screen. Vertumus, the developer of Cryten (another one of our favorite icon packs), has thrown in more than 1,200 icons and 41 wallpapers, which is almost at kovdev level in terms of quantity. Velur retails for $1.49 over on Google Play.

Play Link ($1.49)

velur 1 velur 2 velur 3


We’ve talked up OffCorner before, back when it was in its beta stage, but it has finally been released to the world. OffCorner comes in two flavors: square with rounded edges, and circular. Naturally, the glyphs are all “off corner,” with all coming in at the bottom right. The 15-year old developer has created over 600 icons, bundled 5 wallpapers, and there’s the promise of more to come. Both the square and round varieties are $1.79 over on Google Play.

Play Links: Square ($1.79) | Round ($1.79)


YAFI (Yet Another Flat Icons)

With over 1000 icons, YAFI looks to take the traditional flat icon look and add upon it with extra features. Icons are easily recognizable because of the clever color palette, too. YAFI comes with 24 white dock icons, an analog clock widget, and wlpapR integration as well, in case you want the most bang for your buck. YAFI costs $2.08 to download over at Google Play

Play Link ($2.08)

yafi (yet another flat icons) 1 yafi (yet another flat icons) 2 yafi (yet another flat icons) 3

That’s all we have for this one, folks! Another couple of great packs are on the horizon, too, so we look forward to doing the next icon pack roundup. As always, if you find anything noteworthy, let us know and it may find its way into a post.

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  • Stone Cold

    Thank you will definatly check into these.

  • A2theC

    Are detailed icons too much for people to stand looking at? I honestly don’t get the whole “flat” thing, I buy androids because I DON’T want an iphone, not because I “couldn’t afford one” especially that cheap midrange plastic one, eww.

    • wmsco1

      I’m with you . A new beautiful screen with flat icons? I don’t get it. But beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

  • Marco De Paulis

    So I’m using the Google Now Kit Kat Launcher but it doesn’t allow me to change the icons unfortunately. Does anybody know if Nova or another launcher enables the swipe right to Google Now feature while also allowing me to customize icons and other options? Thanks in advance

    • A2theC

      As far as I know there isn’t a way to get that Gnow swipe integrated into a custom theme just yet…they’ve been working on it, we want it too. 🙂

    • grumpyfuzz

      If you are rooted, you can get Xposed and get Unicon module to use icon packs on GNL.

  • Flazing + Muzei = Sexy

    • Hasanuddin Din


      • Nova. Just upgraded to prime too.

  • viewthis66

    I’m digging the Velur.

  • Johnny Steele

    (Yet Another Flat Icons)
    Why? I thought “flat” was the new Android way? Do people not like the flat?

  • Brian

    What clock is that in the Struktur pack?

  • Sean Plantz

    Love Velur, I guess in my time away from long shadows they gained appeal with me again. These icon packs are really getting very good. And very complete, very rare do I get an app that isn’t represented in any pack I use now a days.

  • nate

    anyone know which clock widget is in the Struktur pack? I want that.

    • billybob

      I was thinking the same thing…would like to know what that clock is.

      • nate

        after a lot of googling, it looks like it was created using the zooper widget app. And that app is quite intense.

        • billybob

          OK thanks.

  • NAM37

    I wish I could use icons with the stock MotoX launcher…

    • George Davis

      Why not just use a custom launcher? The MotoX launcher doesn’t offer anything special does it?

    • You can, with root.

      ( x ) icon pack + xposed + unicon.


    i assume i need a launcher to ustilize these apps? thanks for any insight. Icon packs look awesome!

  • Ali-Jacob Ishaque

    How do you get the icons to be that close together? (Yup, noob here to icon packs. Lol)

    • ManBearPig618

      If you use a launcher (I use Nova, but I’m sure others also have the same functionality), you can change the ‘grid’ size of the home screen by adding more columns and/or rows.

  • kris90

    Please review mond and viby icon pack..

  • Chris

    if only i could use these with my stock sense launcher on my M8

    • Hiten Soni

      U can use with any stock launcher my friend but u must have Root and unicon app from play store
      Rooting will void your warranty thought

  • Rolando Chapa

    This is what I have, anyone know anything similar in terms of the minimal look?

    • Get Muzei to blur that background, and that would look even more fantastic. Text is a little hard to read now due to the city lights.

    • Joshua Riyanindyo Famokti

      what use custom rom ?

  • Rolando Chapa

    Any good minimal packs?

  • Trevor

    Flazing. Good find. Reminds me of Quadro, which I love.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I”m buying struktur* just for the gmail icon. Insane.

  • Chuggowitz

    Title for this article should read “5 Icon Packs to make your phone look more like less-shitty iOS”

    • OffCorner Dev

      Nor do I think that any of the icons were intended to look like iOS in any way. At least mine wasn’t

  • Flazing and OffCorner square look great.

  • George Davis

    Rocking the Flazing theme on my Droid Maxx. Thanks guys!

  • K

    “which is almost at kovdev level in terms of quantity”

    Was that really necessary? I understand the guy is a loyal DL follower but why even bring him up…

    • Brady

      imo, his packs are more or less the standard by which others are measured…at least, by which i “measure” them.

      • K

        In addition to kovdev there are quite a few other icon devs that provide great support such as Vertumus, kxnt, and stealthychief. I don’t personally use any one dev’s work as a “standard”. Give me great design and great support via frequent updates and I’m happy.

    • Because I’m trying to provide perspective to readers on how great an achievement that is for Vertumus…

      • K

        Vertumus has been an accomplished themer for quite some time now on xda. It wasn’t until more recently he’s gotten into the icon business but his excellent support shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s familiar with his work.

        • That may be true, but there’s know denying that “kovdev” is a more common name among regular icon pack users — most don’t peruse XDA. With that said, point taken.

        • droidify

          I bought Cryten and was amazed at the speed and consistency of Vertumus updates. I will be buying all of his icon sets now. Best service of any dev I’ve used so far. Not to mention his icons are incredibly detailed. I like Kovdev as well but I must say Vertumus is faster and his weekly updates are like clockwork.

    • Arnold

      Yes. He’s one of the best and provides timely updates. Moving on.

    • Point taken. Get off his nuts.

    • James

      Thats nitpicky to be offended by that man.

  • TammyESudduth

    YAFI comes with 24 white dock icons, an analog clock widget, and wlpapR integration as well, in case you want the most bang for your buck. YAFI costs $2.08 to download over at Google Play http://sn.im/28ux95m

  • Trent Russell

    Flazing works great with my background!

  • dave griffin

    velur is my favorite pack to date although i wished the chrome icon filled the whole circle and a couple key icons missing.

  • SeanPlunk

    Bought Velur last night. It’s a great pack, lots of icons with multiple versions for a lot of the core Google stuff. Velur + Muzei = Win.

    • Arnold

      Good backgrounds too? Care to share a screenshot?

  • Alex Boro

    Just picked up Flazing and it’s awesome

  • *Obligatory “My wallet…” comment*