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Here are the Massive Changelogs for the Verizon Galaxy S4 Kit Kat Update

This morning, Verizon finally began pushing out Kit Kat (Android 4.4.2) to its variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4. While they forgot to publish the changelog for the major update before the update went live, we now have one from both Samsung and Verizon. As you would expect from an update of this magnitude, there are all sorts of new goodies.

Owners of the VZW Galaxy S4 will welcome in Isis Mobile Wallet, the VZW Cloud, Tap & Pay (for mobile payments), an updated lock screen, updated bloatware, Google cloud print framework, and more.

Again, the update is massive, so be sure to take a look at all of the changes below. 

Here are the support documents from Verizon:

verizon galaxy s4 udpate1verizon galaxy s4 udpate2

And here is the list from Samsung:

Added Features

  • New Apps
    • ISIS Wallet
    • Emergency alert
    • VZW Cloud
    • VZ Security has been replaced with VZ Protect
  • GMS package for KK(4.4.2_r1)
    • G+ Photos has been replaced by Photos
    • Play Magazine has been replaced by Play Newsstand
  • New to KitKat
    • SMS to Google Hangouts
    • Google Printing framework
    • Tap to pay, built a new way (HCE support)
    • SMS app chooser
    • Chromium WebView

UI Changes

  • Apps: Verizon apps icons (look and feel) have been added. ‘G+ Photos’ app has been changed to ‘Photos’ ISIS Mobile, Cloud and Emergency Alerts have been added
  • Apps Menu: Menu in Apps has been updated based on UX simplification on Galaxy Note3. Play store and Share apps have been removed. Disabling application feature has been added.
  • Widget Menu: The Play Store menu has been removed from the menu.
  • Widget: Google+ User Location’ widget has been added.
  • Lock Screen: Position of date and time on lock screen has been adjusted. Camera shortcut on lock screen has been added as default .
  • Notification: Color of status bar icons has been changed based on Google’s requirement (white theme). The ‘Ongoing ’ notification has been removed.
  • Multi Window: The recent multi-window feature with edit mode (implemented in Note3) has been applied. Help Tip pop-up (regarding long-press on back key) has been added. The ‘Create multi-window combination’ menu has been added. The ‘TripAdvisor’ App has been Added.
  • Keyboard: Color of keyboard buttons has been updated. The Button layout in handwriting mode has been updated. The buttons are moved from the top to the bottom to keep consistency between handwriting mode and normal keyboard. The set of Emoji in Samsung keyboard has been updated.
  • Camera: Settings > Metering mode menu has been changed the text from ‘Metering’ to ‘Metering mode’ Settings > Settings > Review Menu has been changed the text from ‘Review’ to ‘Review pics/videos’.
  • Clock:World Clock > Add city > Globe icon has been deleted (Simplification in UX)
  • Contacts: “Create contact” tip has been added to Contact tips pop-up. Default value for Do not show again has been changed to unchecked.
  • Email: The drawer menu list has been changed in Email app after user set up an email account (single) *Path : Idle / Apps / Email / Drawer menu. The notification pop up has been added when there is no recipient added. *Path : Idle / Apps / Email / Compose / Select send icon without adding recipients. ‘Email notifications’ (in Priority sender settings) subtext has been updated to describe notification behavior in details. *Path : Idle / Apps / Email / Menu / Settings / Priority senders. Email sync settings are changed based on Google KitKat update ‘Period to sync Email’ menu has been added and ‘Number of emails to load’ is removed in IMAP Email sync settings. ( Email / Menu / Settings / Account settings / Select account / Sync settings ) ‘Auto resend times’ menu has been removed. Maximum time is set to 3 times.
  • Group Play: Verbiage change: Start screen of Group play.
  • Messaging: The default messaging app interaction has been updated (Same as K). When the user attempts to change the default messaging app to Samsung Messages, the below UI will display. The ‘Font size’ menu has been added in Messaging app. *Path : Idle / Apps / Messaging / Menu The ‘Default messaging app’ menu has been added in Messaging settings. *Path : Idle / Apps / Messaging / Menu / Settings. Emergency message settings are deleted from Settings. *Path : Idle / Apps / Messaging / Menu / Settings. ‘Font size’ menu has been added in the Messaging compose page. *Path : Idle / Apps / Messaging / Compose / Menu.
  • Music:Music / Songs tab / NC2 added play time on play bar.
  • Phone: The ‘Help’ menu has been added in phone app. *Path : Idle / Apps / Phone / Menu.
  • S Health:Terms of use has been updated (Idle / Apps / S Health / Start / Information Used)
  • Video: Verbiage changes: Information > Announcement.
Via: Verizon | Samsung
  • just me

    Just received my update for my galaxy note 3 for Verizon. I do not see the emojis they were talking about.. I guess just another thing Verizon took from us

  • Guest00459

    My email quit updating read emails on the home screen with this last update. Before when I read an email on my PC or through web mail the phone would sync with the server and the little red number on the email icon would reflect how many or no unread emails I had. Now unless I open them on the phone itself they keep adding up in the red circle.

  • amy

    I got the kitkat update and now my phone keeps freezing with keypad popping up. Unable to hit any keys when that happens. Any ideas how to solve? Thanks to all you smart tech people!

  • Karen99

    Since last night my emails are no longer syncing. I have checked the settings and there are two choices, both stating that sync is off. What now?

  • Dee

    Email notifications all look the same now. I have 3 accounts and can’t tell the difference. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • FloridaCrakker


  • scott

    The removal of colors on the notification panel was a very bad decision. I have 3 email accounts and I can’t tell now which account had a new email.

  • Philippa Masini

    Try with this app for android devices: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fay.booster

  • Dot

    I received this update this morning. Where are the emojis? And besides the notif. bar being white, not much else has changed (that I’ve noticed so far.) I’ve waited so long for emojis … . & still nothing.

    • xcrew

      Hold down the speaker icon on your messaging keyboard. The emojis option will pop up

      • Dot

        Well that was easy. Thanks. My day is now going to be great.

  • BossaNova

    I got the KitKat update, but it seems as though nothing has changed. I have the 3 new apps, but it looks no different at all. Nothing changed in the mail or with the phone. The only visible anything is that the notification bar is white. Has anyone heard of an incomplete download? Phone shows it has that version on it, but is this all there is? I thought the UIs were supposed to at least change.

  • Geziah

    I have a Spigen S-View case and the font for the phone when S-View is active is different (and FUGLY) and the home button no longer functions to activate S-View, I have to open the case or push the power button which my not sound like much but is a pain in the azz…that’s really all I’ve noticed so far beyond the notification bar changes – which are blah at best.

  • jhdsfkazv

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  • Astromek21

    My update fails to install… not sure where to start on troubleshooting.

  • NeilGeorge

    So now I have to enable Master Sync for Email to sync with my isp email. Before I was able to hit refresh and would work. Now I have to hit Master Sync. Any ideas?
    So they moved Clear option to the top man it sux .. I always hit a program instead of hitting clear because of my fat fingers 😛

  • itc3

    got an update….was talking with samsung support and if you have the galaxy note 3 and sg4…..the play store widget is being removed. if you have the sg4 the play store will still exist in app menu but not the widget menu. confirmed with a sg4 4.4.2 updated phone. very confusing on the wording of the changelog.

  • itc3

    im on the phone right now with vzw tech and they are apparently conferencing in samsung support and they are telling me that the app/widget chg for Play Store is wrong and it will not be removed as stated in the chglog. not sure what is going on but endeavoring to find out ’cause the chglog doesnt say where the play store app/widget is going and i am certain they arent eliminating but simply moving…..gotta still be able to access play store

  • Al Moral

    Am I the only one on 4.2.2 still? Not worth the update to me.

  • via android

    Can’t read the Verizon screen shots. Way too small and can’t zoom in.

  • Blue Sun

    There’s only one changelog, correct?

  • Michael Hammond

    Someone root it! lol I’m still using a 4.2.2 ROM on VRUAMDK and won’t switch until the KK update gets rooted 😛

  • kesha

    I just did an update on the verizon galaxy s4 to a kitkat 4.4.2 and my lock screen doesn’t open and let me use my password. The only way it does if I restart the pnone not when I hit the power button like I have it set up to do. Does anyone know how to fix this without me having to do a factory reset?

  • patrick

    Anyone know if you can port the S5 google search bar(with the “OK Google”) to the S4? or is this S5 exclusive?

  • DannyGE

    Is anyone else noticing the 4G logo not greyed out, and still lighting up it’s up and down arrows, even while on WiFi?

    • patrick

      When i turn on WIFI, my 4G logo greys out.

      • DannyGE

        To clarify… Mine greys out some of the time, but a lot of the time both WiFi and 4G appear to be active simultaneously.

        • Blue Sun

          On Verizon, data is on 4G. So when Wi-Fi is on, all data is processed through Wi-Fi & voice is available via 3G.

          • DannyGE

            That’s 100% accurate for what’s supposed to happen, but doesn’t have anything to do with the issue I was asking about. When I’m on WiFi the 4GLTE icon should be greyed out, and not showing any activity. It does this sometimes, but most of the time, the WiFI icon is displayed and active, as is the 4GLTE icon. It should be greyed out, but, instead, it is white and the upload and download arrows (which show activity on 4G) are on and off, as well, showing that there is data activity happening on 4G, not just WiFi. I’m hoping it’s an issue of the icon, and not actually an issue of both being connected at once, as I connect to WiFi to limit the amount of data I use.

          • CRM

            Check in your Applications Manager. Scroll right to the All menu. Is there an app named Caller Name ID? If so clear its cache and disable it.

          • DannyGE

            Thanks. That worked. Isn’t it wonderful how they provide us with “useful” apps that we didn’t ask for, and make sure that those apps are as inconvenient as possible?

  • DannyGE

    Why remove the menu option for the Play Store in the app drawer? I used that all the time since Samsung didn’t put a button in like the stock app drawer. I didn’t want to have to scroll to it, and don’t have the space on my home screen to put a shortcut.

  • Nate

    Guess Root is out of the question for now, Even with OTA Root keep or SuperSU root keep?

  • pball_inuyasha

    I’ve been hoping for this for quite a while now, specially since the S4 got special treatment with that one update. I’m far from stock and won’t be updating, but this should lead to some kitkat roms for safestrap since those roms have to be based off the stock rom.

  • patrick

    Just as I expected. Besides the all white theme and slightly better performance it looks no different than 4.3.

  • Ryon Morrin

    anybody having issues with signal strength? I had an iPhone 4 for 3 years with 4-5 bars of 3G in my home at all times, I’m lucky to get three inside with the Galaxy S4 i got yesterday, usually 2 and sometimes 1. Is this typical or should I consider exchanging it for another GS4?

    • Bruce

      What you should compare is not the number of the bars. You should compare the signal strengths between the phones since the signal bar can be programmed to look good even if you don’t have the comparable signal strength. You can find the signal strength in dBm/asu in phone status within about device.

  • Scott

    When is S4 Mini for Verizon getting the update

  • Scott

    When is S4 mini getting update for Verizon

  • patrick

    Camera shortcut on lock screen has been added as default? I don’t see this on my S4 after the update. I went into the Lock Screen settings and this option is still grayed out.

    • Mr Nex5us

      Samsung hid it unless you remove your screenlock. My lil bro has a S4 with ATT running 4.4 and thats how his works.

      • patrick

        Thanks. Found it. Shame it doesnt work with a screenlook. Would have been nice.

  • jothen2002

    Lol..After 8 months i finally rooted…hyperdrive…wondering now if it’s worth going back to stock.

    • Asimoalex

      Me and you both

  • Aaron

    And if it wasn’t for all the Verizon crap apps it would have been here two months ago lol

  • RoadsterHD1

    That looked like an Iphone

  • John T. Wildman

    I jumped off the latest is best a long time back…should Verizon speed up the updates..heavens yes! However,I would rather they don’t push a polished turd to my phone, so if it takes a bit, not a big deal. Kit Kat is so minor a update, it’s hardly worth getting impatient over. ICS was the last great update, but then again it took away some long press options. They return with kk. Again, newer isn’t always better.

    • Matthew Rebmann

      Under-the-hood? I’d argue that Kitkat is the best update (discarding the UI improvement of ICS) 4.4 Is far more lean than Android has been in ages.

      • John T. Wildman

        I wouldn’t disagree. As long as it’s been out it should already be on Verizon’s Samsung phones. It’s also not a game changer like ICS was..that was a significant overhaul for android. Usually the good outweighs the bad, but I wouldn’t get overly excited for the few enhancements they made with kit Kat. That’s just me though 🙂

    • texbuc

      John, I totally agree. I want updates but I want them kink free. I appreciate getting an update that has had all issues worked out. I loved my S4, and now S5, I have NEVER had problems with an update, so when they arrive, they make a phone I truly love even better. It’s always worth the wait for me.

  • Kevin

    Does PdaNet/Foxfi work after this update? I’m guessing no.

    • RoadsterHD1


      • Kevin

        Do we know if they are able to make it work?

      • Kevin

        New update to Foxfi claims it fixes this

    • Edward Smith

      Their website says their is no known fix for Foxfi after updating to KitKat.
      How do I block Verizon’s update push until I can get home to instal CM?

      • scastro87

        They updated FoxFi so it’s compatible now.

        • Edward Smith

          Link please.
          I was just at their site yesterday and every indication is 4.4 still locks down wifi tethering.

          • scastro87

            Well then you do know how to check again haha. Anyway from the play store:
            What’s New
            WiFi mode is now supported on Verizon Samsung phones updated to Android 4.4 (KitKat). That includes Galaxy S5/S4/S3 and Note 4/3/2. We do not have a solution for other models so please stay with USB/Bluetooth mode for now.


          • scastro87

            To be fair, I just updated to 4.4 and haven’t figured it out yet.

          • Edward Smith

            Thank you!
            I’ve been pestering PDANet/FoxFi since KitKat was initially released and their public messaging has suggested there was np workaround for 4.4 or they weren’t going try.
            Again thank you for catching this.

          • scastro87

            No problem! And confirm that it works! Directions are a little tricky.

          • Edward Smith

            VZW’s fault no doubt. I was preparing to instal CM 10.2.1; may still if this “upgrade” makes things worse.

    • Manny Avila

      PdaNet/Foxfi doesn’t work with Kit Kat.

    • scastro87

      It does now! FoxFi was just updated today so it would be compatible with 4.4

  • Godzilla

    By the way, if anyone cant get the update to take because you are rooted, you are not alone. Mine wont update even affter defrosting.

    • Colton

      I had to odin to stock (no wipe) and then update and it worked fine. a little frustrating.

      • Godzilla

        Afraid I dont know how to use ODIN so im gonna sit back a few days and see if an easy fix presents itself.

        • Colton

          there are some really straight-forward guides if you are interested. But i definitely see where you’re coming from. good luck buddy!

  • Godzilla

    With all the optimizations 4.4.2 brings, can anyone report if your S4 feels faster/snappier?

    • anon

      Its the same. People will say it is faster because all the cache is deleted so it will be for a limited time. Pretty much no big differences.

      • Godzilla

        Interesting considering the optimizations reported for this version. Damn touchwiz.

    • Colton

      probably just imagining it, but i feel like some animations looks smoother (such as keyboard sliding up from the bottom, things like that). But like Anon said (in the other reply) that could very well be from cache being deleted.

    • Ian Dunn

      Mine does. It feels like a new phone. Not to so cliche. But the update with the UI changes and the animation changes when locking the screen or using the launcher make it feel better.

      On a different note: I used to have a bug where it would not connect to 4GLTE and only use 3G until I rebooted. I haven’t had that happen since updating and it has been nice.

    • Ryan Farris

      My S4 seems way faster. It was very noticeable right after I applied the update. I’m hoping it stays that way.

  • Danmheadache

    Is it S5 touchwiz theme or still the same?

    • Colton

      just installed. still the same. the S5 seems to have gotten an “exclusive” version, at least for now.

      • hkklife

        So lame. I really want Samsung to go all-out and give everything released after the GS4 (including it) the new TW in the next update. Phones AND tablets! I have to admit being pleasantly surprised By the TW changes on the GS5 but it will suck mightily if they keep differentiating between “new old” TW and ” new new TW”. Look how HTC just breathed new life into the DNA with Sense 5.5 atop KK.

  • crazed_z06

    So Google Wallet tap and pay is actually allowed now? Hurry up with the damn Note 3 update Verizon 😡

    • DC_Guy

      No need to be anxious about that. Tap & Pay for Google Wallet still won’t work on the Note 3. I believe it is some sort of hardware issue. I don’t believe Google Wallet Tap & Pay works on AT&T or T-Mobile Note 3’s either.

      • AngryBadger

        believe it has something to do with the type of NFC chip versus what android supports. Samsung has to tweak it (believe it is the same with HTC ones but HTC tweaked their android to support it). Not gospel but something along these lines.

  • Colton

    The s4 is the first phone that I have genuinely enjoyed with no problems and not really wanted (too badly) a new one. Of course I DO want the Nexus 5, the GS5, and a few others, but I don’t feel like i’m missing out on a whole lot. The wait was long, but I’m glad I’m finally getting the KK update. Makes a phone I love even better 🙂

    • The Narrator

      the few, the proud.

      • Brandon Sobotta

        The ugly

        • Colton


      • MicroNix

        G2 owners you mean? Must be since the S4 outsold it what, 10 to 1? Or more?

    • Pam McArdle

      I agree with u 100%! Love my S4!

    • C-Law

      I felt the same way when I got my moto x. I had the s4 right before it and while I did like it, it was a little too big and battery life was not what I wanted, even with CM.

      • Colton

        would love to have a moto x as well!

  • bacramer9

    Can I get a Droid Maxx update?

    • RoadsterHD1

      Next month Droid MAXX may get 4.4.3 and skip 4.4.2 altogether. Due to the FUBAR 4.4.2 of a couple of months ago.

      • bacramer9

        Thanks! That’s service!

  • grayson360

    So let me get this straight…. The G2 that came out later, received 4.4 first? I’m very surprised and this is coming from a G2 user.

    On another note, maybe the update times are still toooooo long on Verizon, they have indeed bumped it up a bit. I mean the Verizon Moto X received 4.4 before my Nexus 7 did thanks to Google rolling out in stages. EITHER way, I know we all fuss about having the latest 4.4 on our devices soon and all, especially 4.4 due to ART, but can we just sit back and look at how all versions of android that are 4.x and up are just plain awesome? Like, android rocks. It really does rock compared to what’s out there. I’m a happy android user :). Started with an Eris, G2 now, and waiting to see what comes. Anybody else? Hell, does anyone just wanna like Facebook and talk about awesome phones no matter what carrier??

    • crazed_z06

      It makes sense that the Galaxy and Notes are taking the longest. There’s probably more of those phones in people’s hands, so if they were to screw up the update for those devices, it would be a huge issue. If they mess up the Kit Kat update for the G2 or One, it wouldnt produce nearly the amount of customer service calls as if the GS4 update got borked.

      • Adrynalyne

        So the fix to the delay is for them to be more careful and less sloppy with their coding. Number of users doesn’t matter, quality of the release does.

  • Thomas

    Come on Note 3 update !!!

    • The Narrator


    • Bassdj

      The note 3 update has been leaked on XDA as of 4/20

      • Adam Elghor

        Droid-Life never talks about the romming community anymore. More Note 3 owners need to know KitKat dropped! This leak not only gave us KitKat but will now allow us to change kernels based on what Hashcode said. Here’s hoping AOSP roms wont be too far down the line!

    • C-Law

      Wait, the Verizon note 3 doesn’t have KitKat? Didn’t it come to all the other US carriers over a month ago?

  • The Narrator

    lol at Verizon effing you up the A with 4 bloatware apps.

    • blahblahblah

      Yeah because they can’t easily be removed or hidden. /s

      Oh and every carrier does this.

      • The Narrator

        Sarcasm and jokes must get by you a lot.

      • Mr Nex5us

        That’s why you should buy unlocked.

        Nexus 5 FTW!