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Google May Offer Outdoor WiFi to Cities That Have Google Fiber

According to a recent report out of Computer World and IDG News, Google may have plans to offer free outdoor WiFi to cities that allow for Google Fiber. Google recently sent survey requests to over 30 cities, asking for specific details about the city, including information on streets, boundaries, rights of way, manholes, utility poles, zoning types and the condition of pavement across the city. 

In the requests, there was a mention of possible WiFi access in cities with plans for Google Fiber, but no specifics were stated. When asked about Google’s plans to bring outdoor WiFi to the towns, a Google spokesperson stated the following.

We’d love to be able to bring outdoor Wi-Fi access to all of our Fiber cities, although we don’t have any specific plans to announce right now.

It seems like almost yesterday when the idea of having Google Fiber across this country was science fiction. While these build outs will take years, and we are a long way from seeing Google Fiber in every household, it is clear that Google is quite serious about competing in this space.

Via: Computer WorldCNET
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  • fran farrell

    As we speak, Google “Loons” are taking data in Northern NV that will prove that telcos use almost none of the bandwidth they bought over most of the area they serve for most of the time in any given day. Google will propose a way to measure interference with telco operations and provide non-interfering WiFi for free wherever users congregate, provided Google can get fiber there.

  • NoBigGovDuh

    Google should charge a bit more for the Tv and Internet deal and offer a basic Tv and Internet package at a lower price.

  • The faster users can access Google services online, the more money they make!

  • Outdoor blanket wi-fi + voip + wi-fi only phones…sounds nearly like my dream of Google operating a cell phone service!

    Maybe they’re going to skip right past cell technology and start building for the “cell phones” of the future 🙂

  • John Davids

    “it is clear that Google is quite serious about competing in this space.”

    I’m not so sure. I think the only thing that is clear right now is that Google is becoming exceedingly good and rattling the status quo of how ISPs operate. Every single Google Fiber announcement has been followed, usually hours later, by ATT or another ISP immediately responding. Hours after the Austin announcement, ATT said they now plan to bring 1gbps to the area as well. I think Google’s game plan is to get all the major players furiously competing with each other to drive prices down and speeds up. Once they are all falling over each other with promises of how fast and how cheaply they can bring 1gbps service to other areas, Google can quietly exit the market and sell any existing fiber infrastructure they had to build to the larger players.

    IMO, Google’s aspirations are to get as many eyeballs possible on the internet, where they control some 30-50% (depending on what metric you are looking at) of a ~$140 billion advertising market…not to enter the ISP market. /shrug

    • Cowboydroid

      As long as telecom franchise agreements still exist, competition will be a long time coming. It’s taking an entity with the wealth and influence of Google just to make a dent in the market…which just shows you the size of the moat built by the established telecoms.

      • John Davids

        Fully agreed. Won’t be easy or quick or a long time coming, but Google is assuredly getting really good at it.

    • Steveo

      Damn, you just blew my mind.

  • moew

    This is nothing new. Most ISP’s in areas that they love, provide free “city” wireless access. They get your email/ZAG info on the proxy page, and you get to surf away with gourmet coffee, win win!

    Not sure this is newsworthy.

    • I’ve never heard of ISP’s offering free WiFi in areas of their service, at least in the U.S.

      • AngryBadger

        Pretty sure AT&T and Comcast do it. But like moew mentioned, it’s mostly around major cities.

        • moew

          And plenty of other providers here in the 48. Ohhhh, I like your name +AngryBadger

  • The Narrator

    How about working on spreading it first, Google.