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Friday App Sales: Behang, The Room Two, Out There, ROM Toolbox Pro, and More

The weekend is merely hours away here in the U.S., but we would not want to leave you all without a bunch of deals on apps and games. This week’s roundup includes quality titles such as one of our favorite wallpaper apps out there, Behang; one of the best Android games known to man, Out There; a couple of quality apps from our pal Jared Rummler (JRummy); and other great installs like The Room Two and Ticket to Ride.

This week has seen some seriously good apps put on sale, so don’t miss any of the action right down below.

Friday app sales

Have a good one, folks!

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  • CasperTFG

    To those more knowledgeable, with a toro Nexus (4.2.2/Xposed), is it even worth buying ROM Toolbox Pro?

  • Pancakes

    How big are the discounts?

  • moew

    Are any of these good?

    • EvanTheGamer

      The Room Two(sequel to the award-winning The Room, highly entertaining puzzle game)
      Out There(from the comments, it’s very difficult but it’s also very entertaining; a type of space strategy game where you’re an astronaut that apparently got lost somewhere in space, somewhere ‘out there’ in the deep, dark no man’s land. You must travel everywhere to obtain resources as well as oxygen. Again, it’s pretty difficult)
      The Cave(if you like Double Fine’s work in games and are a fan of Tim Schafer, then you should love this gem)
      Clash of Puppets(also a game that has been getting some really great praise from critics and players alike; platformer hack n’ slash game)
      Dungeon Village(building sim where you take control of a small village and then try to build it from the ground up, attracking adventurers from around the kingdom, or from other villages, lol – It’s pretty fun though)
      10000000(a dungeon/role-playing game with a 3-match system. You keep playing and playing until you reach 10,000,000 points where you’ll finally win your freedom. It’s fun!)
      Beyond Space(a space shooter with some crazy highly visualized graphics, and frantic gameplay. And also offers some actual real voice-over deliague, which is somewhat of a rarity in most mobile games. Looks fun, to say the least)

      • moew

        Yeah but are any of those good?

        • EvanTheGamer

          I wouldn’t have listed any of those games if they weren’t at least worth checking out. 🙂 But yes, they are worth checking out and are really fun.

          • moew

            Yeah but are any of them good? I’m seeing a pattern from you already.

          • EvanTheGamer

            No, they all suck.

            And so do you for asking stupid questions.

          • moew

            OK I won’t check out any of them based on your feedback.

            Ask a simple question and people like you ruin it for everyone 🙁

      • clobberedchina

        Thank you very much for the reviews, EvanTheGamer. That’s just aces. Thanks!!!

  • Patmw123

    Behang is awesome. Certainly worth $0.99 in my opinion. Flatee is also an icon pack which I highly recommend and it looks great with Behang and pretty much any type of wallpaper for that matter.