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Samsung’s Newest Galaxy S5 “Next Big Thing is Here” Commercial

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Milk Music. Family time. Hitting the gym. Playing with your kids and their friends. Taking trips with the crew, top down in the coupe. Higher resolution camera than the iPhone. Heart rate monitor. Water resistance. Traveling. Kicking the skinny girls’ asses on the trail. All features in the new Galaxy S5 commercial from Samsung.

Loving yours?

Oh, and yes, our review is still on the way.

  • Rajeev

    Any idea who is d male model in tis advertisement???

  • JackMeOffski

    Not a big fan of HTC but my bro bought HTC M8 and it is one sexy mofo.

    Great commercial. I heard Tim Cooks likes having a big Male orgies every S launch to make himself feel beer….

  • CHRIS42060

    I think these commercials are a bit more boring than the previous “Next Big Thing” commercials that made fun of Apple?

  • Joey Sandoval

    Picking mine up today. If I don’t like it I’ll sell it and keep my nexus 5

  • WallBreaker

    I own a Nexus 5 and swear by stock, but this commercial makes me want the S5, shows you how powerful marketing is.

  • That’s the way a phone commercial SHOULD be! Why is that so hard to do HTC (and everyone else too while we’re at it)?

  • evilfatcow

    So like..kids rather watch shows NEXT to a pool than to hang out with friends in a pool. MAKES SENSE.

  • RaptorOO7

    I would love to get a GS5 but only when they offer it with 32GB of storage.

    • flosserelli

      Maybe Samsung will offer 32 GB on the S5 F/KQ/Premium/whatever

      • WallBreaker

        is that really a thing? or just a rumor? I keep hearing about that.

        • flosserelli

          Nothing official. But it would not surprise me if Samsung is keeping the lid on a S5 derivative to better compete with the next iphone. It is anyone’s guess what either of those phones will bring to the table. But if there is any chance of a 32 GB version of the S5, that will be a great time to unveil it.

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    Great ad

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    The next big gimmick.

    • WallBreaker

      water resistant, 5.1 1080p display and 16mp camera double the iPhone camera are gimmicks?

  • Trevor

    It might be a great phone, but I’m quite happy with my Nexus.

  • ROB


    • WallBreaker

      china made, no thank you.

  • 213ninja

    i can’t wait to read about how it’s too big in “the-not-so-good”…

  • This is yet another great commercial from Samsung. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve maybe bought an S5 based on this commercial. Fortunately, I read, so I bought an HTC One M8 instead.

  • mcdonsco

    Fuk samsung…the more I think about this, the more pissed off I get.

    With EVERY S or Note launch Samsung gives us a black/white 16gb model…then once all of us early adopters return windows expire; POOF! Out come the color options and the 32gb options. And as for accessories? Always on “back order” right out of the gate…but Samsung always makes sure to send you that 50% off accessories coupon code on their site.

    WTF? As much as i despise Apple, at least they don’t pull this crap and invoke a strong sense of buyers remorse with their loyal supporters / early adopters by holding back the options and variants of the devices until weeks/months later like Samsung does with EVERY ONE OF THEIR FLAGSHIP LAUNCHES!!!

    I’m tired of it…my gs5 is going back purely out of principle.

    Fuk Samsung.

    DL should do a thing on this too btw.

  • moew




  • Sam

    probably looks like a tablet in Kellex alleged baby hands

    • JackMeOffski

      Little hands = little wee-wee

  • Grizzy

    I’m not buying this unless they come out with a premium version, but that’s an awesome commercial.

    • Maxim∑

      they have, its called the Samsung Galaxy S5 Crystal Edition……………………………………

  • bimsebasse

    Is it just me in the universe who think this is an unremarkable and generic commercial? Surprised at the praise.

    • NexusMan

      Probably just you.

    • WallBreaker

      yep just you. I know a lot of people that would buy the device based solely on it being water resistant, the camera mp, screen size, and quality are just bonuses to consumers. Remember most consumers are coming from devices 2 years old when upgrading, they are not like us smartphone enthusiasts that have to try out every new device by trading, swapping(what I do) and selling our current devices.

      • bimsebasse

        Talking about the commercial not the device.

  • NexusMan

    And yet again….THIS is how you do it. Excellent job on the commercial, Samsung.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    What a good job showing the water resistance.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The Irony of Samsung is that they remind me of Apple. People are clamoring for them to do something more different/unique than a rehash every year……Then…They go out and buy the devices at record breaking pace anyway…. People don’t know what they want.

  • BRIM

    I wish HTC knew how to market their brand.

    Car washing trolls convinced me to get the One (said no one ever)

  • Alex Boro

    This is good marketing. Take note HTC.

  • The Narrator

    It wouldn’t be a Samsung commercial without an Apple jab.

    • PoisonApple31

      Well yeah, Apple is the only company that can significantly impact Samsung’s market share in the U.S. – jabs are needed.

      • The Narrator

        lol it’s been going on for a while, it’s only way to get people to buy their products. ” OH MER GERRD, BETTER THAN APPLE BUY OUR PRODUCT”

        • PoisonApple31

          You are completely right. Once again though, in the United States it makes sense to do that when there are only two top brands in a market.

    • jnt

      It wouldn’t be a Samsung article without a Narrator jab. 😛

    • flosserelli

      I still like the S3 commercial with the guy holding his parents’ place in line and buyers hoping to get “everything they didn’t get last year”. Classic.

    • Maxim∑

      I love how at 0:48 he drops the phone on the side of the sink and it falls in the water. In real life the crap plastic back would pop off

      • NexusMan

        Actually, the back is quite secure. It helps with it’s water resistant rating.

      • michael arazan

        My GS3 back pops off every time I drop it with the battery flying out, put it back together and works just the same as it every did, janky TW and all. Done so about 20 times since I had it.

        As much as I hate TW, samsung builds a phone that can take a beating, not a scratch or crack in the plastic or glass and it still works.

  • Cesar

    “The next big thing is here.”

    Emphasis on “big,” amirite?

    • The Narrator

      “the next big thing big big thing big is here here big here”

  • flosserelli

    Higher resolution camera than the iPhone*

    *when the camera app works

    • PoisonApple31

      **when it doesn’t FC on Verizon…

    • The Narrator
    • NexusMan

      Since we’re adding disclaimers, how about adding them to everything? Like: Now, you can navigate to your location on the new iPhone with the gorgeous, new Apple Maps* *when the maps app actually manages to be accurate….Or how about: The new iPhone 4, the thinnest, most advanced, most beautiful, best designed smartphone ever, consisting of an uninsulated stainless steel frame which doubles as an antenna* *Said design and antenna may cause the device to lose its cellular signal if held in a certain way.

  • tu3218

    They truly know how to market a phone. I absolutely love my moto x but can’t help but want this phone a little bit after watching that.

    • Scott Tucker

      Well, to be fair, the Moto X has some very significant shortcomings, IMO, first of which is the camera. The S5 may have the best camera Android has ever seen. The screen also blows the doors off the Moto X.

      • NexusMan

        The screen blows the doors off of ANY other smartphone. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with the Moto X’ screen, and is perfectly adequate for anyone who loves the phone.

        • deskjob

          It’s a great screen, but I don’t think it blows the doors off every phone out there. It still has that signature green-ish tint with OLED screens, especially on Samsung devices. And I tried changing the display mode to the “cinema” mode which helped a little but still very noticeable.

        • LionStone

          Well, the doors off any other amoled screen I’m sure, but since others prefer LCD screens, the S5 screen is not preferred.

          • NexusMan

            Clearly, people prefer different things. Just as people prefer the Moto X to the GS 5. I did not start the “blows the doors off,” thread, nor did I start the notion that the GS5 has the best screen on the market. That distinction has been given to it by SEVERAL tech bloggers and critics.

          • LionStone


          • NexusMan


          • LionStone


        • flosserelli

          The screen blows the doors off of ANY other smartphone*

          *with AMOLED screen

          • NexusMan

            The screen blows the doors off of ANY other smartphone*

            *With any screen type, as stated by several professional tech bloggers and critics.

          • flosserelli

            That is a matter of personal preference. I agree the S5 has the best AMOLED screen available, but I still prefer LCDs.

          • Same here, I absolutely LOVE the LCD display of my G2. White whites and true colors.

          • NexusMan

            That is also, a matter of personal preference.
            It has been widely reported that the GS5’s screen is superior not only to other screen types, but also, specifically, previous AMOLED technology. Unless you’ve done extensive research with said new technology in various indoor and outdoor situations, I don’t particularly care about your opinions on said performance in said conditions. I, too, don’t base my preferences on what others like.

        • crazed_z06

          “adequate” .. No thanks

          • NexusMan

            Not meant to entice or convert you. Meant to express that it has everything I, personally need from a smartphone screen.