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Quick Contest: Win a $50 Google Play Gift Card From Droid Life!

I stumbled upon an unused $50 Google Play gift card this afternoon while tidying up the office and though, “Why not give this away?” So yeah, let’s do just that.

This will go down as one of the quickest contests in DL history, as you only have three hours to get in. Thankfully, the rules are simple. All you have to do isย follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below, which essentially just asks that you leave a comment. We choose our winner through Rafflecopter though, so make sure to tell it that you left a comment.



Prize: ย 1 (one) $50 Google Play gift card.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We will choose our winner today at 4PM Pacific.

  • dafuk

  • Guest


  • Trevor Cook

    Allcast, Volume Statusbar, and some icon packs

  • haomeijie

    i need it

  • Dr. Steve

    How did I not win? I don’t understand. I did everything I could. Why does god hate me?

  • djsuddenstop

    Link Bubble
    Eset Mobile Security
    Action Launcher

  • ki11ak3nn

    I didn’t win. Sad face

  • shane7783

    New stand -walking dead comics
    Allcast premium
    Google music unlimited

  • EngineerGunter

    Beautiful Widgets Pro
    Titanium Backup Pro
    Donate more money to Gravity Box devs!!!

  • Kernschatten

    XCOM, Baldur’s Gate, Shadowrun

  • Brandon B Glasgow


  • Adrian Lumani

    I need this!

  • Brandon Yip

    Gib me that nova launcher pls

  • saim

    minecraft,final fantasy 6,SwiftKey, beautiful widgets. hope i win

  • Jonathan Ly


    CF Lumen Pro upgrade

    Eufloria HD

  • Dor

    worms 2, SwiftKey Keyboard, ROM Manager

  • Paul Buse

    Tasker, Titanium Back up, and Allcast

  • John

    Google Play Music
    Out There
    Fleksy keyboard!

  • syo

    AllCast, WolframAlpha, AutoVoice

  • chdir

    I wanna win!

  • KobeorDieTryin’


  • Chris Winn

    Titanium Backup Pro, XCOM, PixelSky!

  • Kevin

    Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, GamingCast (for Chromecast), Google Play Music

  • Darko Dimitrijoski

    Nexus media importer,Power Amp,Root Explorer

  • Michael Smith

    slingplayer, tune in pro, titanium sync

  • Killua Zoldyck

    Games, movies, and music

  • tom mullin

    Clash of clans
    Play movies
    Walking dead

  • Lumos icon pack
    Clockwork mod recovery

  • s

    minecraft, tune in pro and nova pro

  • Vikram Bhasin

    Grooveshark remote, breaking bad episodes, and ROM toolbox pro

  • Kristen

    Music and movies for my daughter.

  • Jesica Koren

    Gentle Alarm, Uno, Sketchbook Pro

  • WAldenIV

    I’d actually buy some movies.

  • Ben Klene

    I would stock up on plenty of movies for my flight to Ireland next month!

  • alan

    Grand theft auto, Smash hit, need for speed,

  • BAoxymoron

    Minecraft, some new alarm clock and a Pandora subscription

  • Lorenzo Rey Camejo

    I wanna wiin

  • iMattGreat

    I hope I win!

  • Thenovafilms is epic

    Minecraft PE
    Google Play Movies
    More Google Play Movies

  • onefuzzinator

    Hope I win!

  • Jon Grobstick

    Minecraft, TV episodes, xcom: enemy unknown

  • Chuggowitz

    Oh hello.
    SwiftKey, beautiful widgets, final fantasy 6.

  • Buddy

    Pick me!

  • Becky Vliet


  • apps, nah i’m totally buy movies with it!

  • Nathan Grebowiec


  • dashortaznlady

    today calendar, domo icon pack, and riptide gp 2

  • JDGD

    The Walking Dead Season 1, sleep as android, fpse for android

  • Will

    New launcher,power amp pro,solid explorer

  • Becky Vliet

    I would use it for book to unwind after work. Music to keep me occupied at work and a movie or 2 for whenever my hubby and I have a day off together.

  • Frank Urbanski

    A bunch of icon sets, games on my wishlist.

  • rhart211

    Nova Launcher Prime, PowerAmp, Beautiful Widgets

  • TankerTuff

    1. Icon packs
    2.The new Walking Dead game
    3. Flappy bird… oh wait nevermind that last one

  • Nicholas Fowler

    Such gift card. Many apps. Wow.

  • Becky Vliet

    I would use it for music to keep me occupied at work, Books to help unwind after work and a movie or 2 for my hubby and I to watch when/if we have a day off together.

  • boomerangdad

    Business calendar pro,
    WWF ad free,
    Some shooter game

  • Vincent Lee

    xcom, action launcher, and all cast premium

  • bmfrench

    Poker books
    Poker games
    Poker shows

  • chrispatra

    Google music-google books-gameloft

  • Steveo

    I’m fresh out of Google play dollars, and could use some more!

  • warren

    I would buy a app to see space junk ( satilights and stuff) of course gta vice city ( and sneaky cheats app) and last but not least . marine traffic for some reason i have a strange need to know about ships when i am on a beach and this app is good for that but i don’t have the balls to pay for it. X

  • Chad Hershey

    Three Apps? X-Com, Out There, Drive Sync!

  • Paula Carballo

    Heads Up!

    SketchBook Pro

    Nexus Media Importer

  • Jared Reed

    Google play movies, Google play books, Google play music

  • Kevin Vesga

    Time for a game shopping spree!

  • Nick

    Donate versions of all my apps.

  • Duncan Manning

    Some eBooks of Play Books
    A game or two I’ve been eying
    Domo icon pack

  • jefftphillips

    I can fuel my Angry Birds Star Wars obsession.

  • Mauliawan Prima

    The Room Two
    Sleep as Android
    XDA Premium

  • disqus_IMhqQEGsii

    I’d like to use this for:

    Minecraft – Pocket Edition
    Titanium Backup
    ROM Toolbox Pro

  • Stanger

    AllCast Premium
    and probably some new music

  • Stephen Cheng

    Zooper Widget, Icon Pack, and Wolfram Alpha

  • Luke Humphries

    GTA San Andreas
    Walking Dead Season 1
    Play Movies

  • Husein Alatas

    -The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    -Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • kalestric

    tasker, foxfi, nova prime

  • slash19

    I will be buying $50 worth of kids games. Well worth it to keep them busy at just the right time.

  • Mike Cerra

    XCom: Enemy Unkown; Out There; and Catan

  • Jeff718

    The Room
    The Room 2

  • Aaron

    XCOM, rom manager, walking dead

  • David Lopez

    Aide, Foxfi and GTA San Andreas

  • Justin Costa

    minecraft for fun, pay a month of my Google Music streaming subscription, and a couple movies for the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jeffrey Waterman

    I would use some of it on Baldur’s Gate, Shadowrun Returns, and Knights of Pen and Paper

  • fyrhtu

    Chrono Trigger,
    Pathfinder Spellbook

  • Joe Cross

    All cast premium
    Icon packs

  • Royce

    Nova Prime, Rio 2, and some music!

  • Christopher Ginac

    Google Play Books, maybe a movie or two, and Game Of Thrones!

  • yodatom10

    Tasker, Amazing spirderman 2, Astro(remove ads)

  • Alyssa

    xcom, walking dead, rom manager

  • OriginalMP3

    Tasker, final fantasy, all cast premium

  • Keyan X

    Impossible Road, Allcast Premium, and Threes

  • Kyle Luis

    nova launcher prime, swiftkey, and Plex

  • Justin holiday

    Clash of clans (in app purchase)

  • blitzkriegbob

    Password keeper, cam scanner, and sonic the hedgehog.

  • Johnny S.

    I would definitely buy the following items.
    Gems for Clash of Clans
    Rip Tide 2
    A couple of movies from the Play Store.

  • Colin McHale

    Google play movies and TV shows
    Mad men
    West wing
    Some great new movie!

  • Andrรฉ Guedes

    OfficeSuite Pro 7

  • Kaeli Ariana Chambers

    Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy 5, and Final Fantasy 3

  • fyrhtu

    OOH! Pick me, Rafflecopter’s random picker!

  • Blank slate

    This will get spent as fast as its raffled

  • szook36

    Music books pocket casts and so much more

  • Randy Mills

    Definitely play store, play music, and news stand.

  • vj1824

    Nova prime, tasker, titanium backup

  • Matthew Wu

    Link bubble
    XCOM?! Maybe…

  • Ty Collum

    Icon packs. All of them.

  • Cj

    Books,music, and games

  • Matt Erbeck

    Minecraft, Allcast, and more icon packs

  • leviwhite9

    Beautiful Widgets Pro, an icon pack, and some new music.

  • Zach Tovar

    music, magizines and games

  • Snowx2k5

    Final Fantasy 3, Minecraft and Apex Launcher.

  • Haroon Dar


  • JB

    Grand theft auto San andreas, Go launcher pro, and the amazing spider man 2

  • Neil Lowman

    Pick me. Apps apps and more apps!

  • extrajays

    Music, movies, and GAMES!!!!

  • Angelo Davis

    Minecraft, Allcast Premium, Xcom enemy within.

  • Cj


  • Garrett

    All Cast, XCom, Worms: Reloaded

  • Jdies

    Final Fantasys

  • Tim Dippel

    Google play music, Google play tv&movies, Google play books

  • Moku

    1. Nexus Display Control

    2. Google Play Music
    3. Google Play Movies

  • Chris

    I’d go back to review DL’s favorite apps, probably buy some of those, help support good devs/products.

  • Tyler Lamb

    Helium License, Final Fantasy 4 and Final Fantasy 6

  • michael steinmetz

    Titanium Backup, GTA, and Play Music

  • Troy G.

    Link bubble Pro, XCOM Enemy Unknown, and Plex

  • Brittany N

    I would buy a couple albums books and icon packs

  • Dave Whyte

    TapN Any Kovdev themes I’m missing and All cast Premium

  • Ricardo Rodrรญguez

    PowerAMP, Nova Launcher Prime and Titanium Backup Pro..

  • JasonWhite

    Facets. The new Spiderman game. Camera Awesome.

  • Minecraft ,Need for Speed Most Wanted, The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • Maxwell DeMayo

    Titanium backup pro, Root Explorer, Plex!

  • thatperson79

    Torque obdii

  • Ronald Bernard

    I would use it to buy movies, pay for all access music and app content on golf star.

  • Matt

    I would buy my parents google apps to get them off my account ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Cruise Brantley

    Google play music, Allcast, and Plex

  • emoney

    Yay fun

  • Howard Simmons Jr.

    Movies and paid apps. Tired of ads.

  • Stephen Curley

    I would buy a couple more icon packs, maybe check out the xcom game and buy an accessory for my n7

  • maratu

    Magic The Gathering 2014
    Allcast Premium

  • Andy Marnach

    Nova launcher
    Fleksy keyboard

  • Jarom Bradshaw

    Fenix for Twitter
    Demo Icon Pack

  • Steven Dolbey

    Super Brothers Sword and Sworcery
    Lumos Icon Pack
    Runtastic Road Bike Pro

  • MustKillMoWhee

    All Cast Premium, CrossMe Premium, CrossMe Color Premium

  • Andrew Scott


  • Spaniard85

    Assassins creed pirates, any number of icon packs by kovdev, and maybe a book that I haven’t read yet like Enders Game.

  • Abdelrhman Walid

    Play Music, Titanium Backup and Link Bubble

  • Mastabrozif

    Rom Manager
    Plex for Android

  • BeerManMike

    Nova Launcher Prime, Domo and Lustre โ€œHDโ€ Icon Pack to dress up my new Droid Maxx with chrome accents!

  • Tien Pham

    The Giver by Lois Lowry
    Pure Calendar

  • CoryDobak

    NFS: Most Wanted

  • Ross

    Loads of games I’d like to buy (domo, minecraft, link bubble pro)

  • Mike Baillargeon

    AllCast Premium
    and a whole bunch o’ Google Play Books

  • TheDave1022

    xcom, transport tycoon, poweramp full


    Need some new tunes and maybe a movie for the kids for that long ride we’ll be taking next week!

  • Kevin Lane

    The walking dead, Music, and games, lots of games!

  • NachoEvans

    Zooper pro
    Titanium backup
    Final Fantasy (one of them)

  • Brendan Harper

    Not sure what I,ll buy but I,ll find something.

  • Gavin Gill

    Link Bubble Pro, Nova Launcher Pro, and Nox Icon Pack.

  • John Scolastico

    Widgets PRO
    ROM Manager

  • KidFlash1904

    New spiderman game, Nova launcher prime, and Terraria!

  • Roy Aguilera

    VSCO cam, Run Keep Pro and GOOGLE Play Music

  • arthur rugenstein

    An app that can stream using chromecast like plex swiftkey pro and a HD widget pack

  • Carlos

    MineCraft, PowerAmp and cut the rope 2!

  • Naveris

    Few movies
    Castle clash

  • Chris Libby

    Tasker, Beautiful Widgets Pro, and Icon Swapper

  • Rick N

    I’m hungry

  • jrstark

    News+ Premium
    Plex for Android
    WakeVoice alarm clock

  • Reuben Castaneda

    I would purchase with your generous gift to me…PowerAmp, SoundHound and Minecraft

  • ynksbsbll2

    Titanium Backup, Yatse and Franco Kernel Updater

  • HouseofCrew

    All cast premium, swipe pro, And plex.

  • youdoneyo69

    Out There

  • Joseph Andrew Mora

    LinkBubble Pro
    ROM Manager (Premium)

  • Tbone Haberer

    I can still recall old Mr. Barnslow getting out that old board of his,
    he’d spin it round and round like a wheel of fortune
    and no matter where it would stop he’d yell out
    “tadpoles, tadpoles is the winner”. We all thought he was little crazy
    but then, we had some growing up to do.
    -Jack Handy

  • Louie D

    Happy to post!

  • Aceplanet

    Titanium Backup, GTA, and Rom Manager

  • xaitos

    Just awesomeness

  • Travis Wallen

    Lux auto brightness, mx player pro, and smart remote ir. Those are 3 must have apps.

  • Jon R

    Play Music, apps, games.

  • @1MPitts

    Fenix or Talon, AllCast, Plex

  • afranci703

    I’d use part of it to pay my monthly Play Music subscription, then a couple of books, a movie or two, and some music. I’m travelling most of next week, so the timing is perfect!

  • Michael

    Ultra4offroad, Pocket, and Bitcam

  • Ezio 007 Shepard

    Riptide GP2, Pac Man Monsters, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • James Cook

    The walking dead game, couple movies, maybe the new Michael Jackson album

  • Jeremy Case

    Movies, Music and maybe a book or two

  • Pratik Holla

    Would go for XCOM, Deus ex and some new books!

  • Austin

    Root Explorer, Clash of Clans, Google Music All Access

  • Dave baker

    Sygic gps
    Hunting Ops
    Backcountry nav

  • Amar Shergill

    Google music, x-com, wallpapers

  • Keith Ball

    Music, GTA, some icon packs

  • Briant Person

    event flow
    reddit sync

  • Bear_it

    Beautiful widgets floating notifications and all cast premium

  • scrapnonz

    Link Bubble, Play Music, Root explorer pro.

  • kristina

    10000000, tower madness 2, bag it!

  • VIphoneFan

    FF7 when its released
    all kairosoft games

  • Vantucky

    Definitely some music and movies would be in my future.

  • gomorrah

    Play All Access, DeskSMS, icons. And more icons.

  • cheasfridge

    I would buy Minecraft, nova launcher pro, in infinitracks full version, and a whole mess of music


    Link Bubble
    Twint- Icon Pack
    Domo- Icon Pack

  • Kunal

    Link Bubble Pro, Titatnium Backup Pro, AllCast Premium

  • Johnny Moralez

    XCOM Enemy Unknown
    Fenix for Twitter
    Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

  • Mindy Davis

    San Andreas
    Titanium backup pro

  • Largeanu Bogdan

    Minecraft, Xcom and grand theft auto san andreas

  • Mike Story

    None none and none

  • I’d probably blow it all on comics with the Comixology App, but if I had enough left over, I’d use it for XCOM: Enemy Unknown which was just released, and Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition.

  • Mike

    Nova Prime, Movies and games

  • Sam

    Google play music, Tasker, domo icon pack

  • Mohammed Kakuji

    Fenix for Twitter
    Kingdom Rush

  • Cary Zuber

    I would probably only buy music and movies with it.

  • Andrew Anthem

    Winner winner chicken parm dinner?

  • Jem

    Allcast Premium, Plex, and Titanium Backup Pro

  • Aaron

    Titanium backup, Beyondpod, Plex

  • Christopher Cho

    TD Baloon 5
    Nova launcher

  • Chris

    Nova prime
    Bloons TD
    Modern Combat

  • Ryan Laursen

    Google movies, Google play, minecraft

  • Luis Bugalho

    Swiftkey, riptide jp2 and Minecraft

  • just4747

    Velur icon pack (when released)
    AllCast Premium
    Fleksy Keyboard


  • Alex Boro

    The Walking Dead, Google Play Music All Access, and All Cast Premium

  • kid

    Domo icons
    Cryten icons
    Paper icons

  • Ben Smith


  • Abaddon

    Domo Icon Pack

  • Annduhroo

    Legend Online: New Era, Clash of Clans, and Tasker

  • James Tiongson

    Google Play Movies, Play Music, PvZ2

  • Sean

    Rdio, Nova Launcher Prime and Beautiful Widgets Pro

  • Earl

    HD Widgets

  • mbagasao

    Domo icon pack


  • Muhammad Jawad

    tool box pro,superSU pro , mx vedio player pro, and some clash of clans gems

  • David N

    There’s a few paid apps I’d like to buy. But could I use this towards a Nest?

  • Jaspreet

    You guys rock

  • Mateusz Sowiล„ski

    Link bubble Pro, Fenix for tweeter, Action Launcher Pro

  • Jim G

    I dig the domo icon pack

  • James

    3d launcher, Nova launcher & allcast premium

  • Kristian Sandoval

    Domo icon pack


    Bittorrent pro

  • Brian L

    Allcast, need for speed, and Threes

  • Goggle play music
    All cast premium
    Shells and coins in family guy the quest for stuff (my new addiction)

  • Scott Hardy

    Clash of Clans, Play Music, Final Fantasy

  • Jamie Robinson

    Go launcher paided version, paided version of Photoshop and another month of google play all access music.

  • Augustin

    Minecraft, Nova Launcher Prime, and Need for Speed Most Wanted. And of course use some for Google Play Movies to Chromecast.

  • Cristian

    Rom manager
    Spotify Premium
    Beautiful widgets

  • Mr E

    Titanium backup
    Room 2

  • matchqqqqq

    Titaium backup
    Link bubble

  • Bassam

    The room two

    Injustice characters

    Lego Star Wars Microfighters

  • Dave

    Nova Prime, beautiful widgets!

  • kota

    I’d use some to get some music that I can’t find elsewhere (so just Google Play), Tapatalk Pro (even though I’d already paid for the first Tapatalk, which is now free…), and I’d pick up Apex Launcher.

  • lss

    Nexus Media Importer, Pocket Casts, music

  • Bittorrent pro
    Threes and icon pack

  • MerlinTW

    GCloud, LastPass and Lego Star Wars.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    this would go a long way to some google play goodness. the possibilities are almost endless.

  • Geoffrey Reimer

    XCom, Mines of Mars, Plex

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    Allcast, Tasker Pro, Xcom

  • seanrobot

    Need more GEMS for clash

  • Paul Kim

    Xcom, Threes, & … I’m sure I’ll find something else to blow this $ on

  • Bob Evans

    Need some movies!!!

  • Ton

    franco kernel, the walking dead, greenify

  • If I win I will give it away again.

  • Donnell Jones

    1. The Walking Dead
    2. Fenix for Twitter
    3. Pocketcasts

  • hodgewdm

    Google play music, play books, beautiful widgets

  • ryano

    I hope I win the gift card.

  • mjc2251

    Tasker pro
    Google play music
    Google play movies and tv

  • Waqar Qureshi

    greenify donation package, c locker pro and sliding messaging pro

  • Um, premium versions of Plume, Nova Launcher and Zooper Widgets?

  • Ryan Becker

    Xcom first and foremost! Then Walking Dead and some Google Play videos

  • homer2320776

    Plex Media Server
    Runtastic PRO
    Allcast Premium

  • dmwilson220

    Here’s to the probable loss, but with the continued hope of winning.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Kevin

    play music, a few icon packs and new launcher

  • Specter597

    Baldurs Gate, Catan, and Final Fantasy VI

  • Trandon

    A couple movies, Beautiful Widgets, Tasker

  • Matt Lowry

    Nova, Swype, Xcom

  • Bill

    Clash of Clans, Final Fantasy and another Final Fantasy.

  • Travis Carr

    Awwww yea in app purchases!

  • Zach

    XCOM, The Room 1 and 2, Nova Prime.

  • Brian H

    Office Pro
    Torque Pro ODB scanner
    Swype Keyboard

  • Joe Scheibenreif

    NBAJam, Tasker, titanium backup

  • SC

    I would get DroidPSK

    Handyman Calculator Pro

    Aircraft Guide civil aircraft

  • housedaddy

    xcom, shadowrun, all cast

  • dchatter

    ROM Manager
    Swype Keyboard

  • ninjawarren

    Icon packs and XCOM

  • Secow

    XCom, Mines of Mars, Plex

  • Mike Henderson

    I’d get Small World 2, Circuitry and Pocket Casts.

  • Ryan Gullett

    Music, Games, Domo Icon pack.

  • BDWilliams85

    Walking dead, Play movies and play music

  • Rich Simpson

    Lego Star Wars
    Super GNES
    Pocket Casts

  • ih8legal

    Touch Control
    Fenix for twitter
    Link Bubble Pro

  • Brandon

    Icon pack, Icon pack, Icon pack

  • jchristian6801

    Android coding book
    NBA 2k14
    The room two

  • Ahmed Al-Gendy

    didn’t plan what to do with it yet but let me win it first ๐Ÿ˜€

  • nanu tech55

    Books for fiancรฉ, xcom and final fantasy

  • Daniel Gulyas

    Probably some of the final fantasies, and Rayman Fiesta

  • Micah Fratangelo

    Injustice characters, allcast premium, nba2k14

  • Kory Knopp

    XCOM, Plague, Ticket to Ride

  • zizo79

    XCOM, Tasker, All cast and a bunch of movies in have not watched yet, is what I’m going to use this card on.

  • seanlpope

    Clash of Puppets, Super Drill Panic and Final Fantasy.

  • Jamie Rico

    Movies, Books, and fenxi twitter app!

  • Alex Pasquarella

    XCOM – Enemy Unknown
    Lego Star Wars Microfighters
    My Oldboy! GBC Emulator

  • Will

    SwiftKey Pro, Fruit Ninja, Talon

  • jkr801

    Titanium backup, google play, nova launcher prime.

  • Maximโˆ‘

    Icon packs… lots of them!

  • Kellin Brown

    Awesome find!

  • Sean

    plex, nova, scanner pro

  • Chris-BoT

    Plenty of movie rentals for me!


    Apex Launcher, movies, and torque

  • Stephen Huffman

    Allcast Premium, GTA San Andreas, and Mincraft to start off with.

  • marty

    Music, premium fitness stuff, books for the tablet to entertain the kids.

  • Dana Preda

    Tasker, Asphalt 8, Poweramp

  • John Christensen

    Talon, Evolve SMS, Link Bubble Pro

  • Marty

    The Walking Dead Season Pass / Zombies Run 5K Training / Zooper by Beard

  • Hoosegow Flask

    Batman: Arkham lockdown
    Titanium Backup

  • Brandon Shaw


  • JL2499

    Root Explorer
    Golf Frontier Pro
    Nova Launcher Pro

  • Mynor

    I would use this card to buy gems for clash of clans or buy new games and some music

  • Justin Diaz

    Allcast Premium license key, Tasker, Zombies, Run!, a few games, and the book series A Tale of Ice and Fire.

  • Ben Olson

    Xcom enemy unknown, save 10$ for star wars kotor when it comes out for android, and DraStic DS Emulator

  • Droon

    Nova Launcher Prime
    Beautiful Widgets Pro
    AllCast Premium

  • I won right?

  • JFresko

    Sounds good!

  • zephiK

    xcom, root explorer, songs

  • Sebastian Atwater

    Tasker, NBA Jam, XCOM Enemy Unknown

  • me08053

    X-Men Comics

  • avataranjie

    Lumos, Nox, Stark. Icon packs are just awesome.

  • Stephen Hicks

    domo icon pack, an audiobook or two, and Final Fantasy VI.

  • GregorySquires

    Ruzzle, The Cave and Comixology!

  • betax25

    I could use this for some new games.

  • Herinel Pichardo

    Mine craft, all cast, threes

  • drabay

    nova launcher, swype keyboard, threes!

  • Jacob

    Beautiful Widgets Pro, Google Play Music, Minecraft….
    woooohooooo, 50$ here I come!!!

  • AllCast, Minecraft, Servers Ultimate Pro

  • Val Sai

    I’d go for Tasker, Poweramp and Mx Player pro.

  • Jaime Andres Salame Borja

    MMM it would be almost all in Chromecast. 1) allcast 2) plex 3) avia

  • John Christensen


  • Steve DeBellis

    As many of the X-Men films as I can get with $50

  • Blue Sun

    Walking Dead Season 1, Season 2 (down the road), & tons of font packs.

  • jawshoeuh

    Today Calendar, Tune In Radio Pro, Tasker

  • Nathan Christiansen

    Nova, Plex and Tasker.

  • Mui

    XDA Premium, Rom toolbox pro, Titanium backup pro.

  • Herinel Pichardo

    I would love this gift card. Make my day please!

  • SportingGuy

    Probably on Education games. Getting my teacher license soon and hitting the classroom full time.

  • Zander

    Domo icon pack,

    TV shows,

    play music

  • Dan Zschokke

    Play Music, Kingdom Rush, Nova

  • Robert Butler

    Come on baby

  • Jason

    I’d buy Minecraft and a few GPS mapping apps I want (trimble. mapmyrde, others)

  • matt headrick

    Car home ultra, mine craft pocket, and allcast premium.

  • MJZ

    Kan eye haz?

  • Kenan Knox

    this would be nice!

  • nslogan

    so many things i want to buy from the play store ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lani Fleming

    songs, movies or books for my grand babies

  • jeradc

    how does rafflecopter tie in with disqus to know we really left a comment? Nova, Plex, Movies

  • atlouiedog

    Yatse Unlocker, SeriesGuide X, The Room Two

  • Nova Launcher Prime
    My Oldboy!
    Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

  • gameworm

    Apex Launcher Pro, Drastic DS, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

  • Jeff Broders

    I’m not sure. I’m waiting for a developer to make the s5 download booster available to everything. I’d pay for that!


    games games games for my nexus 7 tablet!

  • Abhinav Motheram

    DriveDroid Paid, XDA premium, Poweramp.

  • Graham Oxborrow

    All Cast Premium, Play Books and Music

  • JD Rudd

    I’d certainly purchase RadarScope & Tasker. I’d probably toss some love to the great devs out there and buy a premium app of theirs.

  • kelvin quacoe

    Any Icon pack, music and nova 3

  • Amar

    XCOMยฎ: Enemy Unknown


    Bang Bang Racing THD

  • Liviu Ciprian Szasz

    SwiftKey, Tasker, Titanium Backup

  • Josh Howard

    Out There
    Nova Prime
    Zooper Widget Pro

  • Ryan N

    Allcast premium, plex, power amp!

    And some new reading material!

  • badabundz

    Poweramp, Nova Launcher, Asphalt 8.

  • Christaynium Cavan

    Id buy All Cast, a FinalFantasy game or two, and maybe consider spending it in clash of clans. Then browse through the Korean google play and find something nice.

  • engwalker

    Unicon, Final Fantasy, text books from Google Books

  • Edwin Bryan III

    Domo Icon Pack
    Fenix for Twitter

  • nixtish

    batman, fifa 14, cut the rope

  • Robert Kuhlman

    The Room, Nova Launcher Prime, Titanium Backup PRO.

  • X3M ZONE

    Minecraft, Nova Prime, Tasker

  • Dayhve

    swiftkey, titanium backup pro, nova launcher prime!

  • Bram Jacobs

    Music, some games, some inapp purchases

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Tasker, all cast premium, plex

  • Play Movies and Play Books, and maybe the newest Angry Birds title.

  • Jason Brown

    power amp, swiftkey, tasker

  • nineleveno

    AllCast, Fleksy, and Minecraft

  • Chase

    movies,allcast premium, final fantasy

  • Alex Abraham

    Minecraft, icon packs, themes

  • IcerC

    Link Bubble Pro
    Music Remix
    All cast

  • soccerburn55

    XDA premium
    All cast

  • Chase


  • Darrell Mcmahan Jr

    Google music done games and Movies

  • Josh Linn

    Fenix for twitter
    Titanium backup pro
    GTA San andreas

  • DavidHollinger

    Final Fantasy games
    ROM toolbox pro
    Chrono Trigger

  • hokiecanuck

    SwiftKey, Tasker, Ticket to Ride

  • Flyinion

    Virtual CDU ($20 app!)
    Probably some in app purchases for Asphalt 8 or Minion Rush.

  • Syed Tauha Aqeel

    Nova Launcher Prime
    Beautiful Widgets Pro

  • Kevin

    Thanks Guys!

  • Stefan Szasz

    Nova Launcher, Dropsync, Solid Explorer

  • michael

    Couple of movies for me and the kids, that’s a pretty good deal!

  • Aaron

    I’d buy all the things!

  • Nicholas Labert

    I would get xcom, sleep as Android, and a new icon pack

  • RGiskard

    Would love some more credit… I’d get a launcher, icon pack, and maybe XCOM.

  • Frank

    ROM toolbox pro
    Clash of clans
    Allcast premium

  • Shssael Perez

    MX Player Pro
    Titanium Backup

  • Theo Browne

    Honestly, probably three icon packs.

  • Obviously

    Nova launcher prime
    allcast premium
    zooper by beard

  • miharkula

    Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI

  • Jim Foley

    Runkeeper Premium
    Zombies Run

  • Brandon Johnson

    Tom Tom app, the room, Cameringo just to name a few.

  • Pejtijor Pufwos

    Monopoly, root Explorer, torque pro

  • luis

    Google Play Movies, Domo Icon Pack, Google Play Books!

  • Ryan

    Play music, games that Tim recommends, apps then Kellen recommends

  • E-man

    Google Music (music), Tasker, Invoice2Go

  • Richard Quevedo

    Movies, music, and music!

  • Kim Thomas

    Would definitely buy books with it!

  • Brady Wassam


  • Carey

    Games, maybe a new Icon Pack, and some new music…

  • Ballisticn8

    Xcom, Walking Dead (IAP content levels) and probably Minecraft

  • Shane

    nba jam, ps1 emulator, and jet set radio, need some need game

  • Michael Germany

    Minecraft, Nova Prime, Tasker

  • Joe


  • David Testerman


  • Harit Singh


  • seif Khaled

    I’d buy The Amazing Spider-man 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and a movie if possible! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bryan Ott

    Google Play Music, Mine Craft, Card Wars

  • Giovanni Palazzo

    GTA San Andreas
    Need For Speed Most Wanted

    and a movie!

  • John

    Nova, All Cast Premium, Swiftkey

  • Timothy K.

    Small world 2, all cast, songs

  • A new RPG and a few movies

  • Andre K. Humes

    Three apps? Ok…here’s my list:

    Link Bubble Pro
    Nova Launcher Pro (just to see if the hype is real)
    Zooper Widget Pro (I know the hype is real)

  • antwonw

    Tasker, Cryten, AllCast

  • JaseYANG

    Torque Pro, FoxFi Pro, and Sling/Plex/or PlayOn

  • VFXX

    All right All right All right

  • Janelle Scinta

    minecraft, some new books, and the room

  • Michael C.

    icon packs, tasker, plex

  • JT3

    Hmm… I’d probably use it for movies or TV shows, but if I had to pick three apps, I’d probably try out that XCom: Enemy Unknown, The Room, and The Room 2. (I’m sensing a theme here. Need a new game to tide me over until the next Injustice Challenge.)

  • Barb Wegman-Allgire

    tinyCam Monitor Pro, WiFi file TX Pro, Cinema FV5…..and with whats left, maybe a movie or some tunes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LightofHonor

    Posted! Use this for Xcom, FF6, and Deus Ex

  • Travis Faulkner

    Radarscope, USB Audio recorder, Series Guide. Yeah they’re boring but its stuff I want and need.

  • Scott Howell

    The three least popular items on the “top paid list”. And a book

  • JermaineFerrell

    The New Hobbit Movie, A new Game for my Note 3 and a productivity office app or some Google play music. Prob. some music.

  • monkey082506

    Icon packs
    Need for speed

  • Alex Casteleiro


  • Plex
    Icon Packs

  • 16abhimasani

    Domo Icon App
    Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Lava World
    Soundhound Infinity

  • Doc

    Apps? I’d blow it all on music! That is always my treat to myself.

  • triangle8

    Music, movies and books. Maybe a same or two.

  • Noel DLT

    Sleep as Android, White Noise, Google Play Books

  • Aaron Scott Seymour

    Plex Media Player, Poweramp, and Super GNES!

  • Patrick Hulton

    Tapatalk Pro

  • Mataman

    Google music, SwiftKey and foxfi

  • Sam Connell

    Feed my Clash of Clans account.
    Cerberus license.
    Next awesome icon pack that you guys recommend.

  • Gary Reynolds

    Play on!

  • Brian Tehan

    TBH, prolly just movies.

  • Cody

    Sonic 4
    Nova prime

  • vvtim

    I’d probably pick up XCom, Final Fantasy 6, and an icon pack or two.

  • Johnathan

    Music, xcom, and some movies.

  • gonecks1

    Need for speed
    Words with friends

  • tasker
    flighttrack 5
    movies from google play

  • tharealoc


  • Mario II Valenzuela

    Nova launcher prime, beautiful widgets, Photoshop touch

  • Santino Raimondi

    Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    final fantasy

  • ManBearPig618


  • Alex Ortega

    Minecraft, Torque Pro, And This American Life. Varied interests have I ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kyle Bailey

    First Strike
    Shadowrun Returns
    AirFighters Pro

  • Ashley

    Movies, Games and Books

  • Aaron

    Link Bubble Pro,
    All Cast Pro,

    …all for my new Nexus 5

  • mikecaplan

    Games, games and games! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Link Bubble Pro
    Apex Launcher Pro
    Probably some Google Play Books

  • Tyler Lipshutz

    Icon Packs. Google Play Books (graphic novels ๐Ÿ™‚ ), and Out Loud Pro! I want itt!

  • Tom Teichmann

    I would give it to my wife to use any way she chooses!

  • Kevin Flanagan

    music, magazines, and UCCW themes

  • Thad

    I’d use it on docs to go and movies!

  • Tony Culliton

    Titanium BackUp PRO
    Plex For Android
    SuperSU Pro

  • Gage

    Movies, Apps and Music

  • Dharm Patel

    could make some in app purchases

  • S Mishra

    Pocketcasts, Apex launcher premium and Greenify Premium

  • Bill Slowey

    Frozen movie for my daughter, plexpass, and I am sure I can find something else.

  • Kenneth Shields

    Cosmos series on Google Play.

  • stephenw

    Games! Games! And maybe more games!

  • 213ninja

    Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy…

  • Lisa Teichmann

    I have no idea! Something for productivity, something fun and something for exercising!

  • Jordan B.

    Link bubble pro, all cast premium, and Play Music

  • Franco

    Business Calendar
    Light Flow

    Productivity overflow

  • meijin3

    I’ll use it mostly for icon packs such as Banx, Morena, Umbra and anything else that comes out from kovdev and Kxnt.

  • opustv

    More Music!!!

  • drosado20

    Pocket Casts, PowerAmp, Anomaly 2!

  • Blaksmyth

    Faux kernel enhancement pro, xcom, hd widgets

  • jthompson0019

    Tsf she’ll

  • Hasan AKTAลž

    Link Bubble, Synker, Wolframalpha

  • mrjeff_714

    Elemental Kingdoms, Books & Music!

  • Santino Raimondi

    wow, that’s quick!

  • Brandon Fischer

    yeah more google play moneys

  • fallenyogi

    Contre jour, Google Play Books, and an icon pack.

  • Tamim

    The room
    Some books

  • Steve C

    MLB at Bat, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Minecraft

  • Koo Tran

    Sumioni, Rigonauts, and Zooper Pro.

  • Andrew

    Play music scrip, final fantasy, Google play sales!

  • Greg Robinson

    Xcom, allcast, music.

  • stephen shavers

    Final Fantasy, allcast, and music thru Google play.

  • TopWargamer

    Solid Explorer
    Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

  • Nic Paolini

    Link Bubble Pro, Bloons TD 5, AutoRemote

  • Ben Rice

    Beautiful Widegts pro, new launcher, poweramp

  • Sacchin Thomas

    Oh and ai.type Keyboard Plus, Go Launcher Prime, and of course Monopoly and in app purchases for Candy Crush

  • gerry

    books books books, thank you

  • Jed Hwang

    Trackmaster, The Walking Dead Season 1, Spotify Premium

  • Justin Larmay

    Movies movies movies. To watch on my chromecast.

  • Boostified

    Like to get some learning apps for my little boy. He almost went through all the free ones.

  • Natanna

    VSCO Cam, Play Music, Disney Princess: Story Theater

  • Matthew Durst

    threes. mlb at bat , ridiculous fishing

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown, AllCast, GTA: San Andreas

  • Jason13L

    Well, this will certainly pay for XCOM now does a larger SD card count to hold it? Also Minecraft and the pro version of Action launcher.

  • Nathan Gentry

    Spotter Network

  • Matt

    Google play music subscription renewal x 7

  • SnkBitten

    Music, movies and games.

  • ferrari187

    i want to buy books not apps!!

  • loklo

    Music, music and more music! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vince

    Beautiful Widgets, Lite Flow, Numerous Icon packs!

  • Boss As Hell

    XCOM, Do Not Disturb and AllCast Premium

  • tethertiger

    Sleep as android, endomondo pro, Minecraft too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • TXKSSnapper

    Some of these fancy games that get posted that I just can’t seem to find the money to part with, full version of allcast, tasker.

  • Chris Lockard

    Something sweet for my rooted phone I would get. Maybe busybox orTitanium Backup Pro

  • Christopher Heidt

    I would like to get a few books, a couple of movies, and a few apps, but since you said “Name 3 apps you would use some of this gift card on”, I’ll go with: Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight, franco.Kernel updater, and Final Fantasy IV.

  • tyler

    Google play music, the app releasing next Tuesday that Tim mentioned on the show, and more icon packs

  • Yan Portnoy

    Google Play Books
    Google Play Music
    Google Play Apps

  • Josh Fox

    I’d be getting deskSMS, all cast premium, and some games for my new nexus 7.

  • Diego Diaz

    beautiful widgets

  • Lionel P Coward III

    Amazing Spider-Man 2, Go SMS, Real Racing 3

  • JeepMonster

    Some type of games or utilities or something cool.

  • Alex

    I probably get some comics for shits and giggles, Titan backup , and waste money on angery birds for the kid

  • Austin G

    All cast, flappy bird premium, some IAP in a game.

  • Eric J.

    Any 3 final fantasy games, or Deus Ex

  • Geran Smith

    I legitimately do not know… I like to keep money in my Google Wallet so I don’t need to feel bad when something new and awesome comes out.

  • Kerry Knopp

    Need for Speed, Ticket to Ride, All Cast Premium

  • Jeff

    All Cast, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies

  • Sacchin Thomas

    Kellen, I’ve been following the Droid-Life site since my OG Droid days when it first came out and I was randomly looking for help sites. I only became an Android expert due to you guys and I enter every contest. But I’ve yet to win. Help a brother from anotha motha out!

  • Allen George

    Domo Icon Pack
    Riptide GP 2
    Need For Speed

  • Reinaldo Rivera-Nieves Jr.

    Flesky, apex launcher and the new spiderman game ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alexander Tarnowski

    plex, tasker, DSLR controller

  • Gion Stegmann

    Lumos Icon pack, impossible road, minecraft

  • diversification

    Nova Launcher Prime, Titanium Backup Pro, Plex

  • tethertiger

    School productivity apps.

  • zachos

    Play Music, Play Books, Play Movies

  • Dave

    XCOM, MarkAsRead for Gmail, Jurassic Park

  • junaid naseer

    link bubble, pocketcasts, action launcher

  • byung

    measure master pro
    allcast premium!

  • Alonzo Davalos

    Domo icons

  • Kevin Hannigan

    AllCast, Threes, Plex

  • Alex

    So many dollars so much stuff on the play store.

  • Peter Au

    would be useful for all the icon packs i were to get

  • Spencer_B

    Fenix for Twitter, Xcom enemy unknown, and lots of icon packs!

  • junaid naseer

    Could really use that gift card :p

  • qfnol31

    Flotifications Unlock, AllCast Premium, and PYKL3 Radar.

  • tylerc23

    Nova, The Walking Dead, and Play Music

  • Tyler ๏ฃฟ

    I’ll definitely be buying Greenify (full version), a couple icon packs, and some other utility type apps if I win ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Matthew Anderson

    I would actually use this for some music. After the Burial, Bring Me the Horizon, and some Lamb of God just for starters.

  • eilegz

    poweramp, fenix, titanium backup

  • J. Wolf

    All cast premium, some music, some books for vacation!

  • Darth_Imperius

    Domo Icon Pack, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, any of the Final Fantasy games!

  • Andrew

    Greenify, gravity box, ledblinker pro

  • ASV505

    I’m ashamed to say… Clash of clans

  • Wendall

    Tasker, Google Play Music, AllCast

  • Ironclad1313

    TopDoge, puzzles and dragons, star wars assault team

  • krishmasand

    Titanium Backup
    Wind-Up Knight 2

  • Kurt

    Poweramp full version unlocker, runtastic pro, and navigon

  • Totiny

    Icebreaker: A viking Voyage (when it will be available), Allcast Prenium and Facets

  • Tim Bliznik

    Google play books
    Family guy
    Google newsstand


    Play Music, MWOH, IAP

  • Mike B

    Lots of icons packs and games!

  • Rtoodeetwo

    The Hobbit : Kom game currency.
    Power Amp.
    All cast premium.

  • Jay Gillespie

    Xcom, walking dead, doom icon pack

  • Aidan Pieper

    Safe in Cloud, atmosHere Weather, Tasker, Strata, Lyne, Fenix

  • Alec Reed

    Songs, Smash hit paid version, and maybe the First Srike tablet game.

  • Dalton earl

    Card wars, walking dead, Google play books

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2, N.O.V.A. 3 – Near Orbit…, All Cast Premium

  • herb

    Minecraft tunein radio pro and songs

  • vamshi

    Books, songs and movies!

  • jer85008

    Play music, some new games, maybe a launcher for my new N5.

  • Trusstopher

    Tasker, Can’t remember the name, but the one that tells you when the best time to go pee during a movie is, and…….. Walking Dead.

    • Tyler ๏ฃฟ

      App is called RunPee iirc

      • Trusstopher

        Ah, yes, that’s it!! Thank you!

  • silz

    Plex, Titanium backup, GTA:SA

  • Bryan

    Tasker, Zooper Widget Pro and BaconReader Premium

  • Matthew F

    Threes, NFS most wanted, bloonstd5

  • JG

    Music, movies and OfficeSuitePro

  • Josh Imig

    Torque, beyondpod, allcast

  • David Shon

    Minecraft, Terraria, and GTA San Andreas. I would also buy episodes of The Game of Thrones with the leftovers!

  • roswellraygun

    Allcast, Nova Launcher, AutoCast

  • dscott1027

    A few books and icon packs

  • Bolivar A Garcia Crespo

    What a better prize than 50$ from our favorite site (so I can buy awesome stuff like games and apps!)

  • Nathan D

    KAMI, PUK, and Plex

  • hkalant

    Wolfram Alpha, Solar Walk (must) and Instapaper.

  • Please and Thank You!

  • James Tufarelli

    Productivity applications, some games, and music.

  • DaveCXT

    The Cave, Geocaching, and Tasker

  • Travis Young

    Minecraft, The amazing spiderman 2, and the walking dead of course.

  • Meltdown07

    Crossing my fingers! Final Fantasy IV The After Years, Walking Dead, and more Google Play Books!

  • Draexo

    Beautiful Widgets, Nova Prime, Power Amp

  • Mark Faustino

    The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game (by the makers of Zombies, Run), in-app purchases for X-Men: Battle Of The Atom, and digital music singles

  • Jay

    Nova Launcher, Beautiful Widgets Pro, Swype

  • NGagen

    The Room 2, Allcast, The Walking Dead Game

  • Leeland Miller

    Domo icon pack
    Link bubble pro
    Blue Wrap EvolveSMS theme

  • Kartik

    poweramp, linkBubble, ActionLauncher

  • weathermanJake

    AllCast, movies, click UI icons

  • justjmatt

    Play Movies and TV, Play Books, and Runtastic Heart Rate (Pro version)!

  • MiaC

    Google Play Music, Books, & Movies!

  • Sebastian

    Definitely could use this for titanium backup pro and some music

  • Ron Landfair

    Google Play Music, Doctor Who: Legacy, and Jetpack Joyride

  • MikeD675

    SHore up the music collection and some new books.

  • Sebastian

    Music and apps ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joey Wollenburg

    Name 3 apps you would use some of this gift card on.

    Final Fantasy 7 (You and I know it is coming!)
    Fit2Fat2Fit (Because I want to support Drew Manning)
    AutoSmS Pro (Because I love the app, but hate ads)

  • BrianBrick

    Maybe a game but I’ll probably buy all cast premium, a movie, and the rest will go to music and maybe an IAP or two

  • Dustin Wood

    Allcast Premium, The rest would go on books and/or movies.

  • Suvigya Agrawal

    I’ll buy books, or try donating to app owners who are worthy or gift to my brother ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Datron Matthews

    The Walking Dead Season 1, Play Magazines, GTA SA

  • dawn m. armfield

    I would buy The Last Express, Violett, and Syberia.

  • Jason Pillow

    Titanium Backup, Poweramp and..hmm.. Terraria so I can pass some time with my bro on the bus.

  • Alex Faber

    I would use it on clash of clans , 8 ball pool , and music

  • Peter Michel

    Minecraft, XCom, Final Fantasy

  • Amy Ault Sackett

    Would live to win…candy crush!!!

  • Abrar Annuar

    I would like to buy Riptide GP 2, Final Fantasy VI, and IP cam viewer pro

  • Randy Gindy

    Allcast premium, eye in the sky premium, And beautiful widgets pro.

  • Matthew Ponce de Leon

    Tasker, Nova Launcher Prime, AllCast Premium

  • BrandoHD

    This will do nicely

  • Type Machine, Threes, AllCast

  • Ryan

    Smart launcher, Tasker, The Room.

  • JG

    Plex, Play Music and Movies/TV shows to keep me occupied while flying

  • Humberto Flores

    Minecraft, Shadowrun, Play Books

  • JW

    New launcher.

  • Dustin Ng

    Puzzles and Dragons IAP, Play Movies, Play Magazines

  • Dave Blachowicz

    New Chromecast

  • Rodeojones000

    Got a trip coming up soon. I’d probably rent/download a couple movies for my kids to watch on the 9 hour drive.

  • hochoch

    walking dead, all cast premium, xcom

  • Skrewee Lewee

    Minecraft, NBA 2K14, XCOM

  • Daniel Wittry

    Poweramp, sleep as android, and Dash Ui.

  • Julian G

    Slingshot Racing, Zombies, Run! and Nova Prime

  • durantula

    I just like free stuff.

  • Lucas Rains

    Google Play Movies, MLB At Bat and Google Play Books.

  • Chris Graves


  • Bethany


  • Ron Young

    Weather paid app, a game, and some music

  • Matt Groff

    Comixology (Lots of comics), Play Music (Lots of songs), and Play Movies (why not!?)

  • Jeremy Hammon

    I’ll take it.

  • jaredgreenwald

    Force Collection. Tyrant Unleashed. Play Music.

  • ben

    Final fantasy. 4,5,6.

  • Zack W

    plex, swiftkey, music

  • Handheldtech
  • Rick Kortsmit

    Ticket to ride, books, movies

  • Christopher Talavera

    Minecraft, Poweramp, and Beautiful Widgets Pro

  • Jason Habecker

    Movies , movies and more movies

  • mike dunham

    The Walking Dead, Google Play Movies, GTA

  • Andrew

    Kids crap, clockworkmod, allcast

  • mikeym0p

    The Room 1 and 2. A boatload of music and School books on Android/Web development

  • jbank

    All Cast Premium, music, videos

  • Tavitian Santiago

    another world, wolfram alpha, nova launcher prime among others

  • Michael Nash

    All of the musics!

  • Chuck Ehrlich

    Videos, music, apps

  • Scott Goodman

    Movies, books, and some new apps for my Moto X

  • Patrick Lee Pillow

    Books, games, music!!

  • Edwin Tablada

    Tasker, Nova Launcher Pro, and Reddit Sync

  • Becky Vliet

    I would use it for music to keep me occupied at work, books to help me wind down after work and maybe a movie for my hubby and I to watch whenever we have a day off together.

  • Sentimental Fool

    Tasker, Sonic and SEGA All-stars racing, GTA Vice City.

  • Brandon

    Gimmie dat card.

  • Sergio

    Impossible Road, Tasker, and Lightflow.

  • LoveJailbreak4S

    Fenix for Android, Ganja Farm in-app, Minecraft PE

  • Josh Eck

    Probably not apps, but music. Maybe the Room 2.

  • Hunter

    swiftkey, nova, walking dead

  • Gabe Counts

    Injustice add-ons, the new Skrillex album, and the rest for who knows what…

  • Nick Wilson

    I would get the Titanium Backup PRO key,
    Poweramp Full version Unlocker, and SuperSu Pro version.

  • Les Fowler

    I would buy a lot of music and games. Also printer share premium! I always in need to print from my phone.

  • Shockey62

    Xcom: Enemy Unknown, All Cast Premium, Zooper Widget Pro

  • Andy Hackbarth

    Injustice: Gods Among Us characters, XCOM Enemy Unknown, and finally play The Room and The Room 2…

  • saba m


  • BikerBob1789

    all cast premium, endomodo pro, and nox icons.

  • kenneth johnson

    Dropbox, google play movies, gta sanandreas

  • vwbeetlvr

    Clash of clans, clash of clans, clash of clans

  • Stephan Miljkovic

    Dynamic Notifications Unlocker, Plume Premium, All Cast Premium

  • Grant

    Candy crush saga, Farmville, turn my screen into a solar panel app

  • Pablo

    Games like minecraft and terraria and getting pro ask my apps.

  • Nova Launcher, minecraft, and rom manager pro

  • Rob Barone

    Milk premium, music, and some super premium games!

  • Kevin Kerr

    Games, music and movies! The important stuff.

  • Allen Schroeder

    Allcast, Music, Premium game sale

  • Google Play Movies, Songs, and games!

  • inklenotrump


  • Miguel

    N7 player, VIP next launcher themes, beautiful widgets

  • Jimmy Leang

    Titanium backup pro. Rom manager premium. And music!

  • Red

    Apps, apps, and apps. Songs and movies just suck bandwidth.

  • Adis

    I would use it on something that I really need, like root apps with more options, movies, and app-in buys that I desperately need! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kennyidaho

    The Room 2, XDA, Sleep as Android


    google music, perhaps a movie, and a few books that i been wanting!

  • Eric Soriano

    Going to load this on my son’s Google Play account!!!!

  • Brandon Olson

    Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, The Simpsons Tapped Out

  • CmRam

    GTA, NBA Jam, and Google play Movies

  • Eddy

    clash of clans gems. sonic episode 4, brave frontier gems

  • jslater316

    Probably Chrome Cast, a book, and a game…

  • AdamK

    Titanium backup pro, Rom manager pro, and SuperSU pro

  • Alishah Momin

    Nova Launcher, Click UI by Kxnt, and Play Music

  • ROB

    Thinking wireless charger for my Nexus 5

  • Eddie Pritchard

    All Cast Premium, SuperSU Pro, and Helium! Cheers!

  • X-com… Sonic the hedgehog… SVTP wifi

  • Kevin Fite

    Music, pro versions of some apps, maybe a game.

  • Niels Kristian Bitsch

    Music, SwiftKey, Plex

  • Josh

    Tomtom, Minecraft, IconPack

  • huskerhog

    You can never have enough Google Play coin.

  • Dinell Holmes

    Today – Calendar Widgets, Sliding Messaging Pro, and Stark – Icon Pack ๐Ÿ™‚

  • karibishop03

    Books, music, games, themes. The list is endless!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andrew

    nova, music, swiftkey.

  • timrios77

    Simpsons tapped out, music, movies

  • ThatHelpfulGuy

    XCOM, Nova Prime, Google Play Music

  • sczim

    Play Music subscription, All Cast, and a new game!

  • Granville

    Kingdoms of Camelot, clash of clans and maybe a movie because hey it can’t all be games.

  • Christopher

    Threes, XCOM, and some KovDev Icon packs

  • pedro

    root explorer, business calendar pro, plants vs. Zombies

  • Eric Carboni

    Plex, Walking Dead game, and Type Machine

  • Tj Neuman

    AllCast, XCOM, Titanium Backup.

  • Kutter Ross

    Awesome giveaway Google play music

  • Daniel Russell

    RadarScope. All Cast Premium, NBA Jam

  • rich

    Player pro worms Armageddon and some movies

  • maxkobi

    I would love to grab The ps3 controller app to test out on a few devices, then a new launcher for the same purpose, and maybe a few games to try with the new controller ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Andrew

    Would be fun.

  • RBI411

    One of these less than 24 hours after XCOM comes out. Success.

  • Steve Ciszewski

    AOWE, Castle clash, and maybe music

  • Brad Marsh

    i would buy movies, apps, and few books

  • Stephen

    I would buy X-com.., Dark Kight Rises and Astro File Manager Pro

  • Lan

    Music and apps is all i can ask for

  • Michael Long

    This is why Droid Life is awesome

  • TimXer

    a new calendar, albums, tasker

  • Przemyslaw Orawiec

    Link Bubble Pro, Assassin’s Creed Pirates, Call of Duty Strike Team

  • Fox9751363

    I’d get Minecraft, The Impossible Game Level Pack, & Threes!

  • Misty

    I would buy 3 apps to use in my classroom!

    also a new launcher maybe ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Steve Ciszewski

    Good luck everyone

  • Andrew

    XCom, music and movie rentals

  • Joey Blaze

    I don’t know what I would buy yet. Half the fun is finding indie games and apps that could be useful and could use a few bucks and downloads.

  • Randy McCamman

    GTA, NEED FOR SPEED and not sure what else

  • Josh Hudson

    I could use that!

  • stridakira

    X-com enemy unknown, final Fantasy 3, final Fantasy 4.

  • Damien Luna

    final fantasy games, movies, music

  • Play Music, Movies, and All Cast Premium

  • Chris

    I’d like to get Light Flow (paid), Heroes of Loot, and DSLR Controller

  • Lou Bankai

    Clash of clan gems!

  • Jorian Wulf

    Torque Pro, Nova Launcher Prime, Tasker.

  • gwhiteVT

    Music, movies and dead trigger 2!

  • sean c

    Grand theft auto , the amazing spider man & minecraft

  • Matthew Keeney

    Might as well enter

  • srqdude

    I want!! I want!!! X-Comm, NBA 2K14, Icon Pack-Premium. Thanks DL!!

  • BlynkOfAnEye

    AllCast Premium sounds nice. And some mooovies! Winner winner chicken dinner?

  • Chris Wright

    All Cast Premium, some Play Music, and definitely a few Play Movies!

  • Teddy Rhoads

    how mucd do I need to comment? could use it towards a new nest!

  • Tiffanie Tran

    I will use this on movies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes. Well since I have to name 3 apps: Fleksy, The Game of Life, and Plex.

  • Andrew Dreissig

    All Cast Premium, Angry Birds Friends (in app purchases) and Google Play Music

  • spark

    Tasker, AllCast, and some movies to play on my chromecast!

  • Helmi

    10000000, Pudding Monsters Premium ,NBA JAM

  • termiNader

    fifa 14, book, music

  • Brian Rosman

    Latest Springsteen EP, maybe a side-bar laucher, some cool new icon pack, and some super duper widget creator

  • Conan

    I would use it towards Pocket Casts, All Cast, and Shadowrun Returns

  • Andrew Piegnet

    I would use it for movies. Love my Chromecast. I would also buy Office Suite, XDA Premium and All Cast Premium.

  • sevenwords

    Out There
    And the new Shadowrun

  • Steven Hurst

    Allcast premium, minecraft pe, and need for speed. Plus some movies

  • Christopher Michael Cullop

    Probably some Tasker addon’s, some dragon age heroes in-game stuff, or some Doctor Who legacy characters.

  • Kevin Liebler

    Allcast premium, doubleTwist Airplay for Android, and GTA San Andreas

  • Vera

    Oh boy there are some apps I use that I would love to buy pro version of to support the developer.

  • Ben Terrill

    Google play books, Movies, and Baulders Gate Enhance Edition.

  • Jorian Wulf

    Yay, best chance at accident winning something.

  • Jerry Gooch

    The Walking Dead Season 1, sleep as android, fpse for android

  • Ethan Besbris

    All the apps!

  • ApplesNAndroids

    I’d definitely buy music and movies but I’d also purchase Tasker, Icon packs (lumos), and Torque.

  • David

    I’d use it on: EverClip Premium Unlocker Key, Link Bubble Pro and Galaxy Pack, but for sure on the Play Store ๐Ÿ˜›

  • JeffG

    TI Backup, Tasker, and all the Final Fantasy re-releases

  • rmwilk

    Movies, music, and books.

  • villian1998

    Clash of Clans in game stuff, patrice oneal Mr P, and some music

  • Blake Dunn

    Google Play Music, Enemy Unknown, and some fun icon pack.

  • IBTheWalk

    Movies and new icon packs would be great

  • Kristen M

    Talon for Twitter, Hover browser, and SwiftKey keyboard

  • Ehsanul Haque

    Swiftkey keyboard, Poweramp, nexus media importer

  • Raymond Landayan

    Clash of clans, Music, Movies!

  • Finire


  • Rich Jones

    Megapolis, Google books, Google movies!

  • Green

    I never win, but it’s always fun trying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Martin Valladares

    Google Play music, Poweramp mp3, and some good old’ donuts on Simpson’s Tapped Out!

  • Jucef Martinez

    Google Play Movies, Music, and XCOM, here I come!!!

  • Rathi

    Tasker, Google Keep and Gmail.

  • DeMarco Hayes

    Games, games, and apps. Maybe another game.

  • Kyle

    Probably download all those icon packs you guys are always showing off, along with some casting apps and some movies from the play store

  • Derek


  • BufordT79

    Probably SuperSU Pro, a tower defense game, and a camera app.

  • Rocco

    Tasker, helium pro and Nova.

  • LGV

    Fenix for twitter, duel quiz premium, fifa 14

  • pamela arias

    Education apps for my autistic daughter.maybe some music or a book

  • john

    Google play music, google play books, and Google play movies.

  • mangoman1523

    Kairosoft games, books, and music

  • blackshowman

    All Music Access
    Ms Office

  • Mina Beshara

    Ive been dying to try out AllCast Premium, Zooper Pro, and the Plex for Android app

  • Guest

    Contests yay, google play credit yay, yay!

  • I would buy the following: Threema (because I need more safety), Fleksy (because I love this beautiful keyboard) and Akinator the Genie (because I like to play with it)

  • Caleb

    Fifa 14, play movies, play music

  • GJB

    Nexus Media Importer, Today Minimal Calendar App, aCar Pro

  • Douglas Hardison

    Tasker, Touchdown, maybe a game…

  • Elisa

    Link bubble pro, aviary, and next launcher.

  • Gerry Keysor

    Music,music, and music.

  • kaydense

    Exciting! Tasker, Torque for nexus car install, and all the Final Fantasies would be great!

  • sevenwords

    Gimme! Need to dl some new apps.

  • giovanny

    All cast premium, movies to watch with my gf, and a textbook for school on the google play books

  • Ramont Wattie

    New cds and apps I wouldnt pay with my own money Here I come. lol

  • mangoman1523

    Kairosoft games

  • Brian

    I’d useit on a Titanium Backup PRO key, Nova Launcher Prime, and a game. Maybe the just-released X-COM?

  • Metro-Dyke

    Minecraft, pocket weather, System Monitor

  • John

    Yes please!

  • Sean Desmond

    Magazines music and movies

  • Shane

    FF4, More Music and Movies

  • Troy Anderson

    The first season of orphan black, all cast premium, and future icon packs.

  • chris125

    All cast premium, a new launcher, and some movies.

  • DrewNusser

    I’d go with XCOM, ROM Toolbox, and AllCast Premium.

  • Melina M

    Tasker, SwiftKey, Beautiful Widgets

  • sonicemerald

    a develper account, and in-app purchases.

  • ccray

    Awesome, would be cool to win!!

  • Faith and Fitness, The Gospel of Mark, Doggcatcher

  • Charles Francis

    Solid Explorer, SkipLock, & Tasker ๐Ÿ˜‰ #HopeIWin

  • Chuck Churches

    Icons, Books, Games

  • Hary Ayala

    Lots and LOTS of games ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Carmen A

    Root Apps, Music, books

  • Joe Landry

    I would buy the new Domo Icon pack, that we all know and love! I would also buy the new Dan Brown book “Inferno”, and finally i would buy the Wolfram Calculus Course Assistant, to help me pass my exam in two weeks.

  • Derrick Jefferson

    3 apps, I would use it all to pay my Google play music bill.

  • JD_26

    i want to win one of these give aways !!!!

  • Joe Clark

    Music, books, and some new game that I don’t even know yet to get hooked on.

  • LewisSD

    Google play all access
    Clash of clans…..

  • Jason

    Music, games and games. Not exactly sure but I need that card.

  • Tony Le

    IAP, games and books.

  • Dustin Rivera

    Xcom, music and ff4

  • Spyder8

    I want the amazing spiderman 2, prolly grab Minecraft since I’d have the extra mulah, and I’d probably go ahead and pickup the pro version I keep putting off getting of a wallet password keeper. Prolly grab some music too.

  • Kevin Phan


  • Brian Embree

    I’m not sure what happened when I tried to enter the Rafflecopter comment but it wouldn’t let me type anything. Yet it said I submitted a comment? I would mostly use this for music.

  • Reginald Jefferson

    Pocket Casts, Google Play books, GTA Vice City

  • Adam

    Songs, injustice characters and more songsss

  • ThatFool

    Fenix, play music and minecraft

  • Danny R

    Icon packs, plex and my Google music!

  • Joe Mihalich

    Tasker, some movies, and some tunes.

  • Matthew Fiore

    Music, Nova Launcher Prime and some new stuff I never tried

  • ramifications

    I would use it on a premium game like lego star wars, titanium backup pro, and maybe root explorer (premium). Thanks DL!

  • Hall

    Google Play Books, Today Calendar, and an icon pack ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jones

    I need All Cast Premium and lots of movies

  • John Nagy

    I would have to use it to reimburse myself for all the apps I’ve already bought by renting movies.

  • hyperbeatser

    Minecraft, AllCast Premium, GTA: Vice City

  • Mitch Ware

    Clash of Clans, Clash of Clans, Clash of Clans

  • Brian

    Go Go Google play card! Ip webcam pro, Comixology, A tv series in Google movies like Agents of shield maybe.

  • Techtechtechy techtech

    Icon packs, grand theft auto San Andreas and Vice city

  • jbegs

    I would probably use it to rent/buy movies, Some icon packs and a few games.

  • Mjmdroid

    Just inbox it to me and call it a day

  • Marc Romero

    Play music, movies, NBA 2K14

  • Joel Lockey

    All cast premium, today calendar and definitely Facets by Justin Maller.

  • zexton

    Pocket casts, tasker and some books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • tishabarr216

    Google play music, Google play books, mxplayer

  • Justin

    Velur icon pack (Coming May 2nd) Fenix for twitter and Gunstruction

  • Dylan Tackoor

    I’d buy ComicRack, Allcast, and remove the ads from Bacon Reddit

  • Cmc9090

    Swiftkey, Minecraft, and some gems for Clash of Clans!

  • Joe P

    Books, books and more books.

  • Daniel Jenkins

    Would have to get the new release for Baldur’s gate to start with!

  • Fuhey

    Nova launcher prime, HD widgets and minecraft.

  • zarxic

    My son just inherited my original Nexus 7, probably get him some games and learning apps!

  • Ryan P.

    Need some more games!

  • Carmen A

    Root Apps, Hyperdrive Tweaks donation app, and maybe Torque Pro

  • artreyman

    Id get echo vox for the paranormal investigation stuff…poweramp….and some books !!!

  • kevin

    Chrome cast, music and a good launcher

  • Doug Plowden

    I would pick up AllCast Premium, some music, and NBA 2k14 so I can pretend my Lakers made the playoffs..

  • Michael

    Play music, play books, play magazines!!

  • Jonathan

    New/old Baldurs gate and xcom games will bring back some memories.

  • br_hermon

    I’d buy some theme stuff, tasker plugins and MLB at Bat.

  • gpaine

    Lumos, games in general, the latest humble bundle

  • Always in for a chance to win, thanks

  • Jimmy Baez

    I would purchase Pocket Casts, the game Hundreds, and Tasker. A few books and songs too.

  • JNex

    google music, chrono trigger, Confer

  • Diego

    More movies and music and characters for my injustice game. Pass it here please

  • Amin Nadirali

    Per-App Modes, SoftKeyZ, NBA 2K14

  • Wahmuk

    NFC ReTag Pro, GrooVeIP and SkySafari. And that’s if I don’t blow more than half of it on a ChromeCast! Gimme gimme!

  • MH

    BMWwhat. It’s $58 and can code my car via a BT dongle. $50 would go a long way towards that. Otherwise I’d use the credit for google play music, or some nexus 7 accessories

  • Thedan55

    I wanna win!

  • samkar

    songs, books and apps.

  • epps720

    XCOM, and some movies for the kids

  • Jason Towns

    Allcast Premium, Movies for the kids, and Music for me

  • Bradley Ruiz

    AllCast Premium, Shadow Blade and SoulCalibur

  • jamisonfitz

    Google Play Books and Music!

  • Gary

    Just lots of candy crush stuff!

  • Zain Kalwani

    Google play music, greenify donation pack, Noir Syndrome


    Allcast premium, clash of clans and gta!

  • Doug-Jaclyn Nicholson-Fauver

    Google Music, Mad Skills Motocross 2, Gun Club

  • Cory Church

    Books, games, and music

  • teknque

    i would buy books but if i had to get apps it would be tasker, allcast, gta

  • hellifino

    Games, Books, Apps

  • realfoxm

    Music apps and games!!!

  • Thuglibya Pac

    SwiftKey * call recorder * Hotspot shield vbn

  • droyd4life

    Play music, Clash of Clans, and Play movies!

  • Kazahani

    Who am I kidding? This would all go to IAPs… ๐Ÿ™

  • Thanai

    LED Notifications, Zinio magazines and Books!

  • set

    I never get these, but ok: Plex, Nova Prime, Reddit Sync Pro

  • Owewil3225

    play music, videos, and games

  • Gaurav D

    Threes, xcom, talon, shadowlands, machinarium!!!!

  • Ben Zielinski

    Awesome, thank you Droid-Life!

  • Shadowrun, XCom, and maybe The Room 2.

  • Matthew Boudinot

    Hook me up! Movies, Apps and Music of course. Specific apps would be Solstice HD Theme Icon, AppLauncher Smartwatch, and Electric Toolkit for starters.

  • Rob Fetterhoff

    Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Zynga Poker. I hope I win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kevin

    I need this

  • dannyyang524

    All Cast Premium, Google Play Music, Google Play Books!

  • Pirate

    Probably books and magazines.

  • lsglickman

    minecraft Titanium Backup Polly clock world

  • Brian E

    can’t think of any apps i want right now but would love to use it towards some movies

  • Andrew Egger

    brave frontier gems!!!

  • SewWhat

    I so NEED that to update my movie collection…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Air display, Remote CNC pro, AVP:evolution

  • Onur Aktรผrk

    Play music, books and games (:

  • Scott Kart


  • Richard Griggs

    Need for Speed, MX Player Pro, and the best Android utility I can find

  • Tim Grzadzinski

    All Cast premium, GameSpot, & Threes!

  • Ryan Kamauff

    google play books, xcom, and TBU…Thanks!

  • elevatedgod

    4square, Google maps, grubhub and then take your mom out for a nice sea food dinner…. You know the rest

  • Chris

    The only thing better than free is if they pay you to take it!

  • ForrestTracey

    Google Music, Movies and Maybe XCOM!

  • heyz

    Let it be me!!

  • Shahr

    Need Music, office productuvity suite and movies.

  • TSF/SPB Shell, Poweramp, music.

  • Alex

    Plex might Allcast premium and icons

  • Davon Moody

    Google Play All Access, GTA Vice City, movie from google play.

  • Caz A

    LastPass subscription, and probably a lot of Play Books, but if I must choose a third, I might pick up a paid version of one of the “Draw Line” pipe puzzle games.

  • Keith Mathews

    Google Play Movies, Google Play Movies, and of course Google Play Movies.

  • bombdrop

    I would use it on Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Family Guy. Hope I win!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jonathan

    Google Play Music, A KOVDEV icon pack, Plex

  • Ted Rea Jr.

    Rom Manager Pro, Titanium Backup Pro, and WiFi Explorer Pro!

  • Victor Rubio

    Apps on Apps on Apps

  • linda brooks

    Games, music and more music

  • Jeremy Gentry


  • Jeremy

    Tasker, swype, and torque pro plugins!

  • ChrisCerv

    Clash of Clans, GTA, and somme google play music ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kash521

    Domo – Icon Pack, AllCast Premium, and Doc McStuffins (for my nephew)

  • Alan Marchman

    Some Books on Google Play, Comics on Comixology, Pick up Season 3 of Zombies, RUN!

  • Chad

    Launcher themes, launcher themes and probably launcher themes.

  • Today Calendar Pro, Domo Icon Pack and AllCast Premium are just a few.

  • Dipan Nandi

    All of them

  • Faruq Pradhan

    XCom, Play Music, AllCast Premium!

  • Mike DePetres

    Need for speed, some cash and coin in CSR and a emulator prolly sega

  • Tony Cooper

    Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, Google Play Books. Boom…done

  • Richard

    My backup pro, Lego Star Wars Microfighters, The Room Two

  • wye

    time for more games

  • All Cast Premium, Madden NFL, Minecraft

  • Doug Jones

    Movies and music… I know… They aren’t apps! And a solid navigation app
    for off line use.

  • Forrest Sandefer

    Dr. Suess book for the kids, everything from the next Friday app sale (that I don’t have already) and superuser pro

  • Don Evans

    Slingplayer, Google music, Google movies

  • Alan Gromer

    Power amp NBA2K14, POWERade, and something for work like font packs for officesuite

  • Muruga Das

    San Andreas, NBa jam, rent lots of movies and buy a few metal albums via Google play music

  • k3v72

    I would get some Gamebook Adventures by Tin Man Games!

  • TruEastSydeBoi

    tasker, play music, trickster

  • Johnny Maldjian

    I would buy the Airdroid Pro, Mighty Text Pro, and some music with the card, hope I win.

  • randomawol

    Hope I win cause who wouldn’t want to. An I right.

  • Brandon Lang

    The Walking Dead game, Play Music, and Play Movies

  • MemyselfandI

    Music, movies and more music!

  • Josh W

    I’d probably have to pick up most if not all the Kovdev icon packs.

  • Jimmy Mares

    Google Play Music, Google Cast (not an app… but hey… If I can, I will…), Games!

    (Though let’s be honest… I’ll probably just spend it all on hookers and blow…)

  • JuBagel

    The Room, The Room 2 and Tasker

  • neo1738

    I plan to use this on Google Play Music, fantastic service but tough to fork out the $$ every month. Final fantasy V would be sweet. Lastly I would use the remaining to support devs with some of my free apps that have a donation verison.

  • Ellingsoc

    All Cast, Play Movies, Play Books

  • Ryan Powell

    I purchase apps I need when I need them so none come to mine right now. Still trying to get my Disney movies in digital form so honestly I’d use it to purchase movies in the Play Store instead of apps.

  • Tim Scully

    Pocket Pro (from Tim Clark), Nox – Icon pack, Swiftkey.

  • BillJude56

    Tasker, Nova Launcher Prime, HD Widgets.

  • Tasker, AllCast Premium, and GTA San Andreas!

  • Bismarck Ledezma

    Out there, Hero of Many, Combo Crew

  • Gary King

    Let’s see….. Minecraft rest has to be on movies!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Tristan

    Hello world.

  • Michigan Guy

    Apps: Plants vs Zompies, Madden NFL, Icon packs

  • sergio garduno

    Music, lots of music.

  • Travis Vesely

    All Cast, Books, Some movies

  • Adam92Wilkins

    i could actually buy final fantasy iii and not feel terrible about the price tag?

  • Vincent Nierste

    Sleep as Android, Link Bubble, Splice

  • bmos18

    Fleksy, Domo icon pack, and Minimal Hera icon pack

  • Anne Hall

    Music, games and movies

  • Daniel Rosseau

    I’d check out All Cast Premium, Tasker, and probably some games.

  • Waschlappen

    It’s a beautiful day! Google Play Music, Zombie Run, TuneIn Radio Pro

  • Chris Burner

    It would be good to buy some of those discounted games Google Play has this week.

  • Hunter Knepshield

    AllCast, Plants vs Zombies, Minecraft PE

  • dd323

    I can’t wait to buy beards zooper widget and nba jam and flick golf

  • Agusti Bau

    tasker, franco kernel app, nova launcher

  • Raquel Adams

    Can’t think of any paid apps I have a hankerin’ for, but I would surely purchase a bunch of music.

  • Gunnar Jones

    Pick me! Final fantasy 3, 5 and some IAP splurges.

  • AtMostSphere

    Crazy taxi,Movies and Play Music.

  • Ryan McFadden

    I would get AllCast and premium versions of some apps that I use.

  • Nick

    nova prime, all cast premium, evolvesms

  • Michael Werling

    1 in 835…6…7 chances

  • Phase3d

    I would have to look thru the apps. But, it would be awesome to purchase a few to support the devs.

  • Daniel Gรณmez Rico

    Minecraft, Final Fantasy V, The Amazing Spider-Man

  • Melina

    I’d use the gift card on finding some decent apps to run my showroom business. Maybe spring for premium versions of Evernote or Springpad, some calendar apps, and Invoice2Go. And I’d probably nab a couple games while I’m at it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • GuidZilla

    Something tells me someone is using multiple accounts…

  • lgreg64


  • Holly Slater

    I’d use some of it on Bingo Blitz, Tiny Monsters, and Tiny Castle.

  • andrew torres

    amazing spiderman 2, game emulators and tv shows

  • RocklinSports

    Action Launcher, books with Google play and a bunch of games for my nephew.

  • Chris P.

    New icon packs!

  • Stephen Hawkeye Grubb

    Emulator, music, games

  • Ruvim

    icon packs, allcast, and a couple games

  • incrediblemaiden

    Minecraft Pocket Edition, Adventure Time Card Wars, Baldur’s Gate

  • Sean Stone

    Xcom then I’m really not sure

  • Wade Beau

    MX Player Pro, Gyro, Final Fantsy VI

  • strikeir13

    Dropsync Pro, Lumos, and Baldur’s Gate!

  • Brian_2112

    Rom Toolbox Pro, Poweramp, and Beautiful Widgets. I use the free versions of these apps, but if Google’s picking up my tab, I have no reason not to go Pro.

    The rest of the money would go towards various games, as I’m set for music and movies.

  • A. Norman

    I have no idea right now, but it would be sweet to win!

  • Kenny Tse

    I would use it on Titanium Backup, Allcast and BSplayer

  • Brian

    Allcast premium, Plex, Trickster Mod donate.

  • dapbmonkey4u

    Google play music, reddit is fun, and plume

  • Abhimanyu Bhayan

    I would buy gems in clash of clans & get a builder….i want to make my village better than my friend’s please help me guys…..

  • Stephen Joel Switzer

    Minecraft, Nova Launcher Prime, GNES

  • Terraria, Drastic, and Fly Catbug Fly!

  • Chris0815

    Navigon Europe, Root explorer, Camera Zoom FX

  • Princesation

    AllCast Premium, games, live wallpaper?

  • Navdeep

    Facets.la Nova launcher titatnium pro

  • Ethan S

    GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, and Torque Pro

  • Justin Wommack

    Google play music, tasker and the droid life app!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • P_

    Ebooks, games, and swiftkey

  • Kevin

    Today Calendar, Fenix, Threes

  • housry23

    Skiplock the pro version in app purchase, Plex For Android and Zombies Run

  • Nick Esposito

    THREE apps? I’d use the whole thing as partial payment for a NEST thermostat! Okay, (1) the NEST thermostat; (2) the NEST thermostat app for my Android phone; and, um, (3) another copy of the NEST thermostat app, for my tablet. Three!

  • Austin

    Games, wifi map maker, or maybe a down payment on a nest?

  • Wr Ah Wr


  • BryanMatthews

    Gotta get the new kovdev icon pack, torque pro and threes

  • Brian

    Ticket to ride, nova launcher prime, shadow run

  • WSUJabz

    Music, Movies and Games

  • Hi all,
    I would purchase Titanium Bavkup Pro, Rom Manager Pro for myself, I am always messing with root. Lastly I would buy Minecraft for my kids.

  • Jon

    full-on swiftkey, googlemusic, possibly a new launcher (RAZR M), lightflow

  • Shannon Culp

    Episodes of shows we missed, anything minecraft, music

  • Scott

    music and movies

  • Daniel

    Nova Launcher Prime, EvolveSMS(adds removed), and Tasker

  • Eric

    Probably tv and movies, not many apps are jumping out at me right now.

  • ChristianPasquariello


  • Navdeep

    Still undecided ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wayne Broyles-Reiner

    Gotta love free stuff!

  • scruffykid

    Probably just google music

  • Stephen Duvick

    Google Play Music, Fenix, The Room 2

  • Kolma

    This is my comment!
    Still need to buy titanium backup, Radio Hammer, Final Fantasy IV and other amazing games for my HTC Desire 601

  • mikebaltierra

    Music, movies and books!

  • Technomandfw

    Kids, kids, kids

  • Frank Danny Flores

    TuneIn Radio pro, HD widgets and Next launcher 3d

  • I’ve a bunch of icon packs on my wishlist , with this gift card – i can buy them all *evil_laugh*

  • The Nerdfather

    Clash of clans, Google books, and buy some new music

  • NickZuclich


  • Mike

    Apps and movies! AllCast Premium, Nova Prime. Hook it up!

  • Brent Cooper


  • Good idea

  • Ben Modica

    Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Out There, and NBA Jam.

  • Chris Harper

    I’m going to use it for in-app purchases!! Subway surfers, real racing 3, purchase final fantasy and XCOM!

  • RocklinSports

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

  • Gustav Stabbfors

    Allcast premium, music boss for Pebble and PebbleTasker

  • kc

    Allcast, icon packs, nova pro

  • dd323

    I hope I win

  • JaggedXJ

    Series Guide X, Plex, and Deliveries (pro unlock)

  • heldadavid

    I’ll buy tons of nova and apex and give them out to the helpless souls running touchwiz. This man is for the people.

  • Joe

    AllCast Premium, Smash Hit, and various Movies & Music

  • JPfingsten

    Music, Movies, probably Game of Thrones.

  • malowitz

    Probably MoVes rather than apps.

  • Ossama Ghanim

    Play music, Badland, Super GNES!

  • Simon

    Music, Movies and Games.

  • miztrniceguy

    angry birds, movies,

  • MR

    Tasker, Plex, and Nova..

  • disqus_JHxikYb0L6

    Tasker, Plex, ROM Manager

  • Greg

    XCOM,XCOM, XCOM! Now if only the Play store gave me a way to gift those 2 extra copies to my friends…

  • GCL Inc

    Yes please! Need some new apps!

  • Enrique A

    Music, Books, Games

  • GuidZilla

    mlb, xcom, and probably an icon pack

  • d503

    Threes!, Draft, Nova

  • creator78

    Smash Bandits, Tunein radio pro, any of the Final Fantasy Games

  • Glenn Siders

    Nova launcher prime, music and movies

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    Titanium backup pro, trickstermod donate, beyondpod pro

  • Brian Gillespie

    Play Music, apps, games.

  • Alejandro Chapa

    GTA: San Andreas, Movies, Books

  • Kim R

    Norton and a couple of disney apps for my kids

  • Hector E. Gaxiola

    Clash of Clans, more clash of clans, and maybe in-app purchase of clash of clans..

  • Dale Maxwell

    Too many choices to narrow down… maybe a movie, or some new music… plus, Anne Rice has a book coming out later this year i want. Might just have to save some for that!

  • Shane Thomas

    Music! Nova Launcher Prime and Some new iCon sets!

  • Gumballhead1775

    Thanks DL, nice to have 6 months of Play music paid for.

  • Westly Ratcliff

    I would get paid versions of a few apps maybe. I already have done that for most apps that I turn out to love. Other than that I am currently using Apex pro and would probably give Nova prime a good shot. There are a few new launchers I would try as well.

  • alxj

    Plex, FPse, MX Player

  • Michael

    You guys are the best!

  • Pete

    Lol this is fun =)

  • Abhimanyu Bhayan

    Please give that prize to me….i have never won a priZe though out my life

    You guys should complete my wish i have subscribed droid life with both my facebook accounts & never misses a single news 4m DL (get notification box checked)

  • Mitchell Openlander

    FL Stuido, Struktur, and Bubble Pro

  • Roddy Neff

    Music, candy crush, and Xcom enemy.

  • minimure77

    I would buy donuts for Simpsons tapped out, and probably a few comic book movies for my kids

  • Jeffrey Laird

    Nova launcher. Music and movies

  • Michael Edgerle

    MLB app, Music, movies

  • Zangetsu

    plex, tasker, rom explorer

  • Mike Aurin

    GTA 3, GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City

  • Addison

    I would most likely buy XCOM and maybe Final Fantasy IV and some books.

  • MrD1sturbed

    Xcom and Shadowrun and NOVA3! Need some games for my Shield!!

  • Jordan

    Nova Launcher Prime, Flight Tracker Pro, Accuweather Plantinum

  • Christian Velardo

    First Baldurs Gate, second XCom, third Minuum!

  • valjean615

    MV Player Pro, some Launcher App, Minecraft

  • Mehdi

    Play music, books and some games

  • Rintaro

    Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Grand Theft Auto III

  • Threes, 2048, minecraft mobile

  • MSlab

    I’d probably start with a few GTA and FF games along with a movie or two.

  • l3jay87

    Grand theft auto game, final fantasy game and prob another rpg

  • SHMeyer

    GTA, Allcast, icon pack or 2.

  • Eric G Canoy

    videos videos videos on google play

  • Janice M.

    Some sort of calendar app, maybe a picture app, and a game or two!

  • Mark Snider

    Play movies
    Clash of clans

    Nova prime

  • Andrew Choi

    Threes, Minecraft, Nova Prime

  • Skamikaze

    Play Music, Movies and Books

  • BK

    Tasker, Spotify Premium, and Swiftkey.

  • root4life

    Google music subscription

  • Philip Tang

    I would buy Today Calendar Pro, Tasker and Per-App Modes.

  • Patrick Kemper

    Next Launcher, movies and some superhero games.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    Super GNES, Hekz Icon Pack and Terraria

  • tbaybe

    3 apps?? pbly learning stuff for my kiddo while hes in the hospital!

  • Demolition505

    Minecraft, Rayman, and Music

  • George Davis

    All the icon packs and Zooper widgets on my wish list!

  • bibbyboi

    Xcom, San Andreas, Plex

  • george

    Play music, books and some games

  • xSunnyy

    Games, productivity, music

  • aaron

    I would probably not buy any apps and save it for the next season of Mad Men.

  • ghido82

    Zombie, Run! – AllCast Premium – Root Explorer

  • Daniel Berberi

    Tasker, Titanium Backup, and Plex…along with a Chromecast finally.

  • Imatiger_00

    Music, music, music!

  • Mogimaster

    Final Fantasy, Allcast Premium, and Tapatalk Pro.

  • Andrew Tallarita

    Games for my daughter and music/movies for myself.

  • Jeremy Kacher

    Probably some movies, a couple of in app purchases and maybe a good DS emulator

  • James McKinley Rake II

    The Sonic the hedgehog games.

  • kenjh2

    I would buy X Com: enemy unknown, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced edition, and All Cast Premium. I might get All Cast Premium anyway but its hard for me to splurge on Games.

  • Tony

    Out There, Final Fantasy, Helium Backup

  • TJ

    Nova Launcher Pro, Beautiful Widgets Pro, and Icon Packs. Probably the rest on play books and music.

  • Jeff Ayers

    Endomondo Pro, Zombies, Run! and Couch to 5K. Time to get in shape!

  • diehardbattery

    slingplayer, nfs most wanted, and candy crush

  • Kevin Kintner

    GTA, Apex Launcher & Plants vs Zombies

  • David graves

    play music swiftkey icon packs

  • Mike

    Minecraft , educational apps for my kids and music .

  • Ricky Antonio Marin

    Minecraft, Movies… Maybe a good novel for me, as I’m 14

  • dwaynegreene

    Music mostly. Maybe movies and games.

  • Alan Cohen

    Movies, music, and games.

  • skillz360

    Icon packs and more icon packs also Xcom Enemy

  • ColinShots

    This is a comment. Go Blazers!

  • Andrew Dahl

    Plex, Grandpa and the Zombies, and Impossible Road

  • Runtastic, Fives and Fenix for Twitter

  • what?

    Apps and more apps

  • Anonymous_1054549

    Next Launcher, Spotify for a couple months, GTA (any of them)

  • thislandisyourland

    Would like to get a couple Final Fantasy games.

  • Jonathan Figueroa

    I’d finally buy link bubble, might get XCON, and the rest goes to clash of clans. Hog Rider away!

  • Kelly OBrien

    Swift key. Nova launcher prime and he widgets

  • Shifty

    MLB, AllCast and maybe XCOM I need a new game to play

  • Sandy Jones

    Tiny Thief, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Swiftkey

  • profet23

    I’ll take it off your hands (to use on a nest)
    Titanium Backup Pro, Root Explorer, Tasker

  • Guest

    movies and music

  • Mellodi Parks

    Both Human Japanese Beginner and Intermediate. Those are the biggest things on my list right now. I’m not sure what my third purchase would be. Maybe Nom Nom Paleo for some of their Asian inspired recipes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alexander

    I I win I will use it for FX File manager pro, Lone Wolf game and Android Tuner.

  • Jackobyte

    Tasker, Minecraft and Poweramp.

  • Akashshr

    Any tower game! Impossible Road (Student life ๐Ÿ™ No money), Need for speed!

  • Velmeran

    Tasker, Clash of Clans (who couldn’t use an additional builder?) and a new launcher (not sure on which)

  • Kristoffer Simone

    Clash of Clans, A Final Fantasy game and probably a new Launcher.

  • AdamT

    May try that xoom game, some icon packs, and probably some movies

  • LS

    Titanium Backup, Slingbox, Clash of clans

  • zakowz

    play – books, movies, music

  • Mykich

    XCOM, GTA: San Andreas, and Google Play Movie rentals

  • Xcom, plex, and the room

  • djab

    games, comics and plex

  • Noble Star

    Choose me, just sayin ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Frank M

    I’d use this on some games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy ATB, and FFVI.

  • Jonathan Hartman

    Family Guy Game Clams, Insert Random game on sale here, and movies or books?

  • Devin

    music, movies, and icon packs.

  • Shaun

    Plants vs Zombies, Adventure time card wars and tasker

  • mithul

    In app purchase, nova launcher, Google Game purchases

  • magafree

    Free and easy.

  • Chris

    Google play music or some movies

  • Dion Hurd

    This is sad and kinda embarassing….Candy Crush Saga, Candy Cush Saga & Candy Crush Saga!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!

  • Tracey

    Final Fantasy IV, V and VI

  • Jon Wieberg

    Super GNES, Grand Theft Auto, and EPSX.

  • Michael Persico

    Wifi Tether, Titanium Backup, Threes

  • sherrievieira

    Bards Tale, Baldurs Gate and … a SNES emulator?

  • gallen408

    Action launcher pro, Tasker, & Titanium backup pro off the top of my head.

  • Quint

    Gotta get more apps and things.

  • Jack Keating

    movies, music, and Final Fantasy

  • staticx57

    Nova launcher riptide gp2 grand theft auto

  • VBM

    Broken Sword 5

  • doineedcable

    XCOM, Deus Ex: The Fall, and ‘Pacific Rim’.

  • Derek Rose

    All Access, Movies, maybe a few games.

  • Kristine Ezovski

    My daughter is ALWAYS wanting to buy games ranging from $.99 up to 9.99. with 50$ I might be set for a while.! Woooo!

  • Luke Strobel

    Music and Movies mostly. Maybe a game if I am feeling adventurous.

  • Ryan

    Pushover, Easy Release – Model (model release app), and Adobe Photoshop Touch for Tablets are three apps I’d use the card on.

  • Miguel

    Link bubble, behang, domo

  • ncvnmcvn

    runtastic pro, solid explorer, nova launcher prime

  • Bob Kersting

    SwiftKey, Plants vs Zombies, and Plex

  • gchahinian

    Definitely tasker and a few icon packs, maybe even some movies because why not!

  • Manny Wilson

    Flashify, BusyBox, and Visual Task Switcher

  • jpfrasier

    Tasker, Rom Toolbox, and AllCast Premium

  • Fernando Quiroz

    Tasker, mx player pro, and riptide gp2

  • Eduardo stanley

    well I guess the 3 M’s: Music,Movies, and Mindless purchases.

  • melamparo

    Nova launcher prime, avocado, and allcast

  • Blair Ginley

    Always so good to us, Droid Life!
    TapN, GTA,and new launcher

  • Amber T.

    Thank you!

  • dannyWHITE

    LaMarcus dropping 2 straight 40+ games….WOW

  • Travis Knight

    Tasker, Plex, and Titanium Backup

  • Kelly Marvel

    Nova premium, more icon/wallpaper packs, and Fleksy keyboard!

  • konradc

    Battle Alert, Jungle Heat, Clash of Clans

  • Hellothere2

    Movies…probably Mean Girls and Office Space
    themes for Go Launcher

  • Mario Alessandrini

    Would be great to update my phone with a few new apps

  • Clash of Clans, Nova Prime, Tasker

  • DennisHeffernan

    Shadowrun Returns and Call of Duty Strike Team have been on my wish list for a while. I’d probably also spend some money on Plants vs. Zombies 2. Most of my wish list is books, music and movies, though.

  • Djacks

    *Enters contest*

  • m1ghtysauc3

    Books, a movie or 2, and GTA: San Andreas.

  • Derf81

    No apps, just use it towards a Nest. That is, unless I won that contest.

  • Brandon Judy

    Son wants moar movies.

  • Andrew Hochron

    AI keyboard and backup apps for my daughter who is new to the android phone world

  • Mat Laskowski

    Slingplayer, IPCam Pro, Titanium Backup

  • Jake31Krol

    I would use it in The Simpsons Tapped Out, Smart Things, and Plex!

  • Isaac Cloud

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  • athensjohn

    Thanks for the contest

  • Stuart Adams

    Music, movies, xcom enemy unknown and buy apps with dev donations

  • G3Sidhu

    Nova launcher prime, Poweramp, MX Player Pro

  • serotheo

    Not sure TBH, probably some Final Fantasy games and themes.

    EDIT: Baldur’s Gate just came out.. so..

  • Crownedchild

    All Cast Premium, Google Play Music, Google Play Books!

  • Flesky, beautiful widgets and Tasker.

  • Ed

    I would use the card for Nova Launcher, XCOM, and Baldur’s Gate II.

  • Jeff Mendelzon

    Music, Frozen and more music. Best contest ever.

  • ncvnmcvn

    runtastic pro, solid explorer, nova launcher prime.

  • Daniel

    Pick me raffle copter!

  • Jason Allen

    RVP Baseball, Allcast,and some icon packs.

  • kselby

    Icon Packs, Music, and a game

  • brad

    Play movies, clash of clans, music

  • Corruptiondee

    I would buy the new Xcom game, download FoxFi pro, and would pay for pro versions of several ChainFire Apps, who has helped millions of us modders.

  • Knives

    Books, Books and maybe Honorbound

  • Marc

    Plex, Allcast, GTA San Andreas

  • jc


  • Paul

    SwiftKey, comic rack and not sure on a third. Depends on what I could use to make my tablet even better

  • Ed

    $50 comment

  • Family Guy Quest for Stuff, SoundHound and The Game of Life.

  • justin

    Tasker, haxsync for facebook, avia

  • Mike

    Movies and some new music

  • Sergio Miguel Reyes

    Zombies! Run 3 nova launcher prime beautiful widgets pro

  • V

    Xcom – Epoch 2 – Baulders Gate

  • TheWenger

    XCOM, Tasker, and AllCast Premium.

  • Brendon Maldonado

    Titanium back up, allcast premium and domo icon pack

  • Ed Krasnodemski

    Movies and games!

  • rmagruder

    Xcom, baldurs gate and a final Fantasy game!

  • Charles Roberts

    Nova Launcher Prime, Flight Tracker Pro, Accuweather Plantinum


    Might make a nice down payment on a Nest

  • Dave Bowen

    I’d use it mostly for Movies/TV

  • Fermin

    Mine craft assassin’s Creed pirates and final Fantasy 6

  • CaliforniaJag

    I’d buy everything on my “Wish List”, including Plex and a few icon packs

  • bedrock49686

    Music, new launcher, games.

  • mmark27

    Ooooo, yeah. I’ll take a shot at not winning this! Clash of Clans, Allcast, BOOKS!

  • Brian m

    Would use it on some of the pro versions of apps I enjoy, such as tibu, Foxfi, and greenify

  • Chris


    AllCast, Icon Packs, a game?

  • Dustin Carney

    Titanium backup, all cast premium, and nova premium

  • mikeb74

    Set cpu root toolbox ai keyword

  • Mr_Vindictive

    Google Play Video, Xcom, Play Books

  • Detonation


  • Jeremy Forney

    3d shell, icon pack, movies

  • Tyrian

    icon packs, AllCast, games

  • mrjeff

    Tasker, XCOM, movies

  • Mike Lobb

    Books, Movies and Music!

  • I can’t name all the things I would buy but I can tell you I could have it spent in 10 minutes on Nova Launcher Prime, Minecraft(I think I am the only person who doesn’t have it) and SuperGNES. Thank you for the chance.

  • Zachary Washburn

    Swype Keyboard, Wolfram Alpha, Merriam-Webster Dictionary Premium

  • Dennis Vilensky

    Probably some Icon packs, and some widgets, and possibly a game or two

  • Rushi Patel

    Probably buy Nova Launcher Prime, then probably some games, such as NBA 2k14 and maybe GTA

  • Lewis Taylor

    Nova launcher prime, Music (be a good boy and dont pirate them :P), clash of clans

  • Oscar Lopez

    nova prime, lighflow, swiftkey

  • Edward B.

    Greenify, ROM Toolbox Pro, and a tool to edit slo-mo videos.

  • โ˜บJordanโ˜บ

    nova launcher, poweramp & flightradar24

  • jjjmmmhhh

    Pocket Casts, Titanium back up, Nova Launcher… and lots of others!

  • NikkDotCom

    Allcast Premium is a must have for me! Plus Rom Manager Premium. Seriously, am I the only one who doesn’t have premium RM.

  • Evil-D

    would be all for music

  • Vital Grados

    beautiful widgets, SuperSU pro & GTA 3

  • mgamerz

    Narr8, Titanium Backup, the walking dead.

  • Morgan

    Play Movies and Music, along with allcast and helium!

  • hfoster52

    Movies movies and more movies….

  • Keno Levers

    I want a chicken dinner.

  • James Lopiccolo

    For 50 bucks I will leave a comment….Games, Games and more games

  • Kurt

    music, movies, music

  • Kenny Woodard

    Nova prime, click UI icon pack, Riptide GP2

  • Olegs Marhelis


  • KojiroAK

    1. Shadow Run
    2. Baldurs Gate
    3. Some stuff in Order and Chaos Online.

    And probably some pro or donate versions of apps I like.

  • bkosh84


  • Ian

    Who won the NEST’s? never heard.

  • Alex Goings

    Movies, allcast, and nova prime

  • XCOM: Enemy Uknown, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and The Amazing Spiderman 2 – Good Luck to all!

  • Billy Crowe

    Allcast, GTA, and a few books and movies

  • James Philippon

    Play Store games, music/movie rentals and icons!

  • Elizabeth Zima

    Andy Warhole art found saved on obsolete Amiga floppy disks from 1985. They were commissioned by the long-defunct PC company Commodore International to show off the โ€œgraphic art capabilitiesโ€ of its Amiga computer. Remember the Amiga?

  • Awesome…

  • Yancey

    SwiftKey, Google Music All-Access, Tasker

  • MJ

    Dragon’s Lair, Minecraft – Pocket Edition, and Root Explorer

  • gman2777

    Swiftkey, Poweramp and mineraft pocket edition

  • Fred Hoffmann

    IFTTT, Tasker Add Ons, Play Music

  • Matt

    don’t know yet!

  • broken42

    XCOM, Final Fantasy, and GTA

  • Steve A. Reno

    Allcast, Tiny Scan Pro, RAW Droid Pro

  • Evil-D


  • Max Ervin

    Nova Launcher Prime, Domo icon pack, and Now icon pack

  • d1985

    The Room 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Grand Theft Auto: San andreas.

  • Aaron Esham

    Tasker, threes, allcast

  • yummy

    I dont know

  • Carlo0404

    Final Fantasy V & VI, Lego Star Wars for the kiddos, or the current season of Arrow or a past season of Archer.

  • marcel bauer

    very cool, fingers crossed

  • Jamil Frans

    Cryten, Vibe – Icon, FoxFi Pro

  • Olegs Marhelis


  • Josh

    Nova Launcher Prime, SwiftKey, and Super Hexagon

  • Emil Engelman III

    Playstore games, icon packs, music

  • Daniel Aceves

    I want the card for movies

  • Jeff Mowbray

    I’m not sure what I would get, but perhaps a movie or some music. Thanks DL

  • Stephen

    Nova Launcher Pro, Icon Packs, Music

  • Norbert Manzanida

    Nova Launcher Prime (New GS5), Mindcraft, and Chronus Pro

  • Final fantasy 6, the walking dead, Allcast

  • Coy Walker

    My wishlist is ready *birdman hand run*
    Zooper widget
    Some books
    Icon packs

  • Haci

    Nova prime, Tasker and Titanium Backup

  • Ian

    Apps n thingz!

  • Trey Porter

    An ass-ton of kovdev icons…

  • Charlie Edward

    music, movies, ebooks

  • MITBeta

    MX Mariner, next Dead Zone game, Doc McStuffins

  • RyanT

    Plex, Kinemaster Pro, Allcast

  • ARRRG3

    tunein pro, allcast, minecraft

  • sralj

    Icon pack, Swift Key, and Titanium Backup Pro

  • Phssthpok

    PocketCloud Pro, Titanium Backup, Printer Share Pro

  • Jonathan

    Final Fantasy, google music and GTA

  • Brandon Barlow

    Pick me! I like movies and spendy apps.

  • Executor

    GTA: San Andreas, The Walking Dead, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I might also buy a box of coins in Family Guy just so I can get rid of that annoying quest.

  • R. Wayne Craft

    does it have to be an app specifically? i suspect it would be used to purchase movies on Google Play, books on Google Play, and maybe put it towards the next Nexus tablet that comes out, either 7″ or 8″

  • Omar Ghazi

    Play Music, Tiny Planet, LivKontrol, for sure

    Play Movies, Play On, and Plex …for pretty sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Guest

    Nova Launcher Prime, SwiftKey, some donations to devs, and some music albums

  • Brian Walker

    San Andreas, AllCast, then probably a movie. Gotta get ready for Android TV!

  • NIck

    Nova prime, tasker, stark icon pack

  • Corey Moore

    Angry birds star wars 2, all cast premium, Lumos icon pack

  • kwikie

    nova launcher, swiftkey, titanium backup pro!

  • Paul

    Amazon Kindle, Google Movies, Playstore games

  • Jon-Eric Deutsch

    Icon packs, many many icon packs

  • Guest

    Consider this post as left. Well, you not, not left as in the side, but past form of to leave.
    Not that anyone claims I’m a communist.

  • pdpkong

    FKU Updater, Titanium Backup & Brave Frontier IAP here I come!

  • RN Ortiz

    So many things id like to get… they just don’t seem to be coming to my mind right now.

  • snoty

    icon packs, google play music all access, allcast premium

  • Angelo Arzola

    Fifa 14, Clash of clans, 8 Ball pool

  • Swimmer8594

    NBA 2k14, Amazing Spiderman 2, Drastic DS Emulator

  • Patrick Alderton

    GPS Status Pro, Titanium Backup Pro Key and Helium Backup and restore (Full version with app data backup)…and probably some nice new wallpapers of the live variety

  • BuRuSkEeE

    Root explorer, and 2 bauce games!

  • WarrenM

    Anything(everything?) Grand Theft Auto; Better Battery Stats, TaskerWarrenM

  • Andrew

    all books

  • darkmuck

    Tasker, rom toolbox, sdcard maid

  • mikek66

    Nova Pro, tunin, Torque Pro

  • Nathan Borup

    tasker, icon pack, and inSSIDer

  • Matt

    Tasker, Google Play Books, Mark as Read

  • Marco Occhionero

    Talon, smart launcher 2 pro, next launcher 3D shell

  • Tony Kerr

    50 bucks? I’ll take it!

    Ah, now I see. How about Tasker, Locale, and Settings Profiles Full.

  • Omar

    AllCast Premium and mooooovies!!

  • Xposed gel settings, icon packs, Allcast premium

  • imbakhle

    I’d buy XCOM, PowerAmp, and FoxFi. Stuff I’ve always wanted but that I’ve never pulled the trigger on.

  • Stud Muffler

    gReader pro, Tiny planet, torque pro, some in-app purchases…

  • Droid_Junky

    I would put it towards a Nest or a Nexis 7!

  • J B

    Titanium Backup, GoSMS Pro, Nova Launcher Pro

  • Carlos Rodrรญguez

    Titanium Backup Pro, SpuperSU pro, Root explorer. Maybe Franco Kernel Updater, too.

  • Matt

    The Room, The Room 2, Nove Launcher Prime

  • Bradon

    Ticket to ride, Pocket Cast, ShadowRun

  • pyroflyx

    3 Apps? AllCast Premium, PocketCasts and Plex.

  • Josh Oberg

    I would use it on books and movies Game of thrones , Luke Bryant, dad is fat .

  • Larry Franks

    They new Pac man game you just mentioned, room 2, amazing spider-man 2

  • ErRoR7

    5 months of Google Music

  • joe

    Sounds good to me!

  • PriestSyrinx

    Out There, Link Bubble Pro, Ultimate Guitar Tabs (+ the extra modules)

  • Fernando

    I’d buy movies, Assins Creed Pirate’s and Riptide GP2

  • dnwtn

    Google Books, Google Music, The Room 2

  • Jay Reynolds

    AllCast Premium, Foldersync, and Dead Trigger add-ons

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Dungeon keeper IAP!
    Final fantasy
    Walking dead

  • Ben McDonald


  • Bill

    Going to get me some music.

  • Oooh. Maybe I’ll buy XCOM after all!

  • Jeremiah Taylor

    root explorer, titanium backup, rom manager

  • FiveAcres

    Minecraft, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Abdoulah Soulami

    Chaos Rings, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI !

  • Adam

    Final Fantasy 6, Astro Pro and various Google Books!

  • Matt

    GPS Status PRO, Terraria, AllCast Premium

  • Brett Seybert

    The Room Two, TuneIn Pro, and Tasker

  • Guest

    Icon packs, hover chat pro, talon

  • jmu33

    plex, the new anomaly game and prolly get my son some games……

  • Allthesevens

    Unified Remote Full, Camera FV-5, Pocket Casts


    Google Music, Plex, and more music

  • yesterdaysbutter

    Titanium backup pro, Nova Launcher, and some movies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nextstepbasketball

    Me me me.

  • YEMan0443

    All of KovDev’s Icon Packs X 3!

  • traumadog

    Mark As Read, FoxFi Pro, Tapatalk Pro

  • humidity

    Hands down, Final Fantasy VI.

  • jrop

    Plex, SwiftKey, and Nova Launcher Prime.

  • joe23521

    Me want!

  • Arnold

    Domo Icon Pack, The Room 2, and Final Fantasy 6!

  • fixxxer3838

    Lots and lots of icon packs. love me some icon packs especially from kovdev and stealthychief.

  • Kawika Kahikina

    Clash Of Clans , Plants vs Zombies 2, Google Play Music

  • Sapko82

    allcast google movies and books

  • Seth Merritt

    All on google movies, music, and tv

  • Ryan

    tasker, root explorer, and titanium backup

  • Zach

    Google music, clash of clans, Google movies

  • geedee82

    Allcast Pro, Tinycam Monitor Pro, and another badass game!

  • Alex Sherer

    Tasker, XCOM, and IAP in MLB at Bat (dying for that sweet Chromecast support)

  • blarz

    Clash of Clans GEMS!! Or a few movies…

  • nate

    titanium backup pro, flow free packs, fives

  • Bob Hoyle

    Lego Star Wars, Titanium Backup Pro, Slingplayer for Tablets

  • kashtrey

    Probably just clash of clans. But I’ll probably also buy a few comics from comixology too and maybe some other games.

  • Shawn

    Allcast, TSF Shell, Titanium Backup, & a couple of movies.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Contre Jour, Riptide GP2 and Toy Story: Smash It! I’m sure my kids could find others…

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    Nova Launcher Prime. Final Fantasy 6 and 5

  • Clash of clans, 500firepaper, XDA premium

  • cgbenitez

    I’d use it for 3 months of Google play music all access ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Paul

    There are a few seasons of TV shows I’ve been eyeing in Google Play. Does three episodes (or maybe even 3 seasons) count as three apps?

  • Fernando Vร squez

    nova, Tapatalk pro, FIFA 14 upgrade.

  • Grizzy

    Games on games on games

  • Raven65

    No apps… I’d buy a ChromeCast and some music.

  • mattdonders

    Titanium Backup, Icon Packs and in App Purchases for this stupid game I can’t beat.

  • Ben

    MoneymoneymoneyMON-EY…… MONEY!!

  • trd105

    Google Movies, Pocketcasts, and Google Music!

  • pppanda88

    Defiantly Zooper widget pro, The Room 1&2 and The walking Dead!

  • milt6

    GTA, NBA Jam, Icon pack

  • cr5315

    XCOM, MarkAsRead for Gmail, Assassin’s Creed Pirates

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    Google Movies, Music, Books

  • Shane Withers

    card card card

  • Carlos Berumen

    It’s time to get all those productivity tools I always keep drooling for!!

  • Scott Tucker


  • KnappyRoot

    Maybe I’ll win this time…..doubt it.

  • MaddHatterr

    Kicked off my running season today, this would be a nice pat on the back. Tasked, tune in paid, and tweetcaster pro I would like to purchase.

  • Jace

    More icon packs, plus Titanium Backup would be awesome…

  • Jason Dark

    Play Movies, Play Music and Asphalt 8!

  • Frank Drewniak

    Too many to choose from.

  • SeanODriscoll

    Talon, PocketCasts, Titanium Backup Pro

  • Erik Cho

    You know I don’t know that I would use this for apps. If I could I think i might just use it to get a chrome cast and then a few choice movies to use with the chrome cast.

  • unashamedgeek

    xcom is all i can think of now, but there would be others

  • Kidqwik

    Google Music, Nova Launcher Prime, and new Icon Packs!

  • Grayson

    Gotta get dat Facets, Talon for Twitter, Link Bubbs, Runtastic Pro, and some VSCO Cam filters!

    I believe I can fly… I believe I can… Oh wait. I never win anything. Nevermind.

  • steve smith

    Ooooh.. I need to load up on some new games! Baldurs Gate, Ravensword, GA4

  • 2khaat

    Play music, movies and nba jam!

  • milt6


  • BootlegSnackz

    I already feel like a winner

  • ckruppy

    Allcast Premium, tasker, Swiftkey

  • chants92

    a list full to purchase

  • Kevd

    Tilt 2 Live 2, XCOM, Mines of Mars

  • Humberto Hernandez

    1. USB/BT Joystic Center GOLD
    2. Some paid zooper/uccw widgeds (like “it’s On”)
    3. Fenix for Twitter

  • JUAN

    evolve themes, allcast premium, fenix

  • vinny

    Icon packs, Nova prime, and tasker

  • Bakercj

    Running out of free Google Play money from my Note 3 purchase. Could use some replenishment…

  • Danny

    today calendar, atmosHere, whatever new twitter client comes around next

  • Chaz

    Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Google Music, Google Movies, Google Books!

  • Steven

    Clash of clans. Google music, Google video

  • Ryan Quevauvilliers

    I would use it to get all three of the grand theft auto games on the app store

  • JDLaT211

    Icon packs, threes, Tasker

  • Chris Thompson

    Tasker, World of Goo, Contre Jour!!!!!! Pick me please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Pocket Casts, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, Next Launcher 3D

  • Paul Franek

    Plex, Titanium Backup Pro, Tasker!

  • manuel15

    Press rss reader, domo icon pack, inspire launcher prime ๐Ÿ™‚

  • DRP

    AllCast, FoxFi, and GTA:VC

  • Talon, Lumos, and DashUI.

  • Bionic

    2. NBA jam

  • Corey Foltman

    Cerberus, GTA, Movies

  • SkullOne

    Square-Enix games.

  • Nick

    AllCast Premium, AirFighters Pro and BetterBatteryStats

  • ba11sy

    plex, allcast, and play movies

  • JohnBergman

    GTASA, Plex, in-app purchases on Clash of Clans, and a few movie rentals.

  • Robert Valentin

    There is always something good to spend $50 on!

  • MotoRulz

    movies, movies, movies

  • James Elliott

    Allcast, Beautiful Widgets, and Fenix

  • nope

    Tasker, Fenix and Flesky.

  • Jody Barnes

    Clash of Clans!

  • Mememe

    The new Pac Man Game, GTA, Threes

  • Db0y505

    Nova prime, Poweramp and GTA San Andreas ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kutluay

    I want to buy Riptide GP2, Minecraft Pocket Edition and Swiftkey Keyboard with that gift card! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chewey246

    Thanks for the chance! My only android go to site

  • James P

    I’d probably use it for movies from the Play Store

  • Will P

    The Room 2, Bloons TD5, and GTA San Andreas

  • Rohan Lal

    Rom Toolbox Pro, Tasker, Nova Prime

  • JMonkeYJ

    Monument Valley when it comes out, Detective Grimoire, and LinkBubble

  • j_della9

    Swiftkey. Tasker. Minecraft.

  • androidkin

    Allcast Premium, Plex and Swiftkey

  • Mustavi

    I don’t need 3 apps just 1. My cars check engine light recently went on so I would really like to get Torque pro (obd 2 and car).

  • Little G

    Tasker, Plex, Zooper Pro

  • sgm182

    NBA 2k14, Icon Packs, Riptide.

  • I would definitely take advantage of the most recent game sales. Plus I’m looking for a calendar replacement app and some music creation software!

  • Russell Lowe

    Zooper by Beard, Domo icon pack, ZenScape EvolveSMS theme.

  • Grady

    This guy right here!!!!!

  • gp126904

    Tasker, MX player pro, and GTA

  • Kenny Ortiz

    Fenix for Twitter, AllCast Premium and Press

  • mh0520

    Music mostly

  • Icon packs, music, movies.

  • Saymonps

    Link Bubble, Unicon and Titanium Backup Pro Key.

  • mizkitty

    Titanium Backup Pro, Tasker, and Plex.

  • Paul N

    Tasker, Ticket to Ride, Pocketcast. And those would be purchased by my cousin as this would be part of his h.s. graduation gift.

  • BEwing12

    All Cast, Clash of Clans and some music.

  • Ethan

    Some albums and a few games and possibly a short Netflix subscription or a Spotify premium subscription

  • Zombies Run, Pocket Casts and Couch to 5K

  • Julian Sander

    Link Bubble , Talon for Twitter, AllCast

  • ticklemepierce

    So I can upgrade my music library!


    movies songs and books

  • Eric Matthew Woodrum

    ComiXology comics, Google Play movies, and The Room!

  • Jungy Brungus

    Allcast all day. Final Fantasy VI and Droid-Life app if it actually cost money!

  • James Briano

    When will the Nexus 6 rumors begin?

  • Jake W

    Swift key, Nova launcher, Titanium back up

  • Boles

    I could sure use 50 smackers. Needless tech purchase here I come! What Apps? I’m thinking the Room sequel, Minecraft, and the Black Ops Zombie game!

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Google Play Books, Google Play Movies, and probably the XCom game that was just released.

  • Robert_Cobbs

    Torque Pro, NBA 2K14, Tablet Talk

  • Graham Blackadder

    Icon packs – to help young developers
    File manager paid
    World cup soccer apps

  • EMcTx

    Movies, music, games

  • jiggyjesus

    swift key, nova launcher, tasker

  • TheOtherJames

    XCom, The Room Two, Pocket Casts

  • Nikola Petrefski

    To be more specific:
    GTA seems like a no brainer.
    Play movies (various)
    Play books (various, including some soccer books I’ve been meaning to read like How Soccer Explains the World)

  • Aaron Swan

    I would do music probably but if i went with apps it would be
    1) Riptide
    2) Minecraft
    3) Ravensword

  • I solemly swear that if I get chosen, all of the proceeds will go to in-app purchases

  • turdbogls

    Allcast Pro, Link bubble, and then the rest on music and movies probably.

  • Sam Fehling

    Plex, AllCast, and Swiftkey!

  • Jake Kulik

    new icon packs and some games!

  • NYCLawyer

    Plex for Android, Slingbox, a bunch of movies

  • MrMLK

    Fortunately, I had a couple of comments in my pocket, so it was no problem to leave one of them here.

    XCOM, Goblins and Grave Defense (probably).

  • ankit199

    Super SU, Nova Prime, Plex

  • Today Calendar, Anomaly 2, The Room Two

  • Ben Rollier

    It would go straight to music.

  • Chris Perez

    HJ, allcast, anomoly 2

  • Silver Veloz

    AllCast Premium, maybe FoxFi and, oh, that’s a tough question. Maybe upgrade a couple games to premium. Maybe a movie or two instead.

  • Oh, I have so many things I’d like to get… not sure where to begin. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d probably start with XCOM, another Broken Sword, and The Walking Dead. If you can use them for other things, I wouldn’t mind getting some tv shows or movies with it, too.

  • mikewilson1021

    Movies, movies, and movies. Lots of road trips coming up with the kiddos!

  • ianflo

    Football Manager, MarkasRead for Gmail, Threes

  • Fingers cross ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Inquizitor

    Lux, The Walking Dead, and some nice icon packs recommended by Droid Life.

  • grumpyfuzz

    Play Movies, icon packs, and games.

  • erick magno

    I just want the Swype keyboard and books!

  • Kendal Kline

    The Bard’s Tale, Lyne, and Threes!

  • Jonathan Maki

    Zombie Run, Repligo Reader, and Draw Race 2!!

  • Tiago Gageiro

    AllCast, Franco.Kernel Updater and Swiftkey!

  • Hamzah Malik

    XCom, Tasker, and AllCast

  • n3ssie

    I’d pay Koush for AllCast.


    BaconReader Pro, Wolfram Alpha, and RainyMood.

  • SubtleFuse

    I’d get XCOM EU to go with my new tablet

    Terraria for the exact same
    And then the Nova Launcher Prime
    (non apps would include Season 8 of Doctor Who when it’s available)

  • jeremy981


  • valapsp

    Xcom enemy, plex for android, gta san andreas

  • Samuel Beard

    Tasker, XCom! and all the GTA games!

  • Toby Patton

    All of it would go to Comixology!!!

  • p4

    Final Fantasy III, GTA IV, and Titanium Media Sync .. yes plz

  • Woody Woodrow

    Movies, music and shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike P

    Allcast, Facets, and probably a movie or two.

  • Jan Fejt

    Minecraft titanium backup and gta!

  • Matt

    Support the developers!

    • Matt

      Forgot to name my 3..Light Flow, AllCast Prem, and Shinedown album.

  • droidify

    Adobe Photoshop touch, cam scanner, mSecure

  • KPunk

    apps, games and more!

  • Miguel Casis


  • Jeffrey Jacobson

    Not sure about apps, but could definitely use some new music.. $50 goes a long way

  • AeySimp

    Allcast, Tiny Thief, Minecraft

  • Brian Diaz

    Domo Icon Pack, Mark As Read and Need For Speed

  • I’d get AllCast, LinkBubble, icon packs, probably some games and/or rent a movie.

  • Jason Downing

    Play Movies, AllCast Premium, mayyyybe partial NEST purchase.

    • Corey Foltman

      if only you could use gift cards for devices

      • Jason Downing

        You can’t?! that’s stupid.

  • A.J.

    do not disturb, nova launcher, and books.

  • Greg Mapes

    Give back to the smaller devs and buy some icon packs I haven’t bought yet…Struktur, Noci. And maybe Fenix Twitter app.

  • slider112


  • rlorenz

    I want to get a dave kover icon pack (Nox), the Augmented Smartwatch app, and the Facets app!

  • Shawn Spring

    I’d love to buy Swiftkey and then some more icon packs from Kovdev and Ryan Kelly!

  • bcostley

    AllCast Google music

  • Mitchell Toland Jr.

    Tasker, Nova Prime, TitaniumBackupPro

  • joe

    SlingPlayer, OfficeSuite, and CamScannerPro

  • Trevor Vass

    Plex, Torque Pro and AllCast Premium

  • LuckyStrike1944

    Circle weather, Out There, MarkAsRead

  • Brian O.

    Would definitely buy some books. I need to read Ender’s game before watching the movie!

  • Yasinne Elmoutanabi

    Swiftkey, Nova Launcher premium, titanium backup pro

  • Eric Thompson

    Reddit Sync Pro, Fleksy Keyboard, and GTA San Andreas.

  • EdsonDJ

    GTA: San Andreas, Plex, and maybe use it on some movies.

  • Daryel Villavicencio

    EaseBackup, Nova Launcher Prime, BaconReader

  • Ben Johnson

    FoxFi, Allcast Premium, Geocaching

  • Tyler Martin

    Helium Premium, NBA JAM and John GBA emulator

  • rskyline

    Super SU, Nova Prime, SuperBeam Pro

  • Anthony Zulueta

    impossible road, nba2k14 & plex

  • agottschling

    Repitouch Pro, Titanium Backup Pro, and SuperSU Pro. I’ve been waiting to buy these for a while but have never had the google play credit.

  • Sean

    Movies, games, and business

  • Lokee77

    Perfectly Clear, Adobe Photoshop Touch, Fenix

  • Seth

    SwiftKey, mx player pro, titanium backup

  • Tyler Shortt

    Sine Mora, Storyboard Studio, All Cast pro. Get my game, productivity and media streaming fix.

  • Jason Maze

    Nova Launcher Prime and Zombies, Run! 2 missions

  • Jared Shorter

    I would definitely buy some music, some gems on clash of clans, and some other games.

  • Nelly547

    Swiftkey, allcast premium, Tasker

  • muffnman

    Tasker, AllCast and probably XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • Greg Humlicek

    Allcast, Tasker, Monopoly

  • Alec Boyle

    Entire seasons of Tropic Thunder.

  • Tony Byatt

    GTA, Riptide, Shadowgun…

  • Ashmedie

    Drastic DS Emulator, The Cave, Out There, Titanium backup pro key, and more

  • frankh0112

    Movies. Books. Music!

  • Impossible Road, Lyne, Greed Corp.

  • Justin Maller Faucets


    Books. that i have on my wish list.

  • erikiksaz

    usb audio player pro, seeder, tasker.

  • Jonatan

    I would buy Tasker, Titanium Backup Pro and The Room 2

  • bobbyp

    Minecraft pe. Sonic Play music

  • Matt Lang

    Music, dev. donate apps, and some games

  • Marcellus1

    allcast, xcom, tasker

  • Curtis Black

    Nova Prime, GTA III, and Reddit is Fun Golden Platinum!

  • Travis

    Allcast prem, chromecast, music

  • Smith Doe

    Swift Keyboard, Nova Launcher Prime & Zombies Run

  • brarelabben

    Anything Droid-Life recommends.

  • Ivan92116

    Tasker, Plex, Titanium backup.

  • bweiand

    n7player Full version, droidEditor Pro,threes

  • chaoslimits

    Probably use this for all paid versions of the apps I use. Or music on google play. Also would get as many JRPGs as I can get. FF, Chrono Cross etc.

  • Juergen Helmers

    Some games and a navigation app.

  • Frank Marin

    Allcast Premium, Nova Prime and Spider Man 2

  • diiiz_

    I would love to buy some apps so bad but unfortunately I don’t own a credit card. Please give it to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rafter

    Facets, Nova Prime, Talon

  • abhisahara

    Apps already too much. Some movies and music and lastly books if it permits ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks Kellex.

  • Eric

    AllCast, DeskSMS, ROM Manager

  • Nikola Petrefski

    I’m looking for some classic games, and movies.

  • GJV

    Zooper, Allcast, and Lastpass premium

  • Tony Sebro

    I’d buy a few movies w/ this.

  • Molly Housel


  • Mojor Izin

    3 apps – swype, baconreader, tapatalk

  • Ryan Callihan

    Lux, Tasker, and Reverse Dictionary. All seem really useful.

  • Jeff Badger

    Slingplayer, MX Player Pro, and everything else would go to launchers and icon packs.

  • Patrick Whitlock

    Probably some new tables for pinball arcade and a copy of my bands album. And maybe a movie, or a few rentals.

  • Brandon Quintana

    This card would go straight to Movies & TV and Books, not apps.

    -Benjamin Button
    -The Firm by John Grisham
    and many, many more.

  • Travis

    Nova prime, month of Google music, may be some games, all cast prem

  • Wilsonian

    I like turtles!!! (and free things)

  • Robert Bailey

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Minecraft – Pocket Edition, and Uno

  • mfr118

    A few movies and a boatload of music

  • Ashley Colip

    Minecraft, NovaLauncher and Temple Run: Oz!!!

  • jhlinka

    Zooper skins, Lux, Allcast

  • drewbie_al

    I’d probably pick up some games I have been meaning to try… and Plex.

  • PicSay Pro, GTA3 & Docs 2 Go Premium

  • Frederick R.

    music, apps, and ebooks O MY!!

  • Ron L

    Walking Dead, Scramble, Nova Launcher Prime.

  • Brian Hall

    AllCast, Helium, ton of themes

  • Dan Barbera

    Tasker, Vice City, and maybe rent a movie or 5 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Trevor

    Tasker (does IFTTT cost money?), any TV shows my stupid Time Worthless cable box doesn’t record correctly and I have to buy to watch, 10000001, if they ever make a sequel.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Badland, Gaming Cast, and GTA San Andreas!

  • t3chi3

    Final Fantasy, Family Guy IAP, Gaming Cast

  • soultoasty

    XCOM, Plex, Allcast

  • duurf


  • IMPOSSIBLE ROAD, Cogs, and SwiftKey (still stuck on the tablet version)

  • Andrew Lovgren

    Swiftkey, Beautiful Widgets, Tasker

  • Zach B.

    I wanna get some movies perhaps

  • Keith L

    Fancy new launcher
    Some books
    And probably some tunes

  • looking to build my music library. This would help!

  • Dustin

    – Definitely Google play movies and music: who wouldn’t?
    – engineering calc: because I would use it every day
    – Google play books: because I need more books Ill never finish because I was reading droid-life!
    – Minecraft!!

  • JoshJop

    I would get Soundhound (infinite), Wolfram Alpha, and The Sims 3 and with left over I would get a season of Mythbusters.

  • Allcast, TV Portal, Link Bubble

  • Adam

    I totally have time to play all the final fantasy games…right?

  • SchwannyT

    I’d like to get that Shadowrun game, and catch up on some movies from the play store.

  • E. Cook

    Tunein Radio, Plex for Android, NBA2k14

  • stacky

    Lots of Paid apps.

  • nforkner

    I could definitely use this!

  • Mike Reardon

    minecraft pocket edition, foxfi, and SuperGNES

  • Kyle Miller

    Some icon pack, some rpg game and some twitter client app.

  • Pratik Amin

    Yatse, BubbleUPnP, DraStic DS Emulator

  • Larry

    slingplayer, angry birds star wars II ad-free, Madden 2014

  • Jesus S.

    GTA San Adreas, Allcast Premium, and The Room 2

  • Scott Breitbach

    Tasker, Wolfram|Alpha, Gaming Cast

  • Alvie Rodgers


  • Daniel

    Lots of classic games!

  • Matt May

    Allcast Premium, ntrack (multitrack audio recorder), ROM Manager Premium

  • Gaebi

    I’d buy Jack Lumber, They Need To Be Fed 2 and the full version of Badland ๐Ÿ™‚

  • danetbra63

    3 apps?
    Superuser pro
    Xda premium
    Tapatalk to read droid life!

  • bonanzalarry

    Cert books for CCNA!

  • Corey Erickson

    A second Chromecast, some new music and a few books.

  • Link Bubble Pro, SQLite Editor, Calengoo.

  • FFIII, Titanium Backup Pro, Glance Premium

  • Jeff Miller

    Buy a few songs, watch a few movies and play a few games I might not have bought if it was my money ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kenny Larson

    Final Fantasy. All of them

  • Fernando Ramos

    I’d probably buy Nova Launcher Prime, FoxFi, Soundhound Infinity.

  • NeilGeorge

    Riptide G2, Vice City and clash of clans

  • bsinc1962

    $50 is better than a sharp stick in the eye

  • Shawn Custer

    I would use it for the room ticket to ride and some TV/Movies

  • Jeff Dunn

    Yes please ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lasj

    All on Play books.

  • Josh Clarence

    I would probably buy a movie and a bunch of Kovdev’s stuff.

  • Justin W

    CloudCast Premium, definitely a movie or two, and a couple of games (XCOM is definitely on my radar).

  • Derek Petersen

    Swiftkey, plex and mx player

  • Bhooshan

    titanium backup , xda , clockworkmod

  • Kevin Bukowski

    Would love to buy alot of nice apps like Tasker and buy some books movies and music! I could do alot with 50 bucks.

  • Mike Vaughn

    I could use some more games and movies.

  • RS

    The pro version of CrossDJ, NBA 2K14, Nas’ Illmatic XX from Google Music

  • HollywoodWebber

    I could use some play dollars towards a gpe phone.

  • Dycacian

    Smart Launcher 2, Google Play Movies, and Google play music

  • Jared

    One of the Final Fantasy games, Root Explorer Pro and I’d probably pick up some new music.

  • Dan

    BDABITL – Best Damn Android Blog In The Land

    • Dan

      Oh and Titanium back up; Nova Launcher; runtastic pro

  • ki11ak3nn

    Fieldrunners 2. FL Studio Mobile. And WarGames: WOPR. Yeah that’s it.

  • CyJax415

    Sweet! Zooper Widget Pro, Domo Icon Pack and Talon twitter app.

  • MrToTo83

    This is my comment, there are many comments like my comment but his one is mine! Who doesn’t want $50! You guys Rock!

    PS: My Three Apps would be Movies, Music and whatever else is on sale!

  • James Geist

    Zooper, UCCW, and check out some new games.

  • Ice_cold

    GTA, an icon pack, angry bird

  • JohnG

    Movies wanted for the weekend bus trip, fingers crossed.

  • IncCo

    Nox – Icon Pack, Flightradar24 Pro and Titanium Backup PRO

  • Joe Zollinger

    No apps, all music ๐Ÿ™‚

  • UAPJ

    GTA San Andreas, Fenix and AllCast !

  • Lamar Sumner

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2, SwiftKey Keyboard, Nova Launcher Prime

  • Jam Master Jim

    Falcon Pro, Ticket 2 Ride expansions, Plants vs Zombies…. respect..

  • Bill Anderson

    Three Apps:
    1. Minecraft
    2. Upgrade to the no-ads TripIt
    3. In-game content

  • Kirsten Lawrence

    I could so use this!! Pick me!


    Would but GOT books

  • archercc

    I would pour most of it into Google Play Movies. I would then likely hold for a sequel to World of Goo. Finally I would get one of those ODB readers and apps.

  • Mike

    Chromecast, Domo and Reddit Sync Pro

  • Shelby S.

    I’d really like this..and to know who won the Nest giveaway from the other day.

    • Shelby S.

      Guess I should read the comment rules. Tasker, AllCast, Nova Launcher.

  • Jared Muskovitz

    AllCast premium, Google Movie rentals, and XCom!

  • Brian Ruden

    nova pro, music, final fantasy

  • ralphwiggum1

    AllCast Premium, GTA San Andreas, Easy Voice Recorder Pro

  • Mike Head

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  • movalpolos

    movies, music, and plex to stream them ๐Ÿ˜€

  • alex morgan

    There’s some mutch needed apps that this would help with buying

  • Mark Sanders

    I would use it for music, apps, and books.

  • TechTitan

    I would purchase Nine, Spider-man 2, and a few months of Google Music!

  • ahaltcj

    Final Fantasy. Xcom. Few other pricy games.

  • Icon Packs, Zooper, and UCCW widgets

  • david tiedge

    beautiful widgets pro, titanium backup pro, swype

  • Logan Jinks

    I’m definitely going to buy some awesome games:

    Amazing Spider-Man 2
    GTA Vice City/San Andreas
    The Room/Room2

  • Butcher

    Link bubble, plex & swype

  • Joshu

    Three movies:

    Shaun of the Dead
    Hot Fuzz
    The World’s End

    I used to own the first two but lost them recently. I’d love to get them back and watch all 3 this weekend.

  • domo icon pack, minecraft, allcast

  • Barlog

    Amazing Spider-man 2 game Lego Star Wars, and Amazing Spider-man movie


    I’d like to buy Perfectly Clear, Plants vs Zombies, and Tasker for my newly rooted Droid Maxx. Thanks in advance for the gift card.

  • Jeremy Alajajian

    I’d use the movies function much more and fill up my music folder a bit. Then I’d get the Plex pro app.

  • Kevin Verdesca

    3 apps? definitely Google play music, another icon pack, and maybe a launcher

  • Katie P

    Who doesn’t love an easy contest?! I’d purchase Plex for Android, AllCast Premium, and reddit sync pro.

  • Guest

    More music!

  • benplum

    Link Bubble, Emoji Keyboard and Tether – FTW.

  • Kirk M.

    I would use it on movies/tv shows, swift key, GTA!!!

  • Scott Cowperthwait

    I would use this on swiftkey, nova launcher, and MX Player Pro.

  • Ryan

    1. Clash of Clans
    2. Google Music
    3. Clash of Clans

  • dan


  • Andrew Knighton

    I just changed to a new Google account so I have to buy all my paid apps again! Link bubble pro, root explorer, and plants v zombies!

  • Tim Kazzee

    I’d definitely use it on dragonvale, papapear and maybe a song or two.

  • dschneider

    I really want XCOM, and probably a couple Final Fantasies. I need some games for my crapper time!

  • R Weaver

    I would use this on iscore, Nova launcher, and XDA premium.

  • Nate

    Would probably use it to upgrade some of my apps to full rather than have them in there non-pro form or what have you. The rest on some books and movies.

  • Gordon Higelmire

    Touchdown license, Zooper by Beard, Notification Weather (premium) and about a dozen icon packs.

  • Richard Giordano

    Google play music and movies and maybe some in game add ons

  • Alex

    Photoshop Touch, Epoch 2 and a bunch of customization apps.

  • Mike

    Minecraft,Beautiful Widgets, Tasker.

  • Bryan Saroza

    emulators probably

  • Ryan

    Riptide GP2, Shadowrun Returns, and GTA Vice City!

  • YEMan0443

    Hey! Look what I found!

  • Moses


  • Zachary Manville

    I could use a few apps

  • Harry Bowen

    Play movies, play books and more movies!

  • Jeremy Buro

    The room 2, in game purchases of clash of clans, and in game purchases of angry birds GO!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Anomaly 2, Shadowrun Returns, and Domo Icon Pack!

  • Ray

    Astro Pro, MX Player Pro, Today Calender Pro

  • moelsen8

    mostly games. maybe a movie or two.

  • Evan

    i’d spend it on movies or tv show subscriptions.

  • Isaac Medina

    I would totally use this on Google Play Music, some more presets for VSCOcam, and probably The Walking Dead game

  • Dylan Leonard

    Golf GPS app, Wolfram Alpha, and Games

  • I would use this on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Ravensword: Shadowlands and Fenix for Twitter.

  • David Hahn

    Why apps? I’m hoping I can use it for a Nest purchase since I didn’t win that ๐Ÿ™‚ If it has to be apps then CTR2, Dead Trigger, PVZ2 and Assault team in app upgrades.

  • Joel Hurst

    I’d give the card to my son, and no doubt he’d use it on some Minecraft or Pokemon related apps and then some books and movies.

  • Jonathan Berry

    SystemPanel, Link Bubble, AllCast

  • Naveen

    Remix for twitter, notisysinfo pro, and dab icon pack!!

  • cgalyon

    Tasker, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy (the first). Love my old-school games, but they’re awfully expensive.

  • narffran

    ROM toolbox pro Foxfi key and Tasked!

  • Deeco

    Fenix for Twitter, Flesky Keyboard, wlpapR

  • CommanderZim

    I would probably use this on Avia, XCOM, and Shadowrun.

  • madduffy

    Dsub Pro, AllCast Pro, Reddit is Fun Pro

  • Zanzaras

    Hmmm… Magic 2014, DroidRTTY and APRSdroid

  • webharsh

    an icon pack, another one and candy crush

  • Kory

    The Room2, Nova, Titanium

  • albert

    I need win:'(

  • Albert

    Hmm, I usually buy music through Google Play, but probably Minecraft, AllCast, and Quick Control Panel.

  • Sean Betschman

    Would love to purchase some apps that I have been debating getting but didn’t want to spend the money on…and music

  • pattersonme

    GTA, Tetris, Galaga

  • Pikachu

    I’d probably buy DraStic, FL Studio Mobile, and Minecraft: Pocket Edition.
    I don’t mind if I don’t win, unlike most people.

  • Kevin

    I would use it for Xcom, HD Widgets, and Baldurs Gate

  • Craig

    Launcher, Icon pack and a game

  • Richard

    I would buy textbooks!

  • Josh B

    3 apps:
    Book: Name of the Wind
    Book: A Wise Mans Fear
    App: AllCast

  • htowngtr

    minuum keyboard, tasker, and minecraft

  • usaff22

    Locale, Skiplock and Apex Launcher Pro.

  • Dillon Hughes

    I’d totally use this on pretty much all the apps I want for the next year lol

  • Mavericksfolife

    I’d use the gift card for the remaining Angry Birds I don’t have and Where’s My Water for my niece to play.

  • WitnessG

    Link Bubble, Dash UI Icon Pack, and a CM Theme that is coming out fairly soon.

  • RickyFTW

    Google Play Movies/TV, Fairway Blast, and saving up for a nexus 5!

  • eldrick

    swiftkey, plex, GTA

  • MichaelFranz

    3 apps…mhmm
    – Final Fantasy (one of them)
    – Another one of Kovdev’s Icon packs (Even though I love Domo)
    – I know its not an app but, Probably a book or 2

  • jessica

    some cool games maybe some root tools and books

  • James L

    icons & music, can’t think of 3 apps I need that I don’t have.

  • Kris

    Plex, Root Explorer and a good racing game.

  • Ryan

    Show me the money! Err.. Gift card! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • D Smith

    Not sure but It would be games I have yet to play

  • David Caccavo

    would definitely help convince me to pick up a Nest thermostat. otherwise music, movies, books

  • john dechert

    Please oh please please please please please please pick me………..id download some of my favorite music

  • Carlos Lopez

    Titanium Backup, Apex Launcher Pro, Zooper Pro. And a whole lot of icon packs

  • Jack Nicholson

    I would use it on some movies, riptide gp, and S for switch pro

  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    Vivino, AllCast Premium and some evolve sms premium features.

  • Justin Latham

    Right here this guy would love it gotta get get some new icon packs.

  • NeilOMalley

    Chrono Trigger, Plex, and Launcher Pro.

  • Guest

    Who doesn’t love an easy contest?!

  • Irwin Bautista

    nova launcher, allcast, mx player

  • Hernan Rosario

    Link Bubble, Fenix Twitter App and Domo (Icon Pack)

  • Link Bubble Pro, and two Final Fantasy games.

  • e993442712

    Link Bubble, Titanium Backup Pro, and Fenix

  • elemeno

    I’d get some movies.

  • Kyle Null

    GTAs, all of them!

  • Nova Launcher Prime, HD Widgets, Plex for Android.

  • circuspeanut

    obligatory comment.

  • Chris Sherrer

    I’d use it mainly for games and music

  • 147Keys

    Icon packs, Clash of Clans and Google Play Music!

  • Opinionated_In_Bangor

    Tasker, AllCast & Zynga Poker

  • stonemill

    movies, music, more

  • mikek66

    $50 would be awesome!

  • jwildman16

    A podcast app (uPod?), a game, and how about a movie instead of another app.

  • Brian Sprague

    More icon packs!!!

  • Eric Wilborn

    Simpsons: Tapped Out, Family Guy Quest for Stuff, Tasker

  • toddersv

    tasker, nova prime, plex

  • Swiftkey, Beautiful Widgets and Apex Launcher would be my first three choices.

  • Rafael Bergamin

    Plex, AllCast and Threes, cause I’m all about casting stuff to my new chromecast now!

  • rslh

    It’s like Christmas in April.

  • aculbreth

    Music, maybe a FF game, and Plex

  • dukenilnil

    Enjoy the website, thanks

  • Phil

    Yes! Hope I win I need more icon packs and games ๐Ÿ™‚

  • litobirdy

    give to me now

  • Dan Lopez

    Free games and movies sure sound good.

  • Brandon Miller

    Hi… Uhm, I’d like to win. K? Thanx. Bye.

  • 147Keys

    Did I win?

  • Dr. Steve

    I want that… Icon packs, and icon packs, and icon packs, and icon packs, and icon packs, and icon packs, and a movie.

  • Metal_Link

    I’d get myself Zooper Widget, Ridiculous Fishing, and Minecraft: PE

  • Michael Chediak

    Yes please!!

  • Josh P.

    Tasker, Nova Prime, Allcast

  • Cody

    Who won the nests

  • Ryan Burleson

    Pick Me!

  • Henry C

    So much amazing new music out there that I want! This would go a long way.

  • Buur

    Tune in Radio Pro, Tasker, Plex.

  • Joe

    I would buy tasker, rymdkapsel, and action launcher pro!!