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IFTTT is Now Available on Android

IFTTT – “if this, then that” – is now available on Android. The incredibly popular automate-your-life service has been an internet favorite for some time, especially for those who want things to just happen depending on certain circumstances. Think of it a bit like Tasker, only even more broad with tie-ins to popular internet services. Could I have been more vague there? Probably not. Let me try to explain this. 

IFTTT works like this. You decide if this happens, then you want that to happen as a result. For example, if you leave work, you could have your phone text your wife. I know, that’s nothing new, but it gets better. If you showed up to the Whitehouse, you could have your phone automatically Tweet at Barack Obama. If the weather calls for rain tomorrow, you could have a notification sent to your phone. If you receive a Gmail message with an attachment, you could automatically send that attachment to Dropbox. If you post a picture to Instagram, you could have it automatically set as your phone’s wallpaper.

Starting to make sense?

Those examples I just described are called “Recipes.” Recipes are built from Triggers and Actions. Triggers are the “if this” part, while Actions are the “do that” part. There are also Channels, which are the building blocks for Recipes.

It’s pretty awesome. You should definitely check this out, along with the IFTTT site to get inspiration or find pre-built Recipes. Because, yes, there are tons and tons of Recipes already available that may be perfect for you and will require that you not even lift a finger. OK, maybe one finger just to activate it.

Got any good Recipes to share?

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  • MReprogle

    When is IFTTT going to add a few more of Android’s settings to their “ingredients”? I’d love to get it to turn my mobile hotspot on and off automatically, but there’s nothing there. I got Tasker to work fine, but it was killing my battery.

  • Jeremy Turnley

    So, you can do a lot of the examples with Tasker or Locale already – I am downloading now, but what does this bring to the table that those don’t?

    • miri

      A simple, intuitive interface and cross platform compatibility?

      • Jeremy Turnley

        After messing with it, I can see the appeal somewhat, but it can’t really do a lot of the things that I have Locale doing, and Locale’s UI is actually a lot simpler to use. Locale’s a lot more powerful, too; I have my phone set to turn on my lock code and bluetooth when I get a block away from my house (and the reverse when I return), and then if it connects to the speakerphone in the car, it turns off WiFi as well.

        If they ever add any channels that look useful to me, I’ll think about using this as well, Right now, it looks like it just does things like email sports scores and upload pictures from one service to another, which I already have apps for.

  • Google makes life easier by introducing IFTTT but the question arises http://goo.gl/Z723p5

  • Josh

    Personally, I’d like an app like Tasker that can integrate a scripting language (ie. not just having to launch external scripts with less context information) like Bash but passes environment variables for the phone’s current situation. Pretty much, somehow replace the cumbersome graphical scripting UI with a regular text based scripting language. I know this will mostly be for existing programmers and people willing to put the initial time to learn basic programming logic.

    I guess, in the end, I want something like systemd, upstart or udev on Linux to launch scripts based on context. The scripts then have access to global variables containing serveral phone information (ie. signal level, WiFi connection, location, battery level, CPU usage, power consumption, etc.). The scripts can also call built-in commands to control the phone (ie. turn on/off GPS, start acquiring your GPS location, check the weather, turn off/on 4G, etc.). Right now, Tasker and other Android automation apps are too cumbersome when writing somewhat complex scripts due to it’s graphical scripting environment.

  • Rob Fetterhoff

    I’ve been using the website for quite a while. I love it!

  • Chris B

    Hmm…Can’t seem to get any of the Location stuff to fire…Seems like there is some issues going on. Also, created another that should document when my devices connects/disconnects from Wifi..nothing. hmmmmmm

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Can’t seem to join. And it said my email was taken? I’ll try it at home

  • J Harrell

    I’ve been using IFTTT for awhile now with the website and just went through and cleaned up some of my current Recipes. I’ve got some now using Android notifications instead of Pushover.

    • Arnold

      Bummer about the $5 for Pushover we paid, but still pretty nice!

  • IF it’s going to rain tomorrow, THEN put my Jeep in the garage…

    • tomgillotti

      Jeep owner with soft top down… first thing I thought of when I saw this!!

    • michael arazan

      You can get an automated convertible top with a remote keychain.

  • Chris King

    It doesn’t use Google plus by default is there a way to change that

    • bozzykid

      It doesn’t use anything by default. You set the actions and triggers.

      • Chris King

        Yeah I set droid life to show up as notification but just would like to push things to g+ but couldn’t find a way to chose g+

        • Alan Paone

          Google+ doesn’t have an api yet for some crazy reason, so that’s probably why you can’t find it

  • Bigwavedave25

    Sweet, just set it to notify me if my favorite bottle shop posts on Instagram… drink fresh my friends!

    • EvanTheGamer


  • JoshGroff

    Sounds like a useful app, hope it’s as customizable as it sounds.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Really liking this app/service so far!

  • miri

    So far just using it to add new post notifications to networks that don’t have them. What would be REALLY great is if it were possible to automatically save every Google Now news update to Pocket.

  • iphonygeek

    If iOS launches a new update , Install & update 🙂

  • Ray

    been using this for over a month got to love push notifications for every droid-life article

    • JBartcaps

      I’m guessing through RSS right?

      • Ray

        yeah RSS push a link

        • JBartcaps

          Yeah I just got it to work, this app is awesome. Can’t wait for me Android related recipes get created

  • John Davids

    Google purchases IFTTT and integrates the team and the technology into Google Now / Android Wear / [email protected]

    I give it less than 6 months.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Or worse, Facebook buys IFTTT and incorporates it into their app and Instagram. Yikes!

      So…I suppose we all better enjoy this app now while we can.

      • John Davids

        IFTTT coming to an Oculus Rift near you!

        • EvanTheGamer


    • Ray

      yeah i can see google purchasing pushbullet and IFTTT

  • EvanTheGamer

    Wow…IFTTT seems like a pretty awesome idea for an app! Definitely downloading this!

    It would be funny if I told one of my friends about this app…”Hey so and so, have you heard of IFTTT yet?” Friend: “IF…UHH…what? If The Turtle Talks? Right?”


    • mjmedstarved

      Have you ever had a whatchamacallit? =D

  • steven taylor

    could bloggers and journalist please care enough to read their own article. at very minimum give it a once over?

    • Finire

      Is this just a general statement on the state of the internet, or was this meant to be a criticism?

    • tharealoc

      ** Could **article? **At **minimum, give **over.

      If you’re going to comment on other people’s writing, you better make sure yours is perfect.

      • steven taylor

        touche, I prefer to not use capitalization and my spelling grammar are not my strong points.

        but I’m not a journalist.

        • cizzlen


  • Arnold

    Upload camera photos to Drive… Add Pocket items to Evernote…. I love this program!

    So glad it’s available for Android. Now texts, location, notifications, etc can be utilized! The possibilities are endless!

  • Robert Daniels

    Won’t install on my Moto X. Just pretends it is downloading.

    • Joseph J Pfister

      Worked on my Moto X. Looks like people are having intermittent issues based on the app reviews. Mine seems ok.

    • JoshGroff

      It downloaded for me as well, must have just been bad timing.

    • tharealoc

      I had an error when trying to push the install the play store site. Installing it from the playstore app worked fine for me.

      • JoshGroff

        That’s interesting, because I pushed mine from the site, must just be acting up today.