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Google Glass Available Once Again to General Public, Still Costs $1500 (Updated)

Back on April 15, Google opened up the Explorer program for anyone who wanted to own a pair of Google Glass. Unfortunately, Glass sold out that day, so not everyone who wanted a pair could get one.

Today, it appears that Google Glass is now back up for sale through the Glass Store, and anyone with $1500 can buy a pair, no invite required. 

If you purchase Google Glass for $1500 through the Glass Store, Google is throwing in your choice of frames or shades for free to go with the unit. The choice is yours. All colors are available, which includes Red, White, Shale, Black, and Blue.

Dying to try out Glass? Price no concern? Go grab it.

Update: According to Google, this link was created for potential Explorers from the sale on April 15, and will not work for anyone else, even if you have already purchased a device. So, if you just laid down $1500 for a pair, prepare to have that money returned to you once Google catches up and removes the page. Sorry, folks!

Via: Glass Store
  • Kevin Donovan

    Now here’s an interesting point of view! http://blog.tikr.me/2014/04/24/nsa-surprised/

    • enob

      That’s your blog

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    “sold out”. people on the glass forums are saying it was a glitch. congrats to people who got in early enough, hopefully your orders don’t get cancelled…. glass is a lot of fun… 😉

  • GreenMeansGo

    Sold out. Darn.

  • Franz

    This is actually scaring me a bit in terms of pricing. I get that it’s still dubbed “Explorers Edition.” But now with no kind of barriers (invites, one-day sales, etc…), it means it’s getting ready to be in the public market.

    I do see the $1500 price tag dropping, but this tells me that it will not drop that much once the “Explorer” tag is dropped from the name.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Then it will fail. I’m sure Google has it figured though.

      • joseph barrientos

        i agree

  • Does Google realize that we can pay someone $10/hour for 150 hours to follow us around and do what Glass does, but be way more versatile? For the same price? They can get me a beer from the fridge, if I want.

    • flosserelli

      Paying someone to retrieve beer from the fridge? That is what the girlfriend is for.

      • joseph barrientos

        same goes for getting sandwiches!

    • Do you know how many bus or taxi rides you can get for the price of a car?

      • I get your point regarding value dependent on the use and user, but I think your comparison would be more accurate if you compared the relative cost of taxi rides (human helper) vs buying a moped (Glass), when you already have a car (Smartphone). And owner my own car is more versatile than a taxi which is a reversal of the helper being more versatile than Glass.

  • Kelly OBrien

    must not have sold enough at that 1500 price

    • Malik

      Considering the article said they sold out that day… I’d say it sold as well as possible

      • Liderc

        They could have made 10 of them and sold out lol. This thing will always flop.

        There may be a market for these in the future, but it isn’t right now, or any time soon.

        • Malik

          Of course thats a possibility but I was commenting on Kelly who in a way was insinuating that this new availability is due to them not selling enough on 4/15 which wouldn’t make sense since they couldn’t have sold more than they had available.

  • Ray

    There are probably five device’s that i want that i could buy with $1500 instead of this.

    • CaptainHowdy13

      15 fire tv’s and some change!

      • Franz

        42 Chromecasts…

        • joseph barrientos

          not even sure what i’d do with that many, aside from sell them

        • picaso86

          15 Apple TV’s


    • Jonathan Williams

      An El Camino?