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DROID DNA Kit Kat Update With Sense 5.5 Ready to Rollout, Here is the Changelog

droid dna4

On Tuesday, HTC  told us to expect the Android 4.4.2 with Sense 5.5 update for the DROID DNA on Verizon as early as today, April 24. They appear to be spot on with their timeline, as Verizon has now posted the full changelog for the update, a list that includes talk of BlinkFeed enhancements, a redesigned gallery and music apps, better lock screen controls, advanced location management (thanks to Kit Kat), and more.

Again, the update was supposed to start rolling out today. To try and pull it, head into Settings>Software update>Status or check new.

According to a reader of ours, the update comes in two parts. The first is an 18.3MB file that prepares your phone for Kit Kat. The second update is 618MB and finally brings the goods. 

droid dna-1 droid dna-2


  • New menu delivers quicker access to search and content sources
    • Access by swiping from left side of the screen
  • Easily turn BlinkFeed on or off
    • Perform a pinch-in gesture on the home screen > Then access the Edit screen > Simply tap BlinkFeed ON and BlinkFeed OFF


  • Redesigned for ease of use and battery conservation
  • Shows estimated battery use of each app
  • Offers a master switch that turns all location settings on or off
  • Lists which apps are using location services
  • New setting enables you to choose between these location profiles:
    • High accuracy (most battery use)
    • Battery saving (least battery use)
    • Device sensors (GPS only)


  • Redesigned for easier viewing of different content configurations
    • Panels for each configuration (folders, highlights) have replaced the drop-down menu
    • Swipe left or right to switch between panels
  • Quickly access photos from the cloud and social networks
  • Manage and edit Video Highlights easily
    • From Events panel, tap desired event, then switch to Video Highlights
    • Select desired pictures, themes and music


  • Cut down on phone distractions during important events
  • Block incoming calls: turn off sound, vibration and LED notifications
  • Can be set to resume ¿normal mode¿ at a certain time
    • To access this feature, go to Settings > Sound > Do not disturb
  • Tap on an Event to view all the pictures and videos from a particular occasion


  • The process to lock screen widgets has been simplified
    • Swipe left from the lock screen
    • Tap the + icon to choose a widget to add to the Lock Screen


  • Redesigned for easier viewing of different content configurations
    • Panels for each configuration (artist, albums) have replaced the drop-down menu
    • Swipe left or right to switch between panelsd
Via:   Verizon
Cheers Chris, Tyler and David!
  • Rock Guitar

    Does anyone here know if replacing the Droid DNA Sim card will reduce battery drain? Thanks.

  • Rock Guitar

    After Sense 5.5 Android 4.2.2 update experienced severe battery drain. Could not charge north of 16%. Fix: Uncheck fast reboot / battery. Factory reset. After adding software update / apps, format cache 3X. Disable bloat apps. Use app “Safe Charge” – allows battery to charge 100%. Note: To format cache – turn off phone. Power on holding volume down. White Menu – using volume select “Recovery.” Press power. Let go. Black screen. Wait 25 seconds. Droid image w/ red triangle and !!! appears. Push in power / Volume up (hold them both in) – until you see the three lights flashing simultaneously at the bottom of the Droid DNA . Let go. Wait 1 sec. Again push in Power / Volume up – hold in – in a few sec blue root menu will appear allowing you to format cache. Format cache 3X. Reboot.

  • MK20051

    Is there a way to go back to Jelly Bean from this?? The battery drain on KitKat is unbearable. I wish I could go back to stock and start all over again…

  • meak chick meak

    It’s meakchick…I hit the stupid install by accident…I kept hitting power off..it twitched then stopped…and I’m still jellybean and yay the notification is gone…phew…hope it stays away

  • meak

    Mother F!!!! Now my phone just vibrates and vibrates cuz the update notification is on my main home page. So it just goes and goes forcing me to do this stupid update! NO, I DON’T WANT IT AND I’M NOT GOING TO DO IT SO EAT IT…. Nice to know they can or are just tapping into my phone forcing it to be annoying until I do it.

  • Andrew Flaim

    I’m dissatisfied with this new update, especially the lock screen changes. Perhaps I’m simply incompetent, but I cannot figure out how to disable or customize the lock screen. Before the update I was able to keep my phone completely unlocked, now it seems I must have this clunky lock screen. If you have a solution to my problem please, let me know.

  • meak

    I just don’t know if I should do it or not…I restarted my phone and it popped up and now is constantly there….I hated the last update and don’t want to hate this one evennmore if it too sucks….
    Screen shots, advice or whatever is helpful ….thanks

  • meak

    Screen shots anyone…please…anything that gets changed from updating to kit Kat

  • meak

    Just tell me if it changes the current look. or what all it changes afterwards

  • Stephen

    Is there a way to get this if you’re unlocked and rooted? I guess I’ll just wait for devs to get a hold of it?

  • shattmaw

    Not giving me anything when I try to pull the update :/

  • LionStone

    As Mickey D says, “I’M LOVIN’ IT!” :-)

  • Marlin Z Hicks

    I got the Droid Dna after my Rezound got stolen and ive been in love with this phone! It looks great(even though ive swapped the battery cover for a redone), and performs even better! With this update i dont see myself getting another phone for a while.(Unless they come out with a new Butterfly)

  • Cael

    *tear* It had a good run.

  • http://godshand79.tumblr.com/ Dorian Brooks

    FINALLY HTC delivers on time. My DNA & I thank you

  • Shadowstare

    Downloading Firmware……..

  • Michael Chediak

    Download in progress.

  • Chris

    ZOE has been added to the camera application :)

  • Chris

    The greatest thing I have noticed with this update, The constant WiFi Disconnected notification is GONE!!!! :) But a ton of new bloatware…

    • Allen Yates

      YES!!! Just came here to post this. Also, Tap to Pay works in Google Wallet now (well, at least you can turn it on).

    • Kyle

      Hell yeah!! Can’t wait load the update.

  • Asimoalex

    And the note 3 continues to be ignored

    • hfoster52

      :-0 <– My surprise face.

  • tylerc23

    Your welcome DL, thanks for the credit at the bottom :)

  • Spider210

    Working great ! Great post kellex b :)

  • http://www.kovdev.com/ kover

    You know, the DNA was actually a pretty nice looking device. It’s just that damn software on it. I’d love to see a re-release for the hardware, with updated internals and AOSP-ish Android.

    • gambit07

      You mean like this? The nice thing about the DNA is it also has a pretty good dev community, and the ability to be completely unlocked. You can pick them up for under $200 these days as well

    • Uncle Ruckus

      Plastic done right. Something Samsung still doesn’t understand how to do.

    • Cael

      Yes this! The only thing that deterred me was the 16 GB and Sense. If it was 32 GB, I could have put up with it.

  • Ray

    before my S4 smh verizon verizon

    • The Narrator

      HTC promises updates, and delivers 😉

      • hfoster52

        Which is shocking for a struggling Manufacturer.

  • M3D1T8R

    Oh no. The day I’ve been dreading for months has arrived. This update coming to kill my free WiFi hotspot (FoxFi). I will be saying no to this update and rooting my phone as soon as possible. I wish there were a way to just say no I don’t want the update ever, but they always manage to push it eventually. I’m in a race against time now to root my phone. Any suggestions for the best stock-like ROM to run, or just an easy way to run the phone near stock but keep hotspot after rooting?

    • Kyle

      Just Moonshine it…head over to XDA!

  • Stephen

    I really should break out my dna again and install this. Rooted and s-offed though, so it would be annoying to install right now. Guess i’ll wait. Even though i’ve since switched to tmobile, I love that I can still use it on T-mobile if I wanted to :)

  • Eric G Canoy

    will you guys do a review of the latest updates to past phones?

  • Muji Samovar

    Journalistic “argh!” moment: “as early as today”. Oh, really? HTC has no plans to bent space-time and release this last week?

  • Chris

    It’s basically going to be The HTC One (M7) with 4.4.2.

    • hkklife

      With an (arguably) better camera, worse battery, half the storage, slower CPU , Qi wireless charging and a .3″ bigger screen.

      • Chris

        Never said it was going to be 1-1 😛

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Hey Kellen we need a video review update of this device with the new software.

    • http://www.droid-life.com Kellex B

      No DNA in house, sorry. :(

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        a “Droid” branded phone not in-house? Such a long ways off from the “Droid-Life” /”An.Droid-Life” firewall :-) . . .

        I’m surprised the site is still up http://an.droid-life.com/

        • Steven Dinsdale

          Holy blast from the past

        • Aooga

          Wow this exists???

        • RoadsterHD1

          I have to agree with you. “droid-Life” is more like “Samsung-Life” It has lost its first love…. Its not the same…… I remember a time when the site actually liked the Droid brand.

          • Tyler James Edward Hills

            One, it isn’t Samsung life. Everyone at DL is all about the Moto X or Nexus 5. Stock Android. Two, I remember a time when the Droid brand produced worthwhile phones. The DNA aside, most “Droid” phones over the past few years have been disappointing.

          • Chris King

            The new droids are very similar to moto x they’re not that bad.

          • hkklife

            The Droid DNA was also the final non-Motorola produced product to be “Droid-branded”. So from here on, it’s all Moto (unless the Lenovo acquisition somehow jumbles all of that)

          • RoadsterHD1

            See thats where you’re wrong. The new Droid lineup is magnificent. The Droid MAXX and Ultra are GREAT phones. The Mini is too. The features they have are very useful and people love them, and the MOTO X is is the same except it has a different size screen that’s it. Features and quality are the same. So for you to say that is stupid and you obviously have not done your research. The new DROID lineup has not been given the recognition it desires. I own a Droid MAXX and it is the best phone hands down I have ever had. The Droid Charge was probably the slowest of all the Droids and guess who made that one? You guessed it Samsung….

          • Tyler James Edward Hills

            I never called anything stupid. And the Droid line did share the same features of the moto x. But for one, the larger 5 inch displays showed the weaknesses of that 720p panel, and for two build quality was night and day. The design of the Moto X was almost universally loved. And that’s before you throw MotoMaker into the mix. While the design and materials of the Droid line left a lot to be desired in most people’s eyes. Simply put, there’s a reason the DROID lineup didn’t get recognition.

          • RoadsterHD1

            Really? My brother has a Moto X and I have a Droid Maxx, and I like my Droid Maxx design way better. The on-screen buttons on the Moto x take up way too much landscape on the Moto. The 5 inch screen is clean and it has plenty of landscape, and the image looks great. I watch movies all the time and the 720p res movies look incredible. Looking at the two phones side-by-side they look identical. The Maxx has no weakness. I guess its all in preference and what each person needs. either way both phones are nicer that the Samsung phones. A few of my friends have Samsungs and side-by-side I like the Motorola phone a ton better.

          • Eric R.

            The Incredible 4G LTE and Charge were the worst

          • Cael

            the Bionic isn’t on that list? lol

      • RoadsterHD1

        For shame…… The HTC Droid DND is a great phone.

    • tylerc23

      Um….why would we need that? Go look up the M7 Kit Kat Sense 5.5 and it’s the same thing on a 5 inch beautiful screen with a very good camera

  • Devo4040

    Update in progress, makes me not quite as sad that I’m not eligible to upgrade to the M8 until August

    • tylerc23

      Just so you know, the DNA and the M8 is almost the exact same size and thickness. I honestly feel like my DNA literally upgraded, Transformer style, into the M8 lol

      • Devo4040

        I kind of had that feeling when I was looking at the M8 at the store the other day. Now that the 4.4 upgrade is complete it is just like a new phone and I am enjoying finding all the updates and changes.

        • tylerc23

          The DNA would be really nice with Sense 6.0. Sadly, this was the last update for it
          If you get the M8 in August, you would really enjoy all the new upgrades coming off of the DNA. I can’t believe the difference with BoomSound.

          • Devo4040

            Unless something else knocks my socks off before August I have a feeling an M8 is in my future. I know I have HTC in my blood, the original Incredible and now the DNA have not disappointed me.

            Another upgrade feature I just found! I am required to have a pin/password for my work email account and using Swiftkey the pin keypad was awful, since the update it now has the much easier to use default number keypad on the lock screen!

          • tylerc23

            I also have HTC blood. First Smartphone was the Incredible, then I got the Rezound, then DNA, now the M8 and loved them all.
            I don’t see anything really knocking your socks off, the M8 really has a premium feel and Sense 6.0, in my mind, is now the BEST Android OS.

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    all this hate from samsung fanboys. why?
    i don’t get how your mad about one device getting a quicker update than yours. if you cared about updates that much, you should have went with a moto x (if you’re stuck on vz)

    • hfoster52

      Is it hate or jealousy? I chose the later.

  • bobbyp

    The DNA is a nice looking phone. I am not sure why it was never on my radar as a device to buy.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Maybe you’re not on Verizon?

      • bobbyp

        No, I am on Verizon and I had gone with Droid brands before. Bionic, Razr, Razr HD Maxx. My son liked his Rezound when he first got it but I never really noticed the DNA and it does look like a very nice phone for the time.

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      it was pretty much the best overall spec phone of 2012.. basically had 2013 specs at the end of 2012.

      • hkklife

        The reason I never jumped on it as my daily driver was due to gimped storage and battery. But considering the hell I went through with my GS3 with battery life, wobbly microUSB ports and reception issues, maybe I should’ve gone with the DNA.

        If VZW had allowed HTC to retain the Butterfly’s microSD slot (or bumped it up to 32GB internal) and HTC had seen fit to squeeze in a slightly larger battery it would’ve been a world-beater. Even gimped, it came awfully close considering it launched in late 2012 when we had mostly 720p or qHD (or worse) screens on devices. It was also VZW’s largest screen 1080P device until the G2 arrived.

        As is, the DNA still has a decent rear camera, nice build quality, and Qi wireless charging (not found on the latest One M8!) Glad to see the DNA get KK and receive the send-off it deserves (much like when the Bionic got JB 4.1.2 last year).

        • TSON1

          DNA’s camera is tragic. Especially the front one. Everyone raves on and on about battery life being horrendous, but it lasts me 16 hours consistently and I use it pretty heavily. It was an OK phone, not a great one, but I’d choose it over the S3 every time. It served me well.

          • Abgar Musayelyan

            wife loves her camera on her DNA. her friends with iphones are jealous of it. i know it doesn’t make sense. but i think that they look at the pictures it takes on that gorgeous screen (and it is a nice screen even with todays standards) and think that the camera is amazing. instead of saying what a beautiful screen.

      • Cael

        not with that 16 GB, it was not the best overall.

        • LionStone

          That’s just preference…

    • M3D1T8R

      The only reason it wasn’t for me when it came out was the lowly 16GB storage, and no SD slot. A step down from my Galaxy S3 at the time (32 internal +64 SD, 96GB total), and the battery seemed a little small. I ended up getting one about a year ago anyway and couldn’t be happier. Battery life has been much better than I feared (especially coming from a Galaxy Nexus at the time after ditching the S3), and I’ve now made due with the storage limitation with a little Meenova expansion card adapter, works great with this phone. Overall this phone is/ has been fantastic. Sure I look forward to more storage and a larger battery in my next device (maybe the One M8), but this was the best phone of it’s day by far. I actually wish the new One looked more like this, with soft touch plastic instead of metal.

      • hfoster52

        Galaxy Nexus should have came with a charging station. The extended battery was the only thing that made that phone tolerable.

        • M3D1T8R

          Ha, yeah. I didn’t have the extended back for mine but I ended up with no less than FIVE regular batteries I would carry around and swap every couple hours.. Keeping them all charged was quite a chore.

    • tylerc23

      Loved it. Very nice phone

    • Brandon Sobotta

      I would have bought one, but I was burned one to many times by android. My HTC Rezound being abandon was the last straw. I thought the DNA was a beautiful device, but was sick of being abandon after 6 months on every one of my last 5 android phones. Switched to a new OS. But this thing would have been nice.

  • rbuilta

    FU VZW!!!!! That is all…

  • The Narrator

    And HTC doesn’t disappoint. Funny how people complain about updates 😉

    • holdthiscat

      Many said this update would never happen. “Don’t buy an HTC if you want software updates” they said. Now all the Samsung fanboys are mad because the Verizon version of the Note 3 still doesn’t have KitKat. They all blame Verizon and refuse to see that Samsung is responsible for delivering software that will pass certification. Blind loyalty at it’s finest.

      • LionStone

        It’s hard not to chuckle just a bit at those that also said, “I’ll never own an HTC ever again because of (insert +2 year old phone)”… hehe :-)

        • holdthiscat

          No idea what they are missing…