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Wednesday Poll: Do You Want to Buy the OnePlus One?

oneplus one official

You’ll notice the very specific wording in that title, because no one knows when or how exactly they will be able to buy the newly announced OnePlus One. We know it’s official. We know the full specs. We know it will cost just $299 for the 16GB version and $349 for the 64GB version, but only 100 of them will be available on April 25 through a smash-your-current-phone promo.

After that, OnePlus is using an invite system from those first 100 orders, so hopefully you know someone. Because it could be until May before they go on sale in the announced 16 countries outside of the invite system. May is probably a rough estimate at best, because country availability and stock levels will likely vary greatly. So again, who knows if and when you’ll ever have a chance to buy the OnePlus One.

But that doesn’t mean the total package here doesn’t sound incredibly appealing (even if the phone is quite large). We are talking specs that are in many ways better than that of the Galaxy S5 and One (M8) yet at half the price. This is a pretty insane move from a newcomer – hopefully they can get the sales side of things figured out.

Who wants one?

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  • Sophia Patel
  • James Vincent

    5.5inch is just too big. my htc one is 4.7. That was a big enough jump from being used to 4.3inch one the htc desire hd. if it was smaller. definatly

  • JeffColorado

    This is the first real alternative to the Nexus I have ever seen (though I am pending judgement on how cool it is…I want to know how the camera performs and just how good the display is).

  • Eskimo128

    NFC? Qi Charging? Both of those would have to be present to make me smash my Nexus5.

    • JeffColorado

      Never used either on my Nexus 5 and would not miss them.
      I would, however, miss my awesome camera and display.

      • Eskimo128

        Free advice- if you haven’t used them yet, don’t start.. You’ll enjoy the hell out of NFC for automating tasks, and wireless charging even more for the “grab & go”.. Loving my Qi charging car dock!

  • AngryAndConsiderate

    No, I don’t want to buy one. I have 0 desire to buy it. In fact, I’m kind of pissed and severely disappointed. It features an IPS LCD display instead of an AMOLED display….WTF?! I know AMOLED has had some issues, but the Moto X features a GREAT AMOLED screen with perfect contrast, no pentile pattern, and no screen burn in. And it’s bright and view-able in the sun. Which means that there is a great quality level of AMOLED technology that they COULD have placed inside this phone…but they didn’t -.-

    I don’t understand how anyone can try and make a revolutionary phone and then put an LCD screen in it. I’ll admit, LCD screens have gotten a ton better, they really have, but their blacks still shine bright! I have a Nexus 10 and I love it…but every time it starts up and I see that white “Google” logo in the middle, I shudder at the glowing black surrounding it!! Sigh…

  • StudyYourself .

    I have a feeling ,this phone might switch the market around,from all these companies charging so much for phones

  • jpfrasier

    Want to buy one “Yes”, going to buy one “No”.

  • Brandon

    I would have much rather spent $350 on this than $350 on the Moto X. I have the Note 3 now and love it, although this is definitely better, only marginally though. The only killer is that it “may” work on T-Mobile, once I get a definite yes and actually have $350 to spend I would get it.

  • Robert Delaporte

    Like others I would be very interested but living in rural NC if it’s not on Verizon it’s just as useful as a cigarette without a lighter.

  • tzoller

    Downside..running on ATT

  • If the phone wasn’t so gargantuan, I’d be interested.

  • JRomeo

    there should be more options in that poll…. such as “Yes, if there was no more Nexus Phones”

  • shooter50

    Seriously, is this some kind of a joke? We hear about this amazing phone for months. Great specs and price and Voila, we’re only going to release 100 on launch day. Great job!! Probably the worst launch in history. Apple creates a demand by having a controlled shortage the first few months, but releasing 100 phones is the epitome of stupidity. What reason could they have for this? The general public has never heard of this phone and releasing 100 phones is not going to change that..Textbook case on how to kill the buzz.

  • Evan

    Will the phone work on CDMA? Verizon?

    • JeffColorado

      Nope. No Verizon or Sprint support.

  • Daniel

    It would have to come to Verizon, not be as HUGE, and have a MicroSD slot…but I totally love the removable backs, CM11 built in, and overall design…just wish there was a mini version or something…this dwarfs even the huge GS5

  • ki11ak3nn

    I say yes. Hopefully I get one soon. But now that I know the price point I’ll be able to sell my G2 for a decent price and still be able to get the OPO.

  • Nikos Koufos

    Wish this was released closer to the next nexus so it would be easier to decide.

  • NorCalGuy

    Seems like the only ones really interested are ppl stuck on Vz with no good phones. Haven’t seen to many people with nexus 5’s ready to give them up for this.

  • Brian Walker

    So much yes.

  • Hugh Hansen

    The volume of posts by Verizon customers unhappy because they can’t get phones makes me sad.

    • Anon

      Yes. Why on earth they would ever get their hopes up about a device like this coming to Verizon is beyond me. And these people vote for our politicians…

    • JeffColorado

      But it totally validates my decision to leave Verizon. Even with crappier coverage, I am SO much happier on T-Mobile. Life without Verizon bossiness is awesome.

  • truth_cutz

    I will get rid of the note 3 for one of these in a heartbeat!

  • JMonkeYJ

    I will keep a very close eye on it, because I’m curious how the build quality and custom CM will turn out. I hope it all goes well and we have another Nexus-style option. But the 1+1 is just too big for me.

    • Ameshican

      The phone sounds pretty developer friendly so I’d expect (once the phone leaves the invite system crap) a decent developer community. So in that case CM doesn’t really bother me too much but I’m right there with you, this beast is big.

  • Kisuk3

    I’m glad this poll said want instead of intend to buy. As a Verizon customer I want it but of course we always get the shaft when it comes to new phones..can’t wait to play with the peice of crap GS5i ordered for 600$

    • Justin Larmay

      Wait till you see the lagfest that is TouchWiz on the s5. I can’t believe how much of a difference in performance there is from going to the note 3 from the s5.

      • Kisuk3

        Yeah that and the camera issues, the absolute clusterf*ck that is touchwiz and its overall lack of design is really dragging me down

    • migespy

      I sucked it up and bought out of my contract with Verizon about a year ago. I was sick of all these nice phones coming out and not being able to try them on Verizon’s network. It is scary pushing the eject button but worth it. To be clear AT&T is not any better, they just allow me try out all the phones I want.

      • Kisuk3

        Something I am seriously considering.

        Problem is, I’m paying 70$mo total for unlimited data . Its not the contract buy out, mine expired years ago, its losing my data and great coverage.

        • migespy

          Ah well, $70 a month is hard to pass up for great service. As far as unlimited data goes I was upset to let it go; however, I have yet to come close to my 10GB mobile share cap between my wife and I. I pay about $30/month less for 2 phones with 10GB as opposed to 2 phones with unlimited on VZW. If you are a big mobile data user then I can see your predicament. I am luck to be in a rural area where AT&T is solid with LTE. You may pay less than you think if you switch especially if you bring your own phone. Good luck with your choice.

          • Kisuk3

            That was the exact plan I was looking at, the 10gig.

            Going to give the S5 a week, if I hate it I’m jumping ship.

  • Turb0wned

    No, I don’t need a tablet to make phone calls.

  • Jarrod Mochnick

    i just want to know one thing… what’s the catch? a profit has to be made somewhere. is it the build quality? what can we expect from a new phone maker like this? i would consider upgrading from my nexus 5 for this beaut but i just have a bad feeling about it. literally seems too good to be true.

    • They’re still making a decent profit with it priced as is, they’re just not killing it like Sammy and Apple with a device priced at $650. My hope is their end game is to help lower the price of high end phones. It’s in our favor for this thing to do really well.

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    Where’s the “I would if I wasn’t on Verizon” option?

  • AndrewScottRox

    So, when’s the giveaway? I’d have to switch carriers but I’m willing!

  • Frankiie

    Small phones are for girls. Thank you, bye!!

    • JMonkeYJ

      I’d argue that larger phones are actually better for women because they have purses. I know I always recommend phablets to my female friends for that reason.

  • soccerburn55

    Why don’t phones like this just go ahead and launch with LTE bands 4 & 13 and get ready for the VoLTE switch for Verizon. Couldn’t right now in theory you plug in your SIM card and use Google voice for calls and texts?

    • flosserelli

      Yes but that wouldn’t work once you left wifi range.

      • soccerburn55

        Why is that, can Google voice only make calls on Wi-Fi and not on network?

        • flosserelli

          No. Because this phone does not support CDMA, which is necessary for calls Verizon when you are not in LTE area. That will change when Verizon’s network becomes 100% VoLTE, but that won’t happen for a while.

          • soccerburn55

            I know the phone doesn’t have CDMA but doesn’t Google voice use VoIP? So you wouldn’t need the CDMA just the LTE data connection?

        • T_Dizzle

          Yes since they technically have 4G “everywhere”.

  • joejoe5709

    Specs are amazing, but this is yet another lesson in bezels. It’s around the size of a Note 3 with a significantly smaller screen. Eh. Even if you were in the market for a large phone (phablet), the Note 3 is still a pretty good package. And undoubtedly we’ll be seeing new larger phones later this year – especially those coming from LG and Samsung. Heck if the rumors are true about the LG G3 having a 5.5″ screen, I’d rather take that. Rumors practically confirm a super high res screen and 3GB of RAM. Granted the OnePlus One will be much cheaper off contract, but I’d still skip this phone.

  • Chris Gatley

    Should we talk about how you can get this phone for ONE DOLLAR by being one of the first 100 to purchase and then apparently “smashing” your current phone? Found that one their website. Interesting marketing strategy.

    • Nowai


  • T_Dizzle

    I want to buy it and use it on a prepaid network just so I have it!

  • Droid Ronin

    This is the first time that I’ve seen in a “phone buy poll” in which the “yes” responses greatly outnumber the no’s.

    • That’s because this phone is a monster for the price. Might be too good to pass up, especially for that camera.

  • LaFave07

    If only this had LTE bands 2 and 5, the only ones that AT&T will be using in my area.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Yes but if we’re going to be waiting 2 months for availability.. I’ll pass.

  • No thanks. Im a Nexus user for life.

  • Trysta

    I voted no because i couldn’t use a 5.5 inch phone as my primary phone. But it is almost cheap enough to buy as an extra phablet (i want something for ebook reading) that is usually on wifi but which i can swap my sim into for long trips etc.

    If the camera turns out to be amazing and availability expands beyond this invite only thing i might be tempted. Even though it would be crazy to buy a whole phone just to use it as a mini tablet…

  • J2886M

    Epic fail if this isn’t Tmobile proof

  • coolsilver

    If Verizon forces me off unlimited, I’ll consider this when going to T-Mo.

  • jonzey231

    I swear I would love to have this but it doesn’t seem that it’ll fully support T-Mobile. Plus, it doesn’t support Qi Charging, which I’ve fallen in love with since getting my Nexus 4.