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Wednesday Poll: Do You Want to Buy the OnePlus One?

You’ll notice the very specific wording in that title, because no one knows when or how exactly they will be able to buy the newly announced OnePlus One. We know it’s official. We know the full specs. We know it will cost just $299 for the 16GB version and $349 for the 64GB version, but only 100 of them will be available on April 25 through a smash-your-current-phone promo.

After that, OnePlus is using an invite system from those first 100 orders, so hopefully you know someone. Because it could be until May before they go on sale in the announced 16 countries outside of the invite system. May is probably a rough estimate at best, because country availability and stock levels will likely vary greatly. So again, who knows if and when you’ll ever have a chance to buy the OnePlus One.

But that doesn’t mean the total package here doesn’t sound incredibly appealing (even if the phone is quite large). We are talking specs that are in many ways better than that of the Galaxy S5 and One (M8) yet at half the price. This is a pretty insane move from a newcomer – hopefully they can get the sales side of things figured out.

Who wants one?

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  • Sophia Patel
  • James Vincent

    5.5inch is just too big. my htc one is 4.7. That was a big enough jump from being used to 4.3inch one the htc desire hd. if it was smaller. definatly

  • JeffColorado

    This is the first real alternative to the Nexus I have ever seen (though I am pending judgement on how cool it is…I want to know how the camera performs and just how good the display is).

  • Eskimo128

    NFC? Qi Charging? Both of those would have to be present to make me smash my Nexus5.

    • JeffColorado

      Never used either on my Nexus 5 and would not miss them.
      I would, however, miss my awesome camera and display.

      • Eskimo128

        Free advice- if you haven’t used them yet, don’t start.. You’ll enjoy the hell out of NFC for automating tasks, and wireless charging even more for the “grab & go”.. Loving my Qi charging car dock!

  • AngryAndConsiderate

    No, I don’t want to buy one. I have 0 desire to buy it. In fact, I’m kind of pissed and severely disappointed. It features an IPS LCD display instead of an AMOLED display….WTF?! I know AMOLED has had some issues, but the Moto X features a GREAT AMOLED screen with perfect contrast, no pentile pattern, and no screen burn in. And it’s bright and view-able in the sun. Which means that there is a great quality level of AMOLED technology that they COULD have placed inside this phone…but they didn’t -.-

    I don’t understand how anyone can try and make a revolutionary phone and then put an LCD screen in it. I’ll admit, LCD screens have gotten a ton better, they really have, but their blacks still shine bright! I have a Nexus 10 and I love it…but every time it starts up and I see that white “Google” logo in the middle, I shudder at the glowing black surrounding it!! Sigh…

  • StudyYourself .

    I have a feeling ,this phone might switch the market around,from all these companies charging so much for phones

  • jpfrasier

    Want to buy one “Yes”, going to buy one “No”.

  • Brandon

    I would have much rather spent $350 on this than $350 on the Moto X. I have the Note 3 now and love it, although this is definitely better, only marginally though. The only killer is that it “may” work on T-Mobile, once I get a definite yes and actually have $350 to spend I would get it.

  • Robert Delaporte

    Like others I would be very interested but living in rural NC if it’s not on Verizon it’s just as useful as a cigarette without a lighter.

  • tzoller

    Downside..running on ATT

  • If the phone wasn’t so gargantuan, I’d be interested.

  • JRomeo

    there should be more options in that poll…. such as “Yes, if there was no more Nexus Phones”

  • shooter50

    Seriously, is this some kind of a joke? We hear about this amazing phone for months. Great specs and price and Voila, we’re only going to release 100 on launch day. Great job!! Probably the worst launch in history. Apple creates a demand by having a controlled shortage the first few months, but releasing 100 phones is the epitome of stupidity. What reason could they have for this? The general public has never heard of this phone and releasing 100 phones is not going to change that..Textbook case on how to kill the buzz.

  • Evan

    Will the phone work on CDMA? Verizon?

    • JeffColorado

      Nope. No Verizon or Sprint support.

  • Daniel

    It would have to come to Verizon, not be as HUGE, and have a MicroSD slot…but I totally love the removable backs, CM11 built in, and overall design…just wish there was a mini version or something…this dwarfs even the huge GS5

  • ki11ak3nn

    I say yes. Hopefully I get one soon. But now that I know the price point I’ll be able to sell my G2 for a decent price and still be able to get the OPO.

  • Nikos Koufos

    Wish this was released closer to the next nexus so it would be easier to decide.

  • NorCalGuy

    Seems like the only ones really interested are ppl stuck on Vz with no good phones. Haven’t seen to many people with nexus 5’s ready to give them up for this.

  • Brian Walker

    So much yes.

  • Hugh Hansen

    The volume of posts by Verizon customers unhappy because they can’t get phones makes me sad.

    • Anon

      Yes. Why on earth they would ever get their hopes up about a device like this coming to Verizon is beyond me. And these people vote for our politicians…

    • JeffColorado

      But it totally validates my decision to leave Verizon. Even with crappier coverage, I am SO much happier on T-Mobile. Life without Verizon bossiness is awesome.

  • truth_cutz

    I will get rid of the note 3 for one of these in a heartbeat!

  • JMonkeYJ

    I will keep a very close eye on it, because I’m curious how the build quality and custom CM will turn out. I hope it all goes well and we have another Nexus-style option. But the 1+1 is just too big for me.

    • Ameshican

      The phone sounds pretty developer friendly so I’d expect (once the phone leaves the invite system crap) a decent developer community. So in that case CM doesn’t really bother me too much but I’m right there with you, this beast is big.

  • Kisuk3

    I’m glad this poll said want instead of intend to buy. As a Verizon customer I want it but of course we always get the shaft when it comes to new phones..can’t wait to play with the peice of crap GS5i ordered for 600$

    • Justin Larmay

      Wait till you see the lagfest that is TouchWiz on the s5. I can’t believe how much of a difference in performance there is from going to the note 3 from the s5.

      • Kisuk3

        Yeah that and the camera issues, the absolute clusterf*ck that is touchwiz and its overall lack of design is really dragging me down

    • migespy

      I sucked it up and bought out of my contract with Verizon about a year ago. I was sick of all these nice phones coming out and not being able to try them on Verizon’s network. It is scary pushing the eject button but worth it. To be clear AT&T is not any better, they just allow me try out all the phones I want.

      • Kisuk3

        Something I am seriously considering.

        Problem is, I’m paying 70$mo total for unlimited data . Its not the contract buy out, mine expired years ago, its losing my data and great coverage.

        • migespy

          Ah well, $70 a month is hard to pass up for great service. As far as unlimited data goes I was upset to let it go; however, I have yet to come close to my 10GB mobile share cap between my wife and I. I pay about $30/month less for 2 phones with 10GB as opposed to 2 phones with unlimited on VZW. If you are a big mobile data user then I can see your predicament. I am luck to be in a rural area where AT&T is solid with LTE. You may pay less than you think if you switch especially if you bring your own phone. Good luck with your choice.

          • Kisuk3

            That was the exact plan I was looking at, the 10gig.

            Going to give the S5 a week, if I hate it I’m jumping ship.

  • Turb0wned

    No, I don’t need a tablet to make phone calls.

  • Jarrod Mochnick

    i just want to know one thing… what’s the catch? a profit has to be made somewhere. is it the build quality? what can we expect from a new phone maker like this? i would consider upgrading from my nexus 5 for this beaut but i just have a bad feeling about it. literally seems too good to be true.

    • They’re still making a decent profit with it priced as is, they’re just not killing it like Sammy and Apple with a device priced at $650. My hope is their end game is to help lower the price of high end phones. It’s in our favor for this thing to do really well.

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    Where’s the “I would if I wasn’t on Verizon” option?

  • AndrewScottRox

    So, when’s the giveaway? I’d have to switch carriers but I’m willing!

  • Frankiie

    Small phones are for girls. Thank you, bye!!

    • JMonkeYJ

      I’d argue that larger phones are actually better for women because they have purses. I know I always recommend phablets to my female friends for that reason.

  • soccerburn55

    Why don’t phones like this just go ahead and launch with LTE bands 4 & 13 and get ready for the VoLTE switch for Verizon. Couldn’t right now in theory you plug in your SIM card and use Google voice for calls and texts?

    • flosserelli

      Yes but that wouldn’t work once you left wifi range.

      • soccerburn55

        Why is that, can Google voice only make calls on Wi-Fi and not on network?

        • flosserelli

          No. Because this phone does not support CDMA, which is necessary for calls Verizon when you are not in LTE area. That will change when Verizon’s network becomes 100% VoLTE, but that won’t happen for a while.

          • soccerburn55

            I know the phone doesn’t have CDMA but doesn’t Google voice use VoIP? So you wouldn’t need the CDMA just the LTE data connection?

        • T_Dizzle

          Yes since they technically have 4G “everywhere”.

  • joejoe5709

    Specs are amazing, but this is yet another lesson in bezels. It’s around the size of a Note 3 with a significantly smaller screen. Eh. Even if you were in the market for a large phone (phablet), the Note 3 is still a pretty good package. And undoubtedly we’ll be seeing new larger phones later this year – especially those coming from LG and Samsung. Heck if the rumors are true about the LG G3 having a 5.5″ screen, I’d rather take that. Rumors practically confirm a super high res screen and 3GB of RAM. Granted the OnePlus One will be much cheaper off contract, but I’d still skip this phone.

  • Chris Gatley

    Should we talk about how you can get this phone for ONE DOLLAR by being one of the first 100 to purchase and then apparently “smashing” your current phone? Found that one their website. Interesting marketing strategy.

    • Nowai


  • T_Dizzle

    I want to buy it and use it on a prepaid network just so I have it!

  • Droid Ronin

    This is the first time that I’ve seen in a “phone buy poll” in which the “yes” responses greatly outnumber the no’s.

    • That’s because this phone is a monster for the price. Might be too good to pass up, especially for that camera.

  • LaFave07

    If only this had LTE bands 2 and 5, the only ones that AT&T will be using in my area.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Yes but if we’re going to be waiting 2 months for availability.. I’ll pass.

  • No thanks. Im a Nexus user for life.

  • Trysta

    I voted no because i couldn’t use a 5.5 inch phone as my primary phone. But it is almost cheap enough to buy as an extra phablet (i want something for ebook reading) that is usually on wifi but which i can swap my sim into for long trips etc.

    If the camera turns out to be amazing and availability expands beyond this invite only thing i might be tempted. Even though it would be crazy to buy a whole phone just to use it as a mini tablet…

  • J2886M

    Epic fail if this isn’t Tmobile proof

  • coolsilver

    If Verizon forces me off unlimited, I’ll consider this when going to T-Mo.

  • jonzey231

    I swear I would love to have this but it doesn’t seem that it’ll fully support T-Mobile. Plus, it doesn’t support Qi Charging, which I’ve fallen in love with since getting my Nexus 4.

  • EvanTheGamer

    YES!, that is if I was up for an upgrade, but sadly, won’t have one again until next year. Noooo!

    • Sean Bello

      dude, it’s $300. eff an upgrade lol

      • EvanTheGamer

        Oh…was not aware of that. It’s straight up $300 with or without an upgrade…wow, that ain’t bad!

        But will it be available at Verizon though? I read AT&T and T-Mobile, but haven’t heard anything about it being available at Verizon yet.

        • Ryan

          Its been repeatedly said there are no CDMA radios in this phone. In short, it won’t work on Sprint or Verizon. Just the GSM carriers and their MVNO’s.

        • T_Dizzle

          No, it’s not a Verizon phone, sadly.

  • mouli

    plz come to india one pluse one

  • Colts5609

    I look at it this way. If, for whatever reason, I am unable to get a One+ a month or two after it is released. I will wait for the Nexus 6. Who knows what this will do for the Nexus 6. Will the Nexus 6 match their $299-349 price point? Will Google go lower on the price? Will they spec the phone significantly better than the OnePlus? Maybe. If anything I think Google will be close or if not better on all accounts.

  • flyinggerbil

    Nope. I’m on team Kellex, aka team small phone.

  • Cory S

    I don’t think I’ll buy another device without wireless charging. Too much invested in charging pads, and just got my new Air Dock car charger which is awesome.

  • CSick

    Where’s the undecided option? I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I really don’t understand how they can sell a flagship-type phone for mid-tier prices.

  • Dominick White

    People here seems to have issues cause of the invite only, but that doesn’t bother me at all considering I still have a contract with Verizon until November. All this is not a issue at all for me, so now I can take my time and wait for the reviews and hands on video to see if this phone is has good has it seems

  • mondaykiz

    No, they flatout lied about the size. This is bigger than a Z1.

  • Captain_Doug

    Too big for me.

  • r0l

    Why can’t all the Verizon users upvote the same comment instead of littering the comment section with the same comment.

    • jnus

      Thank you!

    • Mike

      Why does everyone on T-Mobile have to post the same “Switch carriers” comment fifty times as well?

      • Ryan Gullett


  • luis camacho

    Running cyanogenmod was a deal breaker for me

    • joejoe5709

      Really? That’s the least of my worries. It’s not *that* much different than AOSP, really.

      • luis camacho

        Yep really. I need my phone to work. AT ALL TIMES.

        • flosserelli

          When I was on CM, I never had a problem with my phone not working at all. Occasionally some minor bugs appeared, but nothing that kept me from making or receiving calls.

          • luis camacho

            Did you have to reboot? Did it reboot on its own? Did you have to stop what you were doing? If so, that is not working all the time. You could have missed a call. You you had a great photo opp. But you couldn’t take it cause something else happened.

          • flosserelli

            I didn’t have to reboot any more often on CM than when I was on stock or any other rom. If you had recurring reboot issues, the culprit could have been your device, not CM.

          • luis camacho

            Nope. every device I’ve ever owned, i gave cm a shot and there was always something wrong with it. For example, my current device, I’ve had since December, not once has anything force closed on me or has it rebooted on itself when I have the factory image on there

      • T_Dizzle

        CM has worked flawlessly for me on multiple devices. This phone running it out of the box is a plus for many of us. And for those who say updates will be slow are not thinking clearly.

  • JT3

    I’ll buy it for the $1 smash existing device deal (I have a Galaxy S4 Active sitting around collecting dust), but otherwise, I’m happy with my Nexus 5, thanks.

  • Hershel

    what does this phone have that others don’t besides the OS?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Look at the price then compare the other high end phones with the same specs… Matter of fact
      with lesser specs including the 3GB of ram.

    • flosserelli

      A Snapdragon 801, 3 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, 13 MP Sony Exmor camera, 3100 mAh battery. All for less than $400.
      Name another device with those specs for less than $400.

    • How’s the leg? And the head?

  • By doing this invite only junk, they are just trying to get people to buy into the hype. There is nothing special about this phone, don’t be fooled. Lots of other options out there, look around.

    • NexusPhan

      Name another option for $299 off contract that comes close to this. Exactly.
      That said, its too big for me to buy as much as I really really want to.

  • brkshr

    Undecided. I’m not sure about the size and I would also like to see some reviews first.

  • lensgrabber

    I voted no. I wanted one a few days ago but think I’ll pass. Why? Invites, uh no. Rumor is the 64gb version will be late June before shipping. No. That’s too long. By that time the Moto X 2 should be leaking. Size. It’s too damn large for me. If I wanted a phone that large I would get a Note3 and that awesome stylus plus capability of wireless charging.

  • Orion

    I’m on the fence with this. The phone has some great specs and an unbelievable great price. What bothers me is that the phone has a smaller screen than the Note 3 and yet it’s still taller. I knew those damn capacative buttons would ruin it. Therefore you have to deal with that damn wasted bezel. G3 and moto is looking more clearer to me now. Damn shame…OnePlus almost pulled it off.

  • Kris

    When will android people learn that it’s not about specs.. it’s about the experience. M8 is THE BEST in delivering that.

    • Hershel

      according to @kellex:disqus and some others, the bezzel is so huge! but its really not. its a good place to place your thumb when holding it

      • T_Dizzle

        Agreed but I do have large/long hands. I still am considering buying this phone as well.

    • Hershel

      btw love my m8

    • Bionicman

      its not all about aesthetics. functionality and features also play a role. maybe most android users who have switched from ios did so because they wanted more than just good looks.

    • UncleFan

      I can change the homescreen on my S5 to anything I want, but you will never be able to get rid of that extra centimeter of USELESS BEZEL on your precious M8. Talk about aesthetics… sheesh.

    • n900mixalot

      Seriously. Shut up about the M8. This is about the OnePlus and what matters here is that people can buy a BETTER camera and more open software experience for 1/3 of the price of the M8.

      • Kris

        M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8 M8

        —– Reply message —–

        • n900mixalot


          you guys are bonkers

  • Adam Truelove

    Not once I see the new Nexus.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The fact that I can’t “JUST BUY” the damn thing is what’s making me second guess it… the whole “INVITE” nonsense is silly. They’re missing out on the most important time frame for their target audience, the excitement combined with impulse buying because it’s so affordable. After a week or so the same people who might have grabbed one this week (like me)…may just change our minds.

    • PhxJ

      I remember people saying the same thing back in the early 2000’s about gmail. Now look at how that turned into the largest mobile platform out there that people still bicker about.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        You can’t seriously be comparing a free email service…. To a new cell phone. There is nothing to compare there.

  • Hershel

    No thanks. I’ll wait a year to see if this gains traction. its a new brand, and a new phone. I am happy with my m8……

  • MikeSaver

    “Want to buy” should be how you ask all of these phone polls.

    The same problem exists for the other phones, like the GS5 one I voted “No” because I just bought a Moto X a few months ago, so I’m all set. Not a good gauge of how interested people actually are in the phone.

  • OF

    Who the F voted no?!? Blasphemy!

    • Hershel

      people who are happy with the phone they have now…

      • OF

        True. Guess only a few like to have the best of the best!

    • Adam Truelove

      An unproven phone that is sure to get software updates later than a Nexus. No thanks.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        The thing is running CYAN… Software updates is not an issue. That’s a major part of the point

        • Nowai

          CM hasn’t proven a rock-solid stability record in my experience. I think they need more comprehensive QA before I would actually pay money for them.

          • Ryan

            I’ll have to agree here… I have had some random reboots on CM before with my Nexus 4, was a bit irritating. Plus, it takes them quite a long time to get to even an RC phase out of the nightly builds. I understand that it was originally an open-source project (and part of it still is), but I still don’t think it would take months to get a semi-stable release out sometimes.. even on a Nexus device.

        • JMonkeYJ

          CM does take a while to upgrade to new major versions of Android. Maybe they are better now that they have a company riding on it, but historically it has taken them a few months to get stable releases.

      • Hershel

        it may just be discontinued next year. No one knows as its still brand new and an unheard of brand……. plus whats the average joe gonna think?

        • T_Dizzle

          So what if it’s discontinued it’s running CM which isn’t reliant on a phone mfg for updates.

    • flosserelli

      Someone stuck on Verizon.

  • jc914

    Oh hell yes…

  • Troll Face

    I would buy one if they make it available.

  • Tyler

    For starters in on Verizon. Secondly, yesterday’s post about big phones sums up my feelings about it. 5.5″ is too much. I feel like if you put 5″ screen this would be perfect.

    • Arthur Dent

      Even 5.5″ seems like it could be in a bit smaller form factor. Note 3 gets a 5.7″ screen and stylus into a (slightly) smaller package

      • The Narrator

        Nobody uses the stylus. At least all the people I talk too. It’s useless.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Then by not offering the stylus, they should be able to squeeze it down even more. At .29″ total, the side bezels are smaller than the Note 3 (but they should be considering, again, the space for the stylus internally), but aren’t on the same level as the G2 or Moto X, which are 20% & 10% smaller respectively. The battery is even significantly smaller than the Note 3, and only slightly larger than the G2, despite significantly more internal volume.

          The OnePlus is reasonably well designed, but its no engineering marvel. It is roughly average from an engineering standpoint.

        • n900mixalot

          I love how people like you assume that since you don’t, no one does. Get over yourself.

    • Hershel

      we had the dell streak few years back and people complained, and now we have 5″ phones and people love it….

      form factor i know but still

  • Ray

    love everything about the phone besides those buttons…but i guess you cant win them all.

    • flosserelli

      Agreed. But I will gladly trade those buttons for everything else, for less than $400.

  • ThatFool

    5.5″ inches is a little big, going from a DNA to a moto x was a nice down size. But the One jsut looks so good physically and on paper…maybe it is time to get that ETF taken care of by T-mobile

    • Hershel

      well you should be learning and listening to the teacher…..

      • ThatFool

        Actually I’m not in class right now, thanks anyways mom.

        • Hershel


  • I’m on Verizon…so I voted No but only because I can’t have it, otherwise I’d get it

  • Arthur Dent

    “PLEASE 1+, LET ME SPEND MY MONEY WITH YOU! PLEASE, I BEG YOU FOR AN INVITE!!! I will grovel and do anything you ask to be allowed to give you my money for your amazing product!!!”

    Yeah, that’s what they want people to do. Screw them. Specs are nice, but I hope people don’t bow down to this BS.

    • Guest

      Lol at first I was thinking wtf really but I see what you did there.

    • Hershel

      Unless its from a trusted brand and you can physically see and touch the device its gonna fail big time

  • Matthew

    I’ll wait for some in depth reviews of the device. I love my Nexus 5 and the only real reason I would consider switching would be the camera. I voted no.

  • jnt

    The phone is appealing (though I’m on T-Mobile). However I don’t like how they’ve handled all the teasing and hype to this point. It’s definitely not a “5 inch body”, and it appears there are a few other areas that haven’t lived up to what they told people (sd card slot, for example).

    • Yeah that whole 5-inch body thing was a complete lie for the most part.

      • Arthur Dent

        Yeah, total lie, when the form factor is bigger than the Note 3, yet with smaller screen and no stylus

      • jnt

        Exactly. It’s one thing to over-tout gimmicky features, but another to talk vapor…

      • AndrewScottRox

        It’s like online dating.

      • tylerc23

        I figured it was either going to be solved by Dark Magic or not at all lol

    • geedee82

      Yeah, I’m disappointed. I expected it to be smaller with a lot less bezel. They could have at least ditched the capacitive buttons and made the size more manageable.

  • Jason Downing

    I would love to purchase it, but I’m with BIG red. This is by no means a complaint, just fact.

  • markgbe

    i would have voted maybe if there was an option…

    I think i want to wait for the Nexus 6. I’m hoping it’s 64 bit. Of course it will have the latest version of android. I’m curious to see how quickly a Oneplus One would get updates.

  • hyperbeatser

    No, too big

    • Arthur Dent

      Taller and thicker than Note 3, yet smaller screen and no stylus.

  • jmu33

    i did, until i saw no micro sd……

    • The Narrator

      64Gb for $349.

      • jmu33

        trust me, that is very sexy, but ii have a 64gb micro in my note 3 with all my music etc…..i like being able when getting a new phone to just take it out and put it in my new phone…..no downloading etc

        • jmu33

          and im on vzw :/

          • anon

            But if you lose your phone your SD is gone…..

          • jmu33

            in the 6+ years my phone has had an micro sd card, ive never lost my phone…..

        • The Narrator

          Try out Google Play All Access, upload it and it goes everywhere you want. Unless that’s what you meant by not wanting to download.

    • Hershel

      2010 called

      • jmu33

        Lol yeah, except when I visit my parents where there’s no signal and the internet is barely faster than dial up

  • GarnetandBlack

    I voted yes, but it will never come to Verizon, so there’s no hope.

    • K

      Days like today make me regret I’m on Verizon…but at the same time when I can pull a signal in places others are stuck roaming or w/o service then it makes me glad to be on Verizon.

      • jnt

        Days like today, you should just go for a scenic drive and then place a phone call to tangibly make yourself feel better. 🙂

    • Steve Douglas

      Exactly… had this been on VZW.. I’d drop my note 2 no questions asked..

    • Justin Tierney

      There should be a “Yes, and I was smart enough to leave Verizon once the Nexus 5 was announced and never complained since” option

      • It’s not a “smart” move for some people as in many places Verizon has the best coverage for them.

      • Mike

        Funny, when the Nexus 5 came out I put my Verizon line on hold and went to T-Mobile for two months. Worst decision of my life, I live a couple miles outside of Pittsburgh and work in Pittsburgh. Never had service.

        At home I would get 3G/H if I was upstairs and 2G/Roaming in the basement. At work I had no service, period. Once a week I play pickup hockey about an hour outside of Pittsburgh, after leaving Pittsburgh I would get maybe 2G but mostly no service at all.

        With Verizon I have 2+ bars of 4G in ALL of these places. But yea, keep telling me how “Amazing” T-Mobile is.

        • Justin Tierney

          I actually left for AT&T GoPhone, and I have better service than I had with Verizon. I never mentioned T Mobile, but good assumption!

          • Mike

            I tried that as well actually (I believe the $60 for 2 GB plan and unlimited text/calls), I had moderately better data but still absolutely nothing at work (Couldn’t make calls or do anything data related) and relatively weak data at home. Nonetheless, the point is not everyone can just dump their carrier to jump on the next big thing and it shouldn’t be pointed out in every thread like it’s that simple. Not to mention being “Stupid” for not switching carriers.

          • mk17

            X2 except I went to Net10. I have HSPA+ in places where Verizon was on fringe LTE (which is just about as bad as no service). I now get free wifi in airports through AT&T, etc… I couldn’t be happier with the service and paying $50.43 after taxes and not having to worry about overages, ever.

        • 4g63mark

          I have tried every service out there hoping to find a GSP option that can compete with Verizon. But I’ve always been smart enough to keep my Verizon account open while testing. Nobody can compete with Verizon on the the central coast of California. NOBODY!!!! Even when Verizon some day kicks us off unlimited, I’ll stay with them. The service is just THAT much superior

          • mcdonsco

            That I can’t say…if Verizon ever kicks me off unlimited I’m gone in a heartbeat, likely to AT&T as the service is very comparable and I would then be able to do whatever phones I want (that’s really my only issue with Verizon, they never allow the cool phones on their network).

          • 4g63mark

            Right on bro. If AT&T had LTE in my area I would at least consider them an option. But even ignoring the LTE conversation, every time my friend with AT&T comes over to my house he has to walk out to the street to keep his calls from dropping…….. My area is really optimized for Verizon apparently. But I definitely do wish I wasn’t so limited on my phone options……. It’s been better recently. The Moto X developer edition is the Holy grail in my eyes. It’s PERFECT for my needs. But if I wanted a 5 inch screen, stock android experience, and kick ass battery life, I can get the Droid Maxx. The LG G2 is also a good option since it’s the backbone of the Nexus, and it has a TON of development support……. At the end of the day though, I still have my Straight Talk SIM that I can always add minutes to, should I decide to take the One+ or OPPO for a 1 month test drive.

        • Mark

          I live outside of Pittsburgh as well and left Verizon for Straight Talk using AT&T’s towers. Best decision I ever made. It’s a great option if you don’t use more than 2.5 GB of data a month.

        • anehlo

          I have Verizon for work (M8, which is awesome, by the way) and T-Mo for personal tablet (Nexus 7) and my wife has T-Mo (M7) for her personal phone. I’ve found that overall, Verizon does get better service but not THAT much better than T-Mo, at least here in the San Francisco Bay Area. And a lot of times, T-Mo’s LTE is faster than Verizon’s. But I’m not going to say T-Mo is better than Verizon, but it’s not that far behind at least in my area. I know it’s not for everyone, but I think T-Mo is a viable option for people who are sick of Verizon’s draconian policies and perhaps want a cheaper phone bill…especially in some big cities where it appears that T-Mo’s network is pretty good.

        • JeffColorado

          In your situation I’d still have preferred T-Mobile. Verizon is THAT bad.

      • Dustin

        I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile when I bought my nexus. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve seen LTE speeds as high as 50 Mbps. in southwest Florida.

        • ki11ak3nn

          Same here but in Seattle.

        • Bruce Purvis

          I’m in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and also ditched Verizon for T-Mobile. In most places my LTE speeds beat the speed my friend on Verizon gets. Gotta love living in places where you have options on your carrier.

          Oh yeah, I will be picking one of these phones up.

      • 4g63mark

        Then there should be another option that says “A person grandfathered into unlimited LTE on the carrier with the best coverage, would be stupid to leave for a phone. Especially when a better one will be out 3 months later.” Would I like to try the phone? Yes. Is it worth leaving Verizon unlimited LTE? HE’LL NO!!!!! NO phone is worth ditching the best carrier. If you want a stock Android experience Verizon has 4 options. And all of them have battery life that will last all day.

        • Justin Tierney

          Its one thing if you need that Unlimited LTE coverage, but a majority of people (myself included) never need that much data, considering there is WiFi almost everywhere I could possibly need it. Even at my gym I have WiFi for my Google Play Music.

          I’m happier paying $60 a month for 2.5gb of data and $350 for a phone outright, and then switch to another carrier at my choosing rather than have to pay $600+ for a new phone, plus $110 a month for the service, and it changes price monthly! The $50 a month I saved switching gets me a new Nexus every 6 months, if I really needed. Or a full priced HTC One after a year. Plus, I’m not constantly worried if Verizon’s going to randomly drop unlimited data from anyone grandfathered in, since (Bog Red) won’t be missing out on many anyway, since your not under contract.

          I’ll agree of you NEED unlimited data, stick with them, but I can honestly say I’ve never had to look back after leaving Verizon. Bloatware and unlockable bootloader alone is worth it.

          … Although I sure do miss Asurion :p

          • 4g63mark

            Yeah I hear ya bud. I pay about $100 a month for Verizon with unlimited. Plus I only paid & 379 for my developer edition Moto X. I used to buy lots of phones, but now I have no need for that. The Moto X is just that good.

          • 4g63mark

            For me the money saved doesn’t justify the MASSIVE drop in carrier quality. I’ll be with Verizon for a VERY long time. I’m just so glad that I can go literally anywhere and always have service

    • Sean Lally

      Is this you, Phil?

    • Guy Pierce

      Seriously just switch carriers.

      I’ll be honest, it’s the best move I’ve ever made.

      • Josh Flowers

        If I can get my hands on one, I’m willing to give up my unlimited data and jump ship to Aio’s $45 plan since T-MO is non-existent in my neck of the woods.
        Note 3 is awesome, but the lack of support (bootloader/OS updates) makes me seriously regret staying w/ Verizon and thinking they’ll change as each phone is released.

        • 4g63mark

          I bought the developer edition Moto X for Verizon and had the bootloader unlocked and recovery flashed in the first hour. But that’s unfortunately not an option for all Verizon phones

    • I have the luxury that I live in Houston, TX so switching to T-Mobile is a viable option for me. I’m still rocking my DNA waiting for the 4.4.2 update that is alleged to drop in a day or two. For the price point, specs, & design it’s very inviting. The big thing is I want to read at least three reviews on it & maybe two video reviews as well. Also I want to wait 4-6 weeks to hear from people having it in the wild to get feedback that way too. I’m not gonna jump on that smash my phone promo.

      If it turns out to mot be that great I’ll just sit around Sept or Oct, & pick up the next Nexus.

      • ki11ak3nn

        Yeah same here. I want a review from here, Android Central, Android Authority, and MKBHD. Then I’ll see about getting an invite. I’m apart of the OnePlus group on reddit. So hope to see an invite soon.

  • dapoktan

    i KNEW would regret not making friends some day… that day is today..

  • Nathan Borup

    I’d love to buy one… but its not on verizon 🙁

  • Trevor Vass

    Where’s the “If it worked on T-Mobile” option?

    • T-Mobile uses LTE bands 4, which is supported. The One is a world phone.

      • GSM bands don’t seem to match up though.

        • Yeah you’re right. It supports 1900, but we also need support for 1700/2100.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Yep. It is missing the magic 1700/2100 AWS bands. So it will get HSPA+ in refarmed 1900 areas, LTE where that exists, and EDGE everywhere else.

      • Trevor Vass

        No 1700 band though

  • LSH99

    A little disappointed in the overall size (too big), but I’m buying it the first chance I get.
    BTW– Why is everybody freaking out about “IF” they’re going to be able to buy one? Maybe you can’t get it until May and maybe you need an invitation, but people are acting like OnePlus doesn’t want to sell as many of these as humanly possible. You’ll get one, folks. The smaller initial supply is probably to avoid mass early adoption disappointment with bugs anyway.

    • The Narrator

      It shows they weren’t ready, and that’s never a good thing.

      • LSH99

        That’s certainly possible, but we’ll see how it all plays out. They didnt need to have a May release date if they were having supply issues. It could also be that they want to create a unique buzz and a sense of exclusivity rather than just drop another no-name phone on the market. We’ll see.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I think the way they are handling their sales is alright. Who knows how many they’ll sell. It’s better than over producing with more B grades and more of a loss than they are close to taking. It was the first time im hearing of 1+ so i wasn’t expecting a samsung like release.

  • Will Frame

    Do I want to buy one? Yes. Do I want to jump through hoops and play silly games just for the privilege to try and buy one? Absolutely not. Already ordered a Find 7a.

    • The Narrator

      Why wouldn’t you wait for the Find 7? $100 For bigger battery, better screen, more ram.

      • Will Frame

        “Better screen”. Have you seen the early comparisons? The 7’s screen looks completely washed out. Even if it isn’t bad, I don’t see the need for a 2k screen on a 5.5″ device. It will just hurt performance and battery life. The 7a is fine. I also didn’t really feel like waiting for the 7 and they threw in a battery, case, and SD card with the 7a preorders.

        Edit: Also, the 3000 maH battery from the 7 fits the 7a, so there’s that.

        • The Narrator

          They will do the same for the 7. Every video I’ve seen, people are raving about the screen.

          Maybe it’s just me. But bigger battery and ram is enough justification to wait.

          • Will Frame

            Nah. I’m normally a spec whore, but the screen just doesn’t seem worth it on that phone. The battery is bigger because you need it to power the extra pixels. You can just as easily buy one of the 3000 mah batteries and put it in the 7a. And while more RAM is usually better, I think it will be fine without. Most of the flagships, save the Z2, are only running 2gb this year.

          • The Narrator

            That’s your choice, And like all things, free to do what you want. Just pointing out a few things.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            If the bigger battery doesn’t translate to more usage due to the more power hungry (absolute and processing) screen, I call it a wash.

            More RAM is always better, but at that point it’s a tough sell.

          • The Narrator

            Considering it charges to 100% in an hour, it’s all good.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            With the right charger, sure, but if I get a bigger battery I want more usage, not the same.

            I know, I’m demanding, but I see no reason not to be 😀

          • The Narrator

            Screen really shouldn’t use much, I don’t think.

            The charger included does it. Oppo included fast charging. It’s a 4.5 amp charger.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Precisely, so the 5 chargers I already have at home, work and in the car that are only putting out 2A max are going to charge it really slow by comparison, so that’s not really much advantage to me.

            Screen is the highest power consumption of any single component, save perhaps the cellular radio at full power. It is a simple fact that it takes more power to drive a display with 8M pixels than one with 2M. How much more we don’t know (I doubt it’s proportional or anything like that), but I wouldn’t be very surprised if the extra capacity was just enough to offset the higher-resolution screen’s additional power draw. So realistically you would get roughly the same amount of usage time overall.

        • K

          Some sites said Oppo told them the screen on the 7 still needed to be calibrated before the final units are shipped out. The people who had the Find 7 had preproduction units.

        • abqnm

          Both screens are technically 2K. 2K refers to the number of pixels along the larger axis, as in 2000. 1920 and 2560 are both in the class of 2K. Beyond that it is just pointless marketing garbage. 1080p and 1440p are still much better descriptions than 2K.

  • Sean Walton

    I did want one until I heard that it’s by invite only, so dumb.

    • Will Frame

      This +over 9000.

  • can’t vote

  • Guest

    Need to see the new X, and see some reviews of this phone before I will consider it.

    • r0l

      Yes, Cyanogen may be fun, but it’s never been stable enough for my daily driver work phone. So I would definitely have to wait on reviews of the hardware and software. Though I haven’t tried CM since I bought my Moto X so I don’t know if it has gotten any better.

      • Ryan

        I’m sort of in the same boat, but at the same time not so much. I ditched the CM base of ROM’s a while back and finally got my tablet off of CM and went with OmniROM for now. I just don’t really agree with some of the decisions the company is making right now. Grant it, I’ve not had any particular issues while I still used CM on my Nexus 4, but that changed once I got the Moto X. Rooted only, no custom ROM, runs great.

        • r0l

          Well that’s a good point too. I used to run CM on old phones because the oem ROM sucked. I accepted the bugginess to gain all the extra features/flexibility. However my last phone (Note 2) was fine with a rooted TW based ROM just to remove some crap and I run my Moto X completely stock, though I do miss some xposed stuff. I just don’t have the drive run CM as my current phone I don’t feel like I’m really missing anything so the reviews would have to be outstanding.
          On the other hand I would be tempted to buy this phone is stable just to help drive down the costs of phones in general.

          • Ryan

            I do have XPosed on my Moto X, so I still get some of the tweaks I used on CM while keeping the OEM ROM on there. Runs pretty good still.

  • Prizmatik

    I want the phone but I’m still on the fence, I travel often and verizon’s service has spoiled me. Decisions. Decisions.

  • Joshua Patrick

    I wan to see wirless charging options. The missing link in my opinion.

    • abqnm

      More so than wireless charging, I am a little disappointed to see that the stereo speakers are both on the bottom of the phone, though that is still better than the back. Still one of them should have been on the top at least. You won’t benefit much from “stereo” with them so close together especially in landscape aside from maybe an increase in volume due to the second speaker. Sure, if they sound good they could be an improvement over most phones but it is still a step back from the dual front facing stereo speakers of the HTC One.

  • Walter Partlo

    We need a yes, but I am still on VZW unlimited option for the poll.

    • sc0rch3d

      YES – only if given to me 🙂 otherwise NO

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The question is regarding desire to purchase, not necessarily intention or realistic chances of purchasing 😉

      • Walker Citterman

        I put yes with that thought in mind, I have Verizon in rural MN and it’s the only carrier with service here, that and I’m still unlimited

    • Jason Downing

      In the same boat, but I’m not as bitter as other people are. Sure, I’d love a fair priced phone on the VZW network, but being that I know it’s not going to happen, I ain’t going to be mad about it. Love my G2… will prob sell it and get the G3 when it comes out. By that time, I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

      • Richard Jackson

        I’m not so much bitter as I’m more curious about Verizon about the off contract unlimited data user. If they said they have no intention of kicking user off unless they violated the terms of the contract I would have no problem paying full retail for a phone. At the point I would plunk down on a moto x+ development edition. Now if they said they where kicking user off at a certain date I would port and think about what phone I really want.

        • teeheezo

          Some Verizon employee did an IamA on reddit not too long ago and stated that Verizon intends on kicking off all unlmtd data users eventually. It’s just a matter of when.

          • Richard Jackson

            I was looking at the last IAMA and that guy said as long as you never touch the contract you can keep it. If that the case I will snag a moto x+ assuming they keep the GSM radio fall back to TMobile.

    • I’m in the same boat, and only pay $67/mo after tax, so it would be about $20 more to go with T-Mobile with a lot worse coverage. I actually thought about this though as Verizon had crap for speeds up until a couple months ago when AWS really took off, now I almost always get 30-60Mbps down. I also got in on the unlimited data glitch last winter and got the G2, so I’m under contract for a year and half more.

  • The Narrator

    Not if they F Up the Invite system
    The camera looks amazing, though.

  • Jon Redeker

    Smaller screen. I know we stress that a lot here on Droid Life, but it can’t be said enough.

    • The Narrator

      I like power, and with power, bigger screens are a must. I mean,all that power for phone calls or something?

    • Chris

      I don’t care about smaller screen so much as a smaller phone. I like that the oneplus one keeps the size down by cutting out the bezel