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Verizon Galaxy S5 Bounty for Root Tops $3,000 in One Night

Every time a new device is released and then rooted or unlocked, it’s probably safe to assume that the carriers and manufacturers are simply learning from those exploits, patching them, and then making it even harder the next time around for developers to get busy. Thus is more than likely the case with the new Samsung Galaxy S5. We have seen some international units receive root, but a couple of the carrier variants, including the model from Verizon, hasn’t been as lucky. So what happens when a phone hasn’t been rooted and the tinkering community gets antsy? A bounty is born, of course. 

After going live last night, the bounty on root for the Galaxy S5 on Verizon has already eclipsed the $3,000 mark and is showing no signs of slowing. In fact, since I first learned about the bounty, it has almost jumped to $3,500.

Why create a bounty? Well, because those who are good enough to find security holes in devices locked up this tight like to get paid or at least can be tempted to take a look with a giant wad of cash. Bounties are born with most new devices these days because there are few skilled enough to root newer phones. So in order to get them out of hiding, this is one of the ways that has worked in the past and will continue to work.

Here are the requirements for accepting the bounty:

  • Be the first person to create or find a method to achieve the following:
    • Exploiting a fully stock VRU1ANCG build to gain root access
  • Make a post in this thread with the following:
    • Proving it works with appropriate photos and/or screenshots
    • Providing full step-by-step instructions for which anyone else can follow
  • Wait for at least one member to follow the same method and confirm it works the same on their fully stock device with VRU1ANCG build
  • Claim your bounty via PM from pledger(s)

There is no guarantee that someone will root the Verizon Galaxy S5, by the way. I wouldn’t call it “impossible,” but like I mentioned above, these things are getting tougher by the phone. If you want a phone that is easily rooted, buy a Nexus or a phone from a manufacturer or carrier that doesn’t hate freedom.

Via:  XDA
  • thilini bandara

    Can you please tell me what is the official site among these sites..for How to root Samsung Galaxy S5

    http://galaxys5-root.com or http://www.droid-life.com/

  • Sam Corona

    What’s bad is noone has stepped up to the plate if I could figure how to create root exploits it would have been done.

  • Dem

    Payout is well over 7k now, and still climbing…

  • kelly1519

    I think this will be a great phone for people who attend schools like Nebraska, TX Tech, Rutgers, Ohio St., etc. http://bit.ly/1gV0LAi

  • trwb

    I use to root all my phones and tablets. Around 7 of them. Its not really needed anymore. If you pick the phone with the right software features for you, you’ll be good to go. Plus there are a ton of apps that can help you add interface tweaks. I brought my Nexus 5 back to stock and it is actually performing better than when it was rooted.

  • mohanad alking

    pleas root for note 3 n900v

  • Sam Corona

    I don’t know why they do it its android powered and the phone belongs to the owner not the carrier sorry Verizon but its true..the phone is made by Samsung and purchased by a consumer which in turn makes it the sole property of said person.

    • Fake Name

      That’s like going over to someones house and claiming that your dirty shoes belong to you so therefore they must allow you to walk all over their new carpet with them.

  • Rabar

    When you’re rooted you can’t receive OTA update

    • Fake Name

      That’s not true at all. Only if you’re running a rom that is a newer version or has the update apk removed/frozen.

      But OTA comes out all the time…. followed by dingbats on XDA crying about how it broke their root when they hit accept.

  • Art Holguin

    Would it be funny if Verizon got in on this and paid to the bounty 😡

  • a) youth.in.asia

    How about find the exploit, obtain root, make a video of the proof and start a thread and link it to a kickstarter? That way you don’t have to track down your money. That’s what I would do. Once it hits $3k…$4k…$5k then release the instructions

    • boonesimpson

      kickstarter wouldn’t allow it, but since there are DIY crowdfund platforms, a big Android site “could” likely pull it off.
      Xda, Droid Forums, etc have the clout, but I think their worry (and it is justified) is it would feel too transactional and not “of the community.”

      Basically the fear is it would lead to a more mercenary style development versus what we have now which is “for the good of the community.”

      I remember the HATE dhacker (I think it was Dhacker) got when he wanted to raise $500 to buy himself a droid 4 prior to releasing his root exploit.
      People lost their minds. I guess it is different to take money that is offered vs asking for it.

      One of the few areas I could see a Dev asking for a sum of money to release something that would work, would be on the GTV side of things.
      GTVHackers are the only crew I know of that are fighting that losing battle. Google even gave up some time ago.

  • KleenDroid

    I will not purchase a phone I cannot root.

    My S4 is wonderful. Good hardware and running the Google Experience ROM.

    This is why I did not buy the S5 on day one. I guess I will wait and see if the G3 will get root and Loki bypass.

  • Detonation

    “Claim your bounty via PM from pledger(s)”

    Good luck with that. Imaginary money is hard to collect.

  • Gary Hicks

    From one of the legends himself.

    • Dem

      Nobody is saying were “suffering” by not having root, I have never heard this before. It would just be nice to have… especially for those on basically all predecessors of all variants/makes/models of android, who can no longer use helpful root apps (for instance). Geez, nobody is crying in the streets over this, but its worth a donation to hopefully help make it happen

      • blahblahblah

        A $3,700 root bounty begs to differ. Everyone thinks their life is over if they don’t have root.

      • flosserelli

        Friends don’t let friends buy locked devices.

        • JRomeo

          Nexus……. FTW

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      You have completely left out the context of Justin’s post. Justin is saying that people don’t need root, and for the most part that is true. However he does support having open devices with unlocked bootloaders. Normally speaking, people want root for two reasons:
      1 – To use it to install apps that use it to alter the root file system usually to make tweaks to the ROMs UI, or uninstall bloatware etc.
      2 – To use it to alter the root file system to use a boatloader unlock exploit to get their bootloader unlocked and flash a new rom.

      When it comes to phones, Root, and bootloader unlock (or S-off) are two entirely different things. One lets you flash any ROM you want. The other just lets you access the root partitions of that specific ROM. Most people don’t need access to root partition. But I think everyone should have the choice to install the ROM of their choice. Justin Case agrees.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    In totally unrelated news I just finished my 2nd lv8 wizard tower and have 2 hrs left till I get lv2 witches in clash of clans… Yes I’m a beast

    • JRomeo

      what does lv8 mean?, and what is a wizard tower?, what will you do with “lv2 witches” ? do they help you cast spells, or defeat enemies? or what?

  • I am very happy because Samsung galaxy S5 is acquiring android market by .7 percent during one week after its release. It’s quite affordable for a individual instead of Apple’s iPhone. Apple should be consider their market policies because Samsung is getting victory in market.

    • Fake Name

      Why? All they have to do is sit back and troll patents and sue each other for money.

  • luls

    luls still dont have root

  • charesa39

    And THIS is the reason I ditched Verizon for my Nexus 5 on T-Mobile. FREEDOM!!!

    • GJV

      Freedom from those pesky cellular signals! I kid, I kid…

      • Rodeojones000

        You kid, but for many of us, it’s very much true.

    • EdubE24

      FREEDOM…from ever having to answer phone calls again!!!

      • flosserelli

        After a few psycho ex girlfriends, you will find that refreshing.

    • fillyo75

      Freedom = subpar phone on subpar network

  • K

    Whenever there’s a bounty thread drama is bound to follow…

  • MichaelFranz

    I’ll say that this is only for root. Some people thing that this is root/boot loader. Its only root.

    It is going to require some serious research and an exploit will need to be found.

    Also not only Verizon but ATT as well has been pulled in.

  • michael steinmetz

    And then 3/4 of the people never pay up…

    • MistaButters

      I paid up for a bounty even after I go rid of the phone. It’s the right thing to do.

      • michael steinmetz

        Agreed but apparently it does happen a lot

        • MistaButters

          Yeah I know :(. It’s rather unfortunate because these devs often lose phones in the process. Plus, if root isn’t found fast enough, devs move on and long term support will never happen.

      • JRomeo

        why isn’t the bounty collected up front by a 3rd party and held………. then given to whoever roots the phone first?

        • MistaButters

          A few reasons:
          1) Trust. What 3rd party would you trust to hold on to the money?
          2) What happens if it’s never completed? You could say refund the money after X number of days, but that is a lot of work to refund that many people on paypal. What happens if a dev finishes in end date + 1?

          • JRomeo

            if a thousand people each paid five dollars, that’s a $5000 bounty…. so to answer your questions…
            #1) Trust. people would give $5, and seeing as its not a big amount of cash, they would do it accepting the chance the bounty would fail for any reason (hopefully the reputation of the 3rd party would be enough to assuage fears)
            #2) If the device is never rooted, there could be a disclaimer for what to do in that case. for example. a poll could be opened on the website asking all the users to vote to choose to transfer this bounty to some other new phone, so that the bounty could be applied to a new phone…. This could totally work.

          • MistaButters

            I just think if that was how it worked, a lot of people wouldn’t participate.

            Also, I know I’m willing to give more for bounties ($25-$40). However, if this was how it worked, there would be no way I’d fork up that kind of cash.

          • JRomeo

            if you knew the bounty would only get paid if root was actually achieved…. then why not? Obviously if 2 years pass, then I’m sure you would agree that the 3rd party should do something with that cash, (e.g. re-assign it to another county)

          • MistaButters

            Yeah, but again, with that way there is way I’d pony up the money. And I feel I’m not alone. I wouldn’t want my $40 to get reassigned to a phone I don’t have or some cause I don’t care about.

            Sure, you might convince people to throw in $5 each, but you would lose most of the higher offers.

          • JRomeo

            maybe you’re right and the higher offers will be lost. however, on an alternative system where the bounty isn’t reassigned….. each individual donor would have to get their cash back… I suppose that’s doable, just more complicated…… however, there comes a point in time, where even the original donors don’t care anymore about that phone getting rooted…

          • JRomeo

            Droid-life could easily setup a bounty section on their website. or XDA forums could setup a bounty section on their forum as long as its run by XDA Staff… and nobody else.

    • mustbepbs

      Bounties are terrible, terrible things.

      There have been more than a handful of developers that people purchased a device for and then turned around and sold it after very little support, keeping the money. It’s bad.

      • MistaButters

        That’s why these bounties are set up to pay after something is delivered (root). Doing it the other way is inherently risky.

      • Stupid Bounties

        Yep people bought ScottC a Note 10.1 2014 and he created 1 version of Clean Rom for it, then sold the tablet shortly after saying it was too big.

      • michael steinmetz

        I wouldn’t have considered that to be a bounty I’d see it as a donation

  • Maxim∑

    Too bad the OnePlus wont be on VZW

    • Blue Sun

      Wrong article?

    • ravenofdoom

      I keep thinking this when I look at my GS5 and look at the One+1 features… but then again, this is a pipedream for verizon. Verizon’s totalitarian device approval regime will never allow an opensource beast like this on their network… and a small company like this could probably never want to pay verizon’s certification fees.or deal with their run-arounds.

  • JSo

    I don’t miss the days at all when I had a Droid X2 and it was locked down tight and developers had such a hard time getting the latest version of Android to work on it. I love my Nexus

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    Verizon waits for the bounty to get high enough, then releases a root and takes that money.

    • T4rd

      Lol, that would be funny. A few grand is nothing to Verizon, which makes it funnier that they would do something like that just to spite us.

      • michael arazan

        But a few grand is worth enough for a Samsung employee who helped write the code to collect

      • Loop&KO

        Nice le may may avatar. Dipshit.

        • T4rd

          Thanks bruh. Means a lot.

          You upvoted yourself, nice, lolz.

        • Fake Name


    • Detonation

      Followed by an OTA the next day to patch it

      • BAoxymoron

        Downloading a Verizon OTA is like going bareback with a back alley prostitute

    • Rexin

      Some answers about the how? You can find on androidbestial com i recommandet. And thanks for likes. Have a fun guys 😀

  • Miguel

    Just buy a Nexus 5 and be done with it.

    • Dan Bonebright

      Tough for people on Verizon to buy a N5…

      • Lou M

        Leave Verizon, go to T-mobile. I did. ETF paid, Nexus 5 & 7

        • JSo

          And here come the “I’m locked into unlimited data” and “I need coverage everywhere” replies

          • Collin Chapin

            Anyone who thinks unlimited data is more important than rooting etc doesn’t need root that bad and they should stfu about it.

          • Nowai

            Dat unlimited tethering, doe

          • Collin Chapin

            If you can’t afford to pay for tethering you should take whatever time you would spend on the internet and put it towards finding a better job.

          • Nowai

            I better hit up the burn ward, damn! I’ll stick to my unlimited plan with unlimited free tethering though – your sage advice duly noted.

          • Fake Name

            ** higher paying job. FTFY.

            Higher paying doesn’t mean “better.” I can get paid more shovelling pig dung into an incinerator but I’ll keep my cozy desk job thnx.

          • Pootis Man

            Well some people unfortunately really don’t have coverage where they live. Fortunately where I live I get awesome LTE and voice coverage with my Nexus 5!

          • OreoMan

            And don’t forget about the WiFi calling option with TMo as well. I basically have coverage no matter where I end up during my travels.

          • Pootis Man

            True dat.

          • The Narrator

            Porn is important

          • Cael

            oh em gee! i just love downloading my 1.2 GB pr0n video at 25 MB/s. Yassss! I can’t give it up! Unlimiteddddddddd! /s

          • JBartcaps

            That’s because those are legitimate responses

          • JRomeo

            T-Mobile already offers unlimited data.

          • Fake Name

            Good luck finding the coverage to actually use it though.

          • JRomeo

            I use it all over central florida., its great.

          • Fake Name

            Well cookies for florida. Look at the T-mobile nationwide coverage map. It’s a JOKE.

          • fillyo75

            Yes, because that is actually true

          • JSo

            I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. I have Unlimited Data, and consistant speeds. It’s not true for everyone.

          • Adam

            Good for you, but unfortunately it is true for the people (like me) who need coverage in areas not adequately covered by T-Mobile.

          • Fake Name

            Congrats, you never have to leave your front porch so you don’t need to worry about coverage. You want cookies now?

          • Rodeojones000

            Those are legitimate replies.

        • Dan Bonebright

          It’s not that easy for some people. By and large, TMo’s coverage still pales in comparison to Verizon. Obviously YMMV, but in my experience coverage hits a wall outside of major metro areas, which just won’t cut it for some people.

        • fillyo75

          Unlimited data on VZW on my GS5. Phone off the charger at 6:00 a.m., can’t beat the battery life, all on LTE. I’ll wait for root.

      • Blue Sun

        It only takes a valid credit card.

  • The Narrator

    gotta get that bloat off, huh!

    • Collin Chapin

      I honestly don’t get the big deal. Got a Note 3 yesterday and left it bone stock (have my N5 to tinker with still). Nova launcher installed, hide all the bloat, done.

      If storage space is an issue buy the bigger version or get an SD card…

      • The Narrator

        ah yeah, the “oh ho ho spend ludicrous amount for more memory” Make it 32gb standard and it wouldn’t be a problem

        • Collin Chapin

          Spend ludicrous amount for more memory? It’s usually $50 to double the storage. Not too bad… I know the actual memory costs less than that but that’s not what business is about.

        • JRomeo

          This is why i’m happy the new OnePlus phone is rumored at a 64GB Internal memory…. it might be my next phone, however, i’m undecided between that one and the upcoming Nexus later this year.

      • ravenofdoom

        It’s not that simple, Collin. The SDCard functionality has been hobbled as of KitKat – you can no longer write to the SDCard unless it’s a system/samsung provided application (e.g. Camera, Samsung My Files). This means if you use ESFile explorer, cloud storage/NAS/synology to transfer media/content, or something to sync MP3’s/playlists/podcasts, you’re stuck with transferring them to the internal storage. I personally don’t like dragging out my USB cable to put content onto the SDCard, but without root, there’s no other way to accomplish this. A simple root application called “NextApp SDFix” reinstates the external SDCard storage permissions to what they’ve historically been for all prior versions of android… making full use of that storage space many treasure with an external SDCard.

        For me, this is why attaining root is such a big deal.

  • Mike

    I find that root isn’t even necessary anymore. The only thing I miss is free tethering, but with WiFi hotspots everywhere even that is something I still rarely miss.

    Obviously just my opinion, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. I even have a Nexus 10 fully stock.

    • Paul

      If for nothing else I still want root for loading xposed and ad-blocking.

      Tethering is nice in a pinch, but I use it so rarely that I could easily not have it and not miss it.

      • Mike

        Actually, Ad blocking is another thing I miss. Not a big deal but some apps that don’t allow either purchasing to remove ads or something like that make me cringe.

      • JRomeo

        I use tethering every workday… mon-fri… luckily tmobile includes 2.5gb of free tethering with their unlimited data plan.

    • moelsen8

      i could do without root if there was a reliable, complete, and easy backup/restore method that worked across all devices, for every piece of my data on the phone. google should take note from twrp or titanium (leave the proprietary bits, i don’t care). or use their own crappy cloud restore that happens whenever you sign into a device for the first time.. put some work into it, add a dashboard of what to backup, what *is* backed up, what you want to restore, ability to takeout all of that data, etc.

      • Blue Sun

        The only other thing I use root for is USB OTG. I don’t know why Google has not baked this into Nexus devices.

        • ravenofdoom

          Pretty much every device on stock TW has compatibility with USB OTG in kitkat. Tried removable USB storage, keyboard, mouse, even my PS4 controller mapped beautifully!

          • Blue Sun

            That is the only advantage I have been able to find with TW, OTG support. Pretty interesting that you got the PS4 controller mapped too.

          • ravenofdoom

            Yeah – I give samsung praise for getting a strong driver and multimedia codec/playback base together for their devices… it’s one of the few essential add-ins to stock android that enhances the user experience.

            Now ask me about S-voice, S-health, non-removable copycat music/calendar apps, garbage launcher, magazine crapware… and you can discern my distaste.

      • Fake Name

        WHAT??? give someone the right to control their own data? BLASPHEMY!

    • ravenofdoom

      I’ll reiterate my point… Root to be able to write freely to external SDCard.

  • Ill pay half that if I can get root ASAP.