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theScore Android App Set to Receive Update Today, Brings Customizable “Feed” Feature

theScore, an Android app which brings all things sports to your fingertips, is set to receive an update today through Google Play. The update brings one major feature, which is a new customizable “Feed.” The Feed will take any teams, sports, or players you have selected, then compile an easily digestible list of news and stats surrounding those selected favorites. 

What users will probably like most is that during game time, Feed updates itself automatically, featuring posts that are taking place in real time.

Feed truly comes into its own during game time – it allows the user to follow multiple games, story lines and player stats in one easily customizable stream, with information updated in real-time and pushed to the top of their Feed as soon as there’s a development. It’s particularly useful for fantasy league tracking, telling you as soon as one of your guy has made a major scoring play.

theScore states that the update should hit Google Play today, and with the NBA and NHL Playoffs in full swing, keep your eyes peeled.

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  • Love this app…a gambling mans best friend….just hate how its always runnin in the background when im not using a widget or anything…but for scores and such i havent seen much better apps if there is one please do reccomend

  • Brian Wolfman

    Yahoo sports app has a much better widget. App is so so, but cbssports app is the best one out there.

    • Scott Smith

      If you are talking about the CBS Sports Fantasy app, you must be smoking something. That thing is a steaming pile of…

  • Bloo

    Better or worse than NHL Gamecenter on an LTE Verizon smartphone with NHL on the Fly thrown in for free?

  • LionStone

    Go Sharks! Sweep LA!!

  • Silver Veloz

    Nice. I use this app all the time.

  • BobbyG

    Blows away the ESPN Sportscenter app

    • Cowboydroid

      I do wish it had a lighter theme like the ESecPN app.

  • jbworldwide1

    I wish it kept full stats of players, but otherwise my favorite sports app.

  • Ray

    Really the only sports app that shows all the info i need

  • truth_cutz

    Probably the best sports app, especially if you have adaway installed.