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Samsung’s Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch on Sale Through eBay, Just $185 Compared to List Price of $199

You might have already read our review and know how much we dislike despise the Samsung Gear Fit smartband, but what about the Gear 2 Neo? It is Samsung’s cheaper counterpart to the Gear 2 smartwatch they unveiled alongside the Galaxy S5. The device is cheaper because it does not feature as much hardware (metal front plate and camera) as the fully loaded Gear 2, but it still looks nice. 

Once paired with a compatible Samsung device (yes, only Samsung devices are compatible), you can sync S-Health information, receive notifications from your smartphone, and so much more.

eBay has a sale on new units (not refurbished), available in three different colors – Black, Grey, and bright a** Orange.

If your eyes have been longing for a Gear 2 Neo to be down on your wrist, an amount of $185 is all you will need.

Buy ($185)

  • macloo stanley

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  • Pratik Holla

    I wouldn’t pay 50 bucks for this. The entire gear series just screams “half baked”. Just release an android wear device with none of that gear manager/tizen BS

  • Elmer Fudd

    Overpriced and useless is still overpriced and useless. Quit trying to make fetch happen.

  • Brandon Decker

    Att has it for as low 156.75 online. You get 25 percent off accessories when you buy 3 so just get a gear and 2 five dollar screen protectors

  • Rich
  • Smartss

    I am a runner, I happen to enjoy my Gear 2 Neo with my M8. Works well for what I do with it.

    • BenG

      Just wondering what does it really adds to your running experience? Everything I’ve read said that the heart rate monitor was completely useless during actually fitness, the pedometer was very inaccurate, and doesn’t it just use your phone gps? Also how are you using it with a M8?

      • Smartss

        Heart rate monitor works for me, the guy that reviewed it here was probably wearing the watch too tight. (something I did initially) The pedometer is within 40-60 steps of my fitbit (I’m still wearing it for that purpose) And I’m using it with a M8 by installing 2 apks (it’s not that hard)

  • James

    Samsung sync only…uh no thank you.

    To clarify: I’m not hating on Samsung, but the closed compatibility is just plain stupid.

    • Alex Boro

      To be fair it makes sense. Samsung is trying to develop its’ own ecosystem within android like Apple. It’s not like anyone will be complaining due to the lack of compatibility on the iWatch. Essentially, Samsung is trying to copy Apple. This is why I don’t buy Samsung phones anymore.

      • Lester

        Hold up, Samsung is trying to copy Apple’s unreleased product with a 2nd gen product?

        • Alex Boro

          Next time read before you make stupid coments. I said they are copying apple by developing their own exclusive ecosystem

      • Ariel Enriquez

        Because its creating an optional to use proprietary ecosystem they can directly control for their consumers with features they ask for? Samsung isn’t strong arming anyone to use their products- unlike Apple- you still get a choice. I as a Note 3 user can still get a Pebble, Sony Smartwatch, I’m Watch, Casio or any other smart watch i choose because at the end of the day my phone is still an open based Android device. I purchased a Gear because as a Samsung owner, it offered me better features for the price. Samsung isn’t Apple. Their Android offerings are still open source and completely customizable. Not even Amazon can say the same with their so called Android tablet.

  • T4rd

    Not really in a rush to look like a total dork and charge my watch every night.

    • Ariel Enriquez

      Mine tends to last me anywhere between 4 days to a full week depending on How I use it.

  • jakester

    despite u hatin on the gear fit, samsung’s first batch has apparently sold out in 10 days.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      In all honesty, they were not the only ones who gave the gear fit bad reviews, so their review seems substantiated.