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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1 Tablets Launch May 1 in the US, Pre-Sale Begins Tomorrow

The US launch of Samsung’s 4th generation Galaxy tablets is nigh upon us. Beginning May 1, the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1 will be made available for purchase stateside from online retailers and brick-and-mortar electronic stores.

Galaxy Tab devices have historically been the low-cost complement to Samsung’s Note line of tablets, and Series 4 is no exception. The most powerful option in the new lineup, the Tab 10.1, sports a measly 1280×800 resolution display. It’s concededly competitive at the $349.99 price point, but spec enthusiasts need not apply.

All models come in two colors, white and black, featuring 1.5GB of RAM, 1.2GHz quad-core processors, 16GB of storage (expandable with a microSD card), and at least a 4,000mAh battery. Pre-sales begin tomorrow at Samsung’s online store, Amazon, Best Buy, Fry’s, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Sears, Tiger Direct, and Richard and Son.

Those intent on picking up a 4G variant will have to wait. Samsung says Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile won’t begin to offer the Galaxy Tab 8.0 and 10.1 until later this summer.

Anyone planning to buy a Galaxy Tab 4?

Via: Samsung
  • Anthony Johnson

    Yes I definitely consider buying Tab 4 with more than 10 inch screen as I currently have Galaxy Note 3 on which I can easily perform my entire professional task even while charging it on wireless charger . Galaxy Tab 4 comes with 4000mAh battery, is that true? If yes, then it’s on the list of my next gadgets.

  • p0k3y

    Instead of this new load of crap, go pick up a refurbished or used/like new Note 10.1 2014 edition for $350 (even 32GB). It has a home button too, and much more… When is Samsung going to get a clue? Geez

  • Chewy789

    NEW Nexus 10 or GTFO. That is all.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    800p on a 10 inch screen? Yikes.

  • Cael

    I’m still waiting on the Galaxy Tab 9.0 /s

  • Adam

    I picked up the Tab Pro 8.4 about a month ago and I’m really liking it. Great screen, great size, and very snappy. The development community seems to be making good progress on it, as well, though I have held off on rooting and ROMs for now.

    I came from the Nexus 10, which was also great, but I really wanted something in the 8 inch range and couldn’t wait for the Nexus 8 (8.9?).

  • droidify

    Competitive at $349.99? In early 2012 yes but not now. That is what the TF300 was priced at back then with nearly identical specs. These specs should be $249 max in 2014

    • michael arazan

      But it has a home button

  • hkklife

    Fail across the board. All of those price points are $50 too high and the 10.1 might be the most insultingly priced and spec’d of them all. I wonder if they are going to use Exynos, Intel, or Qualcomm SoCs this time?

    • guest

      I think what you meant here is that you want them to fail bc it looks like samsung is dominating android tablet space.

      • hkklife

        I don’t want anyone to fail. I am simply stating that past Android tablet efforts, not just Nexii from Google, but especially from Asus and even Lenovo, have offered more bang for the buck. Even LG’s G-Pad 8.3 offers a much better value proposition than these Samsungs.

        I am also stating that Samsung has made painfully few improvements to these devices, especially from 3rd gen to 4th gen.

        • guest

          They have pro tablets.

          • JoshGroff

            Their Tab line is cheap and low specced, always has been, probably always will be. And yet there still exist better/cheaper options… Nexus 7/Gpad 8.3 are among their toughest competition
            Their Note line is hard to beat if you can afford it though.

      • JoshGroff

        Market domination has nothing to do with creating the best product. Marketing and design actually have the most impact.

    • The Narrator

      Fails all around. Cheap processors, hardly any ram, horrible resolution, patheeeeetic

      • JoshGroff

        On paper they’re almost worth buying (on sale of course, not worth retail) until you hit that eyesore they call a screen.

  • Disqus_n00b

    The Tab Pro 8.4 is a much better device at $369 vs the $349 10 inch regular Galaxy Tab

    • The Narrator

      None of them are good

      • B!

        Down vote.

  • Alec

    I’m gonna pass, as I’m still waiting on the Samsung Galaxy Note S5 Tab Pro 3 8.0

    • Kevin

      I thought you were being serious there for a second…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The FLOOD