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Pokémon TV Comes to Kindle Fire Devices Through Amazon Appstore Starting Today

Astute Kindle Fire users have probably realized this, but an indispensable app has long been absent from the Amazon Appstore. I’m referring, of course, to Pokémon TV, which saw an iOS and Android release last February. Thankfully, Kindle Fire users can finally catch up (’em?) with Ash and the gang starting today.

Pokémon TV features an impressive library of Pokémon anime. It is updated weekly from a collection 700 episodes spanning 16 seasons, which is probably equivalent to at least 5 or 6 complete games of Pokémon Blue.

The app is available for download from the Amazon Appstore, and supports all Kindle Fire devices. Conspicuously is any mention of Fire TV, but we can only assume that is coming down the line.

Amazon Appstore Link

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    “I wanna be the very best…………………….”

  • Guy Pierce

    This is so 1996!

  • brkshr

    It amazes me how many adults are into pokemon. To each his own, I guess.

    • Raikou

      Masters never stop

    • Kevin

      Some people don’t want to grow up

    • MH

      Same here. I guess they carried it from adolescence.


      Started when I was young, and I just recently bought X/Y for my newly acquired 3DS. Really amazing how much the games have changed since then…

      • Higher_Ground

        I did the same last fall. I hadn’t played any of the games since Red/Blue back in the 90’s so it was both a lot of change, but surprisingly a lot of the same motifs. I don’t know if the other games were like that, but you can choose the same starters and you even go through a forest in the beginning.
        There’s soo many pokemon in the new game, though. I beat the story, but haven’t gone back to find all the legendaries or some of the other aspects like the safari zone, shiny pokemon, berries, and of course catching ’em all 🙂
        Also, you should check out the Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds game. I just picked that one up a few weeks ago and it’s awesome. I’d never played any Legend of Zelda games before but it’s really enjoyable.

  • Kyle Wiggers

    me gusta