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HTC One (M8) for Verizon in Red Breaks Cover in New Leak

We are still not quite done with HTC One (M8) leaks, even though it has been official and available for almost a full month. We are now seeing, thanks to leak maestro @evleaks, a new red color that could potentially end up becoming an exclusive to Verizon Wireless’s network.

Apart from the new color scheme, we’re seeing the same ol’ HTC Sense 6 skin on the device, Duo Camera, BoomSound speakers, and all metal, beautiful body. It’s more-than-likely that none of its internals will vary with the new paint job.

It’s unclear whether Verizon will be getting the phone as an exclusive, or if other carriers will be selling it too, as the phone leaked by Blass is indeed a Verizon model. What’s that, you didn’t catch the massive “Verizon 4G LTE” logo combo?

Would you purchase this phone if you could grab it with a hot new look?

Via: @evleaks
  • Iskandar

    I will buy one in ReD

  • patt

    not sure where to ask one of my lines has HTC M8 silver it keeps on freezing on opening random apps where screen is not responsive you have to do a complete reset (same like pulling out a battery) by holding power volume. The point is it freezes sometimes during a day few times, verizon got us replacement and now it’s happening again (now happened on clash of clans) as an example. I told him to do factory reset but I am running out of ideas.. anyone?

  • kelly1519

    I use to root all my phones and tablets. Around 7 of them. Its not really needed anymore. If you pick the phone with the right software features for you, you’ll be good to go. Plus there are a ton of apps that can help you add interface tweaks. I brought my Nexus 5 back to stock and it is actually performing better than when it was rooted. http://bit.ly/1gV0LAi

  • Chris Lee

    I think this will be a great phone for people who attend schools like Nebraska, TX Tech, Rutgers, Ohio St., etc.

  • NexusMan

    Nexus does it better.

  • KvinlonWeldon

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  • Laymans Terms

    Hmm. Red VZW phone. I smell another employee edition exclusive.

  • David Dudovitz

    Good for former DNA owners.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sexy….. Though this needs to be an Unlocked version also.

  • Reginald Jefferson

    That black HTC bar is much more pronounced on this red version. It’s a shame they didn’t just add that to the screen space for the on screen buttons. Would have been perfect then.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Get over it.

    • Hershel

      as an actual owner of the m8, the black bar isn’t that big…. people who don’t own or seen the device make such a big deal out of it.

      • Asimoalex

        You tell ’em hershel

      • simp1istic

        Typing this on an m8 right now. The bar absolutely hurts the ergonomics of the device. Not to mention the looks.

        • LionStone

          The height of the Navi keys are much easier to manage one-handed than having them all the way at the bottom. In other words more ergonomical.

          • simp1istic

            No, it’s really not more ergonomical.

            Android has absolutely tons of “top of display” navigation. Increasing the height of the device (by a lot) doesn’t make it easier to use at all.

            Both my Nexus 5 (and 4 for that matter) and Moto X are far more comfortable to use for any task.

          • LionStone

            Yea exactly, just like the N5, not so close to the bottom is better

          • simp1istic

            What? It’s like you didn’t even understand my comment.

            The N5 has far far less chin than the M8, and hence, is easier to use. Because it’s not as tall.


          • LionStone

            I have a N5, the keys are up because there is black bezel underneath, same as the keys on the M8, makes it easier for 1 hand.

          • simp1istic

            I have one as well, i’m well aware that the keys exist above a physical boundry on the phone. The issue is that the space below the keys on the M8 is much greater than other devices, and it’s less easy to use as a consequence.

          • LionStone

            Yea that’s because BoomSound, it’s all good… Not much difference

      • LionStone

        thanks Hershel, sorry about your leg 🙁 Just started 3rd season 🙂

  • MichaelFranz

    It could be cool to see a “droid” color scheme. Doesn’t have to be a droid branded but just all black with red accents. Reverse of this. That’s a hot device

  • I agree why are the colors not all released at once. This pisses off so many people. Note 3 was released in white and black then a few months later rose gold came out. WTH.

  • Tyler

    Hot damn!

  • Alex Boro

    This is probably the nicest looking phone in the red. Still, the ergonomics on the original Htc one m7 were terrible so I won’t get this device.

    • ApplesNAndroids

      …. Umm…..

    • patt

      are you going to tell us you will get nexus 5 and how horrible HTC is and nexus is the best ? 😛

      • Alex Boro

        Doesn’t have anything to do with the Nexus 5. Just commented on the mediocre ergonomics. Try harder bud.

    • Hershel

      so you are just judging based off of photos and reviews? so much for forming your own opinion…

      • Alex Boro

        What makes you think that? The m7’s ergonomics werent great. Safe to assume that these wont be any better.

        • LSH99

          The M7’s ergonomics are terrible. Then the M8 came out, and its are far worse. Holding that way-too-long M8 made me wish it was the size of the M7, which I never got because i hated the size.

          • LionStone

            Can you or Alex describe the faulty ergonomics, you both just say it’s terrible? How?

          • LSH99

            Yeah, I realize that sounded obnoxious, and I don’t mean to come off as an expert or anything… It’s entirely personal preference, but I felt like the M7 felt very wide and had a sharp-edged feel. Didn’t like it at all. Once the M8 came out and I compared the two, I felt that the sheer length of the M8 was crazy and wished it was as short as the M7. I really wanted to like both phones, but I couldn’t stand them for different reasons.

          • Hershel

            You must have tiny hands

          • LSH99

            I must.

  • CLN

    Gross, Verizon your Logo’s all over phones is garbage

    • ki11ak3nn

      I must be one of the few people who doesn’t have that big of a problem with logo’s. Verizon is the worst of the carriers but it’s not that bad.

      • snobrdr2324

        I don’t hate logos necessarily I just hate when they are done to the extreme like Verizon. I actually like ATTs branding with just their subtle, relatively nice looking logo on the back. Verizon goes way too far though. They put their logo and name in huge font with the entirely unnecessary “4g LTE” AND then put their logo on the front of certain devices to round it off. This phone luckily escaped that fate, but the LG G2, One Max and especially Note 2 were not so lucky.

        • Hershel

          my sprint m8 has ZERO carrier branding on the device..

          • THE TRUUF

            That will go great with the ZERO coverage available on that terrible network. Excellent choice!

    • JoshGroff

      When looking at my Moto X, I tend to forget what carrier I’m on. People on Verizon are lucky.

    • Iskandar

      thx god there is NO logo in the front of the phone

  • Cael

    1. I need to see real life photos because IMO this render does not do it justice.
    2. They replaced the messaging app with Verizon’s? LOL
    3. Where’s the baby blue (NOT BEST BUY BLUE)?

    • guest

      All new vzw phones have their messaging app. It on the Lucid 3 also.

      • Cael

        Welp my bad. This is first time I’ve seen it on a verizon phone render up front like that. All the other renders I’ve seen of HTC One’s Verizon one had the regular messaging app.

    • ki11ak3nn

      I liked the Best Buy Blue. I was going to get it (M7) when they were doing the $50 promotion on Verizon. But I waited too long and when I went to get it the promotion was over. So I got a Note 3 instead.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        you missed out on the color/look. Note 3 is awesome tho

        • ki11ak3nn

          Yeah I had my Note 3 for like 3 or 4 months. Then I switched to T-Mobile and got the G2 instead of another Note 3. I like my G2, but I’m ready for something different. Like the G3, Z2, or OnePlus One.

  • I actually love the look of this.

  • lame

    god, why don’t they just release all the colors at the same time. I don’t like apple but at least they release phones correctly.

    • The Narrator

      Because they have money

    • tyguy829

      while i generally agree, they did mess up the white iphone 4 pretty badly. the black one came out in june 2010, with the white one promised to be “coming soon.” It didn’t end up coming out until like April 2011 or something like that.

    • Art Holguin

      I really miss my old blue m7 hopefully they come out with another similar to that.

  • Pedro

    More black than red with the tramp stamp.

    • MKBHD, you reading this? 😛