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Kyocera Brigadier Leaked Enroute to Verizon, Whatever

For anyone who still needs a device capable of being ran over by a forklift or earthmover, Kyocera has an upcoming device that is sure to fit the bill. The Brigadier has been outed by @evleaks, which brings back not-so-fond memories of the Casio Commando series. 

No specs are currently known for the device, but it does appear to be running Kit Kat. It features a rear-facing camera, hardened body for drops and scrapes, 4G LTE connectivity, but that appears to be about it.

Most certainly a niche product if there ever was one.

Via: @evleaks
  • jimbob

    Why does the bottom need to be curved in such an ugly way. It looks like the (shutters) Droid Charge (had one for a year, the scars still hurt). And the Casio Commando had the same terrible design. Why can’t it be tough, but also not embarrassing to use in public?

  • kelly1519

    hat black HTC bar is much more pronounced on this red version. It’s a shame they didn’t just add that to the screen space for the on screen buttons. Would have been perfect then. http://bit.ly/1gV0LAi

  • Smitty

    I’m with DL. I don’t really understand these phones or their niche. If you work in an industry where your phone can take a beating, you are probably best off just buying a flagship phone and putting a heavy-duty case on it (i.e. Otterbox, Lifeproof, etc.).

  • Daniel

    Nothing wrong with having rugged phone options

  • Whooooooooooaaaaa!

    How did we go from us calling the product “niche” (which it is btw), to “DL now hates blue collar and labor jobs, hates the military, hates minimum wage workers, and needs a vacation”? Is this The O’Reilly Factor? Did someone send Hannity over here?

    Apologies if we offended anyone, that was not the intent. We were simply pointing out the fact that the phone is not the prettiest and would not be the first choice for most in need of a smartphone, unless of course your job requires a rugged phone. Then again, that’s the point of the phone. It’s not for the main stream, it’s for situations that require a phone that can take a beating. Nothing wrong with that, but again, is a specific group of people. That is all that was said. There was no deep seated jabs at types of jobs or classes. There was no underlying message or hatred or “we are better than you” stuff going on.

    We apologize for loving pretty phones. 😛

    We love America. We love you.

    • calculatorwatch

      It’s the liberal media always out to get us!

    • paul

      I can understand the emotion evoked by the article. It’s the wording. Especially that first sentence. It gives off a condescending feeling towards both the phone and the people who would use it. That second part is what likely insulted people.

      As your site grows, you’re going to have a more and more diverse reader base. Your choice of words will flip a switch on some and not on others. That’s just going to be how it is. I’m sure this won’t be the last article that’ll get interpreted differently from the original intent. Whether or not you guys try to be more neutral in wording (and likely have more bland articles) or just write however you want is up to you guys. Either way, it’ll lose/gain readers.

  • RoadsterHD1

    This phone is for the independant worker out in the elements and the phone is the bloodline or heart beat of his business and a delicate smartphone won’t do. Dropping this won’t have the consequences like a delicate smartphone would have. It looks rugged too.

  • tlennon

    U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi you ugly what what you ugly

  • jvader2012

    Blue collar workers keep mine and your phone working boss I dont think Kellex or Tim know how to set up a cell tower. Could be wrong i sure dont know. Everyone complains but the guy mentioned blue collar workers not poitics or gripes of America. Just saying whats true there other people who use this phone

  • Tony G.

    large marge sent me

  • jvader2012

    time For a vacation Guys. Everyone deserves R&R

  • Yikes, this thing is fugly.

    When did DroidLife readers become such pussy’s?

    • Adrynalyne

      You tell us, you being a DL reader and all….

  • Higher_Ground

    Hmm, I understand why you’re bashing the phone (and I don’t think it’s entirely serious) but I think there’s definitely a need for phones like this, just like there’s a need for mid-tier phones and throw-away phones. I think part of the slight has to do with the fact that it’s a kyocera phone, which like casio before them, doesn’t produce many or any flagships (in the US anyway).

    I have to think that at least part of Samsung’s drive to include waterproofing/dustproofing has to do with a desire to compete with phones like this.
    Pretty much the main reason I wouldn’t want this phone is the assumption that it won’t get prompt updates and probably won’t have any dev support. Well that and it’s fugly.

  • Josh Jones

    Thats great, DL. I’m glad you’ve decided to up the game on bashing not only non-moto companies, but also people who do manual labour for a living as well! Are minimum wage families next on your list the next time a budget smartphone comes out?

  • MantisSD

    I know some one who works at kyocera and this isn’t even the final design. It looks different than this.

  • G

    This is like droid life when it first started, most of you fools are here for the free handouts! Damn fanboys, just wait for the larger iphone and sites like this will be gone. This place is populated by spoiled retards and kids. There was a time but Tim and crew screwed over the fan base – I’m going with Engadget and cultofmac – every kid that has a android acts like god is in there pocket. I have a nexus 5 so fuk off I am entitled and an OG!

    • Adrynalyne

      Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are ya?

    • John Davids

      Woah woah woah, woah woah.


      This is not my Batman glass.

    • We appreciate you continuing to hang out though, even though you went to Engadget and CultofMac. 🙂

  • Neil Fujiwara

    Do you know if this will be intrinsically safe?

  • Anyone else look at the UI on this think & thought Ginger Bread?

  • Bob

    I think we should all buy one and throw them at VZW headquarters.

  • sweenish

    For construction workers? They still exist. The military? They still exist.

    • Adrynalyne

      In both circumstances no smartphone, regardless of how rugged they claim, can hold up to the abuse in those kinds of jobs.

      • mo

        The more rugged phones will last longer. At least that’s been my experience.

        • Adrynalyne

          Unless it has bullet proof glass, it has many of the same weak points others do.

          • sweenish

            You are not talking out of experience, that’s for sure.

            Rugged phones are able to transmit the force to other areas of the chassis without the glass having to hold onto all that energy. I don’t doubt that the panels required are also stronger than normal, but the more important part is that in rugged devices, the energy has somewhere else to go.

            That’s why the backs and batteries pop out of phones (with removable backs and batteries). The energy is transmitted away from the glass. Those pieces are designed to pop out like that.

          • Adrynalyne

            One rock edbe into that screen will crack it like any other. Think logically about this. You can’t transmit force anywhere at that point.

          • Mark

            Non-ruggedized phones can have the screen crack/shatter even when the screen isn’t hit directly. So a ruggedized phone is less likely to get its screen shattered, not make it impossible. Also, as said, rugged designs don’t just involve sudden shock protection.

          • Adrynalyne

            Right and we have gone full circle back to what I said:

            These phones are still not yet rugged enough to withstand the job hazards, mainly due to a big glass screen.

          • joe

            Sometimes it’s not just the glass that gets ruggedized. For example, the ability to withstand more extreme (but human tolerable) temperatures longer (I’ve had electronics not work properly at certain temperatures), moisture or even full submersion protection, compresssion protection (ie. a heavy object is placed on it but only makes contact with the casing and not the glass), sand/dust protection, etc. Even the design of the shock protection can absorb/spread the force so what’s transferred to the glass is minimized as much as possible.

      • sweenish

        You do realize that the term rugged actually has to be earned, right? A certain amount of durability is automatically implied. Which includes long falls, exposure to water and dust, and generally being abused.

        • Adrynalyne

          No it doesn’t. There is no penalty for throwing it around like a typical marketing buzzword.

          Tell me, what glass are they using to make it rugged? I’ll answer that for you: There is no such thing as glass that is rugged that is used on any smartphone. What breaks the most often on a smartphone? The display.

          Those rugged clamshells (and yes they truly are rugged) protect the display by closing up.

          • sweenish


            Like I said below, you’re not talking from experience, or even basic knowledge on the subject. Rugged has standards. Tough does not.

          • Adrynalyne

            Dude…rugged is a damn buzzword.

            Military specs are a little different, yeah? Can you show me the military specs for ruggedness on this device?

  • bigredandroid

    I have a friend that could use this beast! Ive never met someone who has broken so many phones, This brick would be perfect!

    • flosserelli

      I have a friend that loves his Casio Commando. He abuses the crap out of it, and it still works like it did on day one. I have seen him toss it across the room, and into the back of his truck. Sometimes I think he just wants to see how much it can take.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    What a turd…..

  • Erik Young

    “For anyone who still needs a device capable of being…”

    A few large groups of the work force come to mind. Field Technicians, Construction workers, Landscapers, and the military.

    I’m a vet who is now a field tech, I would appreciate a phone that can withstand my line of work outta box greatly…. If it had reasonable specs.

    I had a casio commando while I was still in the Army, it was perfect for me.

    Expand your thinking, not everyone has the luxury of being a glorified blogger.

    • buckley101

      Should have tried harder in school

      • zurginator

        Without blue collar labor, the world would collapse. Say “try harder in school” all you want – I probably make more than you, and have no loans to pay off to boot.

        • buckley101

          I probably get paid more than you as an intern and fortunately have no loans to pay off. Of course we need blue collar labor. If you’re going to complain about your work though then you should have tried harder in school to do something you want

          • zurginator

            Last I checked nobody was complaining.

            And not all of us can pay for school. I had a 3.85 GPA, but didn’t have the money to continue school.

          • buckley101

            Then you need an Econ lesson because if you take a loan to go to school you’d be FAR better off in 20 years after going to school, doing something you love, paying back a 20 year loan that will hardly affect your life, and be getting paid more.

          • zurginator

            Or maybe I’m currently working a mildly OK job, and planning on paying cash for school in 2 years?

          • tu3218

            Excuses. If you truly did have a 3.85, you’d be able to get scholarships easily.

          • zurginator

            I was bumped out of the running for most things because my parents make too much. They didn’t help me, but loan applications don’t care. Art scholarships? Trolololol. Doesn’t matter though because I’m 2 years from paying cash for school.

      • John


        • buckley101

          He’s putting down Tim as a “glorified blogger.” If you don’t like your job, don’t come here to complain because you didn’t try hard in school to do something you dreamed of.

          • Obama’s_tranny_wife_yuck

            Army or troops or military of the USA are all just dopes. They are fools giving their lives not to protect America, but to protect the corporate interests of the rich and politicians. They aren’t fighting to prevent terrorism in America, they aren’t fighting to bring democracy to Muslim nations, they aren’t on “humanitarian” missions, unless its humanitarian to drone kids and women, these tools of Bush/Obama are for corporate and bank interests, to feed money to the military industrial complex, to steal resources like poppy to make heroin and redistribute that in our country while fighting the “war on drugs” and to steal oil, gold, and other valuable minerals. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a brainwashed fake patriot sheep who buy into the 2 party Dem/Rep scam. Soldiers are tools to the rich to help them become richer. All politicians in Congress and our POTUS are all corrupt rich POS.

          • Bush’s_tranny_wife

            It’s nice to know someone else is educated about what’s going on in the US other than listening to the news and being brainwashed.

          • Taglogical

            No, they protect Americans and they protect America. And we Americans are proud of our troops. You are missing the forest through the trees.

          • Obama’s_tranny_wife_yuck

            Obama voting sheep. You cant see whats really happening.

          • zurginator

            Nobody complained. That’s the reason this argument exists. Someone made a comment, and then someone said that anyone working a blue collar job “should have tried harder”.

      • mo

        How about archaeologists, geologists or any scientist that studies nature possibly in environments that may need devices a little or a lot more rugged? I’m an electrical engineer and I go to the desert often to run tests. My more rugged work and less rugged personal phones have fallen onto sand and jagged rocks. Some fairly heavy equipment has been placed on top of them. Sometimes I just can’t baby my phone or someone else just didn’t notice it placed on a table or some other spot. Fine sand has found their way into it. Sand scratches Gorilla Glass pretty easily as well.

        Anyway, it just doesn’t make Droid-Life look good when they make fun of a possible group of their readers.

      • Tomek G

        and what school did you finish? Kindergarden?

      • Taglogical

        @Buckley101, here’s some life101: You’re a huge douche. Before everyone in your life notices, sit down in front of a mirror and spend some serious time introspecting.

        • Vladimir B.

          @buckley101 is no more wrong than anyone else. You guys are supporting putting down Tim because he enjoys his job and can see the humor in this phone because it’s not for his use while @buckley101 is putting the original guy down because he’s obviously disappointed in his career and jealous of Tims apparent “glorified blogger” job. In fact, @buckley101 is right even though he said it terribly. Tim loves his job. Don’t put him down because you’re not happy with your professional career and he is. There really is no nice way of saying it except that I’m sure he does wish he tried harder in school. The truth exposes people and everyone becomes defensive, like so. Although @buckley101 shouldn’t be so insensitive

          • Taglogical

            Exactly who professed that they were obviously disappointed in their career/education choices? I would re-read if I were you before joining the likes of Buckley101… DL belittled this phone, and thus those who would buy it. A reader stepped forward and said ‘hold up, I would love this phone, and I’m proud of why.’ Now insert Buckley101’s off-base, presumptuous comment, which you unfortunately elected to support. Have a nice day everyone!

      • Joel Gautraud

        What does trying in school have to do with it?

        I know a guy who served in the Army after law school (as a Cryptologic Linguist). Super smart guy. That just happened to be what he wanted to do.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Thank you for your service.

    • michael arazan

      They did review the Casio Hardened phone for outside jobs a year ago, so now they only get an honorable mention?

    • GJV


    • I think you’re missing the joke, but okay. Thanks for doing what you do, and I’ll try to not be such a stuck up about phones.

      • Erik Young

        Good Lord the animosity… Sorry to stir up trouble. And I didn’t mean to insult you, it was more of a passing jest. But no I get it man, most consumers don’t need a Bradley of a smartphone and it seems silly to market it as such. I respect what you do, but with that being said, in response to the comments below…

        I do not regret my education, my service, nor my current job. And do not insult my brothers that died. Was it for a righteous cause? I’m not a political analyst nor philosopher, so its not for me to say. But don’t insult someone for wanting to serve honorably, just because our government doesn’t.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    Please be on _____ carrier!!

    ^ said no one EVER

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      you’re doing it wrong..

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Feeling like 2009 in here. Anyone else feel that?

  • guest

    Ha Kyocera has a phone with KK coming out on Verizon before their Samsung phones are updated to it. Who would have thought this.

  • Agunimon

    No tramp stamp for this phone?

    • Allen George

      Why would you advertise yourself on such a POS?

  • I have customers in everyday buying Casio Commando series phones. They love them. This will do good for Verizon.

    • Dan DeMarco

      Serious question… do you live in the South?

      • No New Hampshire. Im telling you Verizon customers buy at least 2 to 3 of these from me every day. Either first verson or the LTE one.

        • Eric R.

          You’re still aloud to sell the 3G one?

          • No but the cell repair store can. I send then there. I sell the lte ones.

    • toysrme

      I don’t care for the phone, but I know people in construction, automotive or other trade jobs who like the Commando. Typically it’s because they lay on them, drop them, and subject them to other forms of abuse and they can take a beating.

  • Droid Ronin

    Must be a slow news day.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    If I were still in the army I’d want one, that’s the only use-case though.

  • Chris Stuart

    There’s been a lot of passive aggressive posts here the past few days. Seems like the DL crew needs a vacation

    • Dave

      Lol so true

    • I thought this phone deserved just a tad of aggression. 🙂

      • Anthony_Armando

        And with that said…. removing droid-life from adblocking whitelist.

        • It’s a joke, folks. You don’t need to be upset that we don’t care for the Brigadier’s look.

          • Anthony_Armando

            Patronizing. Nice. At no point in your article did you mention that you or anyone else from DL disliked the looks of the device. Instead, it is dismissed because of the fact that it is “most certainly a niche product if there ever was one.”


          • calculatorwatch

            Honestly, this is a blog that almost exclusively covers flagship phones. They routinely make fun of any phone that they find ugly or under powered. Sure it’s really not as niche as he makes it sound but it is on the fringe within the scope of this site, so I don’t really care what they say about it.

            If you really want to read about phones like this, go find some sites where the writers and readers are actually interested in these kind of phones.

          • Anthony_Armando

            Let’s be clear here and not fool ourselves into thinking that this site “almost exclusively covers flagship phones.” I have been coming here since 2009 and it routinely has covered everything Android, regardless of it being designated a flagship device, and goes well beyond the scope of Android. Case in point, at this very moment there are eight posts on the main page and none of them discuss flagship devices (unless you consider the Droid DNA a flagship device); they are all related to Android, Android apps, and Google.

            The fact of the matter is that the posts made here by the writers often times has a snarky, condescending, and belittling writing style to the “Android” family, sometimes insulting the very niche customer for a product. This does a disservice to the community. If this is a niche product they don’t feel is important then don’t bother posting about it just for the sake of posting.

            Telling me to “go find some sites” is pretty laughable. While I dislike some of the writers and some of the posts, the fact of the matter is that some of the information provided is worth a read. As such, I see no point in cutting off my nose just to spite my face. Instead, I have started blocking all advertisements on DL from being displayed and will put DL back on my whitelist when I feel that they have earned it once again.

          • calculatorwatch

            If we’re being clear I never said not to read anything on this site. I was just saying that it’s a blog so it’s written based on subjective opinions, which in this case favor flagship devices. People read blogs for the opinions, so they’re allowed to be snarky about a device, it doesn’t mean they’re insulting the people who buy it.

            If you wan’t dull, unbiased news about devices, read a site like Cnet. If you want favorable opinions about rugged devices, find a blog with those opinions. If you enjoy the other news on this site, read Droid Life. You don’t have to choose just one, it’s not like any of them are specifically tailored to what you want to hear.

          • That’s the way Kellen and I view it. When we smack talk a phone, we are talking about the phone – not the people who would buy it. It makes no sense to me to think that we would ever talk trash to our own readers. If it wasn’t for you guys, we wouldn’t be here. We appreciate everyone, and everyone’s different tastes. With that said, we still like our own personal opinions to be known through this blog, that way we don’t come across as some corporately ran site who has to suckle a teet.

            I’m sorry if this post, which doesn’t even directly bash the phone, has offended anybody.

          • Mark

            Saying “it’s a joke” never really helped anyone defend themselves. I don’t know, the wording of the “jokes” just rubbed these people (including me) the wrong way especially since it also sounds like it’s directed towards the user group of the phone as well. Even with such few words, you were able to push people’s buttons enough for them to comment on it.

          • Well, maybe people should lighten up. It is just the internet after all and this is only a blog which talks about phones. We aren’t here to hurt anyone’s feelings, and I am sorry if that’s the way it went down. We have taken note, and will be sure to be careful whenever we call a phone “niche” in the future.

    • Nick Silver

      Seriously, I thought it was just me that was noticing that.

    • mo

      Ya, when I was reading this blog post, I felt annoyed. The sense of belittling the phone and its possible user base just didn’t feel right. I expect that from comment trolls, not DL staff.

      • Getting Sort of Sick of It!

        This blog has definitely changed over the last several months. It is still one of the best places to find great information about Android new but I find that I enjoy reading it less and less each day.

  • calculatorwatch

    If one of these came out that actually had up-to-date specs and wasn’t so ugly would you be interested? I know I would like a flagship phone that can withstand just about any drop without a having to put a case on it. It’d be like the OG Droid all over again.

    • zurginator

      I would like a flagship that COULD be run over by an earth mover. Unfortunately the best way to make a phone survivable is to 2-layer a soft rubber with a segmented shell. Also plastic screen. This is always bulky and ugly. Just like Otterbox cases.

      • calculatorwatch

        Well I don’t necessarily need something that tough. Just a solid frame and a nice dense plastic shell would stand up to most things. The hard part is keeping the screen from shattering easily but that just means a little extra padding around the corners and sides.

  • Boblank84

    might be a good size for kellex

    • breadable

      And me. And people without giant frickin’ hands!

  • aamd11

    That clock widget…haha

  • Chris King

    This site sucks I come here everyday looking for my Verizon s4 kit kat update but you guys being me this sh!t instead. Come on droid life get back in the game And make it happen

    • tyguy829

      i can’t tell if you’re serious or not. in case it’s the former, you do realize that they just report news, and can’t actually make an update happen, right?

    • lolwut

    • Dave

      My brother got his Sprint update on the S4, and in all seriousness there is virtually no performance or appearance difference noticeable. I hope you get it still, but be prepared that JB to KK isn’t an earth shattering upgrade.

      • NeilOMalley

        Pretty much this.

      • Chris King

        I of course was kidding I’ve read this site on my droid 1. I hear that the device it self runs faster and smoother from what kit kat does in background. Do you know if this is true? Plus the dna got kit kat First not gonna lie that one stung alittle

        • Dave

          Technically it does. But the difference could easily be confused with a couple extra mbps of network speed. It’s just not a big difference. But hey I’m still waiting for 4.4 on my Note 2, although if I never got it I can’t say I’d be hurt. It still runs smoothly and gets incredible battery life as is.

          • Chris King

            Thanks guess all we can do is wait

  • JSo

    Another joke phone from Verizon.

  • Dan

    I bet the camera is so sick lol