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Sony SmartWatch 2 Update Introduces New Wallpapers, Customizable Watch Faces

While some companies are putting the kibosh on wearable development, others have shown a strong commitment to their products. Take Sony, for instance, which today announced new features coming in a software update for the SmartWatch 2.

The highlight of the update is customizable watch faces. The nifty addition allows  you to design your own watch display by dragging and dropping widgets that display date, weather, notifications, and other information. A selection of pre-installed watch faces and widgets is included, but third parties can add their own. 

The update will also bring a host of other improvements, including six wallpapers, a calculator app, better Gmail and Facebook apps, an enhanced notification drawer, and Bluetooth vibration settings.

Sony also revealed two new models of the SmartWatch 2 to celebrate the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup: the “Business” and “Brazil.”  Both are now available for purchase.

sony watch2-1

Via: Sony
  • Clayton Burnett

    great update..but really…6 ugly as sin wallpaper colors….they could do better than that! but i do love having more on my home screen.

  • Danmheadache

    When is the third version coming? Anybody know?

  • Love that green band. Totally not interested in the watch though..

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I have to admit… that is an ugly ass green band.

    Either way. Looking forward to a video of the updated software guys.

  • Will Frame

    Just bought the watch a few weeks ago and have been waiting for this update. It’s everything I was hoping for. This watch is much better for my purposes than my Pebble and, unlike the Gear, it works with almost all of my phones.

    Great job, Sony.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Like green band (thats is all)

  • Cael

    Sony’s messaging icon scares the living crap out of me. It’s hideous.

    • Kyle Wiggers


      • Cael


  • Ian

    Awesome, too bad I sold mine months ago. Their notification system still sucks I bet.

  • Greg Morgan

    Sony’s smartwatch UI to me is terrible. Why they chose not to use Android Wear is crazy.

    • Ian

      Didn’t they release the SW2 before the intro of Wear? I though so which would explain why.

      • Greg Morgan

        Yes, but i believe they stated that they wouldn’t be using Android wear in future devices.

        • Ian

          Ah well that is dumb.