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Humble Mobile Bundle 5 Gets Three More Games

In case the great cause and game selection of the Humble Mobile Bundle 5 did not quite win you over when it went live, you will now have three more games to play, as long as you pay more than the average price (currently sitting at $5.21). Paper Monsters, R-TYPE, and Enviro-Bear 2010 will be joining other great titles such as The Room Two, Carcassonne, and R-TYPE 2, so if you have not bought into the bundle yet, now would be a good time to do so.

Paper Monsters is an adventure through a world made of paper, cardboard, and cotton balls, as you listen to the game’s sweet soundtrack and take in the graphics. In Enviro-Bear 2010, you eat as a bear until you are fat enough to drive yourself into hibernation. And finally, in R-TYPE, you will find an old-school, shoot-em-up style game with bosses and tough enemies.

The Humble Mobile Bundle 5 will be around for a little less than one more week, expiring on April 29 at 11AM Pacific.

You can purchase it right over here.

Via: Humble Mumble
  • EvanTheGamer

    Got Paper Monsters awhile back, and can definitely volch for how fun the game is, and how great of a looking game it is. Highly fun.

    Also, Wind-Up Knights 2 is really fun, as well. It’s free with IAP, but don’t let that discourge you. You can still play a good chunk of the game without paying a cent.

    And lastly, The Room 2 is finally on sale for $1.40 (Orig. $2.99), so if anyone doesn’t want to fork over a little more than $5 for NINE(count ’em), NINE games, and just want The Room 2, then well, there ya go.

  • Just Asking

    Has it ever been verified that the money made by this actually does go to a great cause?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Well, Humble Bundle has been going on now for a four years and so, if the money earned doesn’t go to one of the listed charities, I think one of ’em would have noticed by now. Wouldn’t you think?

  • Kevin

    I’d rather buy from Google Play using survey credit and donate to charity in Google One.

    • cobalt27

      Although the free survey credit is great, you don’t get much per survey and they don’t happen frequently enough.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Nope, unfortunately not. I’ve been getting a Google Rewards Survey at least once per week, if that even, and the most I’ve been getting was less than $.30. That’s crazy. But the most I’ve ever gotten was a buck, which isn’t bad. Wish that would be more frequent though.

        • cobalt27

          I have the app on both my Moto X and my 2013 Nexus 7 and I get a survey once every few weeks on either of the two. I tend to get more of the surveys on my tablet though; I’m curious as to why that is.