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Contest: Two Nest Thermostats Up for Grabs From Droid Life!


Since Google is now selling its Nest Thermostat on Google Play, and we know that the $249 price for something like a home thermostat is turning more than a few of you off, we wanted to give a couple away. We have been Nest users for over a year now (our review) and still think it’s one of the best Android accessories you will ever purchase. To say that we wish everyone could experience a Nest, is an understatement.

But again, the $249 price tag is no joke, so to help ease the wallet strain on a couple of you, we have two to give away to the DL community.

The contest, like others, uses Rafflecopter to give you multiple chances for entry, while also making it easy to manage on our end. You don’t have to do all of the steps below, but the more you do, the more entries you will receive.

Ready to turn your home into a smart home? 


Prizes:  Two (2) Nest Thermostats.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Tomorrow, April 23, we’ll choose two winners randomly at 10AM Pacific.

  • KRS_Won

    I need a Nest for the Auto away feature when i travel, and to learn the how to set the temp for my girlfriends hot flashes when I’m home.

  • JR

    I want!

  • Nate

    I need the nest to help control the winter expenses!

  • mcmb03

    I need nest because I live in an old apartment building and my thermostat is broken. The apartment manager will not replace it either. Please help this broke college student!

  • kash521

    I need this because I love gadgets!

  • Chad Baker

    I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and it would be nice to change the temp and not have to walk around the house and wake her up. 🙂

  • Jeff

    My dog would enjoy staying warm downstairs.

  • Marshall P.

    The colors man! I need it for the colors!

  • Mehdi H

    Would look cool in my livingroom for sure!

  • Brandon Moseley

    This would be a great start to my home automation project.

  • TomStieger

    My old mecury filled thermostat is currently off the wall, because the clicking timer drove me nuts! 🙂

  • Benjamin Clay

    I could use it for the freaky weather in Virginia.

  • Dustin Zirkle

    Need to give Google more details on myself! Oh and possibly save some monies and make my house more comfortable without thinking about it.

  • David Chu

    NEST! so I can control it away from home!

  • hochoch

    cause the heat in my house sucks and I want to save money!

  • gp126904

    I need a nest because I always forget to turn off the ac/heat when I leave the house and my wife nags me to no end about it.

  • Moses

    Give me give me give!

  • jab416171

    My roommates won’t leave the thermostat alone, and saving money is always nice.

  • Aaron

    I need a nest because I like the idea of being able to control my thermostat from anywhere…

  • Nappy Nate

    Gimme gimme

  • SonicPhoenix

    $400 gas bill last month for heating a house with a 30 year old furnace on an old analog thermostat. They all need to be replaced but the thermostat would be the easiest first step.

  • 4n1m4L

    I need one because my electricity bill gets up to $400 already

  • MJ

    Because the Nest is freaking cool to look at!

  • Adrian Ioanci

    It would be an interesting feature to my home

  • Aaron C

    Need a new thermostat in my house because the current one is off by a few degrees. Thanks DL!

  • chucklehead322

    I need a Nest so I can mess with my wife and change the thermostat while I’m not even home!!

  • Jim Morris

    I often forget to adjust the thermostat before I leave the house..plus, who wouldn’t love being able to adjust the temp from bed when you wake up??

  • Nirav Desai

    Nest Smart

  • Tyler Bowden

    I need a nest because whoever built this place put the thermometer behind the only place to put a TV.

  • TimTheK

    I need 2 nests actually. I could buy one but my wife wouldn’t let me buy two. So I need to win one. We could’ve used Nest last week when we went away and the temps dropped at home….fortunately the dog walker was able to turn the heat up for us.

  • BillyGardiner

    I want one because it’s freezing in my house!

  • mgenova79

    i need a nest so i can become more energy efficient and lower my power bill. plus it looks cool, and my current thermostat looks lame. everybody needs a cool looking thermostat in their life.

  • Jason Peters

    Saving money and the coolness

  • Mohsen Abdoun

    #Nest is the best & being given away on @droid_life Please don’t enter to win as that will hurt my chances. I need a little @nest in my life

  • Eric Cat

    I want one!

  • Nick Wise

    I want Nest to save my parents money.

  • Justin Leahey

    I would love one to save money and always keep it cool in the house.

  • I can’t wait to see what Google does with this company!

  • Michael Ouellette

    I’m working on building a connected house and this would really help with my project.

  • Ryan Clayton

    Considering my crappy programmable thermostat just stopped working…this contest is perfect timing. Finger crossed I win. =)

  • A Nest thermostat would make my life far easier, allowing me to control my temperature much easier.

  • Avinash kumar

    nest would help me control more things digitally .the more the merrier..specially pesky room-mates running at 16 Degrees all time

  • Frank Messner

    Anyway I can save energy with more braiiins in the house. Get those damn kids to leave the thermostat alone!

  • I have been eyeing Nest for a long time now. The features it boasts are why I want Nest in my life! I hope to take advantage of most features and hope that it will lead to cost savings.

  • Joe

    Big fan of Nest & Google.

  • Ryan W

    I need the Nest so I can save money and enjoy the android tech I love! Need all the help I can get as a poor college student!

  • MShelbz

    I need one because I am tired of paying $200 power bills thanks to the AC running.

  • bubbasan

    I need this because it’s cool!

  • Jay Reynolds

    I need a Nest to save money on my utility bill!

  • Steveo

    I need this in my life!