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Netflix Announces Intentions to Raise Prices Again Sometime This Spring

Get ready to tighten your belts, Netflix announced today that they plan on increasing the price of their subscription sometime soon. In an email sent out today to Netflix shareholders, CEO Reed Hastings announced that the price should be going up “by one or two dollars, depending on the country.” 

Price increases are never really crowd pleasers, but Netflix in particular has not had a good history with them. To ease these concerns, Netflix has laid out a plan to keep current customers on their $7.99 price structure for a “generous time period.” Only users that sign up after this price increase will be locked into it. Hastings wrote today that the price increase will allow Netflix to “acquire more content and deliver an even better streaming experience.”

The shareholder email said that this plan is set for “later this quarter,” which means sometime before summer starts. If you don’t subscribe to Netflix already, now might be a good time to join and get a few months of the $7.99 pricing before it goes up.

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  • tom riddle

    cancelled hulu+ last month…oh so close to cancelling nflx.

  • Guy Pierce

    That’s what they said about the last price hike and we have the same old crap on there. The only thing new was the UI which we paid for.

  • Tony G.

    everyone raises prices. inflation, salaries going up. it’s called business

  • Jesus Christ

    to be completely honest, i feel like im already paying too much for Netflix while receiving too little. I love the idea of Netflix, but it was executed poorly. Some shows on Netflix either start a few seasons in, end mid season, or are missing episodes. Also, they need to add in a more personalized Que. i get that they recommend shows, but i like to watch anime and ill be in mid season and they take it off.

  • Brooks Barnes

    I could tolerate a couple of bucks raise in price if it meant they were actually going to increase their amount of content. As it is, I’m sure this is just so they can pay off Comcast, which is what I quit doing about about 6 months ago.

    • Brooks Barnes

      And for those of you saying it’s still a great deal, I’m not arguing that point. I wouldn’t go as far as “great” deal. It’s not terrible, but have you really gone through and looked at the available streaming options lately? TV shows and kids stuff isn’t too bad (even though new TV shows are slow to be added), but new release movie selection is absolutely horrible.

    • anon_coward

      the amount of money they pay comcast and network costs in general is like 1/10 of revenues
      3/4 of revenues is for content
      add some more for marketing and normal overhead

      this is to pay for better content

  • bkosh84

    They have to pay for Kevin Spacey’s salary somehow…

  • monk

    Better see an upgrade for the fee before they add it or I’m using my own library. Oh and no more of this 2 screens at a time even if the connection has timed out. Start there and lets see why we should keep paying you

  • jisaac16

    Looks like time to drop them and get torrents if I want to watch any of their outdated movies and TV.

  • Eric

    By the way the increase is not for existing members. Only new ones.

    • Croq

      Not exactly, existing members keep the current price for a “generous time period”. Eventually, they will have to start paying the new prices too.

  • Eric

    Suck it Netflix! Do you not remember what happened last time you jacked your prices? Netflix is going down the shitter. Taking away more and more options yet still insistent raising prices. There is no hope for you! We have too many options these days for you to get away with this stunt again! News Flash, It isn’t 1997 anymore!

  • GiantJay

    Cool, thanks Comcast.

  • Dustin Casper

    If they raise their prices they had better put some GOOD stuff up there instead of this giant collection of B-movies.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    We all knew it was coming. By the time it gets to around $30 is when you might consider cutting the cord. Unfortunately a lot if the shows I like aren’t up with the times.

  • A2theC

    Arse-holes, gonna cancel, don’t use it hardly enough to justify as it is.

  • Tojen1981

    Just started using Netflix a few months ago and they have a pretty nice set-up. Still worth $10 a month, though more titles and faster releases would be a welcome improvement.

  • Hener

    Unless they raise the price by $50.00 it wil s till be cheaper than cable.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Being a long-time Netflix subscriber here, I’m very pleased to hear that they won’t be raising the $7.99 monthly rate for current subscribers for hopefully a great while. Great news.

    But sure by next year though, our $7.99 price will go up to $9.99, which will be a shame, but hey, the current rate has been set in stone for years now, so it was obviously a matter of time when they’d finally raise the rate.

    Hope when this happens though, they’ll be making more and more TV/Movies available for streaming, not to mention making more Netflix-exclusive series.

  • M

    a result of the FCC’s losing in court over net neutrality?

  • Smashcat

    Back it up with more content and I won’t complain much. If Netflix can shorten their release window closer to DVD/retail they will be even better off. I’d pay $15/month or maybe more for “same-day-as-DVD” streaming.

    • goshidk

      OMG Wow! That’s your expectations?! $15 a month for EVERY DVD title when it’s available. That’s a dream that no company legally will every be able to do. Why? Because they’re parent companies are competing studios and their goal is to get more money. “Why would people bother buying our DVD’s? Or stop subscribing to HBO/Showtime/every other network when they can just get everything for less than the price of a pizza?”- I imagine some studio executive would think of something like that, or maybe something a little more intelligent- because I’m sure a lot of people’s input is used for making millions and millions of dollars.

      I’m sorry- but Netflix is a great deal. Yeah- it doesn’t have ‘everything’- but it has a lot. And no- it’s not that you don’t like the content- it’s that you’ve watched A LOT OF STUFF. I dare you to restrict yourself to an episode a day- do it, I dare. But for literally, $8 a month- less than two coffees- you should be happy for what you got. Honestly, the current service is worth $20 a month.
      I only have cable because I’m in a contract- haven’t turned it on in months. I pay at least 5 times what I pay for Netflix and I never use.

      You big baby.

      • Chaos

        There’s crap on there and it’s not that far off to ask for more if we have to pay for more. Having to wait a year for a following season….crap. Garbage shows. Really who the hell cares about storage wars or hoarders. It’s like they went through the $2 bin at walmart and said hey…it’s new to use so it’s new to you. BTW no one cares you have a cable contract. Just mean’s you weren’t smart enough to weight in your options at the time.

      • Smashcat

        Sounds like you’re awfully butthurt from getting reamed by your cable company.

        I never said it was a bad deal. I think the content they provide at the current price is more than fair.

        I was simply stating that if they are going to increase the price, they should also increase the value of the service to the consumer. Nobody likes paying more for the same thing, unless you’re dumb enough to lock yourself into a 2 year cable contract for one year’s worth of promotional pricing.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    Let’s skip the forèpłay and go straight to the fucķing. Charge us $12 a month and throw some GOOD content on there. Stop waiting 6 months to get one decent to good title

  • Hastekilled

    Glad I just have Amazon Prime with Instant Video. Canceled my Netflix since paying for both wasn’t worth it.

    • Stephen Cox

      Yeah, that’s going up too. Mine is about to renew for $99.

      • Rob

        That’s still cheaper than Netflix, plus you get the shipping bonuses. We renewed and we don’t even use the video.

      • Hastekilled

        I know, and I’m fine with it. It’s still an amazing deal for me with all the shopping I do on Amazon.

    • Tojen1981

      I have prime as well and have a hard time finding good titles that aren’t included for free in the Prime subscription.

  • Smartss

    I really wish Google would come out with a movie/tv show streaming service. I would love to pay just 1 company for services.

    • It’s coming.

    • BodomSlayer

      I would love to do this if they could incorporate live, local sports. I refuse to pay a stupid amount of money for a cable tv package.

      • Smartss

        I had Netflix/Hulu only for a few years but once I got FiOS they made the pricing so to have cable is only $5 more than having the 75/35 mbps service

      • BillySuede

        you’ll be waiting a LONG time for that to happen. disney (espn/abc), cbs, and comcast have the four major sports on lock for a while.

    • Patrick Crumpler

      I wish Google or Netflix would do with play movies what Google did with play music. Let me load all if my already purchased DVDs up to the cloud and stream them when I want. I would think that would be a winner for everyone.

      • aBabyPenguin

        Ultra Violet (UVVU) Offers a disc to digital program. It costs about $1 or $2 per movie to add to your account. It’s not free and it’s not Google, but I think it’s a good deal.

        • Smartss

          With over 2000 movies and TV Shows in my collection that is not an option.

          • anon_coward

            figure a day of streaming music is way less than one HD movie of data
            no way you will get a free service any time soon to stream owned content. figure it costs Vudu a penny or two for every movie you stream.

          • Smartss

            There is a big difference in streaming movies that I own already vs something I don’t have. $2000 is a hefty price to pay for cloud service when I can just stream via plex for free.

          • anon_coward

            i know, but it does cost money for the streaming company every time you stream a movie
            they have to pay network transit and/or CDN fees for the data they send out into the internet. this is why i don’t think it will ever be a free service

          • Smartss

            WTF are you talking about. No one is asking for a free service!

      • Smartss

        I never thought about that but it’s an awesome idea! I would drop Hulu & Netflix in a heartbeat!

    • 4g63mark

      I gotta disagree on that one bud. Google is on the dirty tax dodger list with Apple, and Microsoft. Unless of course you really believe that their profits came from small countries with SUPER relaxed tax laws……. I don’t know about you, but I pay my fair share of taxes to keep my fellow Americans employed. And when Google is going out of their way to exploit loop holes kept open by dirty politicians, I gotta take my business elsewhere.

      • 4g63mark

        As a matter of fact, I believe Google is #2 on the list of the worst violators. I know Apple was already called before Congress to explain themselves since they’re the worst of the worst

        • Keith Hollis

          That’s just a show for the voters. If they had done anything illegal
          they would be facing charges. No one is hiding anything, just
          maximizing profits by keeping costs down as much as possible.

          • 4g63mark

            What’s legal and not legal is the most disturbing part. If the lobbyist who’s bribing congressmen and state representatives to the tune of 25 million dollars a year on behalf of Google to keep that loophole open, I guess it’s technically legal.

          • Keith Hollis

            well, we agree on the problem even if we disagree on the source.

            There is an in story about Microsoft that i read a few years go. Today, they spend millions on campaign donations and lobbyist, but prior to the antitrust case they didn’t send a dime to D.C. The point is that if you get the government out of business then business have no reason to pay off the government. Even better, that money would be sitting in America not “hiding” in tax shelters.

          • 4g63mark

            I agree 100%. The first step towards fixing a broken system is right at the top. Get money OUT of politics.

          • Keith Hollis

            but you can’t get the money out of politics unless you get politics out of the money

      • Smartss

        Sorry but this about supplying a product that I can use. There have always been loopholes and there will always be loopholes I will not deny myself of some Google goodness.

      • Keith Hollis

        Basic rule of tax language, if you can get away with paying less, it’s a deduction, if someone else gets to pay less it’s a loophole.

        Are you telling me that you don’t take every deduction that you can?

        • 4g63mark

          I do the 1040EZ. Therefore I don’t write off expenses. But there’s a HUGE difference in writing off business expenses, and funneling money through a foreign nation. They were telling the federal government that most of their profits were coming from these tiny countries, with very small populations and little-no tax laws. No wonder or national debt is through the roof. Our American companies are cheating the American people out of what’s owed…….. As a person who served our country in the Military, it makes me sick that this is taking place.

          • anon_coward

            what is never mentioned is that the US tax law is almost as screwed up as Russia’s
            under US law a US company owns taxes on all the products it sells in every country around the world. which is why they do these tax avoidance strategies

            apple and everyone else pay almost 40% of their income as taxes around the world, just not all to the US

    • Josh Martin

      THIS. They have my money for Cloud Storage, Music Streaming, and Movie rentals…. Bring on the Movie/TV Streaming!! 😀

    • SkylaC90

      Google does bro, however its only available to Google Fiber residents

      • Smartss

        Well it doesn’t really count seeing that it’s still in neighborhood sized cities. LOL

        • SkylaC90

          lol it counts

  • BodomSlayer

    I can’t believe how much people are crying about this. Even at $10 a month for unlimited streaming Netflix still offers an incredible value, something cable providers can’t match.

  • Big Daddy

    Im out if netflix raises to high price

  • jimt

    There is always Redbox.

  • mcdonsco

    and that will almost certainly cancel my barely used account.

  • Alex Boro

    I’ll pay more if Netflix actually gets new movies.

    • Reality

      this guy gets it

  • That’s annoying. I already don’t use it. Only pay the $8 as my kids like it. But if it goes to $10/mo… I might reconsider. Only out of principle and that it will just keep going up.

  • coolsilver

    I wouldn’t mind if there was some actual increase in content. I would pay as much as $12 maybe $15 if I was ensured to have new titles almost immediately. Especially for television content. Hulu sucks.

    • Daniel Russell

      You mean when I paid 9.99 to get unlimited streaming and my 1 dvd in the mail? Yeah, way more expensive.

      But yea I agree on the content stuff. Needs to be bumped if a price increase is coming.

    • nhizzat

      I’ll gladly pay up to $20/mo if Netflix would update their content on a regular basis.

      • coolsilver

        $20 might as well just pay for basic cable.

        • moew

          I have basic cable from Comcast, after taxes, it’s a bit more than $80/mo.

          Where can one find this basic cable for $20? Some odd Nebraska town with 2 stations?

          • Basic is standard channels, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. That’s about it. Yes you can get those over the air but that is your “basic” cable. What you most likely have is the basic expanded. Around 80-100 channels including ESPN, TBS, History Channel and things like that.

          • moew

            No sir, cheapest from Xfinity here is $70 non-contract, then throw in your taxes. They did away with analog to everyone’s surprise here, but the rate are still the same. From their fine print:

            “Comcast’s current monthly service charge for Digital Starter TV ranges from $55 to $70 depending on area.”

            Yup, we are on the high end, go figure. I digress, you are in that odd Nebraska town with 4 stations, and on Analog Cable!

          • anon_coward

            time warner in NYC has a basic package for a dozen or so OTA channels for around $15 or $20. you can also add HBO to it

          • moew

            What’s the month to month price? Most of you are quoting the promo 6-12 month price!

          • anon_coward

            i think it’s about $20 since you are only getting a few OTA channels.HBO is $16 on top of that

            i was looking around and i found a promo package for a few dozen channels including the regional sports ones here and 15/1 internet for $77 if you buy your own modem and do the cable card rental instead of a box. once GoT finishes i’m going to switch to it and it’s like $100 without the promo price

          • Nope, Denver, Comcast too. Here; Limited Basic, Digital Economy, then Digital Starter. I’m not paying that cheaply either but you are getting robbed my friend…

          • moew

            Yes we are getting robbed for “basic cable” here! Time to look at alternatives that probably don’t work when we have tornadoes!

  • JSo

    Plex+Plex Plugins+Chromecast. You’re welcome.

    • Arnold

      Assuming you torrent – then you’re correct.

      • JSo

        Well it’s less torrenting and more plain streaming. Think XBMC

        • Arthur Dent

          Describe the setup more fully please (i.e which plugins, etc.).

          • JSo

            Just google Plex channels. There’s a forum thread that has everything. Plex lets you stream all the content of the channels and also your personal media on your computer to Chromecast.

  • Ian

    To offset us having to pay comcast et al…..

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Just saw this in the “Related Stories” and could not stop laughing lol. Omg, App support for ANdroid has come a long way.


    • JSo

      Grab it now in the ANDROID MARKET. lol

    • Mike Aurin

      I miss the Android Market…so much. What a nostalgic moment lol.

    • Droid Ronin

      Those were the days when DL would actually list every device that was supported. No one has got the time to do that nowadays…

    • And the first comment is “Still no Netflix on the Thunderbolt” lol

  • Kyle

    I use Netflix most nights during the week so I feel that I get my monies worth, hopefully the small price increase will actually get us some newer content or something of the sort, current seasons of shows?

    • FknTwizted

      I have been thinking about getting the RedBox deal since it does give you 4 rentals a month of movies that hit the rental side of it while you have to wait for Netflix to get it a 6 months later. on top of their library.

  • Carlos Lopez

    lol ill find a better streaming service then

  • Dre Fay

    Well, decision time, will i continue to pay for this service knowing i don’t use it?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    To ease these concerns, Netflix has laid out a plan to keep current customers on their $7.99 price structure for a “generous time period.” —

    Wonder how long……..”Generous” is. They’ll put me in a position where I’m wondering why I still have Netflix… Especially since all I do is watch Lost…again

    • Stephen Cox

      Hopefully as long as Blockbuster left me on their original $17.99 unlimited Total Access plan… until they went bankrupt.

      • fizdog

        Hardly use Netflix anymore. There’s other ways I can get my movies but too bad it doesn’t support chromecast

  • Declan RG

    This is why I torrent

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Dodging $8 a month is not a good reason. Just say you don’t like paying for things.

      • Declan RG

        I only torrent movies from large corporations and I would never torrent an indie movie. The money I would have spent on those movies goes to charitable organizations or to help a friend. I’m not some cheapass that just torrents any movie I see.

        • FknTwizted

          oh so theft is OK only if you steal from the big guys…. try using that when you steal from Walmart and tell the Judge that… oh wait stealing from Walmart is a Misdemeanor offense yet stealing a movie is a federal one…. great logic.

          • Declan RG

            If that was the case half of America would be in jail

          • :/ odd statement as “half” of America does not torrent/steal movies.

          • delacombo

            …psst… I’m jumping off this cool bridge. Wanna?

        • GalaxyS55

          you are a true Robin Hood Torrenter!
          Download from big corporations and send those movies to small corporations. To make them bigger.)))

    • Tyrone Biggums

      Me too, gotta save money for them rocks!

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • Trent Russell

    aaaaaaaand the other shoe has dropped. The cost of paying off ISPs for bandwidth is coming to the consumer.

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      So I’m paying my ISP to deliver data to my house, AND I’m paying them from the other end to pay them to get the data from the company to the ISP? No one saw that coming, oh wait, yes we did.

      • wendyo123

        My Uncle Zachary recently got a 9
        month old Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL63 AMG only from working off a home pc… go
        now C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

      • WAldenIV

        On the bright side it’s still much cheaper than a basic cable subscription.

        • Narrator Is A Bitch

          And it’s getting a bit more expensive than pirating. I wonder what price would cause former pirates to drop Netflix and get back into piracy.

    • JMonkeYJ

      Yeah, I’m not mad at Netflix for raising prices if it means better content, but knowing a portion of that raise is going to Comcast really hurts.

      • michael arazan

        Considering Netflix lost like the top 5 studios It’s like their taking plays from Verizon by charging more for less.

    • Yup – customer pays again – If it is more than “a dollar or two” I’ll drop it and stick with Amazon. Same stuff anyway. Watched House of cards season one, but for some reason dont care about watching S2. Not only that but I’m sick of not being able to get any of their 3D content or 5.1 sound out of anything other than my TV interface.

    • Lucky Armpit

      I was just going to say the same thing. People didn’t actually think that the “fee” Netflix paid to Comcast wouldn’t be passed along to consumers, did they?

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      Thats called the cost of doing business.

    • Maximus

      Thank you for posting truth. It’s amazing how many people are sheep…