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Domino’s Pizza Android App Now Takes Google Wallet, Plus Gives Specialty Chicken

Domino’s Pizza, one of the largest pizza pie chains in the US, announced today its acceptance of Google Wallet payments through its official Android app. Starting now, you can pay to have a fresh pizza pie delivered to your doorstep the same way you purchase apps and rent movies from Google Play. 

To celebrate this news, Domino’s Pizza is throwing in a free order of specialty chicken with any order of $10 or more. God bless America.

To get your family pizza night ready to go, head on over to Google Play and grab the update.

Play Link

Via: Dominos
  • Wyveryx

    Hardly use it…They improved a lot of aspects of it, but still haven’t incorporated Shoprunner. Once they do that, then I’ll use the mobile app, till them…I just use the browser.

  • Ryan

    They actually updated this app a few days ago to include this. Think it was.. Thursday? I don’t recall. But oh well, I’ve been going to Domino’s for years, so its nice to pay with the app and now Google Wallet, even better. Definitely one of the better pizza companies IMO since Papa John’s tastes like cardboard to me, Little Ceasar’s isn’t good either and Pizza Hut does stupid crap I don’t care for and no longer go there.

  • Duckie1217

    Thing is, you have to spend at least $10 to qualify for delivery.

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  • hfoster52

    Did this last Tuesday. The chicken is Ok for Domino’s.

    • litobirdy

      was the chicken a topping? just plain regular sliced chicken? or bufalo chicken? a choice of chicken topping?

      • hfoster52

        It was their bonesless chicken wings (breaded) sliced up and baked with cheese, bacon, and BBQ sauce. Atleast the ones I took. They had ok flavor. The kids like Domino’s so I eat a slice but got these and it was ok.

        • JoshGroff

          Their Habanero Mango wings are pretty good. (Then again I’m partial to sweet/spicy combination sauces)

          • flosserelli

            If you like sweet & spicy then you should try the Jamaica Jerk sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings. Mostly sweet at first, followed by a slow burn.

  • JimmyHACK

    Story posted right at lunch…………….. sneaky coincidence

    • Hershel

      it was posted at 9am their time….

      • JimmyHACK

        Noon EST my time Hershel. Now go nag Rick.

        • fartbubbler

          you post about Dominos, you risk your life.

  • Robzw

    I paid with Google wallet last Thursday on the app

  • Ray

    I wouldn’t feed dominos pizza to my dog

    • flosserelli

      I tried to give my dog Dominos pizza and he looked at me like “WTF is this? Are you trying to kill me?”

  • litobirdy

    what is speciality chicken? does that mean a pie with chicken? or wings? or what?

    • ddh819

      looks like repurposed chicken and other toppings/sauces

      • hfoster52

        I just replied with what I got in a previous post.

  • Rich Robinson

    Very cool but Domino’s is anything but “fresh”

  • g0vt_h00ker

    Domino’s is not real pizza.

    • Indianajonze

      what is it then? your comment is somewhat ridiculous

      • ddh819

        but not totally ridiculous, and depending on where you live, not ridiculous at all

      • It’s artificial processed crap, real pizza is what many small shops still make.

        • Hershel

          Domino’s was once a “small shop”

          people crying over food is hilarious

          • They no longer produce “homemade” pizza though, it’s all mass produced with loads of preservatives. Up until a couple years ago I worked at a small pizza place, the dough was handmade every few days using only the basic ingredients, tomato sauce, seasonings, and cheese. The taste is so much different.

    • The Narrator

      Atleast they aren’t the healthcare denying papa johns who posted record profits.

  • MichaelFranz

    This is awesome, except my local dominos burned down just last week. Some poor 19 year old kid got killed. Sad stuff.

  • Tirionfive

    Amazing. I’ll have to try this tonight. Love me some dominoes (Not as good as Papa John’s, but they’re much closer).

    • The Narrator

      Don’t buy from that prick (papa johns)

      • Hershel

        @tirionfive:disqus I don’t buy from them simply because they are too damn expensive…. pizza hut seems to be the roight price, though i do like this new joint that opened in my area (mod pizza) as with some of those rock fire pizza joints.