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OnePlus One Available for Purchase Through Weird Invite System at Launch

When you are a brand new smartphone company who isn’t sure if you’ll be able to sell more than 100 units of your new phone to the public, what’s the best way to try and create demand, gauge actual interest, and also let your potentially small group of interested customers feel like they belong in some exclusive club? You dress up the situation with a launch gimmick that involves an invite system for purchasing said phone.

OnePlus is doing just that for the launch of its One phone, come April 23. In a post to their official OnePlus forums, an official administrator reveals Oneplus’ plans to utilize an invite system for a core group of early interested buyers. The system details are still a bit murky, but they’ll involve invites through friends, contests, and their official forums. Of course, should you receive an invite and purchase the phone, you’ll be able to invite other friends as well. 

The problem is, OnePlus hasn’t given us any sort of idea as to how you get in on the initial invite list, though they do mention that more details are on the way.

Here are the half-baked details according to OnePlus:

To solve these problems, we have created a much more user friendly way of buying the device through the OnePlus Invite System. With an invite, you can be 100% sure that you’ll actually be able to buy it, and it ships within a few days. In contrast to staying up in the middle of the night trying to buy one along with 20,000 other people. So in the true spirit of the OnePlus name, a good product gets spread by word of mouth, shared among friends for that extra personalized touch.

So how do you get an invite? Invites will also be made available through friends, contests, and on this forum (you have not been forgotten). We value thoughtful contributions from active fans. Once you’ve bought a OnePlus One, you’ll also become eligible to invite your friends in the future.

In the beginning, they’ll be available in limited quantities, but as time progresses they’ll become easier and easier to come by.

In other words, there is an invite system. There will be limited quantities of the phone at launch.  None of us knows how it will work. Cool!

Via:  OnePlus
  • winifred sam carl

    OMG !!!, I need an invite for a OnePlus One phone! I must have this phone ASAP! i love this phone and the specs are pretty cool. but this invite thing is disappointing…hope i get an invite tho…

  • Ladyavalon

    Definitely interested in this phone. Used Cyanogenmod for my HP Touchpad and it was excellent! Like the idea of supporting this company/team. My Sansung Note 2 is great, but we recently had a Samsung S4 that dropped on carpet with padding and cracked the screen. The One Plus specs are impressive, and I’m hoping the company will give us a link to buy one.

  • switchblade_bravado

    I’m honestly tired of hearing about this phone. I get that they are a fledgling company, trying to create buzz around their first release, but I think at this point, it’s time to do the big reveal and show us already. I’m not sure how well this phone will do, especially with a same day reveal/release. This phone just seems too good to be true, and more of a mesh of all the latest and greatest phones currently available. However, if they can deliver on all of their promises, and this is a great phone, I’ll eat my hat.

  • Gary Graf

    seems like it’s going to piss some people off

  • Noel

    So far the marketing and awareness for the OnePlus One has been on point…but i will say this invite system is a bad bad move and should be recalibrated asap. They should just unleash this monster to the masses and let it sell out in the first hour…that will create more buzz and want. The invite system which locks out ppl who want this device, will just make many consider the other options out there. Let us not forget LG is rushing to release the G3 so as to counter the GS5, HTC One M8 and the OnePlus One…and i must add those rumored images with minimal bezels of the G3 caught my attention. My choice lies amongst those four phones and battery size and stamina will be key to my choice.

  • Curtis

    I’m pretty sure they left out a sentences right after “So how do you get an invite?”

  • Royal2000H

    Do we know whether this phone will be compatible with Verizon?

    • master94

      lol. It wont. VZW wont allow a nobody on their precious network because it might bring the whole thing down and start ww3.

  • ki11ak3nn

    Hmm I don’t know how I feel about this. I love the idea of the phone. Haven’t seen a picture or leak or review or anything. I’m still interested though. Once I’ve been teased this long I’ll do almost anything to get my hands on the final product.

    • T_Dizzle

      I was ready to leave Verizon for AT&T for the 1+1 or the Oppo Find 7 but Verizon gave me a loyalty plan and my family wanted to stay with Verizon.

      • ki11ak3nn

        The only reason I can approve of staying with Verizon is coverage. If your coverage is great then stay with Big Red. If you’re holding on to unlimited, T-Mobile has unlimited. If it’s the LTE speeds, T-Mobile is faster. If it’s the price I’m positive AT&T and T-Mobile have comparable plans for less. I’m saving $100 over my Verizon family plan on T-Mobile.

        • T_Dizzle

          In our area Verizon’s coverage dominates all others and we travel the state quite a bit so it definitely was the coverage.

  • BillySuede

    meh. it’s minimising the potential of engaging in extensive damage control later if they can’t fill the pre-orders. take the hit and keep the shroud of mystery intact rather than being exposed later for allegedly not having their ducks in a row.

    pretty clever move on their part.

    • LionStone

      They basically just want to know how many to make so they don’t waste cost on a thousand devices that won’t get sold.

      • BillySuede

        precisely. it’s a smart move. they’re not in a position to waste vital resources an producing more phones than they realistically will be able to ship in the short term.

  • aaron

    The whole teasing campaign OnePlus have been doing has gotten very
    annoying. It has created a subjective negative feeling towards OnePlus
    and their phone for me. They say first impressions last forever or at
    least hard to change. I try to make objective decisions when buying
    stuff but I always fail with that on some level. For example, it’s only
    now that I’m adding HTC to my list of possible OEMs I’ll buy from after
    my Thunderbolt.

    • Fresh360

      At least it was deliberate I can respect this more than all those “leaks” that HTC had…In lieu of a traditional marketing campaign, and the massive budget it entails, ONEPlus tried something different it’s not perfect but I am sure it will be tweaked with future releases.

  • Fresh360

    I am so confused as to what is going on here, to me ONEPlus has done everything right but this just seems so wrong. I was hoping for a announcement/launch like HTC but by the looks of it I may never be able to buy this phone unless the people here start droppin invites like we did with those Moto X discount codes.

  • Timothy Bracken

    I understand the marketing aspect of this, but it’s bad business when you alienate potential customers this way. If you want to gauge Interest, take preorders a week before launch.

  • Orion

    So you need an invite to get this freakin phone? Well I’m waiting to see how this device performs anyway. Not getting it on launch day.

    • Arthur Dent

      Pure and complete crap marketing. It’s trying to create this fake exclusivity and excitement out of nothing. It’s trying to get people to beg for the chance to give them money.

      ARTHUR: “Please, please! Give me the chance to spend my money and get your phone! I’ll do anything!”
      1+1: “Ah yes, now that you have begged in public enough, we now deem you, Arthur Dent, worthy of paying us hundreds of dollars. Here is an invite to spend your money with us. Now that you are worthy, here are more invites that you can use to get people to beg for invites from you. Yeah, you’re now marketing for us for free, but ignore that part.”
      ARTHUR: “I humbly thank you, wondrous 1+1 overlords!”

      I hope people will see right through this BS.

      • shooter50

        Didn’t want one before. Definitely dont want one now..This is about as dumb as it gets

    • K

      New phone company pushing out their first hardware. I would not want to buy the first batch of devices made. Maybe a couple months after so they can resolve any production/hardware issues should they arise.

  • Intellectua1

    Just not interested

  • jak_341

    This phone has red flags all over it. 1) Over promises. They were able to secure the 801 when they said enough wanted it? HTC and Moto were unable to get the 800 because they weren’t considered top tier companies?. 2) Fast. Cheap. Reliable. Pick two. We have fast and cheap. 3) Gimmicky launch system. This tells me they have little control over their supply chains. 4) No leaks. What phone launched without some leaks prior to launch?

    Bottom line. I want this to be true, but I see a kick starter type failure here.

    • Cael

      “1) Over promises. They were able to secure the 801 when they said enough wanted it? HTC and Moto were unable to get the 800 because they weren’t considered top tier companies?.”
      When was it said HTC couldn’t get the 800? The One M7 and the S5 came out before the 800 was being released in phones. The One Max obviously didn’t have it because it was clearly ready the same time as the M7 and they just sat on it.
      Motorola said they didn’t even need it. They developed their own system that didn’t require it. They optimized. Now for the Moto X’s sequel that’s a completely different story. Will they stay with the S4 they used in the Moto X or bump it up. Regardless of their choice, I doubt it will have anything to do with being able to secure a chip.

    • Kofi Williams

      None of things you mentioned except for its relative obscurity can be considered red flags. The processor is a manufacturer choice and the system ideally should be optimized like the Moto X. They were able to update because they are a start up and the processor is similar. The launch system is probably to avoid shipping problems and having no leaks is actually a good thing. I’m tired of knowing everything and making a decision before I even see the physical phone.

    • Gr8Ray

      Isn’t Oppo making the phones? How is Oppo a startup?

      • T_Dizzle

        No the founder left Oppo to start 1+

  • jbdan

    Hmm that’s a little disappointing.

  • Arthur Dent

    How stupid, trying to create excitement through fake exclusivity. “OMG, I need an invite for a 1+1 phone! I must have that phone now!” People need to see through such retarded schemes. It’s why the whole Aviate launcher thing irritated the crap outta me and to this day I won’t use it.

  • moelsen8

    i’d rather hammer the “buy” button on a website at the same time as tons of other people.

    • Maxim∑

      then have it says sold out for 2 months like with Nexus with no new ETA?

      • Arthur Dent

        Yeah, so now everyone annoyingly can beg for “invites” all of the time, all over the place. With no idea of how many are really available.

        That’s a MUCH better solution.

        • moelsen8

          exactly. then you have to worry about being lucky enough to get an invite somewhere, instead of just waiting for the phone to come back in stock or preordering or something.

          • codiaq

            Not necessarily because people might give away invites for like a dollar or for free like they were doing for Aviate

          • Arthur Dent

            Hence my comment above about this being annoying and generally crappy marketing. Beg hard enough and you MIGHT get the chance to give them your money. Yeah, that’s just awesome.

        • Maxim∑

          Good point, but I don’t think a ton of people care or even know about Oppo

          • T_Dizzle

            This isn’t Oppo it’s an even smaller start up.

        • Gr8Ray

          It will be just like all the people begging for MotoX coupon codes in all the forums. Yay!

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I got my Nexus 5 just fine. Granted i didn’t need it the day it came out ..

        • Maxim∑

          Google did a lot better with the Nexus 5, but I remember with my Nexus 4 the wait was very long

  • T_Dizzle

    Why can’t Verizon support this phone?!(besides the obvious radios/chip sets) I am loving the One M8 but this is beastly and it would be fun to support an initial offering. This phone is important to show lock down carriers and oem’s that there is interest beyond what they’re currently offering.

  • tylerc23

    I want to know how they fit a 5.5″ screen on a 5″ device

    • Caleb Sizemore

      screen is measured diagonally. the 5″ device is probably meaning the length.

      • tylerc23

        I dunno, they said they had to come up with something that was clever and took a lot of work. Sounds like its something

        • OnePlus_2_Plus1_Divided_by_0

          don’t want to disappoint you, but 5.5″ screen in 5″ device means ONLY SLIM BEZELS.

          1+1 just weirdly says that they can FIT 5.5″ display in what today are 5″-screened phones’ case.

          Invite system = NO.

    • Menger40

      The world’s first dimensionally transcendental phone!

    • Kofi Williams

      The device itself will be more than 5 inches. The phones screen will be bigger than devices of a similar size. So 5.5 inches on a phone model typically made for 5 inch screens.

    • Cael

      They used an Xperia phone to hide it under, Xperia phones have HUGE bezels. So yeah, just get minimize the bezels at the top, bottom, and sides and it will fit. It could easily fit on the Xperia Z and Z2, the HTC One M8. Yeah.

      • JMonkeYJ

        The interesting thing about that picture is that it only showed the 1+1 is about the same width as the Xperia. For all we know it’s a foot long.

    • Fresh360

      DUH! It’s magical.
      *Phones with 5 inch screens are always bigger than the screen size just gotta kill those bezels.

    • Noel

      Hopefully it will be a phone with very minimal bezels.. akin to the Sharp Aquos Xx 302Sh which packs a 5.2″ screen on a device 132mm tall and 70mm wide. So if they can make the phone that is about 140mm tall, they could accommodate a 5.5″ screen with a high screen to bezel ratio. So far from what we know about this phone…specs..check, price… check, let’s hope the dimensions and screen to bezel ratio also earns a +ve check.

  • The Narrator

    seems like they are rushing this thing out and aren’t ready. No thanks

    • j

      This kinda.. they probably need to get some revenue coming in but haven’t had enough time to ramp up production.. invite system will drum up conversion and partly mask the fact that they are jumping the gun.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Meh. Seems gimmicky.