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Motorola Offering 30% Off Accessories to Bring Spring to Your Phone

Spring is in the air and Motorola seems to be feeling it. If getting a few new accessories for your Moto X or Moto G on the cheap sounds like the right way to celebrate, you are in luck. Use the code “SPRING30” to take 30% off at checkout now through April 24. 

This is another coupon from Motorola that has to be applied once you hit the checkout screen. Once you get there, it should knock the price off before you have to commit your credit card. With this deal, you can take a pair of Motorola’s Wireless headphones down to under $100 when their normal price is $129.99.

If you were in the market for something shiny and new for your Moto X, or just love saving money, head over to Moto’s accessory page with this new coupon.

Cheers Jaxon!
  • Jake

    terrible math

  • Razma

    is the griffin car dock for the moto x worth it? it’s kinda pricey even with the discount, comes to $42.27 with shipping for me

    • pacifica-ed

      the griffin car dock is not worth it. it has no cutout for the camera or the speaker. Also, my usb cord eventually frayed and broke because they put it in without enough room for he cable to bend.

  • kali bred

    So the code apparently doesn’t work on the moto buds or the tracks air but just about everything else boooooooooo

  • life support

    Goodbye, Moto!

  • jimmyf101

    Don’t buy the Air Jacket Grip in any color but black. I have the orange one and it’s almost a brown color after 3 months.

    • Ry Sav

      I’ve had the clear back, black sides one and i have had no discoloration at all…

  • steveliv

    I chatted with a Moto Agent and asked why the SPRING30 code did not apply to the Skip. I told him i had purchased a Moto X Dev Edition from them in December, and that i was interested in a Skip. He asked for my order number. I gave it to him. He came back and offered to send me a Moto Skip free of charge. I verified my shipping address and got a confirmation moments later. He even expedited the shipping. Awesome!

    • steveliv

      The same rep called me earlier today to give me the order # and told me to expect the Skip on Tuesday. I’m really impressed at the level of service Moto provides.

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    Did anyone get the email with the photo of the Moto X with the wood back, and the Sol headphones with the wood cans? Are those headphones real? Lol.

  • Kevin

    If I have a 20% discount coupon can I apply it along with 30%?

    • steveliv

      i don’t think the checkout process allows you to stack promo codes. it didn’t in december.

      • Kevin

        That’s sucks. Thanks anyway.

  • steveliv

    I guess it doesn’t apply to the Moto Skip.

    • Kevin

      Nothing applies to the Moto Skip.

    • MJ

      Don’t waste you money on the Skip. For me the Skip works for crap. I repaired them many times, but they never work. The stickers never work and the actual Skip clip thing works sometimes. When unpaired they always instantly are detected and paired up, but then they never unlock my phone. Honestly, I don’t really see a need for them. A sticker in the car maybe, or maybe if you have some long complicated way to unlock your phone, but my phone is just not that hard to unlock.

  • Raven

    Does anyone have any experience with the Motorola Buds? I have been thinking of getting a pair. The comparison to the LG Tone+ headphones is obvious, and I have seen many reviews going both ways as to which is best. Being that I have a Moto X I am tempted to lean towards the Buds.

    • kali bred

      Im there with you I’m wanting the buds the only thing that I would say the tones gets it on is that they vibrate on msgs and calls which the buds don’t have because they’re thin but the coupon didn’t work in the buds

    • orlando

      They are the best, way better than the LG one.
      The only thing that you need to do when you get them us replace the rubber bud for a different headphone.
      And you are going to enjoy them and be surprise by the sound.

  • Hothfox

    Sweet. I’d been thinking about finally getting the car dock.

  • Alec

    You can also get a Moto X for $340 (save $60) if you are enrolled in college! (Need a valid .edu address)

  • morteum

    Goddammit, Motorola. I have already spent way too much money on your accessories!