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Google Glass XE16 Factory Image Available for Download

We are only a day or two removed from Google pushing out the major XE16 update to Google Glass, yet you can already download the factory image for the wearable. This isn’t there to be used to update your device; you should have done that over-the-air. This file is instead there in case your tinkering ways lead you down a dark dirty hole filled with bricks. In other words, it’ll save you in a pinch and bring your Glass back from the dead. 

For those who missed the XE16 changelog, you are looking at new Photo Bundles to help consolidate your timeline. You can now send messages with photos, share to G+ communities, play Instant Mixes on Google Music, and setup WiFi easier.

The update also killed off video calls and song search, though.

glass xe16

Via:  Google Developers [Release Notes]
  • private dick

    Looks even gheyer. Congrats!

  • Raj Bhatt

    Mine updated to XE16 and now the touchpad isn’t working ಠ_ಠ

  • Shane Redman

    Mine actually came this morning. Can’t wait to get off work.

  • Chris Hughes

    This is going to make like 16 people really happy

    • Jprime

      That’s awesome

    • Salvationalizm

      Far more than 16, the OMAP drivers will hopefully (likely) be adapted for the Gnex, something for a lot of people (myself included) to get excited over. The Gnex is the new OG Droid, it will take forever to die 🙂

  • If only I had $1500

    • Hershel

      If I had $1500, i’d be using it on something over then over priced eye wear…. maybe some new insurance to get back my head that I lost….