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Flickr Updates Its Mobile Applications to Version 3.0, Brings Fresh New Layout

The photo-centric website and app Flickr, is pushing a major 3.0 update out to iOS and Android. Flickr states that it is looking to get “back to the heart” of taking and enjoying photography with the latest update, bringing a fresh UI and new set of features. 

Once updated, users will be greeted with a new design that feels familiar to anyone who has used Instagram before. A photo stream can be scrolled through that blows up the pictures to fit the size of your device’s screen so you can enjoy at high resolution. The photography fanatics can even dig deeper and get all the statistics on each photo; what camera it was taken with, what the camera’s settings were, where the picture was taken, and so forth.

Flickr is also allowing users to take 30-second high-definition videos to upload to their profiles. A new Auto Sync option will even take care of the heavy lifting, uploading photos to your account in the background when you snap them. With camera options, filters and other settings to get photo geeks going, Flickr wants to be the only photo app you need on your phone with this 3.0 update.

Go check out the update.

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Via: Flickr
  • anonymousjon

    Except they removed the ability to add photos/videos to groups. Huge functionality removed with new update.

  • I love Flickr, but I use it for my more professional photos. The last thing I want is it getting cluttered with people taking selfies and posting pictures of their food.

  • jmsbwmn

    Can anyone confirm if this can auto-upload pics/vids taken outside of the Flickr app? I’d love to use my free terabyte for this.

  • Adrian

    Still no ability to search your own stream. I really wonder if anyone who builds these apps used Flickr before Yahoo took over and Instagram became popular. The old app had this ability. It’s old and not as pretty as this one but it’s been restored. Not being able to search your own stream or have an easy way to download full resolution photos (your own) is a deal breaker.

    • Guest

      Use Tags, Sets, Collections, etc. I don’t have any issues finding anything in my stream, cause my Photos and Videos are organized nicely. The search in this app is much better than it was in the older app. I’m pretty sure they will refine it further.

      • Adrian

        I’ve been a Flickr member since 2004. I know all of that. If you can show me how, with the current release, to search my OWN tags, I’d appreciate it. It’s one of the top complaints on their feedback forum. Most of my photos are in sets but some are just tagged. I don’t want to hop through multiple sets to find hiking photos when searching the tag “hiking” should bring them all to me. It’s not user friendly and it used to be. They’re going for the wow factor over usability. We all don’t use Flickr for the same reasons.

  • aNYthing6

    It has some new crazy permissions. Why does it need to be able to read/send SMS?

    • mike

      So you can share photos or links to photos via text message…
      Surprised at this point people don’t understand what permissions are for.

      • Mike Aurin

        Because, don’t you realize EVERYTHING is a conspiracy? Some people just don’t use their heads…and those are the people who shouldn’t own SMART phones.

    • Kevin

      How is that crazy permissions?