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Video: Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs. M107A1 .50 Cal Rifle

If the usual drop tests, under water tests, and even hammer tests aren’t doing it for you, then how about checking out RatedRR’s recent video on YouTube, pitting the Galaxy S5 from Samsung up against a M107A1 .50 Caliber sniper rifle? 

What is really nice about these videos is that the YouTuber spares no expense, giving us plenty of good-looking angles, on top of a few great slow-mo action shots. As you will see, the Galaxy S5 stands absolutely zero chance against the rifle. May it rest in peace.

While the hammer video takes the cake for foolishness, this one definitely gets a gold star for being bad a**.

Cheers Jeremy!
  • rafal

    How retarded you have to be to shoot from rifle to delicate, state of art electronics. Maybe show what you can create rather than break.

  • Intellectua1

    There was a Galaxy S5 in this video, where? Only thing I noticed was the .50cal. A 50cal sniper will be my biggest and final gun purchase when I buy one.

    • MJ

      You looking for a .50 Cal Rifle for deer hunting or for a home defense scenario that will never happen? I guess some people need to announce to the world they have a small penis…

      • GJV

        How else is he going to justify the giant pickup truck he drives on paved roads in the suburbs?

      • Intellectua1

        I’m looking for one because I want one. I’ve always wanted to be a sniper in the military (never went though). Anyway 1. I don’t hunt, 2. why the hell would I defend my home with a 50Cal sniper (you sir are an idiot) I have a Mini 14 and several handguns for home defense, 3rd what does a small pens have to do with the love of guns and exercising my second amendment rights. Please fall of the face of the earth, people with ignorance levels such as yours are not needed..

        • MJ

          I guess you missed the sarcasm of my post as neither of those were obviously a valid “reason” to own a .50 Cal Rifle. Yes, the only reason to own one is to shot things and I hope you have good sense and aim. I won’t trust most of my neighbors with that kind of fire power near me.

          Penis size and big guns? Maybe no correlation but I have always wondered why see so many pics of dudes with a big gun straddled between their legs. It’s almost like they are compensating for something…

          • Intellectua1

            Yea I apologize, didn’t realize you’re were being sarcastic it definitely went right over my head. Lol. I went overboard on the reply.

  • CHRIS42060

    Kids are going to go to bed hungry tonight, but this guy can waste $650 to shoot a smartphone. People have some screwed priorities.

    • zurginator

      ANd to fuel the fire: that’s a $10,000 rifle, and each round is a couple of dollars.

      • CHRIS42060

        Well he does need that rifle to protect his family, because when you live in the suburbs things can get kind of crazy. /s

        • zurginator

          That’s not a protection gun, it’s a “I like guns” gun. You don’t need a quad core phone with 3gb of RAM – but you like tech, so you have it. Some guy doesn’t need a 1360hp car – but he likes cars, so he has one. This guy doesn’t need an M107A1 – but he likes guns, so he has one.

  • Daistaar

    Guess the S5 won’t save your life like an HTC device will… /s

    • michael arazan

      .50 cal rifle round will go through 6 inches of solid concrete, and that’s not even using the H.E. round

  • Prime7

    Let me know when a phone does stop the .50cal. That will be my next phone.

    • Daistaar

      This is where Bionic would have said X Phone lol. I do wonder about the Kevlar backs on the Razrs.

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  • Steve Swall

    Gotta love the 2nd ammendment!

  • Dan Lopez

    Come on, you can say ass!!

  • Tyler Lawhon

    Where’s the IP67 rating now?

    • John

      It would’ve been a joke if you said now what IP rating do we need for bullet proofness. Since IP 67 is dust proof and water res-.

      • Tyler Lawhon

        Wish I would’ve thought about it….

  • Ryan N

    haha. I saw a push bullet notification on on my phone that showed “Samsung Galaxy S5 vs.” and thought “you’re kidding, not another S5 comparison”…

    Expectations exceeded… Greatly.

  • jmess82

    The Question is…. Dose it still work?

    • Ethan Besbris

      Will it blend?

  • JSo


  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Apple must have hired a hitman

  • Who cares about the phone, just get me that rifle!

    • Intellectua1

      What are you taking about? There’s no phone in that video, I only seen a .50

      • LionStone

        Heh… My pop has a .50 cal handgun… Friggin hog leg!

        • Intellectua1

          .500 S&W or the DE? I try to stay away from handguns I can’t accurately shoot with one hand.. Lol

          • LionStone

            Yep, S&W… Well with a hand cannon you don’t really have to worry about aim so much lol

  • BlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlah

    Of course he didn’t shoot a M8, not because it’s “premium” metal body would deflect/stop the bullet, but because no one knows it exists.

    • PoisonApple31

      Is that what the black bar is for, deflecting bullets?

    • illregal

      Your attempt at humor fails because it actually would stay more intact then this POS. Did you see it also failed the water test in this video?? whats up with that.. Isn’t it supposed to be water resistant?

      • smartass

        Maybe because he dropped it on concrete first and cracked the glass and it let water in? Slow mo shows glass chips flying off the phone when it hit the concrete. Should have done the water test first then the concrete

  • Synacks

    This guy is an idiot, there’s no way it failed the 2 seconds of sitting in water when we are seeing people do 10+ mins in pools and sinks…

    • Kyle

      I wonder if it’s because he immediately opened the backing exposing it to residual water?

      • Garrett

        Yeah, I think he just wanted to take another opportunity to make an action shot with his slomo camera.

    • illregal

      Maybe it’s because it was dropped into water, instead of gently set in it. The battery cover seems to pop off pretty easily.

  • Joey Sandoval

    Good marketing. Destroying the most popular phone out there to sell your slow mo recorder

  • rawheat200

    I wonder what he thought was going to happen before he fired his raffle at it?

    • Ian

      He probably thought this would work better if I used my rifle instead of this container filled with tickets…

      • Daistaar

        Thank you Ian… Just, Thank you. 😀

  • MettaWorldTroll

    Awww crap, thought this phone was bulletproof, guess this changes my mind…

    • Walter Partlo

      There isn’t much that is bulletproof with regard to that round.

    • Bruce

      What did you expect? Even the new Robocop can’t take a .50 cal.

      • Nikuliai

        it’s PG13, what do you expect…

  • John

    Get some Febreeze or something!

    • Ian


    • geedee82

      That clip was on Tosh last night too. Hilarious!

  • Walter Partlo

    The video isn’t showing for me, but from the pic, it looks like that S5 could use a band aid.

    Edit: and there’s the video.

    • John