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LG G3 Retail Box Pictured, Phone to Come in Gold Variant and Confirmed to Sport 2560×1440 Resolution Display

News is piling up for the G3 from LG, the company’s upcoming 2014 flagship device. Today, The Verge leaked a picture of the device’s retail packaging, while also confirming one hefty piece of info – the device’s display resolution. LG already once confirmed that an upcoming handset would feature the monster resolution, but after today’s report, there is little doubt in our minds that it is the G3. 

According to The Verge’s source, a Gold variant of the G3 will be available upon release, while hopefully other colorways are made available at that same time.

What might have a few of you jumping for joy is that according to the same source, the G3 could resemble a device which was leaked just yesterday, the LG isai FL, that features very little bezel around the display. The source only indicated that LG might go for the same extreme towards the display, but nothing was confirmed in regards to the flush-looking backside buttons or microUSB port on the side of the device.

While a Gold G3 may not have been on our early Christmas wish list, we have a feeling that LG will have quite the answer to both Samsung and HTC’s flagship devices this year.

The Verge reports that folks should hope to hear more about the G3 on May 1, the date which is pictured on the render of the isai FL device that was previously leaked.

Hands up if you can’t wait to see what LG has in store.

LG G3 retail box

Via: The Verge
  • Rob Schoenfeld

    Ah another turd mobile customer.. How’s that Ford Pinto network working out for you..

  • ModernMan

    I believe the LG G3 is gonna be the device to have, specifically the Galaxy S3 owners coming to the tail end of their 2-year contracts. You have my attention LG!

    • michael arazan

      Gnex owner here, contract just ended, using a SG3 replacement, will not be Getting an LG or Samsung Device, waiting on new Moto or one of the 2 Google devices to be released on Verizon

  • M3D1T8R

    I’m definitely curious to see the new display. LG already makes great displays (though I still prefer OLED if I had to choose), so this new QHD one will be interesting to see whether it is noticeably better to they eye vs all the current 1080 ones. Seems like probably overkill to me for a ~5″ device (and I like having the same standard full HD res on all my various screens – phone, tablet, monitor, tv at all sizes from 5″ to 55″) but I still look forward to seeing how it looks in person.
    That said, practically speaking I’ll be curious what battery size they go with in this. I assume it will be larger than the already good sized one in the G2, and they’ll need it to push all those extra pixels. Just how big they go and how good it performs with that new display will be of interest.
    Also curious to see what case material they use. Hope they ditch the nasty shiny plastic in favor of a matte, soft touch back.
    Overall even if I don’t personally really want a larger than 1080 display any time soon (rather stay 1080 and go with improvement in battery life), I’m glad to see LG continuing to push the spec boundaries, just to see what they come up with and how it ends up comparing to everything else. Competition good.

  • ki11ak3nn

    Seeing retail package makes me feel like it’s soon on the way. Hopefully not too far off. I’m looking to get the OnePlus One when it comes out. I don’t want to regret it once the G3 comes out.

  • pat

    I sure am glad I am still holding out for a new phone! I just hope it’s 5″ and up! 5.7 would be perfect!!!

  • jer85008

    I had a G2 for about four months before moving from Verizon to T-Mobile. I decided to go with the Nexus 5 over the G2 just because I’m an Android geek and have always wanted a Nexus while on big red. Overall, the phone was great save for a few things – mostly the heft (with a case, it’s pretty big and heavy) and the crap GPS. Honestly though, the camera is pretty comparable to the N5. More detail with the G2, but not enough for me to care. I miss knock-on and still find myself doing it on my Nexus from time to time. It was definitely ahead of it’s time and will hold it’s own against the S5 and M8 for sure, especially at a much lower price.

  • DimStyle

    Me likey. Love my G2. If it sports the same bezel as the isai I am in

  • grayson360
  • joejoe5709

    This will undoubtedly be a showstopper. LG is doing some really cool, really interesting things while Samsung plays it safe. 2014 is the year of LG – mark my words.

  • Kristy

    my next slampiece

  • Brandon Nicholson

    G2 is the best phone I have owned on Verizon yet. Fix the speaker on the back and they have my money

  • Jonathan

    This is likely to be released in the Fall right? If so, then I’m going to have to choose betweeen the S5 or M8 this Summer.

    • M3D1T8R

      I dunno, if we’re already hearing this much and already have a pic of the retail box, I’m guessing LG is trying to push it as fast as possible (well under a year product cycle since the G2), so I’d guess we’ll see it around June/July vs mid Sept for the G2.

    • Jon

      I think the rumors are trending towards a summer release and maybe as early as May. They are probably realising that they can’t wait months after HTC and Samsung release their flagships anymore. The have to have something out to compete in a timely fashion.

    • Jojo

      If the G3 has a Fall release then I definitely won’t get it even if it ends up being the best phone in 2014. I’m not one of those people who perpetually wait because the next best thing is “just” x months away. Come the end of May I will have a new phone.

  • gpaine

    Pumped. I would still buy the G2 in my hand over the S5 or M8. You can’t argue the battery life, and the other specs are so comparable it’s irrelevant. Back button placement is very convenient for volume during calls, but the need to give a traditional power button.

    • mcdonsco

      Ehh…I had the g2 for quite a whIle and now have an s5…while I realize the back buttons are left for opinion, I didn’t like them.

      The camera is MUCH better on the s5 and batteryif seems very close to the same with the g2 possibly winning by a tiny margin.

      But then, I now have removable battery and micro sd…you don’t 🙂

      • joejoe5709

        Waterproof would sell me a lot more than an SD card or removable battery. In a perfect world, I’d have it all I suppose. I’d love to see a camera comparison. 🙂

        • mcdonsco

          Yea, to each their own…sd card isn’t a huge deal to me, except when I’m left with only a 16gb option as is the case with all new s5’s right now…battery however is nice…no need to charge the phone, just charge the spare and swap.

          Also yes, love that it can take water as I live in Portland Oregon where we’re no strangers to rain and I’m out in it a lot for work, nice knowing my phone now can finally handle it too.

          As for the camera, really I don’t think there’s much comparison, the s5’s camera is remarkably better.

          • Jon

            but again we are on a thread talking about the G3, yet comparisons being made from the G2 to the S5 when really comparison should be made between G3 and S5.

            Obviously we don’t have the G3 yet to compare, but it will certainly have an improved camera, just like the S5 camera is better than S4.

            My guess is that with a 2K screen to watch the 4K videos with OIS that the G3 will be cable of, the phone will be amazing in the screen, camera, battery life, and storage department (rumored SD card slot on G3) and it will probably come with 32 gigs standard to begin with just as the G2.

            The specs easily give this race to the G3, but we don’t have it yet to judge with any certainty.

          • MicroNix

            The S4’s camera trumped the G2 in most of Phone Arena’s comparisons if memory serves correct. The G2 didnt trump in everything.

          • Jon

            I agree but no one ever said the G2 camera was awful as was said about the Nexus 5 and The Moto X and the HTC One.

            The G2 has a good camera and that’s good enough. The G3 equally just needs to have a good camera. Great phones are ruined by poor cameras. But a great phone is never ruined by merely a good camera.

            And that’s the big difference.

          • Hans

            Agreed. I love the HTC, but I want OIS and more megapixels, so I can crop after the fact. The G3 could be the one, even if it has he G2’s camera.

      • Jon

        but your comparing Samsungs new phone with LGs old phone. Wait till the G3 arrives before you compare. The G2 screen was better than the S4 screen. Also camera on the G2 has optical image stabilization that works really well, S4 did not. 32 Gigs standard and lack of TouchWiz taking up all of the SD card made the G2 pretty darn good for most people when it comes to storage. Also battery life was much better on the G2 than on the S4.

        So if you extrapolate any of these specs, and take info we know about S5 since it’s out now, it looks like the G3 will continue to trump Samsung S5 just as the G2 trumped the S4.

    • joejoe5709

      I love my G2. It would be a hard choice between the S5 and the G2 but those are the only phones I’m even remotely interested in right now. The processor and RAM is about the same. I have a feeling the S5’s battery should be about the same. The camera is better, but not a massive difference and I’m perfectly happy with the G2’s camera. Waterproof is nice, but I love having wireless charging without a special case. I love the SD card, but the G2’s screen is larger and battery is bigger to match. The buttons are sometimes annoying, but I dislike hardware navigation even more so that’s a toss up. Plus the bezels are ridiculous and the G2 looks really clean. So it’s a tough one… The fact that the G2 is even remotely comparable almost nine months later is a testament to how good the phone is. If the G2 was waterproof, I could do without the SD card. If you can find a G2 for cheap, that should seal the deal.

    • Jon

      but your comparing Samsungs new phone with LGs old phone. Wait till the G3 arrives before you compare. The G2 screen was better than the S4 screen. Also camera on the G2 has optical image stabilization that works really well, S4 did not. 32 Gigs standard and lack of TouchWiz taking up all of the SD card made the G2 pretty darn good for most people when it comes to storage. Also battery life was much better on the G2 than on the S4.

      So if you extrapolate any of these specs, and take info we know about S5 since it’s out now, it looks like the G3 will continue to trump Samsung S5 just as the G2 trumped the S4.

  • Maranello Santiago

    Would be pretty crazy if those specs came in a package that looks like the Nexus 4.

  • pyro74boy .

    It would also be nice if the Note 4 comes with a 2K display. Samsung seems to always save their best products for the end of the year. I think I’m better off just waiting to the end of the year to buy a new phone because my Note 2 can still give any of these new phones a run for their money.

  • BobbyG

    MicroUSB on the side is dumb

    • joejoe5709

      I honestly wouldn’t care. Throw in wireless charging and it’s a done deal. I rarely ever actually plug in my G2 any more. The only people this should bother is those who put their phone into a universal dock that needs access to the port. I’d rather have the headphone jack on the bottom because I do use that a lot.

  • pyro74boy .

    A 2K display is great but how well will the phone perform that’s the real question for me. Until the G3 comes out I canceled my order on the GS5 because I don’t buy anything but the best.

    • OF

      I’m the same! I need the best of the best at the time! Come on LG!

    • joejoe5709

      I hear rumors of 3GB RAM which should help. Otherwise, I suspect a Snapdragon 801 should handle the high resolution just fine. Even if the benchmarks are slightly lower, I doubt you’ll notice much of a real-world difference and even then I’d trade some ever-so-slight lag for a bleeding edge, class leading display.

      • pyro74boy .

        benchmark scores are very miss leading because they don’t show any of these phones performing real world everyday tasks. This is why I laugh when people claim that the iphone runs smoother based only on a benchmark score.

    • Jon

      well the G2 was buttery smooth compared to the S4. And I think it’s smoothness still holds up even compared to my Note 3 and probably to the S5 as well. So I have no problem trusting that the G3 will be just as snappy and then some.

      • pyro74boy .

        My Note 2 is by far the smoothest running phone I have ever owned by far.

  • Only gold phone id rock would be that 14k gold htc one m8 the dude at t-mobile was gifted…that is a bad a*s phone…these other gold phones are just ugly

  • gadget_hero

    A Nexus 6 off of this would be sick

    • Orion

      Too bad it wont have the same specs.

  • John Chamberlain

    Love my G2, but can’t wait for the G3!

  • boss

    Gold is a hideous color cor anything other than gold itself. That being said enough with the rumours every week theres rumours piled on top of rumours building up hype. Everyone rumored up the gs5 to be an exceptional device with all the bells and whistles. But the pos is anything but what all of the rumours claimed it would be. Annoying as hell just like tweens and twitter.

  • Justin Hall

    RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Esser


  • Guy Pierce

    Enough with the gold crap. Honestly is ugly. How about brushed aluminum, nickle or even bronze

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      To each their own, but there is a market for that color. I’ve seen the One M8 and it’s gorgeous. Maybe this will look great too

      • MicroNix

        Heck there’s even a market for a hunk of wood on the back of smart phones.

        • michael arazan

          All we need is Clay, Marble, and granite

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Just need root and aosp on this beast and kaboom best phone this year.

    • joejoe5709

      Root+Xposed Framework has changed my life. No need for nightly ROM updates or dealing with constant bugs. I haven’t flashed a ROM in at least six months. It’s so freeing. I actually have to remember to backup my phone now because I used to need to back it up so regularly.

  • Dave Bowen

    When can we expect to be able to buy the G3?? I’m looking at buying the GS5 or Note 3. But I’d like to look at this one before I decide.

    • Jon

      Rumors say this summer, and maybe even as early as May. But that’s rumors so who really knows.

  • Mike

    Love my G2. Only thing that could make me jump would be even MOAR battery. Nothing lacking on my G2 right now, but would always like even more life.

    • SplashMTN

      Best phone I’ve ever owned. I laughed pretty hard when I first heard about the “innovative” buttons on the back, but I love this phone. I never use the buttons on the back and now with 4.4.2 and Apex this thing just keeps getting better.

      • AndroidUser00110001

        Totally agree on best phone that I have ever owned but I thought the back buttons were a good idea from get go. I hope LG keeps up with all the good they are doing with hardware and now finally with software updates!

      • joejoe5709

        Agreed completely. It’s a solid phone for anyone. But with a little know-how and tweaking (with or without root), it becomes a truly impressive device. After six months I’d say I definitely have my days where the back buttons do bother me. I recently picked up my old GNex and my fingers fall just as easily on the side buttons. If anything it’s actually easier to click the lock/power button on the side. So overall it’s neither a pro or a con for me. But if it means bezels this small, I’m all for it.

        Sure everyone loves more battery – why not. But I’ve rarely met a day my phone didn’t last until bedtime and even then I can attribute it to gaming or taking too many photos/videos. If they’re going to bump the screen this much, they’ll need to bump the battery significantly. I’m hoping for at least 3500mAh but realistically 3300mAh.

  • HarvesterX

    Phew! I can finally get rid of my LG G2 for this golden G3. On, J would have to have a LOT to drink before that occurred. Nothing wrong with the G3…hell the G2 is a masterpiece…but I have to agree and say I haven’t been into the golden phone trend at all.

    I am however stuck in the Avabel Online trend/addiction ….haha

  • Mike Aurin

    Easily the worst skin on Android. Easily one of the best phones once you throw a replacement home on it.

    • Dick Ripple

      You must be crazy or haven’t used touchwiz. Optimus ui is probably the best skin if you dont have stock. The launcher has themes, the settings menu is close to stock, and the camera interface is great.

      • Chippah


      • Mike Aurin

        This is from a guy who uses Touchwiz daily now. At least it’s consistently cartoonish. I don’t look at my settings menu often so that’s a ridiculous point to make. The launcher is horrendous.

        • michael arazan

          Will never use TW or LG ever or again

    • LSH99

      Was waiting for somebody to say this. I can’t stand Touchwiz, but this is right there with it. Hate this skin. Wouldn’t touch any of these phones with it, regardless of the hardware.

  • jmsbwmn

    Because I’m happy!

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    Sure they can double the resolution but can’t get an update to the LG G2 on Verizon…

    • The Narrator

      that’s Verizon, buddy. Not LG

      • Rob Schoenfeld

        Unless your high paid exec in either Verizon’s QA Team or LG’s Mobile Division, I’d say how the @#$## do you know.

        • The Narrator

          Due to the fact that Tmobile. AT&T and Sprint having 4.4.2.

          • Rob Schoenfeld

            In other words you don’t know sh|t..

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            I’m pretty sure that’s pretty good evidence right there…

          • The Narrator

            In other words, LG isn’t to blame.

          • pyro74boy .

            Yes I agree with you. I think the Narrator is on LG,s payroll LOL

          • Justin Hall


          • such a simpeton

        • Moto did it w/Moto X. LG is a massive company with plenty of money. Can’t they chip in and figure out how to navigate the Verizon gauntlet?

          • Rob Schoenfeld

            You would hope..

        • hawkeyesforever

          Unless you’re a high paid exec working for LG, how do you know LG is holding up the update? I like how you’re telling someone else that they don’t know what’s going on, but the fact is, you don’t have any proof yourself. The fact that Tmobile, AT&T and Sprint all have KitKat is all the proof you need.

          If LG was holding up the update, those carriers wouldn’t have it either.

        • Blue Sun

          CDMA Galaxy Nexus, LG G2, HTC devices, Samsung devices (S series, Note series, etc). What do all these devices have in common? Verizon delayed updates due to internal certification. Where have you been the last 4 years?

          • Rob Schoenfeld

            Ask your girlfriend.

          • Blue Sun

            That’s a witty response. /s

      • ur such a D rider…it has just as much to do with LG as Verizon guy…cant compromise

        • Rob Schoenfeld

          Exactly this is a cooperative effort. Maybe it Verizon’s fault maybe it’s LG’s fault. The point is it’s really slow paced and only the customer loses.

    • turdbogls

      isn’t it up to 4.4.2 already? yeah, they aren’t exactly quick with updates, but they are at least up to date.

  • The Narrator

    I hope it comes in blue, this is beautiful


    • epps720

      this looks awesome would also love to see it in the N5 orange/red

    • they need to flip this bad boy upside down…makes no sense…less chin more forhead makes all the sense in the world for onscreen buttons to balance out the screen ala moto x

      • dannyWHITE

        I’d have to disagree. Holding my Nexus 5 upside down seems awkward itself. Definitely prefer this way.

        • Vince Longman

          Don’t you find the current way (with bigger bottom bezel) less comfortable/more awkward? Because then you have to stretch more to reach the top of the screen

          Personally, I think they should be symmetrical

      • Deegan1212

        Imagine having the same small bezel on the bottom also, probably won’t see anything like that until the G4 though

    • tu3218

      I want that wallpaper! Anyone know of something similar? Can’t tell if it’s a static wallpaper or live.

  • Kenny Woodard

    That box is damn sexy tho

  • Chad Oliver

    That box is freaking huge.

    • ssjnimma

      its not that big… its just the awkward angle of the picture….

  • bogy25

    Finally some good news – can’t wait for this! My next phone…..

  • Xavier_NYC

    I’ve never been into the Gold Trend with phones but I know this guy won’t mind..

    • Rob Schoenfeld

      I’m just waiting for a gold Ipad so I can hang it around my neck.