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LG G Flex on AT&T Receiving Kit Kat Update Tomorrow

According to AT&T, its version of the LG G Flex will receive an update to Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat” tomorrow.

The update includes a new full-screen mode (Immersive), restyled notification and navigation areas, battery performance improvements, and “enhanced” processing speed. You should also find some of the other goodies that came with Kit Kat, like cloud printing, Tap & Pay for making secure NFC payments, the ability to choose a default SMS app, emoji, and prettier music controls from the lock screen.

The update is 686MB in size, and can be grabbed by going into Settings>General>About phone>Software update>Update now. 

Via:  AT&T
  • KvinlonWeldon

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  • Keith Taylor

    Any know if the LG Gpad will every get the kit…?

  • Stephen

    anyone know when the tmobile variant will receive it? Probably shouldn’t have rooted… oops

  • Chewy789

    Not gonna lie. I totally forgot about this phone.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Yay!!! LG is really coming through!!!

    So happy I have all current top tier LG devices (LG GPad 8.3 GPE, G2 and G Flex)!

    • ApplesNAndroids

      You’re so cool! Yay!

    • JoshGroff

      Nice, rocking a Moto x/ iPad Air combo myself. Hoping for a new nexus announcement at I/O.

  • Kevin

    Software keys > Hardware buttons

    • LionStone

      Yes but LGs soft keys I think are too big

  • qudwls6933

    Verizon where are u??

  • AbbyZFresh

    I never thought the G Flex of all phones would get KitKat. It seems more of a minor side experiment than a major phone from LG.

    • Cael

      It’s on 3 out of 4 major carriers in the US. This phone is not a minor side experiment. The Galaxy Round was a minor side experiment.

  • K

    Queue the Verizon G2 comments!

    -A VZW G2 owner 🙁

    • TopXKiller


    • nate

      The leaked (un)official 4.4.2 for the VZW G2 works great!

      • droidify

        Does tap to pay work on the leak?

        • nate

          I haven’t personally tried it because google wants me to send in a pic of a photo ID and i havent gotten around to it, but from a search of the official thread on XDA, people say wallet works.

      • Kevin

        which is why i’m surprised they haven’t rolled the dang update out. At this point, they might as well wait a bit longer and roll out 4.4.3 if it’s just bug fixes.

        • Ken Bosse

          that’ll be another 6 months.
          Getting real close to rooting this thing and throwing on the leak. I never felt like I needed to root and rom this phone, but Verizon is grinding my gears.

          • Kevin

            hah i hear ya. yeah it’s not like the phone is causing any issues without the update, but it sounds like there are some nice improvement updates and the fact that everyone but verizon has it is very irritating.

    • Devon

      Someone just posted that by plugging in your G2 to the computer and doing an assisted update you can get KK today. Can anyone confirm??

      • Kevin

        it’s on XDA… what appears to be a near final build.