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Google Posts Q1 Earnings for 2014 – Revenue Hits $15.4 Billion, Up 19% Year-over-year

It’s earnings day for Google, which just posted its Q1 results for the year of 2014. Revenue hit $15.4 billion (profit of $6.27 per share), up 19% year-over-year, despite missing analysts’ estimates of $6.40 per share on about $15.5 billion in revenue.

Google saw a slight decrease year-over-year of 9% in cost-per-click, a metric used to estimate how much Google can charge for advertisements, which was still on par with what Google saw in Q4 of 2013.

Cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities are reported to be at $59.38 billion. Not a bad little piggy bank Google has going for itself.

Also stated in the release is the company’s headcount, which is just about to hit 50,000 employees globally.

The quarterly earnings call takes place at 1:30pm PST. You can listen in here.

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  • Chris

    15+ Billion…BILL YUN! …still use off shore tax havens. SMH…

  • needa

    any news on how moto did?

    • Nikuliai

      lost 8 billion

  • Steven Berger

    Still less than Whatsapp! 😛

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I want to work for Google :/

  • MichaelFranz

    And this is why i applied for a handful of jobs in the NYC office. This company has been moving in the right direction quarter after quarter, year over year. Mine however, not so much…

  • pyro74boy .

    Apple is crying. LOL They better think of yet one more stupid excuse to sue Google LOL Apple is the biggest joke of all in the smartphone world.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Why, Apple makes more than twice Google does each quarter.

      • vikings football

        maybe twice but i can imagine half of apples earnings come from suing…which is a joke

        • brkshr

          I don’t like apple products at all… but they are the most successful corporation in the world. Not even 1% of their profit comes from suing. The real profit comes from being able to stop other manufacturers from selling their products, so maybe they will consider an Apple product instead. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely HATE how sue happy they are. But credit must be given where it’s due, regardless. Apple can sell a product for maximum profitability, on their name alone. It took them many decades to earn that branding.

          This is coming from someone that is ALL about Android and Google products.

          • MH

            Pretty much spot on. People are comfortable with their devices now that they dont suck (like they used to). 99% of people buying PC’s and Smartphones dont care how they work…just that they work. They’re also willing to accept limitations as well. Apple manufactures as cheaply as possible, then sells for the highest profit margin they can. They’re the #1 marketing firm out there, nobody generates hype like apple.

          • pyro74boy .

            Don’t make me laugh Apple is nothing special. They are full of hype and if they spent half as much time improving upon their products instead of crying to our court system they might make a phone that is truly worth buying. This patent infringement garbage makes for a great coverup story and people like you might be dumb enough to try to buy into to it but not me. Apple can’t even take responsibility for their own issues because remember when the iphone3GS was having antenna reception issues? Apple had the nerve to make a very stupid statement claiming that other companies where having these same type of issues.LOL the correct and ONLY response should have been that they are aware of this issue and every effort is being made to fix the phones issue. Apple got in real hot water for this issue and with very good reason because you don’t bring other companies into it when it’s your company faced with the issue in the first place. This was a HUGE EPIC FAIL ON APPLES PART. LOL

        • pyro74boy .

          I’m so mad about Jared Allen leaving the Vikings. Are you mad to?

      • pyro74boy .

        I was talking about in the smartphone space. Samsung is the largest handset maker in the world not Apple.

        • MH

          Consider that 70% of the iphone/Ipad parts are mfd by Samsung, it’s not a shock. Apple is just the most profitable.

          • pyro74boy .

            Apple is sue happy and is crying because they are losing mega amounts of money to companies like Samsung.

          • MH

            They really arent losing anything. Go look at their market cap. Still the biggest by a fair margin.

          • pyro74boy .

            You can believe that garbage as much as you want but I happen to know better for the simple fact that each and every single year phones running the Android O.S are beating out and outselling the iphone. People can no longer claim that this is only because the iphone is only on one major carrier because now the iphone is pretty much everywhere and what about the old iphone4 and other older iphones are being given away for free? Apple now has two different types of phones being sold and they are rumored to come out with the latest new iphone6 or whatever it’s going to be called way ahead of last years launch. Anyone would be a fool to think that Apple is not losing money in the smartphone space because like it or not they are.

          • MH

            First, how is it garbage. Financial Fact. Secondly, I’m not defending apple…merely pointing out that they are the #1 marketing firm in the world and that they have the highest profit margin per device of any mobile handset mfg (look at the teardown article posted yesterday for the S5, there’s a link on their page showing the iphone’s build cost as $199). Thirdly, look at the numbers. They are further in the black than any other handset manufacturer. Now, if you are talking about relative market share then you have a point. But are they actually in the red in the handset segment? The answer is a resounding NO. They’re still profiting handsomely…albeit with a smaller piece of the overall pie.

          • pyro74boy .

            I think someone like you needs to look at worldwide smartphone market share LOL because each and every single year this space is being controlled more by phones running the Android O.S and Android continues to grow each and every single year. You claim you’re not defending Apple but you’re really doing your very best to contradict yourself by doing the exact opposite. Last year the Android O.S made for well over %70 percent of the market worldwide and still growing like it or not the standard in the smartphone world is Android not iOS. Why don’t you go post your nonsense over on an Apple blog where I’m sure the isheep will agree with you. LOL

          • MH

            For the record, I own a Note 3, Gnex, Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Xoom, 2 chromecasts, and my PC is a Lenovo W series. 0 Apple prodcuts here. Now, are you blind or dense. We are not debating whether or not android has the larger market share (it has for quite some time now). You made the point that apple was losing money. Apple is most certainly not losing money. Your point that apple is losing money because they’ve lost market share is 100% incorrect. Market share is not necessarily positively correlated with profitability. The part of your argument that’s wrong is that you’re failing to see is that the market is constantly growing. For example; let’s say that in 2012 100 phones were sold. Let’s say 60 of them were android powered and 40 were iOS. Now in 2013, 120 phones were sold, this time 80 android and 40 iOS. The market share of android moved from 60 to 66.6%, and the share of iOS moved from 40 to 33.4%. The total number of iOS phones sold remained the same, and the profitability from said sales remained the same. Do you understand now? Or are you going to accuse me of being an iSheep purely because I understand economics and finance?

          • pyro74boy .

            This is not an argument it’s a known fact that Android has a larger market share and only a fool would try to argue this fact because numbers don’t lie. I also know for a fact that many [and I do mean many] people have switched from an iphone to an Android device and after using an Android phone they said that they would never buy anything made by Apple ever again [I’m quoting them not me] and these same people where huge supporters of the iphone so are you still going to make this stupid claim that Apple is not losing money in the smartphone world? LOL For the record I don’t care how many Android devices you have but for someone like you to come on an Android site and post this nonsense about Apple is totally and completely pathetic because you’re not selling me on this B.S so take your Apple CRAP elsewhere please.

          • MH

            I seriously fear for the future of this world because of people like you. Please don’t reproduce.

          • pyro74boy .

            Don’t insult my intelligence LOL Looks like someone needs to go cash in their payroll check from Apple because you have worked very hard today to try to earn it. LOL Now go look at that all important Apple stock I think it might have went up a few points. LOL Take your very own advice and don’t reproduce NH oh I mean Tim Cook LOL

          • MH

            You’d have to have some intelligence to insult first. Clearly you miss the entire point here. Nobody is claiming apple is superior in any way. The facts are the facts though. Also, some grammar lessons wouldn’t hurt.

          • pyro74boy .

            Don’t make me laugh you said and I quote [I seriously fear for the future of this world because of people like you. Please don’t reproduce]

            If this is not insulting my intelligence then please tell me what is? LOL

            You claim that you’re not defending Apple but your very own words say otherwise.

          • Nikuliai

            he said he’s not insulting your intelligence BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE ANY… the fact that you don’t get that and still try to look smart is kinda pitiful, just stop trying to argue, you lost, and you wouldn’t possible win because Apple is making huge profits every year, they aren’t losing money unless you speak of future consumers, and in that case you can’t say they are losing either because both markets are pointing to different people, and I know many people too that changed from Android to iOS and they loved it, I also know a lot of people who have Samsung flagships and said that they weren’t going to use any Samsung ever again (because of the lagfest), and what can I conclude about this? nothing, the sample is too low, but if you look at the big picture you’ll see that even if Apple is not winning A LOT of consumers they still make A HUGE profit, if you think otherwise you need to read… A lot.

            Btw, since you don’t seem to get that either, stating the facts is not defending Apple, I hate their guts and I won’t own their tech if I’m not absolutely forced to, but only someone biased would come to think they are losing money… they are in their best freaking moment…

          • pyro74boy .

            MY points have been %110 percent proven regardless of what you think and people like you are all butt hurt over this fact. My point was and still is that each and every single year Apple is losing money in the smartphone space because the Android O.S is still growing and it was stupid of him [ MH might have multiple user accounts] to try to claim that Apple is not losing money in the smartphone world because like I said numbers don’t lie and worldwide smartphone market share proves my points because it shows that this is a market that is controlled by Google not Apple and each and every single year this number is still getting bigger and bigger that has been my whole point from the start and it was stupid for anyone to think otherwise.

            It’s also very stupid for people to come on an Android site and try to defend a pathetic company like Apple because they may have people like you and others fooled into their not so hidden agenda but not me because I know that when a company like Apple is crying and wasting our court systems time and trying to coverup the fact that they are losing money to companies like Samsung with this stupid patent infringement garbage that this is just B.S because don’t you think that it’s more then a coincidence that Apple is suing the largest handset manufacturer in the world Samsung? this has everything to do with the fact that they are losing money to Samsung and NOTHING to truly do with patent infringement and only a fool would try to argue these facts of life.

            So you go right ahead and believe Apples lies but not me I know better and I know Apple sucks.

          • Nikuliai

            Apple is not losing money, if it’s losing something is POSSIBLE future consumers, and that’s not the case because Apple has an ‘Elite’ Market Model, they don’t care about affordability, they don’t care about controlling the information, they care about making the biggest profit of their devices, and they do that.

            Google on the other hand, profits on INFORMATION, they don’t care WHO sells their devices, they don’t care if the OEMs are losing money or making huge profits, they just care about number of users and the data mining they can do with them… each business is sucessful and profitable on their own way, the point you’re trying to make is “they could sell cheap phones or win users every year”, and they do, they control the high end market, you still don’t get it, and you probably never will since you’re a classic kid blinded with the holy Google vs Apple war, it’s a retard point of view considering THEIR BUSINESS is not even the same, Google doesn’t control the mobile market, Samsung does, Google just gives them the back end (and gets data in the process), the Android OEMs are the only ones in direct competition with Apple, Google doesn’t give a damn if Apple sells or not, because they are getting information on iOS too, just not as much.

            The other point that you won’t ever get is that nobody is defending the company… you’re basically saying “the sky is red because of the CO2 on it”, and we’re saying, no it’s not red, look at the freaking sky, the sky is blue because it’s mostly hidrogen… and by your logic that would mean we’re huge Hidrogen fans, but we don’t care about it, we’re just objective, something that you aren’t, and the worst part is that you are so freaking blinded you don’t even realize you’re not making any sense…

            Anyway… I’m clearly wasting time here since you keep bringing nonsense up, I’ll just stay an Apple fanboy with my windows computers, android smartphones and tablets and raspberry pi as my smart tv module… but that’s just because I’m a proud fanboy and won’t ever stop defending the company I would buy anything from because of their closed ecosystem… I’m so sorry I can’t be objective and stop saying things like “Android Sucks!” without even a point to back it up… it’s just because I’m a childish fanboy. /s

          • pyro74boy .

            I know how hard it is for you Apple fan-boys to admit the truth about this sad little story of yours but facts are facts and the fact of the matter is that worldwide smartphone marker share already goes against you in this argument and in terms of who is winning and losing in the smartphone world sorry but that would be Google not Apple.

            Samsung smashes Apple as smartphone explosion continues in Q2

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            High-end smartphone sales growth might be slowing, but that
            didn’t stop the global smartphone market from growing 52.3% on-year in
            the second quarter. IDC on Thursday night issued its Q2 2013 shipment
            estimates following the release of Samsung’s
            audited second-quarter results, which showed that the company earned a
            record $6.9 billion in profit on revenue that reached $51.7 billion. The
            firm estimates that Samsung shipped 72.4 million smartphones last
            quarter, good for 30.4% of the global market. While those shipment
            figures mark a new record for Samsung, its market share slid from 32.2%
            in the second quarter last year as smaller vendors LG, Lenovo and ZTE
            each gained market share.

            IDC: Android hit 81.0% smartphone share in Q3 2013, iOS fell to 12.9%

            Google’s Android operating system managed to grab exactly 81.0 percent
            smartphone share in the third quarter of 2013. Rounding out the top
            four smartphone operating systems were iOS at 12.9 percent, Windows
            Phone at 3.6 percent, and BlackBerry at 1.7 percent.

            The latest quarterly figures come from IDC, which summarized its findings in the following chart:

            IDC estimates total Android smartphone shipments worldwide reached
            211.6 million units, letting Google’s mobile operating system power four
            out every five of the 261.1 million smartphones that shipped last
            quarter. The figure allowed Android to push past the 80 percent market
            share mark for the first time.

            IDC noted that while Android moved forward as a whole, the vast
            majority of its vendors still struggle to find meaningful market share.
            Samsung accounted for 39.9 percent of all Android shipments for the
            quarter, while the rest of the vendors either saw single-digit market
            share or even less than 1 percent (as was the case for the majority).

            Apple’s iOS saw its market share decline during the past quarter,
            despite reaching a new high for third quarter volumes. IDC naturally
            blamed the fact the world was waiting for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, which will likely drive record volumes, market share, and year-over-year growth in the last quarter of the year.

            Windows Phone posted the largest year-over-year growth worldwide of
            any of the leading operating systems (up 156.0 percent), once again
            largely thanks to Nokia, which accounted for 93.2 percent of all the
            Windows Phone-powered smartphones shipped during the quarter. On the
            other hand, BlackBerry recorded the largest year-over-year decline among
            the leading operating systems during the quarter, due to softer demand
            for its new BB10 operating system and despite demand for its older BB7
            devices within emerging markets.

            It’s worth noting that IDC’s estimates are quite close to those of Strategy Analytics’ figures for the quarter. The latter had slightly higher percentages
            for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, but showed the same overall trend:
            Android up, iOS down, Windows Phone up, and BlackBerry down.

            I know the truth hurts. LOL

          • Nikuliai



            PS: not kidding, you’re hopeless, not point on reading that

          • pyro74boy .


            No point my ass my points have been more then proven so keep on crying little one. Nice to see that your a very sore loser. LOL

            Android hit 81.0% smartphone share in Q3 2013, iOS fell to 12.9%

            Android hit %81 percent in Q3 of last year to iOS 12.9 we have a winner GOOGLE.LOL

            You mad Bro? LOL


          • MH



            The best part of it all. You dont even understand what you’re reading and regurgitating. Get one of your professors to show you how wrong you really are about apple losing money.

          • MH

            Next thing he’s going to tell us is that Google makes money from selling Android licenses to Samsung, HTC, etc…

          • pyro74boy .

            Don’t put words in my mouth I NEVER made any such claim. Really you’re a very sore loser


          • MH
          • pyro74boy .
          • pyro74boy .

            Apple Losing Out To Rival Samsung

            Apple AAPL +1.14%
            smartphones have been losing out in the sales war with rival Samsung
            from South Korea and first quarter sales show the gaping divide. Part
            of the reason may be because Apple hasn’t introduced any new versions of
            its popular iPhone yet. But while Apple is the costlier and more
            trendy of the two brands, Samsung’s mass market, lower cost appeal has
            beat out Apple in the smartphone shipments race so far this year,
            Juniper Research said Friday.

            estimated that the total number of smartphone shipments reached almost
            200 million in the first quarter of 2013, up 30% from the first quarter
            of 2012.

            Samsung increased its smartphone market share by shipping an
            estimated 68 million smartphones and accounting for approximately 34% of
            all smartphone shipments in the quarter. Samsung announced a steady
            pace in sales of the Galaxy SIII, and improved sales of the Note II for
            the quarter.

            Apple’s profits fell for the first time in a decade this week, but
            all is certainly not lost for them. Despite lower profits, the company
            posted better than expected iPhone sales of around 37.4 million, a 7%
            growth compared to the same period in 2012. They have another product
            cycle due to be released soon, but Apple will need to show that it is
            still the innovator it was under Steve Jobs. The next product release
            will be critical in maintaining their position as innovation leaders,
            Juniper researchers said today. Moreover, Apple will also need to
            ensure that they are attractive to emerging markets to retain their
            title as global brand faves in the smartphone space. Apple may have
            their base of adoring fans, but their products are being out-priced by
            the Asian rivals.

          • pyro74boy .

            Apple Earnings Report: Losing Money For Third Consecutive Quarter

            On Monday, Apple released its latest quarterly earnings report —
            the public reveal of sales that Apple tends to hold tightly to its
            chest until the last minute — and it’s good and bad news. In Q4, the
            last quarter of the fiscal year, iPhones and iPads continue to sell as
            per analysts’ expectations, with the company selling close to 34 million
            iPhones and 14 million iPads — but high sales figures couldn’t stop
            Apple’s profits from dropping for the third consecutive quarter. In
            other words, Apple has been losing profit all through 2013, and the
            trend shows no sign of stopping.

            Make no mistake, the earning report marks success for some: Apple
            sold 25 percent more iPhones than it did during Q4 last year. The
            company’s hold on the smartphone and tablet market remains strong, and
            it looks like Apple’s renewed focus on iPhones and iPads, its two most
            popular devices, has kept consumers buying them. And profit isn’t
            everything — Amazon famously continues to lose money every quarter, but
            is buoyed by investors’ cash, who feel certain they’ll see long-term
            gains. But Apple’s share prices are down roughly 50 cents per share from
            last year, which is seen by some as a red flag for the company. Overall revenue is down half a billion dollars from last year, which sounds like a lot, but is a very small chunk of Apple’s overall $35.47 billion revenue this year.

            So, why are sales up and profit down? The problem may be the
            MacBooks: Apple sold 4.6 million Macs this year, down from 4.9 million
            this time last year, and, put simply, Macs are more expensive than
            iPhones. Think of the newest Mac Pro, for example, which will set you
            back a casual $3,000. But at its latest press event, Apple released a
            new line of MacBooks — sleeker, faster, thinner — to go with its
            speediest operating system to date, OS X Mavericks. This could be
            because MacBooks are Apple’s Achilles heel.

            The company has been slammed for not taking enough risks since the
            death of renowned founder and innovator Steve Jobs, and its latest
            gamble, the iPhone 5C, has fallen flat. Retailers have cut down on
            stocks, thanks to very low demand, and a
            leaked report obtained by ValueWalk allegedly suggests that the 5C
            makes up less than two percent of the overall iPhone population.

            The next quarterly earnings report, Q1, should see stronger earnings
            for Apple: the holiday season tends to encourage greater revenue. Said
            Tim Cook: “We’re excited to go into the holidays.” He added: “With our
            new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, iOS 7, the new iPad mini with Retina
            Display and the incredibly thin and light iPad Air, new MacBook Pros,
            the radical new Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks and the next generation iWork
            and iLife apps for OS X and iOS.”

            Tim, we’ve got it. Take a breath.

          • MH

            It’s sad that he cant even read the articles he posts as proof. We said market share, the article said market share. Profitability is not market share. It takes a special kind of moron like you to keep embarassing himself, espeically with his own “evidence”.

          • pyro74boy .

            Android climbed to 79 percent of smartphone market share in 2013,

            Android tops 81 percent of smartphone market share in Q3

            Apple Continues to Lose Smartphone Share, Gain Mobile Phone Share in 4Q 2013

            Tuesday January 28, 2014 7:15 am PST by Eric Slivka

            Even as Apple’s share of the smartphone market declined in the
            fourth quarter of 2013, the rise of smartphones to replace more basic
            feature phones has allowed the company to continue increasing its share
            of the overall mobile phone market, according to new numbers from research firm IDC.

            According to IDC, yearly smartphone shipments topped one billion for the
            first time in 2013 and now represent 55 percent of mobile phone
            shipments, up from under 42 percent in 2012. The fourth quarter alone
            saw smartphone capture over 58 percent of the overall mobile phone

            Worldwide smartphone shipments in 4Q13 in millions of units (Source: IDC)

            For full-year 2013, Apple’s iPhone sales increased by 12.9 percent over
            2012, trailing the broader smartphone industry’s growth rate of 38.4
            percent. Apple was, however, still able to retain firm control of second
            place in the rankings behind Samsung even as Apple’s market share fell
            from 18.7 percent to 15.3 percent. It was a similar story for the fourth
            quarter on its own, with Apple’s 6.7 percent growth in shipments
            trailing the broader market and causing the company’s share to dip from
            20.9 percent to 17.9

            These people like to sugarcoat it but Apple went from 20.9 to 17.9 and the bottom line is they lost money overall last year and the numbers prove this.

          • pyro74boy .


            Apple loses $34.9 billion in market cap in its worst trading day in 4 years, but why?

            Gene Munster has a target of $900 for Apple’s stock, which is a touch
            awkward today as the company shed 6.43% of its value, to settle at a
            valuation of a mere $508 billion. It’s almost below the half trillion
            mark, which would place it in company with a wealth of riffraff firms
            such as Microsoft, and Google.

            Is Gene wrong? It’s fashionable to think that Apple’s stock is
            overpriced, given its staggering run over the past few years. However,
            there is reason to believe that the easing in its value isn’t based on

            Here are the Piper Jaffray analyst’s key views, condensed by TNW, and quoted via CNN:

            [W]e believe that for this technical indication, most of the damage
            has been done to AAPL, but there could be a worst case additional 10%
            move to the downside.

            We also note that CNBC is reporting that COR Clearing is raising
            margin requirements on Apple from 30% to 60%. […] we do not believe
            the requirement change has anything to do with the fundamental health of

            We believe some investors have speculated that China Mobile will
            carry the Lumia instead of the iPhone. We do not believe this is true.

            The margin change will likely dampen retail investor speculation in
            the stock, and could cause smaller owners to pull shares. That’s minor.
            The public perception about the move by COR Clearning is likely more
            impactful than action itself.

            Apple is trading at a multiple of 12 times its earnings. It is also
            enormously cash rich. Doing some simple math, if you extract Apple’s
            cash from its valuation and reapply the PE ratio, the firm is trading at
            a mere 9.4 times earnings. That’s hardly frothy.

            However, most key to the day’s selloff appears to be a report from Digitimes. Oh yes, those guys. Here’s a different article from CNN:

            The sell-off may not just have been about the margin
            requirement talk though. One trader pointed out that Digitimes. a
            well-respected industry publication, was reporting slower demand in the
            first part of next year.

            Oh, really? Munster has a take on this, which I’m sure surprises you:

            Digitimes Article Appears To Be Misinterpreted. A
            Digitimes article from today suggests that iPhone 5 is selling well
            based on comments from wireless chipset providers and seems to suggest
            upside to the Street’s 43-45 million estimate for December. In the same
            article, Digitimes is suggesting a 20% q/q decline in Apple’s demand for
            parts and components in March. We believe this 20% decline is to be
            expected coming off of a launch quarter and do not believe it is an
            indication of how units might trend in March. As an example, if Apple
            ordered 52 million iPhones from the channel in December and 48 million
            are sold, that implies a 4 million unit channel fill and 41.5 million
            units ordered from Apple in March. That would mean 44.5 million units
            would be available for sale in March, which would mean our 43 million
            iPhone estimate for March is well within the range of probability.

            I’ll leave that for you to come to terms with. I’m not going to referee between outspoken investors and an analyst.

            However, the gist to the situation is that Apple’s core businesses
            are strong, and the market is pricing Apple as if its every ounce of
            future growth is spent. If you think that Apple will grow
            its earnings by more than 12% of so in the next year, you are all but
            implying that it has been overcorrected.

            At the same time, something in motion tends to stay in motion unless
            acted upon. Heading up, Apple was a rocket, and now in the other
            direction it has been carrying weight, despite the firm having an
            incredibly strong set of products heading into the lucrative holiday

            It’s sad that you keep on crying over the fact that you have been defeated. LOL KEEP ON CRYING LITTLE ONE.

          • MH

            Insulting your intelligence would require that you had any in the first place. You (incorrectly)use anecdotal evidence to justify macro (and micro) economic trends. How is pointing out the fact that they have the largest market cap and highest profitability per device defending them? That’s like you’re saying I’m defending sunny days by pointing to the sky and saying it’s blue. Even after I tell you that I 1) Dont own any apple products and 2) Own only android handsets and tablets…you persist. You really are a special kind of stupid, arent you?

          • pyro74boy .


            You again nice to see that you’re still crying.LOL why is it that I have to keep on repeating myself over and over again?

            You clam that your not defending Apple but your very own actions have gone against this. I posted proof proving you and every single other fan-boy wrong and you still won’t give this a rest. So the next thing you’re going to do is try to claim that each and every single time that someone switches from an iphone to a Android phone that Apple is not losing money.LOL

            My point was and still is [I HAVE TO KEEP ON REPEATING MYSELF] That Apple is losing money in the smartphone space and I know that people like you cry yourself to sleep over this fact of life but facts are facts and trying to claim that Apple is not losing money is just plain stupid on your part Android %81 percent in Q3 of last year to iOS 12.9. Now I realize this is only for one quarter but %81 vs %12.9 is a huge gap even for just one quarter and I think that even someone like Tim Cook would agree that those numbers even for just one quarter are still very depressing and so how in the world can someone like you claim that they are not losing money in the smartphone world?

            Did you go to the Apple website today only to find out that your stock went down or something?. LOL Also it’s funny how even after I posted facts [ALL PROVING YOU WRONG] that you still claim that I was wrong LOL because the ONLY point that I was trying to make [I MORE THEN MADE MY POINT] was not that Apple was losing money in every single part of the world just in the smartphone part of this world as I stated in my original comment and I quote [Apple is crying. LOL They better think of yet one more stupid excuse to
            sue Google LOL Apple is the biggest joke of all in the smartphone world.]

            So really trying to claim that I’m stupid when my points have already been proven was VERY STUPID ON YOUR PART.

            Have a Great day Mr APPLE CEO.LOL

          • MH

            The “proof” you posted shows loss of market share. We are not debating the loss of market share. We are debating whether or not apple is losing money (ie, negative income) in the mobile marketplace. Nowhere in any of said articles does it say apple is losing money (in any segment, let alone mobile). In fact, if you look up the sales figures….they’re the same as they were the quarter before. The market is not a fixed number of consumers, it’s constantly growing. My earlier example (from yesterday) illustrated that.

            Again, We’re not arguing about market share. We’re arguing about profitability. Go look up the difference. Show me a financial report where apple is shown losing money in any segment and not merely market share. Go on, I’ll wait.

            Now that you’ve come back to reality; In what universe does market share have anything to do with profitability? Here’s an example, Volkswagen is the largest automaker in the world, yet Porsche is the most profitable. Porsche has less than 1% market share in the global market, volkswagen is something like 13%.

            I’m not defending apple, in fact, I’d honestly would like to see them leave the mobile marketplace entirely. I’m merely pointing out the errors in your logic and statements.

            If you cant grasp that yet, your ability to comprehend basic english and mathematics has reached an immeasurably/incomprehensibly low level.

          • pyro74boy .

            The ONLY THING I agree with you about is the fact that we would both like Apple to leave the smartphone market place. But like I said you can believe whatever it is that you want but Apple is losing money in the smartphone world so I don’t know for life of me how you try to deny the fact that at some point worldwide smartphone market share is a HUGE DEAL because each and every single time someone switches from an iphone to something non iOS Apple is losing out on money. You can’t deny this even though I know you won’t agree.

            Like I said before my points have already been more then proven and I know you’re going to be crying yourself to sleep over this but just except the fact that Apple is losing money in the smarrtphone space and move on with your day.


          • Nikuliai

          • pyro74boy .
          • pyro74boy .


            Apple Losing Ground to Competitors: Doug Kass

            Apple has lost its edge to competitors, and
            its stock could become vulnerable, Seabreeze Partners founder Doug Kass
            told CNBC on Tuesday.

            On “Fast Money,” he argued that the iPhone 5 maker no longer holds the technology lead it once did and faces new challenges.

            (Read More: Apple’s Stock Is Down Over 10%—Time to Buy?)

            used to have market-defining product that was literally better than its
            competition,” he said, adding that it was no longer the case. “Apple is
            now selling equal or less for more money.”

            Google’s Android mobile platform, which operates on smartphones by the likes of HTC, Samsung and Motorola, has been gaining market share from Apple.


          • Nikuliai

            God you’re so funny ROFL, your only claims come from NBC ROFL

            1.- losing GROUND (Market share) is NOT THE FREAKING SAME than losing money (but why do I even waste time, 2 persons told you this 5 times each but you still don’t get it)

            2.- your claim is that “Apple is losing mega amMounts of money” and that claim is utterly idiotic since they’re basically getting more money every year but 2013 wasn’t the case JUST BECAUSE OF INVESTMENTS, so they’re not even close to losing money and their stock value is going back up (unlike Google’s), source? annual cash flow and stock value in 5 years (and they even pay higher dividends since last year)


            3.- if you wanna argue about economy stop taking info from the press, it’s pretty much pathethic

            And finally

            4.- Thank you for making me laugh that much… I’m gonna go away now, no point in keeping this up, you’ll still throw IDC and NBC (ROFL) Market Share quotes and think that you’re winning by quoting press (http://comstat.memecdn.com/images/comment/912_tc.gif ) and calling us Apple fanboys even tho we both said we don’t have any Apple products and I’m a known Apple hater and Motorola fanboy here… so I’m done typing to you, I would had with the TLDR, but the Disqus notifications just kept making me laugh so hard I thought it would had been unfair of me to just ignore it.


          • pyro74boy .


            iPhone 5S & 5C FAIL: Apple loses the plo

            By Richi Jennings

            September 11, 2013 6:09 AM EDT

            Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL) is under fire from all sides after yesterday’s
            iPhone 5C and 5S reveal. Enterprises are unhappy, consumers are
            disappointed: The platform is still too closed and even the “cheap”
            device is too expensive. No wonder the stock took a pounding yesterday.

            In IT Blogwatch, bloggers look elsewhere for mobile leadership (and not just to Android).

            Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

            Martyn Williams goes hands-on (briefly):

            One of the big new features on the iPhone 5S is the [Touch ID]
            fingerprint sensor. It’s embedded into the home button. … [It] should
            make it faster and easier to get into your home screen while keeping it

            The new flagship of the iPhone range comes with…performance
            enhancements, according to Apple [and] longer battery life. …difficult
            to test in the limited time I had. MORE

            But surely Touch ID is good for the enterprise, right? Antone Gonsalves says “No”:

            Many businesses would welcome a reliable fingerprint scanner. …
            Unfortunately, Apple is likely to disappoint. [It] was silent on whether
            the scanner could be used for third-party software. … Apple’s track
            record with companies is not encouraging.

            Apple is providing a bunch of enterprise-pleasing security features in
            iOS 7. … But the scanner remains off limits, and that’s unlikely to
            change anytime soon. MORE

            Even Jonny Evans isn’t pleased with the 5C schtick:

            $100 cheaper with a contract…doesn’t deliver on the expectation. …
            Just look at the cost of the unlocked models. … I don’t think this
            will be enough to worry Android device makers playing in the upper
            mid-range of the market. …now users have a…”Choice”. Wonderful.
            Except — users already have a choice: Apple, or [Android].

            Has Apple crawled up its own navel? [Its] classic sales pattern…has
            seen Apple lose momentum in comparison to the Android massive. …
            That’s bad news.

            The iPhone 5C becomes the brand for “choice”, while the iPhone 5S
            remains the brand for innovation. … This would have been a great idea.
            Last year.

          • Nikuliai

            dude just let him be, he’s too damn dumb to even realize market share is not relevant to profit… I stopped trying when he said the same thing in 3 posts, his only point is the market share, and he won’t get he’s embarrasing himself, it was funny the first 3 or 4 comments, now it’s just sad 😛

            PS: I would say this pic is pretty acurate


          • pyro74boy .

            Really calling me dumb and stupid even after experts have even admitted that Apple is losing money is just plain stupid. And really using multiple user accounts over a website like D.L to try to prove your stupid points just makes you look real stupid yourself. And even if this is a different person you’re not fooling me because each and every single time someone buys a product from the competition it’s a loss of money that companies like Apple are losing out on no matter how small of a loss it is it’s still a loss. I know more then a few people who switched from iOS to Android many who used to be full supporters of the iphone that are now more then happy with their Android device so how can someone like you even try to argue this fact? You have been defeated and for people like you to try to deny this is real dumb and it only proves that you keep on crying over the facts of life.

            I’m also not denying the fact that it works both ways because I’m also sure that some people who used to support phones running the Android operating system have also switched to an iphone or windows phone and once again no matter how much of a loss it is it’s still a loss of money for Google at some point. It’s real sad that I have to spell this out for someone like you and yet you still have the nerve to claim that I’m dumb and stupid. LOL keep crying and happy posting your stupid NONSENSE. LOL


          • sggodsell

            Apple can fleece its customers better. Nothing like charging a $100 extra for a few gigs more on an iPad or iPhone.

          • Nikuliai

            True, if he were here to say Apple sells garbage, overprice or anything like that I wouldn’t argue… but NON profitable? he’s taking too much acid

          • pyro74boy .

            I’m not the only one who feels this way About Apple you moron as you need to look at every single one of my posts Even experts agree with me and not with you. I bet the next time Apple loses a lawsuit you’re also going to make a stupid claim that Apple is still not losing money. I was being somewhat sarcastic when I said Apples was losing mega amounts of money but they are losing money never the less.

            Now you’re making a stupid claim that I’m participating in illegal drug activity when I don’t even do drugs. LOL For the love of god please quit talking out of your butt-hole

          • Nikuliai

            The way you feel is irrelevant, I don’t like apple either, that doesn’t mean my opinion makes the enterprise non profitable since they have better profits every year. Nonetheless you keep pushing opinions as facts, ignoring facts and making idiotic claims… and you wonder why I said you took too much acid?


          • pyro74boy .

            Why do you keep on ignoring the fact that I was not talking about every single part of Apple as a company?

            As I have to keep on repeating myself over and over again and for proof of this go back to my very first original comment.

            Quote [Apple is crying. LOL They better think of yet one more stupid excuse to
            sue Google LOL Apple is the biggest joke of all in the smartphone world.]

            Was I making any other kind of claim that Apple was losing money in anything other then the smartphone space? NO I WAS NOT and so quit trying to put words in my mouth and trying to call me out on things that I NEVER was trying to claim in the first place.

            This is once again more proof that you have failed at attempting to prove me wrong .

            Go post your nonsense over on an Apple supported website where I’m sure many people will agree with you because you’re full of lies.


          • Nikuliai

            the minute you say “apple is losing money” you’re talking about the company, you can’t know if they are losing money or not since you don’t have the actual numbers, just market share, and market share means nothing, all your “facts” about apple ‘smartphone part’ are utterly bull since it’s just speculation, you don’t have actual numbers, but I’m done trying to make you think…

            PS: Apple is losing money since is not selling showers


          • pyro74boy .


            Don’t twist and try to turn this around on me and put words in my mouth because like it or not that’s what you’re doing.

            What part about the fact that Apple is losing money in parts of the company do you not seem to understand?

            My points have been proven regardless of what you say or think and you trying to justify this by claiming that I don’t have actual numbers when there is more then enough evidence proving my points. So I don’t need actual numbers when market share is the biggest and most important number of all proving my points and it was stupid for you and MH to try to put words in my mouth trying to claim that I was talking about Apple in anything other the smartphone space because my original comment proves that you and MH are sore losers trying to call me out on things that I NEVER CLAIMED in the first place. EPIC FAIL ON YOU.

            My picture of you crying will remain the same. LOL

          • Nikuliai

            you’ll never prove that apple is losing money in the smartphone part of the company, you’ve posted ZERO evidence proving your points, the market share is not valid to measure profit, only number of sales, and you don’t know their costs either, so you don’t know the numbers nor their freaking profit on that particular area, the fact that you still don’t get that is kinda pathethic kid, by your logic Lenovo is also losing money since samsung sells a lot more of smartphones, but that’s not the case at all, lenovo is the biggest notebook seller, has huge profits and is like 5th on smartphones, and guess who’s second? that’s right acid boy! your beloved Apple!

            Rank . Brand . . . . 2013 units . . Share . . 2012 units . . Share . . 2011 units . . Share

            2. (2) Apple . . . . 153.4 M . . . .15.5% . . 135.8 M . . . 19.5% . . . 93.1 M . . . 19.1%

            Selling more units every freaking year but getting a smaller share… are they losing money? OF COURSE NOT YOU FREAKING IDIOT, THEY ARE BETTER EVERY YEAR, their finances are solid and not because anyone else is selling more they are losing their money, learn to back up your claims and again, leave the acid to someone who can afford to lose some neurons.

            There you have NUMBERS on their SMARTPHONE sales, and they are selling more every year


          • pyro74boy .

            I thought Friday was payday for you Apple employees? LOL looks like someone is trying to earn some major amounts of extra overtime money this week by posting this garbage. Did you get this link from Tim Cook? LOL

            NEVER did I claim that Apple was losing money in any other part of the company but the smartphone space as I have to keep on repeating myself over and over again and yet you’re still trying to use this against me. You have NOTHING PROVING THAT I’m wrong.

            Android hit 81.0% smartphone share in Q3 2013, iOS fell to %12.9. So try telling yourself every single time that someone switches from an Android device or windows device that Apple is not losing money. And really you’re going against not just me but also experts opinions as well.

            Someone has major amounts of money in Apple stock LOL

          • Nikuliai

            market share is not an indicator of profit kid, stop trying to sell it like it is, nobody is buying it. Apple is GAINING users even tho it loses market share… let me explain it simple to you

            Rank . Brand . . . . 2013 units . . Share . . 2012 units . . Share . . 2011 units . . Share
            2. (2) Apple . . . . 153.4 M . . . .15.5% . . 135.8 M . . . 19.5% . . . 93.1 M . . . 19.1%


            2011: 19.1%

            2012: 19.5%

            2013: 15.5%

            since you may not understand this I’m gonna put it this way: 19.5%>19.1%>15.5% so that means Apple lost market share compared to 2011 AND 2013

            UNITS SOLD:

            2011: 93.100.000

            2012: 135.800.000

            2013: 153.400.000

            again, since you probably won’t get this I’ll put it like this: 153.400.000>135.800.000>93.100.000 so that means Apple GAINS number of users when compared to 2011 AND 2012, meaning? THEY ARE NOT LOSING MONEY ON THE SMARTPHONE MARKET, just the opposite, they are completely profitable


          • pyro74boy .

            Hello again Mr Cook I just wanted to give you some more information that I came across. Enjoy.

            Apple Loses Patent Lawsuit Against Samsung in Japan

            Apple Inc. lost a patent lawsuit in Japan as a Tokyo judge ruled that Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) smartphones and a tablet computer didn’t infringe on an Apple invention for synchronizing music and video data with servers.

            Apple was ordered by Tokyo District Judge Tamotsu Shoji today to pay
            costs of the lawsuit after his verdict, the latest decision in a global
            dispute between the technology giants over patents used in mobile
            devices. Samsung shares rose, erasing earlier losses.

            “It’s hard to believe the products belong to the range of technologies of the claimant,” Shoji said in dismissing Apple’s case.


          • Nikuliai

            Lost this ($1.3M) and had to pay nothing, and won one on the same contry for $1.4M

            So with all the garbage you threw (that I countered in less than 3 minutes) the only valid lose is against a patent troll, and as I showed you on their finances, they are STILL FREAKING GAINING MONEY


          • pyro74boy .

            Nope I’m not mad but you sure are after you looked at you’re Apple paycheck the other day and realized that there where way less zeros this week on it vs last week so you have been putting in major amounts of overtime this holiday weekend. LOL

            It’s funny how you talk about garbage because it was garbage that you tried to put words in my mouth claiming that I was trying to claim that Apple was losing money in every single part of the company LOL EPIC FAIL ON YOU .

            You do realize that a company like Apple is not going to post it’s losses over on the Apple website right? LOL so think about that the next time you copy and paste LOL

            It’s also funny you ONLY want to talk about numbers when it all is in your interest LOL

            You sure must be mad bro because your picture always changes LOL where my picture of you will ALWAYS remain the same because you have owned and called out on and have been crying over the fact that you have been proven wrong from the very start. No I know that it’s Saturday but you better go check that Apple stock again just to make sure that you made money on it Mr Cook. LOL


          • Nikuliai

            and when exactly I didn’t wanted to talk numbers?, I’ve been proving you wrong with numbers all this post, but you keep babbling about market share even tho it represents nothing.

            You certainly look mad, you keep saying I put words in your mouth when you weren’t specific about a part of the company, when you started crying about that I did put numbers about the specific smartphone world and you tried to deflect, it’s a pathethic excuse of an argument kid, and my picture always changes cuz I have a full bookmark folder of funny gifs waiting for a retard so I can use any, the fact that you keep copy pasting the same gif (and a pretty damn boring one) shows nothing but the fact that your only defense is to claim that I’m mad, since you can’t actually counter a thing because when I talk numbers you start saying I put words in your mouth.

            Whatevs, this was still funny yesterday, but not anymore, you have all my posts here, you can answer to yourself and then read any post that contains relevant info to counter one of your 3 defenses 😉

            c ya! drop the acid!

          • pyro74boy .
          • pyro74boy .


            iPhones, iPads face U.S. ban as Apple loses ITC case to Samsung

            WASHINGTON — Samsung Electronics scored a point on Tuesday over global rival Apple (AAPL) in their long-running battle over mobile device patents.

            A U.S. trade body found the
            Silicon Valley giant had infringed on a patent owned by the Korean
            company and slapped a ban on the sale of certain older iPhone and iPad
            models sold by AT&T.

            The U.S. International Trade
            Commission, an independent federal agency, issued a limited order
            stopping all imports and sales for AT&T models of the iPhone 4,
            iPhone 3GS, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G. The versions targeted are more than a
            year old but are still solid

            All such exclusion orders
            are sent to President Barack Obama, who has 60 days to review them. If
            he does not veto the order, it goes into effect.

            availability of Apple products in the United States,” Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said in a statement.

            to be a trade panel, the ITC has become a popular venue for patent
            lawsuits because it acts relatively quickly and it can order import
            bans, which are more difficult to get from district courts.

            said in a statement that the ITC decision “confirmed Apple’s history of
            free-riding on Samsung’s technological innovations.”

            “Our decades
            of research and development in mobile technologies will continue and we
            will continue to offer innovative products to consumers in the United
            States,” it said.

            Tuesday’s ruling overturned a decision by ITC
            Judge James Gildea, who ruled in September that Cupertino-based Apple
            did not violate patents at issue in the case, which was filed in

            Apple was found to infringe on a patent that relates to
            3G wireless technology and the ability to transmit multiple services
            simultaneously and correctly. It is essential to ensuring that the
            devices are interoperable.

            The U.S. Justice
            Department, the Federal Trade Commission and the Patent and Trademark
            Office have all said that infringement of these “standard essential
            patents” should mostly be punished by monetary charges, not sales bans.

            An exception would be in the rare instances where the infringer refuses to negotiate a license or to pay.

            The usual expectation among companies has been that standard essential patents will be inexpensively licensed to anyone.

            which is battling Apple in court in some 10 countries, had also accused
            Apple of infringing on three other patents, but the ITC found that
            Apple did not infringe these.

            Apple has a parallel complaint filed
            against Samsung at the ITC, accusing Samsung, an Apple chip provider,
            of blatantly copying its iPhones and iPads. An ITC judge in that case
            found that Samsung had violated one patent but not a second one. A final
            decision is due in August.

            Apple has waged an international patent war since 2010 as it seeks to limit the growth of Google’s (GOOG) Android system. The fight has embroiled Samsung, HTC and others that use Android.

            ITC’s decision came on the same day that President Barack Obama weighed
            in on curbing a totally different type of patent lawsuit – those
            brought by companies called “patent trolls.” The disparaging name is
            because these companies make or sell nothing, but they specialize in
            suing others for infringement. Obama asked for new federal regulations
            on these concerns and action from Congress.

            The offensive —
            announced before Obama makes a fundraising trip this week to Silicon
            Valley — came as U.S. lawmakers and courts are seeking ways to reduce
            the number of unwarranted patent lawsuits.

            Samsung did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

            The case at the International Trade Commission is No. 337-794.

          • Nikuliai

            and this was nullified by Obama

          • pyro74boy .


            Apple loses $368.2M lawsuit to patent holding company VirnetX in E. Texas court ruling

            According to Bloomberg, Apple lost a lawsuit against VirnetX in a Texas
            courtroom late this evening and ordered to pay $368.2 million in
            damages. VirnetX sued Apple for infringing on its collection of network
            patents that Apple has been accused of incorporating into products like
            FaceTime. VirnetX was originally asking for upward of $900 million, but
            the jury decided on lesser damages this evening. Additionally, the
            patent holding company has similar cases pending against Cisco and
            Avaya. VirnetX successfully won $105.75 million from Microsoft in 2010.

          • Nikuliai

            VirnetX is a patent troll, you can say that Microsoft and Samsung are also losing money because of trials against them, if you’re saying that Apple is a happy suer you can’t quote a know patent troll

          • pyro74boy .


            Apple loses patent lawsuit involving iPhone

            Apple, which is knee deep in patent infringement lawsuits, lost one Thursday involving its popular iPhone technology.

            MobileMedia Ideas, a company that holds more than 300 technology
            patents and is jointly owned by Sony, Nokia and MPEG LA, convinced a
            federal jury in Delaware that three of its patents – one dealing with
            camera phone technology and two dealing with call handling – were
            violated by Apple. Damages were not immediately determined.

            According to AppleInsider.com, Mobilemedia’s patents cover a range of components in such devices as smartphones, personal computers, laptops and tablets.

            A MobileMedia spokesman told media outlets the company was pleased with
            the outcome although it originally accused Apple of stealing 14 of its
            patents in 2010, the year MobileMedia was formed. It has similar suits
            against HTC Corp. and Research in Motion, the company behind the

            As Wired.com points out,
            Apple faces a flood of similar patent fights in the U.S. and overseas,
            some the Cupertino, Califl-based company has filed and others filed
            against the maker of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac computers:

          • Nikuliai

            funny you left out the part that doesn’t suit you
            “So far, Cupertino appears to be winning the Apple v. Samsung war, with a
            jury trial finding Samsung in violation of many of Apple’s patents
            involved in the case and owing Apple over $1 billion in damages (an
            amount currently in flux as post trial rulings come into effect). Apple
            settled with HTC, another Android hardware manufacturer it had been
            litigating, with a confidential licensing deal. The Cupertino company
            also has been involved in countless such lawsuits, including one in
            2010 over wireless email delivery, its Numbers software, and GPS and
            voice technologies.”

          • pyro74boy .

            Funny how you can’t admit that you where wrong about something and then trying to cover it up by putting words in my mouth and bringing things into this that I NEVER was trying to claim about Apple as a company in the first place.LOL

            My points have been proven from the very start of this argument and there is NOTHING you can do or say about it to change this fact and I know the truth hurts LOL but the fact remains that Apple is losing money in certain parts of the company and I know that Apple stock holders like you can’t except the truth of your sad little story.

            %81 percent in Q3 of last year to iOS %12.9

            That’s the biggest joke of all and you still going to sit here and make claims that where no debating about market share because that’s where you got OWNED and called out on little one.


          • Nikuliai

            Funny how I can’t admit that I’m wrong?

            you keep deflecting the fact that Apple is selling more devices every year, I posted the actual numbers, I don’t really know if you think you’re right but assuming you do is sure funny as hell considering the info on this same thread, the fact you say “My points have been proven from the very start of this argument and there is NOTHING you can do or say about it to change this fact” is a pretty funny -but stupid- claim, considering you can’t actually prove a thing.

            -Apple is not losing money as a company (their net worth is huge)
            -Apple is not losing money on the smartphone world (their numbers keep growing every year -which I find ridiculous considering the product, but that’s not the point here-)
            -Apple IS a patent troll and a happy suer, but they don’t lose money with this either, most of the trials makes them change spare change and some made them lose a fair ammount, but they did the same to samsung and recovered a lot, and the worst case (banned on the US) was ignored by order of the US president, so they lost nothing

            Q3 is a parcial view. the number of sales for year is this
            Rank . Brand . . . . 2013 units . . Share . . 2012 units . . Share . . 2011 units . . Share
            2. (2) Apple . . . . 153.4 M . . . .15.5% . . 135.8 M . . . 19.5% . . . 93.1 M . . . 19.1%

            and as I explained in many forms (anticipating you wouldn’t be smart enough to actually get it) they only lost share, they are winning units, ergo, they are winning profit, I make no debate of market share because there is no debate to be made, they lost market share, that IS true, but the fact you think that makes them lose money is idiotic and laughable

          • pyro74boy .


            Apple loses spot as world’s most valuable company

            The favorite pastime of Apple analysts has turned into “how low can
            it go?” Along with that question is whether the tech giant can retain
            its title as the world’s most valuable publicly traded company.

            In trading Friday, shares of Apple (AAPL) ended down 2.4% at $439.88 apiece, reducing its market cap to below $414 billion. It’s also less than Exxon’s $416.95 billion (XOM)
            market cap, returning the oil giant to its longstanding No. 1 spot as
            the world’s most valuable company less than a year after Apple grabbed
            the title.

            Wall Street analysts loved Apple stock so much in 2012
            that they raced to bump up price targets as shares surged to their
            $700-a-share peak.

            With the stock price in free fall, analysts can’t seem to take their price targets down fast enough.

            Apple’s report of weaker-than-expected revenue and slackening demand
            for its gadgets as it loses the innovative edge, the shares collapsed
            $63.51, or 12%, to $450.50 Thursday. It’s the latest in what’s been a
            major deflation of a one-stock bubble, falling 36% from its high in

            TRACK STOCKS: Get real-time quotes with our free Portfolio Tracker

            analysts are now responding. “Things have changed,” says Kim Caughey
            Forrest of Fort Pitt Capital Group. “This was a momentum stock.”

            Apple’s momentum now is clearly on the downside, as seen by the fact analysts are:

            • Slashing price targets.
            Seven of the roughly 50 Wall Street brokerage firms that follow Apple
            stock cut their price targets Thursday, says data from Briefing.com.
            Compare that with September 2012, when Apple shares were peaking and
            four Wall Street firms upped their price targets to an average of $757 a
            share. Prior to Thursday, another five analysts cut price targets in
            January. Analysts cut targets after price falls because they “want to
            look less silly,” says Sheraz Mian of Zacks Investment Research.

            • Taking down price targets by a big margin. The
            seven analysts who cut price targets Thursday took them down by 18% on
            average to $589 a share, Briefing.com data show. Deutsche Bank, for
            instance, slashed its price target on Apple from $800 a share to $575, a
            28% cut. The average price target for Apple is now $641, down from $720
            before earnings were released late Wednesday, says John Butters of

            • Cutting their forecasts for earnings. It’s not
            just analysts’ forecasts for stock prices that are being cut, but their
            views on fundamentals such as revenue and earnings, too. In the one day
            after the earnings release, analysts have cut their forecast for Apple’s
            full-year profit by nearly 7% to $52.39 a share, Butters says.

            cite a variety of reasons for their price target cuts, but most are
            linked to growing evidence that the popularity of Apple’s products is
            waning as rivals pass them up with new features and products, says
            Jharonne Martis, analyst at Thomson Reuters’ StarMine unit, which tracks
            analyst changes. And lacking breakthrough new products, there’s little
            reason for analysts to boost targets, says Kei Kianpoor, CEO of analyst
            tracker Investars.com.

            Despite taking target prices down, though,
            analysts remain surprisingly bullish, Butters says. Even after the
            stock’s collapse, 46 of the 53 Wall Street analysts maintain buy ratings
            on the stock, he says. “Maybe we’ll see more ratings changes next,” he

            Yet investors might be frustrated that the analysts are
            taking down price targets now after the stock has already been pummeled
            instead of warning investors ahead of time. “There’s a fair amount of
            herd mentality in the analyst community,” Mian says. “That’s why they
            (analysts) are usually behind the curve.”

          • Nikuliai

            Again, talking about the whole company and saying I’m twisting your words cuz you refer only to smartphones share.

            Btw, are you really that stupid to think that “returning the oil giant to its longstanding No. 1 spot as
            the world’s most valuable company less than a year after Apple grabbed the title.” means that they are losing money? they were the second most valuable company in the world, and Exxon IS A FREAKING OIL COMPANY and they ¿only? won by 5billion, again, you’re proving yourself wrong over and over again and think you’re doing just the opposite. you’re saying “oh Apple is no longer the the MOST VALUABLE COMPANY IN THE WORLD, it lost their throne to an OIL GIANT, that means Apple is losing money”


          • pyro74boy .

            No More iPads?! Samsung Wins in Patent Lawsuit Against Apple


          • Nikuliai
          • pyro74boy .

            iPhone Loses Popularity… Finally!


          • Nikuliai

            Popularity? Really? You didn’t had enough of biased and irrelevant videos and articles…

            This is too pathetic, I’m out. Pick an answer if you wanna keep losing the argument, not posting again

          • pyro74boy .

            I can really say the same exact thing about you because you only bring up numbers when it best suits you

            and a company like Apple is not going to post losses on the Apple website you moron.

          • Nikuliai

            I’m only using financial data and numbers of units shipped on a year, NOTHING from Apple website, unlike you that posts press articles (which is non objective as hell), and I’ve never “bring up numbers when it best suits me”, I’m not debating market share because that’s not the point, market share is paralel of number of sales, and you think there is a linear causality on market share and profit, and there isn’t, the only linear causality is with number of sales and profit, but you don’t get it and put many titles on me like

            -Tim Crook’s Employee
            -Apple employee
            -Apple stockholder
            -Apple fanboy
            -Tim Crook

            I truly want to blame the acid here since you don’t seem to get any point, use selective omission (even when it’s on direct responses) and claim that nobody proved you wrong and that’s a complete lie.

          • pyro74boy .

            No More iPads?! Samsung Wins in Patent Lawsuit Against Apple


          • pyro74boy .

            Yeah financial data and numbers posted on the Apple website . LOL Come on not even you are dumb enough to believe that Apple is going to post any of it’s losses on their very own website LOL

            You remind me of Tim Cook at an Apple keynote speech talking about numbers LOL but the one number he always leaves out is WORLDWIDE SMARTPHONE MARKET SHARE and with very good reason because the numbers have been getting less and less by each and ever passing year and this is something that I know people like you cry yourself to sleep over. LOL

            You’re not debating market share for the simple fact that it goes against you in this argument and that’s what pisses you off LOL because you have absolutely nothing proving that Apple is gaining ground in the smartphone world so keep this in mind every single time you talk out of your butt-hole. LOL Apple went from having over %20 percent of the smartphone market at the beginning of last year 2013 and at the end of the year they had less then %18 percent and these are facts that also piss you off because at some point you stock holders are getting the shorter end of the stick so you come on an Android site and post your nonsense about how Apple is god and is not losing money to make yourself feel better. LOL

            Mr Tim Cook Are you crying again? LOL


          • Nikuliai

            I used yahoo financial, Forbes and tech blogs, I posted the links genius

            So much desperation to deflect with dumb and irrelevant ideas… Nice to watch sweat, makes it even funnier…

            See ya never child!

          • pyro74boy .
          • Nikuliai

            1.- Not SMARTPHONE part, so again you’re contradicting yourself
            2.- They settled this, that news is from 2011 and they payed only 600M
            3.- You should know better than to keep quoting THE FREAKING PRESS on tech, they are always wrong, but then again, so are you

          • pyro74boy .
          • Nikuliai

            Poor little baby can’t make arguments :/, it’s funny how every time you get screwed you just deflect and start over thinking you’re still winning

          • pyro74boy .


            Apple Officially Loses ‘iPhone’ Trademark Dispute in Brazil, Appeals and Lawsuits Coming

            BBC News reports that Apple has officially lost a trademark ruling in Brazil over the “iPhone” name, with officials declaring that a company now selling Android phones under the name is the rightful owner of the term based on its trademark application from 2000.

            The impact on Apple appears to be limited for the time being, however,
            as Apple is reportedly pursuing an appeal and can continue selling the
            iPhone under its present name in the country.

            The INPI added that its decision only applied to handsets, and that the
            California-based company continued to have exclusive rights to use the
            iPhone name elsewhere including on clothing, in software and across

            Apple can also continue to sell iPhone-branded handsets in what is Latin
            America’s biggest market – however, Gradiente has an option of suing
            for exclusivity.

          • Nikuliai

            for selling EARPIECES CALLED iPHONE
            “The INPI added that its decision only applied to handsets, and that the
            California-based company continued to have exclusive rights to use the
            iPhone name elsewhere including on clothing, in software and across

            Apple can also continue to sell iPhone-branded handsets in what is Latin
            America’s biggest market – however, Gradiente has an option of suing
            for exclusivity.”

          • pyro74boy .
          • Nikuliai

            Lost nothing, Amazon can use the name TOO, not relevant to profit, but then again, none of your arguments are

          • pyro74boy .

            Apple Loses First ‘Big’ Case to MobileMedia, Lawyer Says


          • Nikuliai

            Look at that! you actually found a relevant video! congratulations!

            Sadly, Apple is still not losing money, just had to pay for those 14 patent infringements

          • pyro74boy .

            I have more then proven all of my points and these morons can’t expect DEFEAT

            Android %81 percent in Q3 of last year to iOS 12.9. LOL

            Now add up all of the iOS iphone users who switched from an iOS device to an Android device and do the math because if these people did not switch they would have gotten an iphone5s or 5c and then these morons are going cry because this was a loss of money for Apple and you can’t argue this fact of life no matter how hard these morons try. This was and has been my point all along in this argument.

            I even posted proof that Apple lost out on market share all of last year because at the beginning of the year Apple had over %20 of the smartphone market and by the end of the year they had less the %18 percent and yet these STUPID IDIOTS still want to make a stupid claim that I was wrong and that I don’t know what I’m talking about and can’t and won’t except the fact that a companies loss no matter how large or small it is still is a loss of profit. There best attempt at a comeback was that we where not talking about market share well these idiots can think that all they want but never the less my points have been proven no matter how hard these IDIOTS CRY