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Check Out “Zooper By Beard” and “Pastelus,” Two Great New Zooper Widget Skins

On the hunt for new ways to spruce up your home screen on this fine Monday? These two new Zooper Widget skins may be good enough to be worth your money.

First, we have two great designers, La Barba and Richard Colon, who have come together to create twelve minimal widgets as part of Zooper By Beard. The other widgets we’re mentioning today come from the Pastelus pack, made by the developer of Cryten (an icon pack we’re fond of).

In Zooper By Beard, you’re presented with a variety of different looks that should complement any sort of home screen you can think up, six from La Barba and six from Richard Colon. You’ll find some with weather and some with the date, so whatever kind of look you are going for shouldn’t be too difficult to create.

zooper by beard 1  zooper by beard 2  zooper by beard 3

Vertumus’ Pastelus, unsurprisingly, are almost undoubtedly the best complement to the Cryten icon pack one can find. As the name implies, the pastel widgets are quite minimalistic. There are three widgets, a weather widget, a clock, and battery stats, and all look great with Cryten.

pastelus 1  pastelus 2  pastelus 3

As a reminder, you’ll have to stomach the additional cost of Zooper Widget Pro along with the widget designs you’d like to purchase, as the free version of Zooper Widget doesn’t allow for installing add-ons through Google Play.

Zooper By Beard will cost you $1, while Pastelus will run you $0.99.

Play Links: Zooper By Beard ($1) | Pastelus ($0.99)

  • Bill_Surowiecki

    No offence intended towards the writer or the theme devs, but this stuff is beginner level work.

    The icons are nice, but other than that, any user could pick up Zooper and build one of these widgets within a few hours of first learning it.

    There are some many very well make Zooper widgets on the market, and yet I never see you guys give them any props.
    I get it that flat is in, but flat does not mean boring or simplistic. Where is the dynamic stuff Zooper is easily capable of?
    Zooper is capable of some pretty intense coding for some pretty intricate dynamic assets, why are all the widgets I see given props here something that could easily be built in UCCW.

    Below is an example of such work. This is a cross venture between GarysArt and myself. There are NO bitmaps used in these widgets, they are completely created with Zooper. The style is obviously not flat, nor is it simplistic, nor is it really something I would use daily, but it is a good showcase for what is possible directly in the Zooper WYSIWYG editor.

  • tdurden64111

    Alright, alright. That is pretty sick.

  • maartenc

    I have created my own music widget based on AcDisplay’s design

  • SuyashSrijan

    Can anyone give me the link to those beautiful wallpapers?

  • Camilo Martinez

    Where do those app drawer icons in the Zooper by Beard screenshots come from? 😮

  • Eric Whitaker

    Where did these wallpapers come from?

  • matt

    What are the icon packs from the first row of screenshots?

    • jbdan

      Influx I believe

  • Maxim∑

    My wallet… I already was trying not to buy a Pebble and now this..

    Thankfully Samsung saved me money

    • Guest

      Is the pebble on sale?

      • Maxim∑

        No I wish.. just bought it regular for 149$ on Amazon

  • Ray

    i think these look great but when does the paying for icons stop. This could go on for years lol

    • alex

      Icons don’t create themselves. Why do you expect anyone to take the time to create icons if they are unable to make any money from it?

      What do you do? What would you think if someone asked you to do your job for free?

      • Fresh360

        I think @Ray was making a funny, thus the lol

      • Ray

        Joke pal I have paid for over 5 icon packs

    • I’ve gotten lazy and just adopted Themer as my home screen. They use Zooper for a lot of their widgets and I think they just added a bunch of stuff like icon pack integration. Anyway, I love not having to worry about it anymore, yet still having a beautiful phone with lots of theme choices.