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Temple Run 2 Update Incoming, Brings Cloud Save Support and Bunny Ears

A big update is coming for Temple Run 2 players, one which brings a major addition – cloud save support. After the update, players can keep the same player profile across any number of devices, meaning you don’t have to worry about “starting over” if you get a new device. 

On top of cloud saves, players will now have access to a Save Me wheel, which you can spin after you are done with a run. The wheel provides coins and other prizes for players.

The update also brings an Easter theme, turning coins into painted eggs, and you can also apply limited-time bunny ears to your runner. Fancy, fancy.

The update will be live tomorrow on Google Play, so prepare yourselves.

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  • GrafZeppelin127

    How do you get sync to work? I have one device where I’ve been playing this game a lot more than the other; I want the device that’s “behind” to catch up with the other. So far it’s not working.

  • Donald546

    Is anyone else not able to find any artifacts? Or does anyone see the new coins as easter eggs?

    • sheh

      Bunny ears and eggs are available..Its looks kinna different….

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  • Stephen

    Wish I knew that Temple Run 2 did not save my info. I JUST switched phones and now I am starting over….UGH!

  • Mayoo

    Cloud saves … they sure took their sweet time for this one.

  • I can’t believe how excited I am for the cloud save feature. Is this what my life has become?

    • CHRIS42060

      Honestly I have not played Temple Run 2 much. I played to get the St. Patrick’s Day hat and I will probably play after the update to get the bunny ears and then not touch it again until it is time for the next special hat…….

      • I quit because i was switching devices too often. My visits to the bathroom will finally be productive once again!

  • JSo

    Why haven’t more games incorporated some kind of cloud save? Wasn’t that one of the big things Google released last year with their Play Games stuff? Maybe I misunderstood it but thats what I thought they were trying to do and it doesnt seem like a lot of developers are using it. I have a tablet and a phone. It would be nice to pick up where I left off on another device for more games. Especially The Walking Dead.

    • I was sorely disappointed when I had learnt even Ubisoft doesn’t implement cloud save. i have to manually backup data using TiBu and bounce that across my different devices to keep game progress synced.

    • archercc

      Its kind of keeping me off of new games. I have one that supports it and its really, really nice. Ican jump between devices, flash roms, etc and pick up where I left off.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Well…don’t know about anyone else, but guess it’s that time again to get my Temple Run on!