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Google Glass Finally Receiving Kit Kat Update, Bundle of Other New Features Too

If you’re one of the few Glass Explorers out there who’s been impatiently waiting for your (not-so) monthly update, you are finally in luck. Google has finally announced the bump up to Android 4.4 “Kit Kat,” with tons of new features in tow this time around. 

The most major change, perhaps, is the bump up to the latest version of Android. The device has been made more stable because of it, and developers can now enjoy the benefits of the updated Software Development Kit.

Another big change comes with the introduction of “Photo bundles,” organizing each day of pictures taken on Glass into easily-scrollable bundles. You can also now reply to Hangouts messages with photos, which is something that we can all appreciate. Also, voice commands are now sorted by the frequency you use them at, so you can use commands you find yourself using constantly in an easy manner.

In a somewhat odd move, Google also confessed that video calling functionality wasn’t living up to their standards on Glass, going on to remove it entirely from the device. They say they’ve “made the hard decision to remove video calls from Glass until the experience is better,” so we’ll likely see it back if there’s ever going to be a retail version of Glass.

The team has also made sending feedback on the product simpler, as, after all, the owners of Glass are essentially beta testers.

Google says the update will be rolling out later this week, and there are even more goodies to be found. Does this update make you want to purchase Glass tomorrow, when it becomes available to the public?

Via: +Google Glass
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  • Podrick Payne

    Who’s the bearded chick in that pic?

  • I truly feel bad for the people who invested in this device…its just screaming failure…im a huge google everything fan but im also a realist…and yes the google youtube videos of glass were epic and would be epic…the device they released is lightyears away from that…things not even always on or have augmented reality…w t f is the point…just get a smart watch and youll look only half as dorky

    • Trent Callahan

      Realists are the ones that Google aims to blow away.

      Bide your time.

    • Aaron C

      I have to agree. Once the “glass” part becomes less conspicuous, perhaps people like me will buy it. Right now, it just screams “I’m SO COOL,” in the same way the bluetooth thing stuck in the ear did. The tech might be super cool, but I’d never be caught wearing one. I’d feel like I’m just trying to get people to “Lookie mee!”

      • DainLaguna

        Or, alternatively, folks like you could just stop being so judgemental and assuming that people are wearing it only for attention. Just because something is new and different doesn’t that mean that someone is trying to be grating by wearing it, they may just see personal benefit to using it. Is that such a strange concept?

        • Aaron C

          Haha. I knew someone would say that! Thanks for not disappointing.

          • Sirx

            And it’s every bit as true whether he said it or some other rational person. The “Ohmergawd Blutooth iz worn by douches” crowd piss me off just ever so much because at this point, nobody wears it for your g*****n attention or approval. Stop being so narcissitic in life! I wear one because it allows me to use my hands to do other things at the same time, which is quite useful to me in a number of situations, matters a damn what you and everybody else thinks. So cut that out please; it honestly isn’t cute anymore!

          • Aaron C

            Sirx just spent several sentences talking about how he (or she) is “pissed off” about what other people think of this and bluetooth devices when he wears one. And he calls *me* narcissistic? Gotta love it.

  • shouldn’t Glass run Android Wear? 4.4 or not, I thought that was the point of Android Wear…

    • AbbyZFresh

      Since when did Google say Wear was made for Glass? I don’t remember them saying such a thing

    • John Davids

      I’m sure its coming down the pipe. Wear teams and Glass teams may have been developing independently of one another and they are currently working on folding Glass into Android Wear. However, I could see a case to be made that Glass’ SDK and hardware are so highly customized that it wouldn’t make sense to fold it into the general-purpose Android Wear SDK that will be powering far more basic devices like smartwatches, fitness bands, etc.

      Hard to say

      • Yea, we’ll have to wait and see. Just watched the Fireside Chat with Matias Duarte on Android Design, he talked about consistency between screens and this surely falls in that category, so we’ll see.

  • I thought Google couldn’t get the drivers for it to run KitKat on OMAPs. At least, that’s what they said about not updating the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Tyler

      Technically they never said that, they just said it was out of there 18 month update period. The community came to that conclusion and while it might be true it could be false. My thought is that Google is creating drivers for it themselves and didn’t want to put the effort into the galaxy nexus.

    • Cael

      I found this:
      “It’s not the EXACT same processor, but it’s close. Glass uses the OMAP 4430, while the Galaxy Nexus is running the OMAP 4460.”
      Maybe Google struck up a deal with TI and is paying them extra for support on the 4430. I’m sure there’s less Google Glass’s running around than Galaxy Nexus’s. Or maybe it isn’t a real public release yet so Google feels it can do whatever, such as creating the drivers, without much repercussion.

    • Menger40

      Kitkat runs fine on the Galaxy Nexus, the graphical glitches and hardware problems were ironed out by the community a month or so after 4.4’s release.