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Razer Delays Developer Preview of Nabu, Wants to Make Sure its Hypoallergenic

We came away from CES back in January, looking forward to the release of the Razer Nabu smartband. It seemed like the perfect mix of notifications and fitness tracking, made by a computer company which most people hold in very high regard. It was stated at CES that the Nabu would likely be launched to a group of developers for an extremely attractive price of just $49.99 starting in Q1, however, as of this morning that timeframe has been pushed back. 

Razer states that they are going through rigorous testing with the material of the Nabu, making sure it is fully certified hypoallergenic – meaning it will not cause any skin rashes or irritations if worn for any period of time.

It’s no surprise companies want to make sure their products won’t cause allergic reactions. After the situation we saw from the Fitbit Force, you can guarantee that no one would want to make that same mistake. Besides, late May or early June isn’t all that far away. They just have to hope that Android Wear doesn’t somehow swoop all of their would-be developers and customers.

Here is the full statement below.

Dear Developer,

We are delaying the launch of the Razer Nabu Developer units from previously announced end-Q1 to late May / early June. The reason for this is because we are currently engaging medical professionals to run stringent tests to ensure the Nabu is fully certified hypoallergenic by the time it gets on your wrists. We want to be sure our device can be worn worry-free of skin irritations.

If you are receiving this message, please also take it as confirmation that your application is being reviewed by our Developer Relations team, and when the device is ready, we will be reaching out to you with next steps on how to purchase it at developer price.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for your interest in our wearable. We’re excited to get it out to you as fast as we can.


  • ChristianPasquariello

    I hope I get one, got the email. That black/copper looks the best IMHO. The white looks like a cheap plastic bangle and the all black as well.

  • Joediver

    Vybe keeps getting pushed back too. No reasons given

  • this is the only wearable(besides the 360) ive had any interest in…think its a neat little idea esp if they price it right

  • jim

    got my email

    • ChristianPasquariello

      me too

  • NeilGeorge

    How do you get a developer version?

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      • mcdonsco

        In just wish sites like DL would delete em when they hit…

        Maybe they do…?

      • The Narrator

        man they deleted it, I wanted to post this


        • Milind Shah

          I can still view it but it says it is under moderation, anyways here’s a screenshot xD

      • J. Gilbertson

        Either bots or heartbleed bug but most likely bots

        • Milind Shah

          Yeah its most likely a bot (or a person with poor English) as disqus addressed the problem and made changed accordingly

  • I got this email too and 2 parts left me confused. could you reach out to them and get clarity on this part?
    it says: “take it as confirmation that your application is being reviewed”
    reviewed, not accepted?

    but then goes on to say: “when the device is ready, we will be reaching out to you with next steps on how to purchase it at developer price.”

    See the confusion? if application is still being reviewed, i wouldn’t think they would reach out to me if not accepted. But it doesn’t say, “upon acceptance/approval we will be reaching out to you”.

    • Razernabu

      Yeah I can see the confusion with the wording in the email they sent out. I received that notice as well and I’m just going to assume that they sent it to everyone as an update because before that, we were all left in the dark as to what was going on with the nabu. I think they’re just stating that when the device is ready, they’ll let the people who they’ve selected for the developer program know. With the 10,000+ applicants, I highly doubt I was chosen because my application probably wasn’t something that stood out among the others, sad to say.

      • ChristianPasquariello

        Their probably selling them to devs at cost, they should just let all of them get it. No loss on the fakes, but good opportunities fro great stuff for the real devs.

    • ki11ak3nn

      I got the same email. I hope I get selected. Probably won’t. But we’ll see. I’m excited. I haven’t been wearing my Fitbit much lately. I’m just waiting for this to come out already!!

  • tanknspank

    Got my confirmation also! Can’t wait to grab a unit.

    • Billy Noyes

      Same, really looking forward to getting my hands on it. Looks like a pretty cool piece of wearable technology.

  • Ryan N

    Too bad… They could have gotten a jump on all of the smart watches. Now most of the thunder will have been stolen by the time it releases.

    • Kevin

      This isn’t a smart watch. It’s a fitness band.

      • Ryan N

        I know, but most smart watches can perform all the fit band features. So if someone buys a smart watch first, they will likely not purchase a fit band as well.

  • akellar

    Developer preview in June so no retail release until what, Christmas?