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Amazon Reportedly Prepping 3D Hologram-like Capable Smartphone to Launch in September

According to The Wall Street Journal, who spoke with sources briefed on upcoming Amazon plans, the massive online retailer will look to get its smartphone feet wet in 2014, with a device reported to come with a rather futuristic feature.

The company has been briefing developers in both the San Francisco and Seattle regions, detailing a device capable of giving off a 3D hologram-like appearance to images. 

The feature is said to be based around four front-facing cameras and sensors, which will track the user’s retinas, allowing the image to be manipulated depending on how it is being viewed. No other specs or details regarding that feature were reported, and of course, Amazon gave no comment to WSJ regarding the rumor.

According to the report, Amazon is set to announce the device this June, with plans to ship it in September.

While I would admit it does sound rather gimmicky, if done right, it could be insanely cool.

Via: WSJ
  • kelly1519

    After the announcement by Amazon, the market
    seems concerned about Amazon’s ability to pose serious competition to Netflix,
    but these concerns do not seem to hold any substance as yet http://bit.ly/1h7HNds

  • andrewhart105

    I think it’s safe to say that 3D is dead. All we need is more pixels =D http://www.galaxys5caseshq.com/

  • AndySamberg

    Lol, FireOS

  • Godzilla

    One word. Battery.

  • Pakmann2k

    Yay! Just what we need, a 3d buy it now button floatingin your face.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Isn’t that just headtracking? Not too dissimilar to Apple’s parallax homescreen which changes depending on how the phone’s tilted. That’s nowhere close to even being “like” a hologram.

    • Adam

      Publicist/marketing use the hologram term VERY loosely and typically never in the way which is truly a hologram. If its not a hologram don’t give us this “hologram like” be. I wish they would just be straight forward with the truth.

  • bozzykid

    I can’t wait to vomit all over my phone looking at a 3D interface. That sounds just wonderful.

    • MicroNix

      Sorry to hear you can’t take 3D. That must suck.

      • Kevin

        i dunno, he/she sounds pretty excited about it!

  • Alex Boro

    Buy it, root it, win.

  • Kazahani

    This is what, the third Amazon smartphone prototype we’ve heard about in the last couple of years? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Detonation

    2011 called and wants its Evo 3D back. Actually, it still doesn’t want it…

  • Ryan N

    And those who purchase this phone will be able to view (in 3D) every other phone they should have chosen.

    • Pakmann2k

      I picture sending a text to someone of something I bought and the amazon phone automatically adding a buy it now button to my text. Lol

  • carl rainey

    EVO 3D all over again

    • The EVO 3D is an awesome phone, so yes please do it again!

      • Jeff

        Awesome?!?!? The thing gave people migraines after staring at it for 10 minutes

        • Sucks to be them. Its 3D technology is way better than the 3DS.

  • viewthis66


    • Guy Pierce

      To enhance your point a little more!

      • viewthis66

        haha nice

    • Pakmann2k

      Maybe this would be a good time to mention that you knew my dad and know this is my sister? Or, I guess you can just be an ass about it and let us figure it out over the next decade. Jackhole. Lol

      • viewthis66

        no doubt! hahaha

      • saraah321

        No its not the case, If you ain’t supporting somebody then don’t discourage him. Great call if Bezos pushes ahead with this. It would in a split second make the Amazon Android Store dependable and cause it to end up heartily utilized. Will watch this with investment. The period of the opened telephone is landing in the United States finally – and Amazon could truly harvest those profits if the value is low and its opened and sold only and straightforwardly from Amazon. Add in the moment help alternative they’re emphasizing on the Fire HDX and the normal customer might have an extraordinary result. I have an opened Moto X and in spite of the fact that regardless it withered contrasted with the most recent iphones (Polaroid above all else), the expense funds is so emotional and the screen is so much bigger, that I won’t have the capacity to backtrack to the iphone until bigger ones tag along. I’d want to see Amazon have one evaluated like a Motog and another valued like a Nexus5 or a Motox. Will watch with investment and http://goo.gl/cHRlES

        • BenG

          Do you even Star Wars Bro?

        • tdurden64111

          This is clearly a copy and pasterino comment where you didn’t even read the comment in which you responded to.

    • DarthBalls

      Finally my own mobile R2 unit!

  • teevirus

    Help me Jeff Bezos! you’re my only hope!

    • calculatorwatch

      Was just trying to think of a Star Wars reference when I saw this.

    • คภ๔гєฬ® -Z30

      Maybe this will be a start just that thing like in Star Wars